Bring ALDI supermarkets to New Zealand!



The duopoly needs to be broken up between the two supermarket chains in NZ

(Nelson, 2017-07-06)


We need a shake up of our food industry, prices have sky rocketed causing the basic essentials to be unrealistically priced. I lived in Melbourne for 7 years and I know that your company would do so well here!

(Auckland , 2017-07-06)


Aldi should be loved everywhere. NZ food prices are insane

(Gladstobe, 2017-07-06)


I live in Australia, and I believe that because its so affordable, my children have access to all varieties if food homewares and toys. But I am from Nz and this may even result in helping the less fortunate be able to receive good and proper food that they can afford. Loved Aldi from day 1, Bring Aldi to NZ!!!

(Shepparton, 2017-07-06)


We need cheaper food nz

(Auckland , 2017-07-06)


food costs in this country are rediculous, a store that provides a little competition to our two majors would be incredibly popular!

(New Plymouth , 2017-07-06)


Yes bring Aldi to NZ. Love Aldi, it has some great products.

(Whangarei, 2017-07-06)


we need cheaper food prices in NZ!!!

(Auckland, 2017-07-06)


I believe if the aldi chain is taken to NZ it would make a difference because aldi is so affordable. Aldi would make a difference in a society that are struggling.

(Perth, 2017-07-06)


This supermarket is amazing!

(Tarneit, 2017-07-07)


NZ needs ALDI !!!

(Brisbane , 2017-07-07)


Kia ora,
Just recently returned from back home after 9 weeks, it saddens me to see the prices of food and i can understand why people are struggling, Aldi perfect suggestion.

(Sydney, 2017-07-07)


I am a struggling single mum and would benefit from more affordable groceries

(Paraparaumu, 2017-07-07)


I shop at aldi when in aussie great bargins great shopping

(Auckland , 2017-07-07)


ALDI is the best.

(Newcastle, 2017-07-07)


Aldi is amazing. I feel as though so many people would benefit from ALDI opening here in NZ.

(Auckland, 2017-07-07)


I am a NZ citizen living in Australia & I can see the benefits this store has for Australia my family and what it will mean for NZ

(BRISBANE, 2017-07-08)


i love the shop and want them here in NZ

(Auckland, 2017-07-08)


We are moving back to NZ soon and would like to be able to continue shopping with Aldi

(Brisbane , 2017-07-08)


Cause its like the best place to shop at for awesome deals

(Ipswich, 2017-07-08)


I love and and I'm sure NZ citizens would love them too!

(Logan, 2017-07-08)


I love Aldi and NZ can do with a cheap supermarket!!

(Auckland, 2017-07-08)


Aldi is much cheaper Than other food stores and people in nz need to buy affordable food

(Brisbane , 2017-07-08)


So people in NZ can afford to feed their families on a daily basis at a store that is reasonable and affordable.

(Brisbane, 2017-07-08)


I love aldi.when I lived in Australia I showed there all the time

(Auckland , 2017-07-08)


The range of choices here is so poor and long overdue for some new Shopping Alternatives … New World provides the only interesting range of food to our only others chains Countdien/Fresh Choice and Pak n Save. Our food prices are become extortionate which is unacceptable considering the huge population increase we have seen over the past few years . Come on NZ love your people give us variety & affordability

(Auckland , 2017-07-09)


There are only 2 major supermarket chains here in NZ they're getting boring we need a change the sooner the better.

(Rotorua, 2017-07-09)


New Zealand food prices are stupidly high for the low income earner/ beneficiary....

(Brisbane, 2017-07-09)


They need ALDIS another option a cheaper option other then the typical supernarkets they have that are waaaaayyyy over priced.

(Brisbane, 2017-07-09)


I shopped at Aldi when I lived in Oz and this year disgusted in the price of food here in NZ especially fresh produce.
Come on Aldi get here asap please.

(Patea, 2017-07-10)


We need another Supermarket chain in N.Z.

(Auckland, 2017-07-10)



(umina, 2017-07-10)


This store is amazing and will be great for struggling families. Loved shopping there when we lived in Brisbane

(Auckland , 2017-07-10)


I want Aldi to come to auckland NZ

(Auckland, 2017-07-10)


I'm signing because i lived in au and loved shopping at aldi. Please bring it to nz

(Whangarei , 2017-07-10)


NZ people really need ALDI to bring their quality stores to here. It's time the monopoly of the 2 major supermarket chains ended. The NZ people deserve to be better treated.

(Christchurch, 2017-07-13)


I love Aldi and the range and cost of products. It would be a great rival for the limited supermarkets we have in NZ

(Christchurch, 2017-07-14)


Food prices in nz are rediculous and ALDI offers great products and prices! Please smash the duelopoly of new world and countdown!

