Jack is not a dangerous dog!



Jack is NOT a dangerous dog.

Bo Buiatti (Brisbane, 2020-02-07)


I know Jack he is not a dangerous dog that woman is evil

Rebecca Patrick (Brisbane , 2020-02-07)


Maremmas don't bite for no reason.

Kirsty Eldridge (Park ridge south, 2020-02-07)


Im signing this because I myself have a mareema. They are beautiful and gentle dogs.

Kimberley Sternberg (Toowoomba , 2020-02-07)


There is no concrete proof which dog did the bitting, the stranger clearly didn’t listen. How can they go on hearsay!
In this case clearly no dog can be deemed dangerous as there is not enough evidence to which one did the bitting. Just keep pushing back as much as possible and refuse to accept this nonsense.

Leisa Keliher (Cairns, 2020-02-07)


I believe this is a good cause

Shayne Liddell (Brisbane , 2020-02-07)


I have a maremma now 13 years old, a livestock guardian dog by breed, she warned me of people and things that are out of place or just shouldn't be there, she has never bitten anyone because people have had the good sense to listen to her warning.....a person who does ignore the warning would be seen as a danger to her flock

Peter Brundish (Canberra, 2020-02-07)


I’m signing because, having two maremma’s I am familiar with the breed. They bark a lot, they will only attempt to nip someone if their territory is entered by unfamiliar people or if surprised by someone unfamiliar.

Adrian Moodley (Sydney, 2020-02-07)


Jack is a beautiful nature dog absolutely a lovely dog

Janine Spencer (Sydney, 2020-02-07)


I'm signing because it is not Jacks fault. People need to learn to be respectful of dogs who are on their own property, and she should have listened to the owner, Julie. One person's carelessness should not result in this poor dog being branded for life!!

Ashley Dunn (Sydney , 2020-02-07)


I've been harrassed by nasty neighbors.. I feel for you guys xx

Karen Wall Ne Falkenhagen (Bongaree, 2020-02-07)


I’m signing because of I’m a Maremma owner as well and love this breed so much.
They are more likely gentle giant not aggressive dog at all!!
And it wasn’t his fault at all! He was just trying to protect his family so not fair him to be in trouble!
My girl is my protector and I feel really safe when I’m with her♥️
She also barks really loud like Jack😊

Kyoko Tomono (Cairns, 2020-02-07)


I have 2 maremmas n yes they bark to warn owners that someone is hanging around

Gary Sommers (Plainland Brisane , 2020-02-07)


Maremma’s are not aggressive, they are protectors and if you don’t have one or get to even know one you can find their behaviour scary, but unless the dog is really badly provoked they will never attack, and even then they may just bark and growl from a distance, trying to keep you away from what’s theirs to protect.

Victoria Sheehan (Yinnar south, 2020-02-07)


I have a maremma who is not dangerous also but will bite if put in a poor situation

Angel-å Harris (Melbourne , 2020-02-07)


I’m a dog owner, this woman who was bitten was asked not to open the gate by the dog owner, she ignored that warning, the dog was doing it’s job and from what I can gather from the story you have no evidence which dog actually bit her.....the dog should not be punished for this woman’s ignorance.

Mike Graves (Brackley , 2020-02-07)


Jack isn't an aggressive dog

Kelly Plant (Adelaide , 2020-02-07)


I have a maremma dog, he is clever n hasn’t attacked anyone.

Lo-an Duong (2104, 2020-02-07)


Because I have a Maremma and I know they are not a dangerous dog, they are a protective dog.

Dylanne OConnell (Eden Valley , 2020-02-07)


This is pure rubbish! I have 7 Maremmas and 3 small grandchildren that they love dearly..kindest, most gentle animals you will ever meet..woman should be charged with trespassing and emotional abuse to those dogs...that were in their own yard..

Diane Culpepper (Fortson, 2020-02-07)


I have four Maremma over twenty years they are gentle loving guardian dogs who often bark.

They only ever attack if they are seriously attacked first until that time their tactic is to appear threatening until the aggressor goes away

Pan Pemberton (Galong nsw, 2020-02-07)


Because I work with rescue Maremma and have owned 7 in the last 25 years. They are working dogs and protectors of their flock be it Human, fowl, sheep horse sat etc. Barking is a very big defence mechanism.

