No mandatory vaccinations of any kind for FIFO workers in WA.

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2021-09-01 10:30:48

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to share an update that the signatures have been sent (with intention to make positive change) to Roy Hill, FMG, BHP and Rio Tinto, along with an email containing links to various studies showing the dangers, lack of safety data, Ivermectin Triple Therapy alternative and the  Australian Vaccination Handbook regarding legal valid consent.

I will post an update when I have received any form of reply. Thanks for your patience.

Stand strong, don't back down and keep creating your outer world from your inner world.

Much love

Ray Faulkner

Ray Faulkner

Petition closed

2021-07-26 12:57:05

Hey everyone, I have ended the petition for no mandatory vaccinations for FIFO in WA. I will be sending the signatures through to the big four miners. Thankyou all for your support, please know that this is just one tiny piece in the work that many people are doing right now and have been for a long time behind the scenes to guarantee our freedoms as sovereign men and women. 

In my opinion, the most important thing you can do is be fearless and focus on what you want to happen and manifest that into being, instead of being scared of something that is only a possibility and lowering your frequency. 

Much love and gratitude for you all, keep your vibes high, be joyful and manifest what you want to see in this world that belongs to each one of us.

Ray Faulkner

Ray Faulkner

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