Name the NorthConnex Tunnel after Jim Adams.



I think it's a very admirable gesture !

Sonya Maher (Sydney, 2020-03-30)


Jimmy was a legend in the tunnelling industry, and legends deserve to be honoured. Fitting tribute to a great man

Ezra Solomon (Sydney, 2020-03-30)


I was working on the project at the time

Danny Callaghan (Melbourne , 2020-03-30)


I knew Jimmy, Dianne and James and went to school with Dallas.

Eden Paki (Perth, 2020-03-30)


It’s the right thing to do

Paul Grant (Perth, 2020-03-30)


Was a good fella!

Brodie Langdon (Perth , 2020-03-30)


It’s a well deserved petition

Jason Cox (Broken Hill , 2020-03-30)


He was a great man who always had time for others.

Scott Graham (Kellyville Ridge, 2020-03-30)


I think its the right thing to do

Kt Eso (Sydney, 2020-03-30)


I know someone who worked in and around the tunnel and it would be good to respect Jim

Melanie Sananikone (PADSTOW, 2020-03-30)


In memory of a legend

Michael Findlay (Ormeau, 2020-03-30)


I personally knew Jim when I worked on the Parramatta rail link in Sydney. A pure gent who spent a lot of his time helping others and showing the young lads the way to operate.

Vic Price (Taunton, 2020-03-30)


I’m a tunneller

Alex Noveski (Lane cove, 2020-03-30)


I worked with and admired Jim .

Fred Hill (KELSO, 2020-03-30)


Jim leaves a legacy for all of us new and old to tunnelling.

Peter Keating (Sydney , 2020-03-30)


My uncle was a inspiration to many of us tunnellers. He dedicated his life to tunnelling, his name deserves to be immortalised!! Ncx tunnel should be named after him!

Mark Adams (Melbourne , 2020-03-30)


I worked with Jim great way to remember him.

John Searle (Cromwell, 2020-03-30)


It’s a great idea

Chris Bourke (Melbounre, 2020-03-30)


Worked with him

James Eades (Sydney , 2020-03-30)


He was a great man who shared his years of knowledge especially with the Rangatahi (young ones) that entered that tunnel.

Moana Stanbury (Sydney, 2020-03-30)


He was my wise and humble uncle who is much missed x

Daniel Keys (Riverton, 2020-03-30)


Uncle was one of my mentors

Shae Raath (Sydney, 2020-03-30)


The honour is so deserving.

Dan Fraser (Palmerston North, 2020-03-30)


He's whanau

Lou Adams (Taumarunui , 2020-03-30)


Jimmy was a legend taught me a lot in the short time I worked with him!!

Ash Cranston (Christchurch , 2020-03-30)


I worked on the project and think this is a brillant idea .
Lets pay our respects

Brian Mc sharry (Sydney, 2020-03-30)


I worked in the Northconnex tunnel didn’t know the man but it’s a lovely gesture

Paul Daly (Sydney, 2020-03-30)


I think it's a great tribute

Angela Delany (Taupo, 2020-03-30)


Workers deserve to be remembered for the risks they face every single day.

Scott Porteous (Sydney , 2020-03-30)


They were a very respected family in Cromwell



Respect for a fallen worker 👍

Stephen Pascoe (Broken Hill, 2020-03-30)


I worked on the same northconnex site he did, Wilson road, and heard many stories of him

Cori Castle (Gladstone, 2020-03-30)


I grew up in cromwell as a neighbour of Jim Adams, I think this is a wonderful tribute

Nikki Rolton (Blenheim , 2020-03-30)



Sharon Jensen (Turangi, 2020-03-30)


I Knew Uncle James Adams when I worked at Northconnex

Will Flavell (Melbourne , 2020-03-30)


I believe the memory of this man should be honoured by those that live today.

Cheryl Brook (Camden , 2020-03-30)


Im a tunnel worker

Warren Davis (Wyong , 2020-03-30)


New Jimmy Very Well Through The Rugby,
Played With And Against Jim, Great Man To Have In Your Team When The Going Got Tough..

Bryan Sinclair (Tokoroa, 2020-03-30)


I knew Jimmy. He was good man and a great worker.

brendan bird (guatemala city , 2020-03-30)


Ive worked with Jim he was a great guy, the tunnel should be named after him

Victor Rabone (Auckland, 2020-03-30)


I worked with jimny at pike river and great man with so much knowledge to pass onto someone fresh into the industry of coal mining back in 2011

Brendon Lister (Emerald, 2020-03-30)


Jim Adams gave his life for tunneling

Troy Apatu (Hicks Bay, 2020-03-30)


I support the Adams family in this Request and for Mr Adams memory to go on. This is important for his family.