Ruth Kessler (Melb., 2020-02-07)


I have an issue with people approaching dogs incorrectly and blaming the dog for being bitten, particularly when the dog is on private property. This woman should be fined for putting her hand through the fence I.e. onto private property. She also should be made attend a dog awareness workshop so she doesn’t affect the lives of other dogs. Why you would approach a barking dog on private property is a mystery to me.

Jaki Ryan (Coffs Harbour, 2020-02-07)


I am signing because dogs like handsome jack get accused of bad things and it's not fair at all he deserved the happy life his wonderful owner is trying to give him.

Renee Hall (Nuriootpa, 2020-02-07)


I’m signing because I also have a Maremma dog and agree they are not dangerous dogs.

Donna Greco (Woodstock , 2020-02-08)


Maremma sheepdogs are protective by nature. They are far from being dangerous!

Pranita Pokhriyal (Melbourne , 2020-02-08)


Jack is not dangerous!

Laura Walsh (Clarksville, 2020-02-08)


I have known this dog since he was a puppy and know him to not be dangerous. All my dealings with him have been positive and I understand he is NOT a dangerous dog.

Kyria Tame (Hazelbrook, 2020-02-08)


I’ve met Jack and he’s not the slightest bit dangerous.

Brendon Jerrard (Dolls Point, 2020-02-08)


Jack is a beautiful gentle dog and is well taken care of and loved by Jules

Rowena Forsyth (Sydney, 2020-02-08)


We need to give this dog a chance.... it is so cruel to take away his life. Please...🙏💓

Millian Lloyd Jones (Sydney , 2020-02-08)


A dog who hasn’t hurt anyone shouldn’t be punished (and in any case all should be given a second chance).
Please let Julie continue to care for her beautiful dog. She is a responsible owner

Alexandra Hemingway (Portsmouth, 2020-02-08)


I am signing because that woman who got a bit was essentially trespassing when she didn't listen to the owner to stop and to blame that on the dogs was totally wrong. Jack sounds innocent as he sounds very gentle and it is highly unlikely for her to know who bit her. She sounds like an idiot and it is wrong to penalize the dogs as they were jumping all at once on the gate and could have accidentally grazed her arm. Had any dog really wanted to bite her arm, she would be in much, much worst shape. It sounds like an accident to me. I have raised Maremma's for many years, over 60 puppies that people say my puppies are the best dogs that they ever had. When they bark they are doing their job. Maremma's are the least aggressive of all of the LGD's and Jack sounds like a wonderful Maremma. I don't think he is guilty! You will have people in an uproar about this, they know how really great these dogs are. I hope you give Jack a big break and tell the women that she should have followed basic directions and that it was her fault for not doing that. She needs to take personal responsibility for what occurred. She also sounds like she is just trying to get money and dramatizing it so she can get a lot.

Elizabeth Brockman (Oakville, 2020-02-08)


Maremmas are Guardian dogs and it is their nature to bark in order to scare off intruders of the two or four legged variety. Maremmas DO NOT have a reputation as biting vicious dogs.
He was doing his job and people should be more responsible for their own behaviour .

Edwina Baird (Coffs Harbour , 2020-02-08)


Indeed, Maremmas are barkers, not biters. They protect by deterring, not by attacking. Sounds as if this stranger didn't heed home owner's warning, and invaded the dogs' space - THEIR home space, not public space. If she were nipped or grazed in the process, it was her own silly fault.

Betsy Walter (Sydney, 2020-02-08)


Maremmas are not aggressive typically and are fantastic family dogs

Cathy Bolton (Bray park , 2020-02-08)


Maremmas are bred to protect not attack. A bite on the arm is not an attack, it is a warning. The stranger did the wrong thing and did not heed the warning given to her; that is a critical fact in the case against Jack. There isnt any evidence that it was Jack who bit her, there were two other dogs who were in the melee. A maremma is one of the sweetest, gentlest breeds alive.

Danielle Kerin (Nuriootpa, 2020-02-08)


I have a 4yo maremma boy. He is loud and uses his bark as deterent but he is most gentle and friendly dog . People need to understand that bark is not a sign of aggression.

