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Help stop the lower speed limits in Auckland.

From Thursday 26th January 2023 parts of Auckland's streets and roads will have their speed limits reduced, apparently to lower the road toll. This petition concentrates on the Weymouth/Manurewa area where some roads will have their speed limits reduced from 50kph to 30kph. E.g Weymouth Road. A lot of ratepayers money has been spent on sooo many speed humps to slow traffic down around the Manurewa area.Now we are all expected to crawl along the roads at 30kph. In my opinion this will cause road

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Oppose Russia's Tyranny by giving 10 LAVs to Ukraine

We need to give Ukraine real support by giving them 10 army LAVs that are under utilised by NZ. If CHINA invaded NZ we would hope democratic countries would support us with arms to fight for our freedom. It's time New Zealand stopped pussy footing around Russia and gave real support to Ukraine that will save the lives of Ukrainian infantry and protect their civilians.  

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Petition to restore TFX tokens to minimum USDT value with immediate effect

16th January 2023 The Management TRIUMPH INT. (SC) LIMITED and TRIUMPH INT. (CYPRUS) LIMITED   Dear Managers, This letter serves as a petition for your consideration to restore the TFX tokens at minimum value against USDT with immediate effect.  This petition is being presented collectively by the IB Clients and Leaders based on observations since the launch of TFX tokens. Some statistics we present are as follows: Initial purpose of free market of TFX: Since August 2022, majority of investors

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Save our trees. Protect our wildlife. Protect peoples wellbeing-Housing Intensification

 Aucklanders are seeing a lot of trees being felled within our suburbs to make way for the governments grandeur housing intensification no doubt noticeable also in Christchurch, Wellington and Hamilton regions. The loss of so many mature trees is getting concerning especially for Auckland's well known humidity levels. Genuine concerns over lack of privacy, sunlight and peacefulness including not knowing what's being built next door, are escalating within communities.          I think our Mrs Alb

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Save the McDougall as our Museum of Historical Art

SAVE THE MCDOUGALL AS OUR MUSEUM OF HISTORICAL ART     The Robert McDougall Art Gallery in the Christchurch Botanic Gardens, New Zealand. The McDougall Art Gallery was gifted to the citizens of Christchurch, New Zealand, in 1928 by industrialist Robert Ewing McDougall (1860-1942) for the purposes of displaying the city’s art collection which was established by gifts of paintings to the city by the Canterbury Society of Arts, the Jamieson family and other private donors when the gallery opened i

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Free Ben

Freethelockups. Free Ben, he doesnt belong locked up. Ben has ADHD and cannot cope with such conditions. Free da slicks. Ben was a sweet innocent boy before he met Louie. If Ben was by himself the so claimed “assault” that took place would have never happened. Stop others from making Bens mistake of being friends with Louie. We are asking the Auckland community to come together as one and get justice for Ben. We need to hold who is actully responsible and accountable this  being the police, who

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Live self-governed, protected by their own laws.

Had enough of the politics and lies? Free yourself to live self-governed.  Demand your freedom to choose your own parliament when you feel the correct one is appropriate for you, and live knowing you get to choose what government agency you want to use or not including local councils draconian rules. You have the right to no longer allow the agencies to lord authority over you but utilize the agencies as the are made to be. A service to you the people! We have uncovered the peoples legal and law

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The allowance of BENCH PARK

This petition is for the allowance and construction of benches here at HINEMOA PARK CENTRAL HAMILTON. Hello my name is Simon Sullivan I had the idea of putting some benches in this park on the corner of tristem st and mill st central Hamilton. The reason behind this is because I am a 35yr old man who loves to ride his skate board and have been in this skateboard for 23yrs. I go down to new skateparks that Hamilton City Council has offered and a big THANK YOU ! To them for it but. I struggle to e

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Citizens vote of No Confidence in the Labour Government of NZ

Labour has showed Incompetence and a level of corruption that we the people now no longer have confidence this Government can perform the duties on the behalf of its citizens. They are responsible for pushing Globalist agendas amongst many other local issues that they were not elected on. We are calling on Labour to do the right thing by the people and call for a snap election so the people can elect new representatives who will be a Government of, by and for all people. When the people feel thi

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Proceed with Ōtepoti Dunedins George St Upgrade as planned

It's taken in excess of a decade to get to the point where our George Street upgrade is finally happening. There have been years of consultation, recommendations, reviews and mahi done to get us to this point, as well as HUGE amounts of residents money spent on the project so far. Important infrastructure upgrades beneath the road and a once in a lifetime opportunity to upgrade the street above ground into an inclusive, accessible shared retail and hospitality hub right in the heart of our CBD.

