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Created: 2024-03-05 Statistics

People of New Zealand opposed to WHO Pandemic Treaty 28/05/22

Created: 2022-05-20 Statistics

Oppose National Park Name Change to Waimarino

Created: 2024-01-17 Statistics

Oppose Palmerston North Bus Route Changes 19th February 2024

Created: 2023-12-14 Statistics

Ban the Box (Planter Boxes - Mapua 'Streets for People' Project

Created: 2024-02-05 Statistics

Demand a satisfactory response from CertiK

Created: 2024-03-27 Statistics

NZTA should reduce the speed limit form 70k to 50k in the residential area of SH2 - Main North Road, Bay View

Created: 2022-04-07 Statistics

Road Safety for Kaitoke Community

Created: 2023-12-07 Statistics

Stop paid parking for Motorcycles and Scooters in Wellington

Created: 2024-06-13 Statistics

A Petition To Install Safety Fences Around Gisborne Playgroundsin Gisborne

Created: 2024-04-13 Statistics

Omokoroa Pedestrian Crossings

Created: 2023-12-04 Statistics

Inquiry into threats and violence against women MPs and local authority representatives

Created: 2024-01-18 Statistics

A polite request to Elon Musk - please uncensor @LucyHunterB

Created: 2024-03-28 Statistics

Ban Education Perfect

Created: 2024-03-20 Statistics

Cape to Cairo on Foot: World Record Attempt in Jeopardy in Ethiopia

Created: 2024-04-15 Statistics

Reopen Duck Creek Road in Scenic Rim

Created: 2024-02-13 Statistics

Stop the violation of section 18 in New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990

Created: 2021-11-06 Statistics

Community Support for Jeanine and Phillip Oxenius to carry on thier amazing work at Long Bay Beach #youareappreciated

Created: 2024-01-31 Statistics

Bring back access to Australian parkrun performance data

Created: 2024-02-10 Statistics

Phones Should Be Unbanned During intervals and lunch

Created: 2024-05-14 Statistics