Jurek Chodzinski (Umina Beach, 2020-02-08)


I own Mareema’s and as a breed they are hardwired as guardian dogs. They are “working” when they are guarding their property, flock, people, penguins etc. They are barkers first and if you miss that clue you deserve what comes after a warning bark !

Mia Kovac (Sunbury , 2020-02-08)


The dogs should not be blamed because a woman didn't listen!

Maria Bowes (BRISTOL, 2020-02-08)


If the person was asked not to, but still felt the need to put her arm over the gate to open it she deserves all she gets. All dogs will defend their home and so they should.

Karen Billington (Leamington Spa, 2020-02-08)


I have a Maremma who is just like Jack. I believe the person injured should have heeded your warning as the dogs would have seen her as an intruder. Jack needs justice not lies.

Janette Adams (Whyalla , 2020-02-08)


Dogs have a right to bark and defend their property when someone enters without permission.

Katie Legere (Tiny, 2020-02-08)


I'm signing because I have a maremma sheepdog.

Jennette Miller (Calgary , 2020-02-08)


The dog is not aggressive, why kill for the sake of killing? Please send him home

Jayne Bromage (tenbury wells, 2020-02-09)


So very true and so very sad. Maremmas are so gentle by nature, so NOT aggressive, they warn off by barking and barking to drive the threat off. but if the warning is ignored and the threat moves in yes they will bite. They live to protect.

lynne mitchell (MATAKOHE RD1, 2020-02-09)


there are two many idiots in the world who need to learn about animals and different races of people in order to get along with them and to not step into dogs territory without permission

Joy Robinson (Northland, 2020-02-09)


Maremmas are a breed that bark a lot, being LGD it's their way of scaring off predators, e g. Foxes, etc.

Ginger Althoff (Garfield, 2020-02-09)


I am signing because maremmas are not aggressive dogs but they are guardians and they will protect their land and family and if people ignore warnings it is at their own peril. Please do not condemn this dog because of people's ignorance or lack of knowledge on this beautiful breed.

Anne Veerman (Castella, 2020-02-09)


Maremmas are loving gentle dogs and not aggressive

Kim Langer (Horsington , 2020-02-09)


I'm a dog lover and people are stupid she was told not to enter makes me so angry

Alice Brown (Hartlepool , 2020-02-09)


I have a huge maremma male named Bruno. He Is definitely Not am aggressive dog. He’s wonderful with babies and children too. This is not their nature

Julie Hughes (Pontyclun, 2020-02-09)


Jack is not an aggressive dog.

sharon Tinsley (Melbourne, 2020-02-09)


These dogs, whilst they have a deep bark, are bred purposely to protect livestock from predators such as foxes. They would have to be severely provoked to bite or attack any humans. They are a working dog!

Gavin van der Wagen (Sydney , 2020-02-09)


I have two Maremma sheepdogs and know for a fact they will only threaten and not bite.

Irene Verbeek (Overloon, 2020-02-09)


Who was this silly stranger - you should NEVER approach a property in this way and if you are stupid enough to proceed then you will get what you deserve.

Petrana Nikolov (Mt Waverley, 2020-02-09)


I want to help him!

Kati Overbeck (Borken, 2020-02-09)


The woman is not right..after being told to stand back she continued forward by putting her arm over the gate. She is at fault not the dog. The dog was contained on your property. She was trespassing the dog was doing his job!!! Sue her for trespassing!!! It’s on her!!

Shari Voortman (Parry Sound, 2020-02-09)


I highly doubt Jack is savage. Regardless she put her arm in your property so she was in the wrong. People just love to take every opportunity to sue. I bet she doesn’t even know which dog bit her anyway. She should have not done what she did (against you speaking to her). Dogs do get a sense of not good people and she shouldn’t have done what she did.

Suzi Crawford (NEWPORT , 2020-02-10)


We have Maremmas, they are not an aggressive dog! They are classed as guardian dogs & are not known to attack, their bark is their defence.

Christine Rowlands (Parkes , 2020-02-10)


Maremmas are not dangerous. And if someone enters, or places any body part on private property they should be responsible for their own action, and for any subsequent consequence.

