Name the NorthConnex Tunnel after Jim Adams.



I have only just started working there and at our introduction the high respect they spoke of this beautiful man showed me the gentleman he was even with the picture they have of him with his words of advice in the training room was real touching and showed me how much he is respected GOD rest his soul .
RIP Jim Adams

Trifonas Kourniotis (Adelaide , 2020-03-31)


He died building tunnels

Todd McGrath (Forbes , 2020-03-31)


Jimmy was a bloody good bloke

Peter Curtin (Oak flats , 2020-03-31)


This would be a very appropriate naming for this tunnel.

Kali MacDonald (Cromwell, 2020-03-31)


Be a use this man was a legend and died doing what he loved

Willie Thompson (Brisbane, 2020-03-31)


I’m signing this because to name this tunnel after a well respected man is a small token of appreciation for both the memory of Jim and his family.
Cromwell people have wonderful memories of this family

Jill Sanders (Cromwell , 2020-03-31)


He deserves the respect and recognition.

Tania Wells (Turamgi, 2020-03-31)


I lived & worked in Turangi with Jim Adams & have know him for over 30 years

Murray Pio (Waihi Beach, Tauranga, 2020-03-31)


Deserves so as he was a great man.

Malcolm Stirling (Taupo, 2020-03-31)


Mr Adams was a really really nice man. He deserves everyone to remember him

Fiona Boeyen (Christchurch, 2020-03-31)


Whanau Supporting Whanau

Joce Taylor (Ohai , 2020-03-31)


I support this cause

Robert McMath (Melbourne, 2020-03-31)


I think this tunnel should be named after this worker, he lost his life helping to build this tunnel

Kim Morrison (Brisbane , 2020-03-31)


Too keep the memory of Jim Adams alive and tunnellers will never forgot him

Travis Coyle (Melbourne , 2020-03-31)


I was apart of this project briefly and believe it’s a good idea.

Mark Adam Hubner (Brisbane , 2020-03-31)


To support the family in their efforts to remember their father's contributions to tunneling

Lena Morgan (Turangi, 2020-03-31)


I knew him and he was an amazing father and member of the community

Heather Tipene-Richards (Gisborne , 2020-03-31)


I know and respect the family

Julian Young (Cromwell , 2020-03-31)


I think it's fitting in honor of this well respected tunneler

Morris Horne (Sydney , 2020-03-31)


The inspirational talk that his son gave at olympic dam. Plus his nephew is a great bloke too.

Rob Bollinger (Orroroo, 2020-03-31)


JI'm was a true Godfather to the industry Tunnelin and mining

Wayne Green (Waihi, 2020-03-31)


Jimmy Adams was a part of my Dads tunneling live and he played a big part on making my dad who he was!!Jimmy Adams is a man that never did things half hearted!!if he did it he did it well 💯all the time!!This would b a part of Jimmy Adams legacy if the tunnel would b named after him!

Renee Ngatai (Rotorua, 2020-03-31)


I worked with Jim in the Cromwell gorge tunnels 1990s, a good man he was !!!

Grant Mathieson (Hari Hari , 2020-03-31)


Worked with jimmy at Wilson top man xx

Annie Soper (Sydney, 2020-03-31)


I worked on this project at the time of Uncle‘s accudent

Vicki Ray (Sydney, 2020-03-31)


I knew Jim, my partner worked with him in NZ on the Clyde dam working in the tunnels. Couldn’t think of a more deserving man to have this tunnel named after him. If you knew him fond memories of a hard but oh so comical man. I hope they do name the tunnel after u Jim Adams “what a man”

Makere Tutaki (Perth, 2020-03-31)


In support of the Adam whanau

Lyana Kopu (Sydney , 2020-03-31)


Because our dad's were legendary

Maree Greaves (Christchurch , 2020-03-31)


I fully support this petition

Karen Kopeke (Hamilton, 2020-03-31)


I knew Jim Adams in Turangi and Cromwell

DONNA MCRAE (TURANGI , 2020-03-31)


Big Jim Adam's lost His life in the construction of that awesome Tunnel and His sacrifice Should be acknowledged.

Bruce Keys (Papamoa Beach , 2020-03-31)


I knew Jim Adams and he was a great man.

Wallace Walker (Gisborne , 2020-03-31)


Uncle Jimmy was a great man and a great teacher to all in the tunnelling industry his passing was a great shock and very sad least we can do is name the north connex tunnel after him in his memory

Shannon Ward (Melbourne , 2020-03-31)


I knew this family from years ago and this would be great respect for this lovely man

Michelle Muir (Gore , 2020-03-31)


I knew jim adams and family

Rakena Morgan (Aria, 2020-03-31)


I’m signing this as my uncle was a great man , a man of the earth and a man of great character 👍🏽

Sharrid Keys (1770, 2020-03-31)


Workers should come home too there family

David Biggs (Gold coast , 2020-03-31)



Dathi O Donoghue (Mayo, 2020-03-31)


Jim Adam's was an uncle of mine. His mother and my grandmother were sisters and we visited our whanau in Turangi during the construction. We were sadden to hear of his loss but naming this tunnel in his honour would be embraced by all who knew him and his whanau. All the best.....

Hiria Tareha (Wellington, 2020-03-31)


Jimi Adams is the man

Shane Tangipo (Perth, 2020-03-31)


I know several of Jim's extended family and they are all good, hardworking people. It would be lovely to have Jim honoured in this way.

