Name the NorthConnex Tunnel after Jim Adams.



Jim was an amazing man and mentor. He helped so many people become better, safer, and allowed us to achieve more.

Evan Lindsay (Sydney, 2020-03-30)


Jim has the respect of all tunnel workers in management and as a tunneller long live his legacy.

Peter Saggers (Qld , 2020-03-30)


I agree with the proposal

Jason Purcell (Miami, 2020-03-30)


My partner worked with jimmy 🙌 and what an honour for his family that would be awesome work

Monique Harris (Sydney , 2020-03-30)


I worked with uncle!!! And many of his family members. A great happy and humble bloke he was. Rest easy uncle jimmy your shift is over

Craig Mckinnon (Sackville, 2020-03-30)


This would be a huge sign of respect for jimmy.

Grant Creati (Brisbane, 2020-03-30)


He deserves this

Tarei Tutu (Melbourne, 2020-03-30)


It’s the least he deserves..

Nick Haskal (Sydney , 2020-03-30)


Tunnel brothers

Rod Man (Brisbane , 2020-03-30)


He was a top bloke deserves to be remembered

Nicolas Colagiuri (Silverdale , 2020-03-30)


Out of respect for a tunneling icon .

Karl Hams (Castle Hill, 2020-03-30)


It's the right thing to do

Wesley Kelly (Yeppoon, 2020-03-30)


Jimmy deserves this recognition.

Ryan Blacklock (Sydney, 2020-03-30)


Jimmy was a well respected man in the industry who helped the young men joining the industry.

Fergal Hester (Sydney , 2020-03-30)


I knew Jimmy adams.
Very well know respected man of the tunneling industrie.

Wade Wallinger (Townsville, 2020-03-30)


Jimmy was a icon . A legend and a mate

Lucas Cunningham (Mango hill, 2020-03-30)


Its the right thing to do

Andrew Hay (Gold coast , 2020-03-30)


I believe the naming of theses projects should reflect the hard work, dedication and commitment given to the building of the projects and Jim Adams depicts it all including his life.

Dallas Adams (Brisbane, 2020-03-30)


I worked side by side with this legend on several occasions, i was airlegging with him 1 day before his life was taken

Ji Ibrahim (Sydney , 2020-03-30)


I worked at northconnex and also at a mine he worked at in the hunter valley

Mick Davis (Sydney , 2020-03-30)


I've known and worked with Jimmy on many projects and the man deserves to be recognised.

Stefan Gage (Brisbane , 2020-03-30)


Im in the industry and we build these tunnels with our hands not behind a desk.

Chris Jecs (Sydney, 2020-03-30)


I worked with a lot of people who knew jimmy. I hope this gets pushed for the memory of him

Tanika Wensley (Sydney, 2020-03-30)


He is a tunneling icon who lost his life in the tunnel

Cody Nelson (Sunbury , 2020-03-30)


Worked on the project

Brad Henderson (Mackay, 2020-03-30)


Supporting this petition for Jim R.I.P

Cheryl Trevena (Gold Coast, 2020-03-30)


Uncle Jim was a bloody hard worker and for him, if a job needed doing then you do it right and do it safely. He encompass all thing mining and the tunnel should be named after him and it should be carried with the utmost pride and respect.

Vikki Ruthe (Atiamuri , 2020-03-30)


I worked on the project with Jimmy

Josh Smith (Sydney , 2020-03-30)


He was a great man and to pay respect to his memory and his family it is the right thing to do.

Daniel O’Shaughnessy (Sydney, 2020-03-30)


Respect to a good honest worker.

Blake Jeremy (Goomeri, 2020-03-30)


My late husband and father n law worked with him in Turangi

Geri Fraser (Palmerston North, 2020-03-30)


Huge respect for the man and the dedication he had for his job

Linda Paranihi (Taihape. Formerly otematata. Twizel and cromwell, 2020-03-30)


He was a great mate to work with an he helped me threw hard times, it’s possible I may have taken my life but he told me to talk to your mates cause there’s no shame to tell a man how you feel and iv kept that and talked to mates who were where I was

Ivan Mabb (Brisbane , 2020-03-30)


I loved jim he took my younger brother under his wing when he first started in the tunnels made sure he got home safe.

Chris Thorburn (Kaitaia, 2020-03-30)


He was a top bloke and a great mentor and he paid the ultimate price at work RIP Jimmy miss having a chat with you

Russell Dickinson (Sydney , 2020-03-30)


I worked in the tunnelling industry and support my colleagues. Also Jim was a person very loved in the tunnel community and who cares about the others safety and he deserves to be remember.