(Christchurch , 2017-07-15)


NZ needs competition

(Auckland, 2017-07-17)


We are hoping to move back home (NZ) in the next couple of years and that's one of the main things we wish we could take back with us!! We LOVE Aldi and know NZ would too!!

(Bathurst , 2017-07-24)


The price of groceries in New Zealand is shocking! Ive been living in Australia for many years and enjoy shopping at Aldi, and i think New Zealanders would also love Aldi, its prices and the quality of your products.

(Adelaide, 2017-07-24)


New Zealand person moving home, shop at Aldi
In Australia, live Aldi.

(Gladstone, 2017-07-24)


Im shifting back to NZ soon , would love Aldi stores in NZ ...

(Parkes , 2017-07-24)


NZ needs the competition and ALDI have good products

(Whangarei, 2017-07-24)


I am a New Zealand citizen living in Australia and I know too well the struggle of expensive day to day basic food back home in New Zealand, Aldi is exactly what NZ needs!

(Perth, 2017-07-24)


N.a. needs Aldi. Food prices are so high.

(Sydney , 2017-07-24)


The people of New Zealand should get the opportunity to feel the Aldi shopping experience

(Albury, 2017-07-24)


I'm moving home shortly & would love to be able to access Aldi in NZ.
Great supermarket.

(Ipswich, 2017-07-25)


I believe New Zealanders need more affordable places as It is becoming one of the more expensive countries to live in.

(New Plymouth , 2017-07-25)


Its time there was some competition over there. I go home to my family from time to time and the price of food over there is ridiculous. I dont know how some of them survive

(Deception Bay, 2017-07-25)


I love shopping at Aldi when I visit Melbourne. Would be awesome to have their shops in New Zealand

(Cambridge , 2017-07-26)


I have loved Aldi whenever I have been in Australia

(Auckland North Shore, 2017-07-27)


Impressed by Aldi in UK. Fed up with NZ duopoly resulting in over priced goods.

(New Plymouth, 2017-07-30)


Cheaper groceries and no longer a duopoly of the top

(Auckland , 2017-08-02)


I shopped at ALDI while living in Australia. Designed to make shopping simple & affordable.

(Te Awamutu, 2017-08-02)


Huge piss taking and price gauging going on in NZ supermarkets at present. We need a supermarket that is honestly committed to low pricing.

(Auckland, 2017-08-02)


I'm moving home to NZ but I LOVE ALDI and want it in NZ

(Timaru, 2017-08-07)


I love Aldi and desperately want it to come to NZ please

(Christchurch, 2017-08-09)


Our small country town Taihape New Zealand needs somewhere to shop that's affordable for our town and our people who are struggling we need to shut these other supermarkets up so sick off seeing people struggle a lot of family's would benefit because it so cheap and lunch stuff for the kids cheap as I alway seed parcels back to nz for my family when shopping at Aldi.

(Sydney, 2017-08-09)


When we lived in Aus I shopped at Aldi every week it's such a great supermarket with huge savings we need this store in NZ

(Masterton, 2017-08-12)


I grew up in Germany shopping at ALDI. Went to Australia a few weeks ago and shopped there and realised there's a massive gap in NZ. We need you ALDI.

(Auckland, 2017-08-12)


I am moving back to New Zealand early 2018!!

(London, 2017-08-18)


I would love to see cheaper shopping in NZ going shopping in Australia at ALDI was choice

(Gisborne, 2017-08-19)


We need better selection of supermarkets,

(Christchurch , 2017-08-19)


I'm signing because I love Aldi. Every Wednesday in Australia they have specials in the centre aisle and there's always something I can find to buy. We've just come back from Sydney so I got my Aldi fix before coming back to NZ. I don't know why we can't have Aldi in the larger cities like Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

(Wanganui, 2017-08-28)


I love Aldi and would love to see one in west auckland

(Auckland, 2017-09-06)


I really want Aldi in NZ please

(Auckland, 2017-09-12)


Food in NZ gets more and more expensive because of lack of competition

(Otaki, 2017-09-26)


We need these here. Our currant supermarkets are way to expensive

(Kaitaia, 2017-09-26)


Food prices are too expensive

(Christchurch, 2017-09-26)


I think we could benifit from it

(Hastings, 2017-09-26)


The price of food needs to come down in nz

(Auckland , 2017-09-26)


I would like to shop where it's more affordable, (cheaper is better)

(Auckland, 2017-09-26)


We need more inexpensive food here and more competition

(Paihia, 2017-09-26)


I have been to adldi and my daughter works there in Aussie.