Sharon Collins (Bonalbo, 2020-02-10)


Maremma are misunderstood.. they protect , they are not aggressive..

Sheyla Nadj (Bargo, 2020-02-10)


Jack is a good boy

Fay Jiang (Gold coast, 2020-02-10)


I have a maremma they are guardian dogs. Large breed but gentle giants. They protect their loved ones and people should respect that they guard and wait to be invited in. This lady came in uninvited and the dog protected.

Lesley Quinn (Kent, 2020-02-10)


My neighbour did the same thing. She was told not to touch our dog as we had pups at the time but she still reached over the fence. People are stupid and need to listen to the owners. The poor dogs get the blame.

Elizarose Paget-Manning (Jimboomba, 2020-02-10)


I support you. Because Jack is your family!

jie duan (apeldoorn, 2020-02-10)


Absolutely ridiculous that a sweet, innocent dog on his own property can be blamed for the wrongdoing of a person.

Jenny Bragg (Brisbane , 2020-02-12)


Mareemas are not dangerous dogs

Vince Smith (Sudbury, 2020-02-12)


If people cannot take instruction when you tell them not to do something hell mend them!

Elizabeth McMenemy (Glasgow, 2020-02-12)


She didn't listen that is her fault.

Debra McGrath (Kingfisher shores , 2020-02-12)


Thats ridiculous!! Over reaction on both parts..drop it and move on

Christine Smith (CORAL SPRINGS, 2020-02-12)


At some stage people need to take some responsibility for putting themselves in a dangerous position to begin with
Nobody with half a brain would put their hand over a fence with the owners of dogs barking and jumping up and down telling her not to enter and to stand back
This dog should not be paying the ultimate price because someone saw an opportunity to make some money
Some education and again, personal responsibility need be taken

Donna Murphy (Kendenup , 2020-02-13)


I own a mareema and agree these dogs are all bark. They are so loyal and lovely natured dogs.

Lisa Johnson (Nuriootpa , 2020-02-13)


I own two Maremma; I also rescue these dogs. This breed is guardian in nature, they do NOT bite people and are not aggressive towards human beings. The lady who received a bite to the arm should have waited, any dog (breed) seeing a strange arm come over a gate, might interpret this as a threat. This dog is not a threat to anyone.

Lisa Brackenreg (Wyndham, 2020-02-13)


That lady sounds stupid and if she was told to stand back she should have listened. It was her own stupidity. Leave Jack alone.

Robert Thomas (Shelby charter Township, 2020-02-15)


People must be responsible for their own actions. This dog is not a danger to anyone.

Patti McNeill (Big Hill, 2020-02-15)


I have mareemas and know that they are guardian dogs who will bark to warn away strangers. They protect those that they are bonded with. Excessive barking, is a warning, to alert the owners and to warn strangers. They are not savage.

Jacqueline McKenzie (Canberra, 2020-02-16)


I’m signing because Jack is not a dangerous dog, he was just trying to protect what he’s all got in life - that is his family, his son and his home. Jack’s owner did give this stranger a clear instruction to stay away from the gate, regardless she ignored and moved ahead. Now she got what she thought she didn’t deserve to have it? Really! Please save Jack! This stranger is completely ignorant and no common sense at all!

Leina Stones (Mitcham, 2020-02-20)


Because this dog is clearly not aggressive.

millie brown (Adelaide, 2020-02-28)


I also have neighbours who think my boy is a threat, you told the woman not to open gate! They are protective of their space & things, her stupidity

Vicki Sandercock (Two Wells , 2020-04-10)


Barking does not make a dog aggressive all dogs bark

Sarah Bye (Adelaide, 2020-05-31)


Because I have 2 maremma’s. Male and female
The male is 2 years old and a very big 70 kg loving puppy. With a very big loud scary bark. But lick you to death. They don’t bite

Penny Sheehan (Melbourne , 2020-06-19)


Jack is not a dangerous dog

Danielle Couprie (Adelaide , 2020-08-17)


Dog naturally protect their humans, and need to be respected - as well as raised in a loving environment so they know how to be loving

Sara Lepper-Scherer (Wellington, 2020-10-28)

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