Hector Sanchez (Kellyville , 2020-03-30)


Out of respect for my uncle Jim

Anastasiah Stirling Jensen (Taupo, 2020-03-30)


Full respect to Uncle and all the hard work he has done in our industry.

He is royalty in the Tunnel industry,

Great name for the Tunnel, “Jimmy Adams”

Jake Gibson (Newcastle , 2020-03-30)


He is my brother

Pixie Adams (Sydney, 2020-03-30)


I agree with this cause fully

Beau R (Sydney , 2020-03-30)


I worked with Jim and his son on a couple of jobs

Joshua Patrick (Gold Coast , 2020-03-30)


A good man lost his life during this programme and as a mark of respect to his memory and also for his family to give them an acknowledgment this his loss is not forgotten

Rex Edgar (Cromwell , 2020-03-30)


I met and worked with Jimmy and Dallas his son, great human beings.

Piotr Kaczmarski (Melbourne , 2020-03-30)


He gave his life and many years of service. A leader, mentor and comrade to many.

Nichola Christy (Perth, 2020-03-30)


He was a hardworking man

Michelle Ninness (Keysborough , 2020-03-30)


I worked in the same crew at northconnex rip uncle

Tui King (Sydney, 2020-03-30)


I look up to Jimmy and respect him

Justin Sanford (Melbourne , 2020-03-30)


I knew uncle jimmy

Sam Knight (Sydney, 2020-03-30)


I work in the Tunnel Industry

Lance Jamieson (Wollongong , 2020-03-30)



Neal Streicher (Sydney , 2020-03-30)


It’s a well respected thing to do and it would show appreciation for jim

Jonah Nunn (Blayney, 2020-03-30)


Worked at Wilson road site
Would be a fitting role the tunnel family can pay back to jimmy and a massive show of appreciation to his family..

Steve Belcher (Sydney, 2020-03-30)


I worked with Uncle on this job and a previous job, no nicer man you could meet. Had time for everyone on the job, especially the guys and girls at the start of their tunnelling career, always a smile and a hello. A man full of knowledge and an absolute gentleman. He would have put everything into the project, as he did every other project he worked on. He would of passed as much knowledge as he could to the workers around him, this was just the fella he was. It would be the tunnel that would be getting the honour, to have jimmy's name associated with it.

On a side note. I would like to thank his son Dallas for the incredible work and the message he delivers on the sites around Australia. Couldn't even begin to understand how tough it must be to stand in front of your peers to deliver such a message in the way he does it at every talk.

Thank you Dallas

Phil W (Sydney, 2020-03-30)


I’m a Tunneller

Perry-Wayne Smith (Padstow, Sydney , 2020-03-30)


He lost his life doing his job no one deserves to lose there life at work trying to make money for his family.. It's just the right thing to do

Dwayne Deguara (Morisset, 2020-03-30)


Name the Ncx tunnel the Jim Adams tunnel

Stephen Green (Hong Kong , 2020-03-30)


What Jim did, and Dallas is continuing to do to lift the expectations of acceptable safety standards in tunnelling is a good thing for the tunnelling family. This helps preserve and highlight Jims legacy.

Tony Muir (Sydney, 2020-03-30)


This man is a legend. Humble, hard worker and a good role model to those in the tunnel industry. He was a good mentor to the younger men in his day, those men are now leaders in their areas of expertise. May he rest in peace.

Bruce Mclelland (Gisborne, 2020-03-30)


This sadly will be a fitting sign of respect for one of the industry’s stalwarts from all stand points. Safety, work ethics and mentoring of the younger generation.

George Adams (Adelaide , 2020-03-30)


To show respect for a legend of the industry

Liam Ovenden (Izmir, 2020-03-30)


In memory of a man who died building a project for the people of Australia. A small token for his family who lost a loved one.

Ciaran Murphy (Brisbane , 2020-03-30)


It's the right thing to do

Troy Defilippis (Gold coast , 2020-03-30)


It’s the right thing to do.

Jesse Tulloh (Gold coast, 2020-03-30)


Jimmy and my dad were good mates

Lee Murray (Cromwell , 2020-03-30)


I worked on the tunnel and would be a good show of respect

Ryan Turner (Wollongong , 2020-03-30)


Jim was a decent man and a bit of a tunneling legend who paid the ultimate price.
Why not?

Peter Brownett (Silkstone, 2020-03-30)


My mates father

Damian Lloyd (Brisbane, 2020-03-30)


Never find a bigger description of a tunneller than "Uncle" Jim Adams R.I.P

Rod Smith (Brisbane, 2020-03-30)