Ban Lee Williams aka 'Cross the Rubicon' from social media for preaching Right Wing Extremism.

Well before the Mosque shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand took place this man was spouting his bile and racist filth via his YouTube account 'Cross the Rubicon'.  Directly after this horrific murder of 51 innocent Muslims he still continued with his agenda.  He has been associated with a number of convicted right wing extremisits and has been shunned by ALL the far right political party's because of his disgusting ideologies.

He himself has been visited twice by fully armed New Zealand police because of his political views!

Lee Williams detests anything relating to Islam, the indigenous Maori people of New Zealand and anyone who disagrees with him.  He opposes the UN Global Compact which like many right wing racists lie about the compact removing the rights of the countries who agree and sign it.  He despises our great Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and throws disgusting accusations against her and her supporters.  He will call anyone Left of Center a Marxist, a Communist, a Socialist and for the majority will accuse you of all these!

He makes comments with no evidence to support any of them and continually lies about left wing ideologies.

It is known that colleagues at his place of employment find him abhorrent.

Please see for yourseves by accessing his YouTube and Twitter accounts and if you agree please help by signing this petition so he can be removed from said Social Medias.  This was successful in removing Katie Hopkins so please help rid Social Media of this racist filth.

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