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No motels on Stanley St

A motel has recently opened at 17 Stanley St, Claudelands. This motel opened without resource consent in a residential area, which is not zoned for accomodation. The owners have been advised by Hamilton Council that they need to apply for resource consent to continue operating. Local resident opinions of the motel will be considered in the issuing or denial of resource consent.  We object to resource consent being issued and this building being used as a motel for the following reasons: We are

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More inpatient support for mental health

I am wanting more inpatient support available for people that present themselves at hospital in distress . At the moment the mental health are turning to many people away that require 24---48 or longer inpatient stays. The suicide rate is so high in this country. There is people crying out for support and getting turned away every time. People need a safe place. The criteria for inpatient admission is something that needs to be changed to accept people that are  not admitting they want to hurt s

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Dargaville needs a Dog Exercise Park

There are no dog parks in Dargaville and dogs are banned from walking through town. Our much loved pooches deserve a place to walk and run freely on or off lead. That is central to where most of the population lives. Dog parks are great for dogs well as their owners. It provides a safe place for people to meet up socialise and exercise with their pets in a friendly welcoming environment.  This petition is aimed at getting the attention of the KDC to provide for the welfare our beloved pooches. T

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To Preserve & Protect Observation Rock, Stewart Island / Rakiura.

Observation Rock provides the most accessible, unhindered and unobstructed view of the outstanding natural beauty of Paterson Inlet, Stewart Island / Rakiura. The Department of Conservation has undertaken a project with a number of parties to develop a viewing platform and interpretation panels / signage to “…greatly improve the visitor experience…”  A number of locals, in particular, long standing residents believe that any development at Observation Rock is unnecessary and will detract from th

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Improve Vaping Policies in Aotearoa New Zealand to Protect Youth

In New Zealand and around the world, vaping has become a prevalent issue amongst young people. Vape products were first introduced by tobacco companies as a tool for people to quit smoking, but quickly vape products became clearly marketed toward youth with their sleek designs and enticing flavours. While vaping is safer than smoking to our current understanding, there is still very little knowledge about what effect the chemicals that are produced in vapes have on our lungs, so potentially the

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Stop Rodeos in New Zealand

In New Zealand each summer, around 30 rodeo events are “entertaining” viewers across the country. The animals are enduring fear, stress and the risk of injury and even death to put on a show for people. New Zealand and international veterinarians, animal welfare agencies and ex-rodeo riders have condemned Rodeos.  Sign this petition to help out the movement of banning rodeos in New Zealand with New Zealand Animal Law Association, and saving these innocent animals from this torture. All proceedin

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Improve road safety outside St Thomas's School

We are asking Auckland Transport and the Orakei Local Board to improve traffic/road safety around the upper Allum Street area.  This is to minimise potential risk to our students, staff and community when the road gets busy during morning drop off and afternoon pick up times. This petition is to show community support for safety modifications to the road.    

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Stop Aurora Energy planning power outages in Central Otago during Winter Months - June / July / August

Signing this petition means you agree that Aurora Energy should stop planning power outages in the Central Otago region during the Winter months  of June / July & August. We except that ongoing line work is necessary to get the network up to standard. We except that planned outages are required for this work to be carried out. What we don't accept is these planned outages being carried out during the Winter months in Central Otago. Our region is the coldest in New Zealand during these months

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Change name to Te Hāwera High School - Opposing the name Te Paepae o Aotea

Tēnā koutou katoa We are direct Tangata W'enua deacendants of Tangahoe/Taangahoe/Tongahoe/Taangaahoe/Tanga'oi.(Which ever reasonates). We are opposing the new name offered for the Hawera High school - Te Paepae o Aotea. History of Te Hāwera Britannica Informarion 1870 Hāwera, town, southwestern North Island, NZ.  The original settlement, situated on the east Waimate Plain 2 miles (3 km) from the coast of South Taranaki Bight of the Tasman Sea grew around a blockhouse built in 1870 for protection

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The time has come!  An inquiry in to the management of New Zealands oil refining assets is needed. Its time for answers and we need your support. If you have had enough of the rising fuel prices...                                                       If you know that the import model is a nonsense... If you know that we can make world class bitumen which is used for asphalt and pavement works, including foam-bitumen stabilisation which can stop a road from freezing...                          

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