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Support our local "Comet Swimming Club". Demand they review their decision to give our local "Learn to swim programme" to an International company.

Created: 2023-06-01 Statistics

People of New Zealand opposed to WHO Pandemic Treaty 28/05/22

Created: 2022-05-20 Statistics

Save the McDougall as our Museum of Historical Art

Created: 2022-12-02 Statistics

Keep the O'Neill's Road Pedestrian Level Rail Crossing Open!

Created: 2023-04-29 Statistics

Reopen Telephone Road

Created: 2023-03-17 Statistics

Sky Tower Glow Gold for Childhood Cancer

Created: 2023-09-08 Statistics

Control spending--don't raise Rates or sell assets

Created: 2023-07-17 Statistics

New Proposed Position of Taramea Bay Toilets (opposite Taramea Bay Store) Seriously Impact Our Business

Created: 2023-03-09 Statistics

Parking Reform in Rotorua's CBD

Created: 2023-03-11 Statistics

No Nerd Emoji!

Created: 2023-11-27 Statistics


Created: 2023-04-04 Statistics

I love the new look of the Farmers Block, let's keep going without a costly redesign of George Street!

Created: 2023-02-15 Statistics

Petition to Stop The Fluoridation of the Whangarei Water Supply

Created: 2023-08-27 Statistics

Help stop the lower speed limits in Auckland.

Created: 2023-01-24 Statistics

Save The Pohara Store Car Parks

Created: 2023-03-28 Statistics

School Zone Signage and Speed Reduction for Ngunguru Primary School

Created: 2023-08-27 Statistics

Save Wastebusters Alexandra

Created: 2023-05-12 Statistics

Pukenui Pedestrian Crossing

Created: 2023-09-13 Statistics

Save Miramar Golf Club's existing Front 9…

Created: 2023-05-17 Statistics

Hold David Seymour to account.

Created: 2023-08-17 Statistics