Nicola Grenfell (Christchurch , 2020-03-30)


I worked on the same Project on the Southern end.

Dwayne Williams (Sydney , 2020-03-30)


My partner worked on the west Connex tunnel, Arncliffe Sydney from September 2017- June 2019, along side alot of other Fathers, Husbands, Uncles, Brothers, Nephews of many families. His name will represent all who risked there lives to better the future of Australia’s growth.

Rose Waiariki (Brisbane, 2020-03-30)


I worked on this project aswel and I think it's only right to name it after him. Rip Jim

Martin Madden (Dublin , 2020-03-30)


To remember my Uncle who lost his life in the construction of the tunnel.

Sharon Jensen (Hamilton , 2020-03-30)


Jimmy was a great asset to the tunnel and he gave his life to this job.

Alexandra Martin (Thornleigh , 2020-03-30)


It seems only right he lost his life to ease traffic congestion from Auckland to Northland.

Linda Tipa (Hamilton, 2020-03-30)


Because Jim, Diane and family were a strong part of Cromwell community during the dam days. They were missed when they moved and have never been forgotten.

maude OConnell (Cromwell, 2020-03-30)


I believe the tunnel should be named after jim Adams as he worked & lost his life working on this tunnel instead of it being named after a politician who has contributed nothing

Jan Anderson (Brisbane , 2020-03-30)


I worked with Jim on the building of the Clyde dam in central Otago New Zealand, and we also played together for the Cromwell dambusters rugby team, a top bloke and great worker.

Michael Carroll (Cromwell, 2020-03-30)


ATTITUDE is 100%

Josh Hollis (Kincumber , 2020-03-30)


Jim Adams is my uncle and was a great man.

Tania Purnell (Taumarunui, 2020-03-30)


This man lost his life in this tunnel, he also left behind his beautiful wife tamariki and mokopuna

Maureen Otene (Pennant hills , 2020-03-30)


I’m signing this petition because of the years this man has dedicated as a tunneller and he has also been used as an advocate around Australia to support health & safety in the tunnelling industry.

Michelle Gilbert (Sydney, 2020-03-30)


I believe that by naming this tunnel after the person who lost their life, gives not only a form of closure and peace to his family and friends, but the ability for the state to acknowledge that there are workplace deaths and that everyone needs to ensure they do their best so that they and their workmates get to go home each and every night... Please let a life lost make a difference to those left alive and every time people drive through the tunnel or say it's name they can remember that life is precious and that they need to take care no matter what they are dong...

Liz Moir (Palmerston, 2020-03-30)


My husband and Father in-law worked along side him

Tina Riki (Muri, 2020-03-30)


It's the right thing to do.
Jimmy was a family friend, he was a great man.

Kylie Shaw (Invercargill, 2020-03-30)


He unfortunately lost his life in 2017 on a major infrastructure tunnelling project

Chris King (Cromwell, 2020-03-30)


I support this 100%

Sean Mccarthy (Melbourne , 2020-03-30)


A mate

Wallace Pene (Ohope, 2020-03-30)


I worked north Connex, never met him but was around at the time

Jake Hoolahan (Maryborough , 2020-03-30)


Jimmy was a awesome man and had the pleasure of working with him briefly.

Darren Parata (Sydney, 2020-03-31)


I no this man and his family and believe he is deserving of this.

Kim Purcell (Timaru, 2020-03-31)


I believe this should be done

Ben Carrick (Dapto, 2020-03-31)


I'm signing because, I am related to Jim Adams,

Joanne Cook (Taupo, 2020-03-31)


This great man deserves great recognition as a huge contributor and lost his life for the benefit of others during the construction phase.

David Asher (Auckland , 2020-03-31)


Huge respect for this man.

Connie Cook (Hunterville , 2020-03-31)


B H campbell

Bev Allan Campbell (Cromwell, 2020-03-31)


I think this is a great idea!

Michele Jones (Invercargill , 2020-03-31)


This would be a fitting memorial, especially with all of the work his son does for workers safety.

Chris Miller (Christchurch, 2020-03-31)