(Pukekohe, 2017-09-26)


We need better options in NZ

(Auckland, 2017-09-26)


Food needs to be cheaper as slot of people are struggling to feed themselves and there families

(Stratford , 2017-09-26)


Aldi is awesome!!

(Tauranga, 2017-09-27)


I love Aldi and still miss it after 11 years of living in NZ from the UK

(Waikato, 2017-09-27)


I have just returned from living in Aussie and I love ALDI... Its the most amazing shop with fantastic prices... ALDI would really make the local supermarkets more competative.. so as a consumer we would win.

(Auckland, 2017-10-07)


I know Aldi from having lived in Melbourne and Adelaide, Australia. Aldi is unmatched for quality, variety and price. Excellent local content means local produce suppliers have a fair go.

(Auckland, 2017-10-08)


Im signing this petition because i loved shopping in Aldi in Australia and would love to see this retailer over here.

(Tauranga, 2017-10-10)


New Zealand has got a duopoly of supermarkets and are holding NZ to ransom, we need more competition to keep prices down. I lived in the UK for 3 years, and was shocked to see the cost of food when I returned home.

(Tokoroa, 2017-10-20)


After looking online at your website, im soo jealous we dont have an Aldi in looks like such an amazing store...your one stop affordable shop. There needs to be an Aldi in NZ, to privide some serious competion for the chain stores we have here. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring Aldi to NZ.

(Auckland, 2017-11-15)


I love shopping at ALDI'S in Europe and Australia , it is time we have ALDI'S in New Zealand !!!!

(Auckland, 2017-11-17)


Nz needs more comp to stop current stores charging what they like

(Whakatane, 2017-11-19)


I believe food is over priced. How can we survive on high prices and low wages

(Christchurch , 2017-11-19)


NZ needs the competition of another supermarket.

(Morrinsville , 2017-11-20)


I love Aldi and NZ consumers have been ripped off for so long.

(Wellington, 2017-11-20)


As a retiree on a limited income it is becoming harder to be able to afford good food.

(Kaukapakapa, 2017-11-21)


Yes I agree we need more competition in the super market business in NZ for cost reasons and boring same old products.

(Auckland , 2017-12-04)


I have family in NZ who will benefit from having Aldis..There is no shopping complex in NZ as good as them or close.So much more selection.

(Carlton Sydney, 2017-12-15)


We need cheaper groceries, this duopoly is costing hard working kiwis too much money.

(Rotorua, 2017-12-18)


After shopping with Aldi in The Hunter Valley NSW for over 10 years and returning back to live in NZ to retire since March this, I continue to miss Aldi. I miss the friendly service, products and the fresh and economical costs and the vast variety of foods & products. We badly need Aldi here because of affordability that would be beneficial to all families. Please consider having Aldi in Northland. There is no healthy competition here. Having Aldi here would make a massive positive difference.

(Kaitaia , 2017-12-18)


Ich finde ALDI einfach klasse!

(Auckland, 2017-12-19)


New Zealand needs Aldi

(Wellington, 2018-01-12)


I'm signing because of great rage and value

(Whangarei, 2018-01-12)


I am signing because I just found Aldi in Australia on our last visit and I was so so so impressed with price and quality. It was like being a kid in a candy store. Food, Alcohol, Clothing, Toys and Gifts all there and all at such reasonable prices. Please bring Aldi to NZ help us have awesome alternatives to the high prices we currently have here.

(Whangarei, 2018-01-12)


Love Aldi, went there all the time when we lived there. . Would be a dedicated customer if it came here.

(Hamilton, 2018-01-12)


Variety of foods and many Vegan options. :)

(Porirua , 2018-01-12)


I shopped with Aldi in the U.K. and I believe they'll have the Specsavers effect.

(Hamilton, 2018-01-12)


I shopped regularly at Aldi when living in Australia - great products and excellent prices for a family of 6 on a budget!! Would be the first through the doors if Aldi opened here in NZ.

The NZ supermarket chains have minimal competition, so prices of groceries just keep climbing and are becoming unaffordable. This alone makes me wonder if moving back to Australia, and my much loved Aldi stores, isn't a bad option ...

(Te Kauwhata, 2018-01-16)


I lived in Sydney and the south coast, Batemans Bay, I too discovered the Aldi stores and I too fell in love with the shopping there.
Broke my heart when I left Australia, knowing there were NO Aldi stores here in New Zealand. So please Aldi, set up shop in "The Land Of The Long White Cloud" Aotearoa, New Zealand

(Morrinsville, 2018-01-16)


Aldi would be entering a completely untapped market in NZ and would offer New Zealanders unparalleled choice in the industry

(Brisbane , 2018-01-17)


Sick off paying for overpriced essentials

(Auckland, 2018-01-18)