Petition Requesting Defence Force Intervention


Air Marshall Kevin Short

The Chief of the New Zealand Defence Force

New Zealand Defence Force

Freyberg House

2-12 Aitken Street


New Zealand 



Dear Air Marshall Short,

We the undersigned signatories respectfully present the following petition to you for your urgent consideration:


1. The People of Aotearoa New Zealand are established in Contract with the legal entity ‘Her Majesty the Queen in Right of New Zealand’ (The New Zealand Government/The ‘NZ Government Corporation’), an entity listed as a Company with the US Securities and Exchange Commission:

2. Such Contract may be shown to be unlawful and may be challenged and rescinded by the Public under the lawful provisions of ‘Discovery’, ‘Non-disclosure’ and ‘Non-consent’. The fundamental principles of Natural and Common Law are simplified as ‘Cause no man Loss or Injury’.

3. Contract Law requires Full Disclosure of essential information relating to that Contract. Non-disclosure of such essential information between the two parties may constitute Material and Continuing Breach of Contract, which voids all Contracts, and with liability resting with the offending Party.

Blacks Law Dictionary 9thEd:

material breach. (1840) A breach of contract that is significant enough to permit the aggrieved party to elect to treat the breach as total (rather than partial),
thus excusing that party from further performance and affording it the right to sue for damages. [Cases: Contracts C=o317, 318.]

continuing breach. (1817) A breach of contract that endures for a considerable time or is repeated at short intervals.

4. The management of Covid19 Vaccinations by the ‘NZ Government Corporation’ has caused, and is causing increasingly large numbers of the population to suffer significant grievous injury, deprivation, loss and harm, division, and poses a threat to Civilian Sovereignty, safety, health and well-being.

5. The ‘NZ Government Corporation’, in tandem with a complicit Media and Opposition Parties, has deployed a concentrated and relentless campaign of propaganda and misinformation, focusing on vaccinating the entire population of New Zealand using motivating factors of fear, coercion, distrust and enticements in promoting their agenda to the population. This has the effect of creating division in families and relationships, destroying businesses and isolating those who dare to dissent, effectively turning the Population against itself.

6. The ‘NZ Government Corporation’ is establishing themselves and the complicit Media as the sole source of ‘truthful information’ at the expense of legitimate, scientific and medical inquiry and study. Any information which contradicts the Government/Media narrative is discredited and censored in publications, social media and in public discourse. Censorship of legitimate, scientific research and inquiry constitutes a direct attack on free speech and self-determination by the Public.

7. The vaccination of the population of New Zealand by the ‘NZ Government Corporation’ constitutes enforcement of an experimental medical procedure without informed consent on the Public and using coercion, force, fear, manipulation and with-holding of essential information. Individual consent is a fundamental and inalienable tenet in a free society, which is being denied by the ‘NZ Government Corporation’.

8. The imposition of Vaccine Passports constitutes the implementation of a system of slavery, surveillance and control upon the Population of New Zealand, effectively imposing an untenable removal of choice for those who dissent on grounds of informed decision, conscience and personal choice. Such a system paves the road for a tyrannical dictatorship with similarities to the Nuremberg Trials era in 1945 which cannot be ignored or go unchallenged.

9. The Three Waters Bill constitutes significant and fundamental change to the Constitutional and Political structure of New Zealand and is being placed into effect without meaningful consultation from the New Zealand Public.

10. The ‘NZ Government Corporation’, under the Leadership of Jacinda Ardern, has repeatedly refused to face dissenting public discussion, showing a disturbing lack of transparency and respect to the voices of the New Zealand Public.

11. The ‘NZ Government Corporation’ has therefore broken and voided its Contract with the People of New Zealand and therefore has disqualified its lawful and/or legal right to Govern.

12. Under the provisions of Contract Law, the Officials and Employees of the ‘NZ Government Corporation’ in collusion with the Media are therefore deemed in Material and Continuing Breach of Contract and are deemed to have lost legitimate right and authority to Govern.  We therefore, respectfully, with honour and without malice or deceit, and with no other avenue of recourse, make the following request: 

13. We the undersigned Citizens and People of Aotearoa New Zealand do hereby declare to the New Zealand Defence Force and their Allies that we are a Nation in Distress and request immediate assistance and remedy.

14. Accordingly, we require all Employees, Media Entities in Collusion, Representatives and Agencies of the New Zealand Government/Her Majesty The Queen in Right of New Zealand to Cease and Desist and to stand down immediately.

As the ‘NZ Government Corporation’ has become a threat to the Sovereignty, safety and well-being of the People of New Zealand, we do hereby sincerely request the immediate intervention of the New Zealand Defence Force and their Allies to protect the Sovereignty, both collective and individual, of the Citizens and People of Aotearoa New Zealand and to secure their interests, safety and well-being according to the Constitutional Role of the New Zealand Defence Force.


'If ever there was a time in this nation's history where the National Anthem should be heard, it is Now.'

By: Sovereign: Gary Desmond, Family Mischefski: Authorised Agent and Representative for GARY DESMOND MISCHEFSKI™ ens legis and all derivatives thereof    Contact the author of the petition

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