Jacinta Latta (Dunedin, 2020-03-31)


Im signing this because i worked on the southern section when the message came through that Jim had been injured, we just didnt know how bad the injury was at the time. Jims horrible accident and passing sent shock waves through all of us tunnellers because that could have been any one of us at any time. One man lost is one man too many. I will never forget what happened. Dedicate the northconnex tunnel to Jim Adams so the world never forgets either.

Jay Aspinall (Brisbane, 2020-03-31)


It’s a nice tribute to Jim

Amy Brooker (Port Macquarie , 2020-03-31)


He deserves it

Rhys Donovan (Sydney, 2020-03-31)


I worked at ncx

Kevin Cole (Sydney , 2020-03-31)


Jimmy was a well known miner in the WA hard rock mining industry for many years before heading east to toil his trade. We hear he did a fine job mentoring up and coming miners in the eastrn states.

Ian Payn (Perth, 2020-03-31)


Highly respected man and whanau from our home town Taupo 💙

Mamae Pitiroi (Sydney, 2020-03-31)


I grew up with the family in Turangi

Lenn Krosschell (London , 2020-03-31)


I knew Jim

Gabe Grace (Turangi, 2020-03-31)


My grandfather was also working the hydros in Turangi. This man died doing what he has always done, tunneling. He should be remembered for it.

Raetrina Tane (Auckland, 2020-03-31)


A well respected man and a hard worker.

Tracey Warena (Kalgoorlie , 2020-03-31)


Because he was a very lovely hard working man dearly missed

Natasha Hunt (Sydney , 2020-03-31)


That would be such an awesome tribute to Uncle ..... he has worked some 40 odd years in the tunnelling industry of the oldest members glad to have known this great man

Maxina Ormond (Sydney , 2020-03-31)


I’m signing because I have previously worked in the m4, m5 west connex tunnels and understand the dangers involved in the work.

Jack Hogs (Sydney , 2020-03-31)


Worked with the man a few times.. He was a true gentlemen..

Julien Wilby (Narangba, 2020-03-31)


Had worked with Jim on a number of projects and was working at Northconnex the day he lost his life, champion bloke

Ian Fraser (Sydney , 2020-03-31)


I work on this project and Jimmy was a very well respected man and knowledge man. His family deserve this honour. He's a man that's been in the tunneling longer then I've lived.

Ciara Kearns (Hillsdale, 2020-03-31)



Dran LeClerc (Sydney, 2020-03-31)


There wouldn't be a tunnel if it weren't for men such as Jim Adams, who lost his life while working on a project that benefits all of us.. What better tribute than to show our appreciation not only for his and others hard toil but also for his great sacrifice . Make it account for something.

terressa kollat (wallacetown, 2020-03-31)


Im signing this because I personally worked with Jim on this project and this is well deserved to him and his family

Mitchell Long (Morisset Park, 2020-03-31)


He ate at my table with my family.

Thomas Barrett (Perth, 2020-03-31)


I worked in the tunnels.

Natasha Harvey (Perty, 2020-03-31)


Jimmy Adams was a legend in the Tunneling industry, known and respected by many . It is only fitting that the North Connex Tunnel a project he gave his life for be named after him .

Paul Bourke (Melbourne , 2020-03-31)


He was a good man

Ariki Evans (QLD, 2020-03-31)


I worked on the same Northconnex site as Jim and he was a gentleman. His death rattled all us tunnellers.

Thomas Jordan (Mayo, 2020-03-31)


He made a difference.

Steven Ryan (Thornliegh, 2020-03-31)


Jimmy is a tunneling icon and needs to have this in his name

Saul Burdekin (Sydney, 2020-03-31)


The guys who worked on the tunnels in Sydney deserve recognition and what better way to do this than by commemoration of one of our own.

Alex Phillips (Westport, 2020-03-31)


I new Uncle Jimmy and his son who also was killed in a working incident as well.
I have a family connection with Uncle Jimmy

Chris Jensen (Perth , 2020-03-31)


I was shift boss at southern site of NCX project and was working at the time when this tragedy happened. Dallas later came out to southern and did a presentation on his himself first, then his brother, father and tunnel life, it was a moving speech and the 100 odd people listening were all completely and utterly motion less and engulfed with Dallas every word. I will never forget it.

Jacob Mcquillan (Catherine Hill Bay, 2020-03-31)


Jimmy was a true tunnel legend and lost his life whilst building this tunnel so to leave a forever legacy is a must

Kellie Mcconnell (Sydney, 2020-03-31)


I’m signing because it’s the right thing to do

Davie Hardie (Sydney , 2020-03-31)


He was a role model and inspiration to complete the remainder of the project safely

Jason Audie (Sydney, 2020-03-31)


Spend my working life under ground. All too often one of us is taken. We never forget the ones who have gone. Very rare there is a tribute. This would be fitting.

Gerry Goodwin (Auckland, 2020-03-31)


He was a tunneling legend

Jason Ellis (Newcastle, 2020-03-31)


I was working on this project when this accident happened very sad

Leion Robinson (Sydney , 2020-03-31)



MOE EL-HASSAN (SYDNEY , 2020-03-31)


My uncle gave his heart, his soul and ultimately paid with his life in the construction of this tunnel.

Jackie Parata (Brisbane, 2020-03-31)


کاهش شهریه

نگار نصراللهی سیچانی (اصفهان, 2020-03-31)