Name the NorthConnex Tunnel after Jim Adams.



I worked with jimmy on the Northconnex tunnel. The man literally gave the raincoat of his back to give to me after knowing me for only two days. Was a man that everyone looked up too and sad to have lost him

William Bell (Wollongong , 2020-04-02)


All to often these critical pieces of infrastructure are named after people in public life. its about time we remember those that build these projects and sadly lose their lives in doing so.
we must remember them.

Tony Beers (Gladstone, 2020-04-02)


I worked on the NCX and this would be a fitting tribute.

Ryan Doherty (Ireland , 2020-04-02)


I worked on the job at the time.

Reuben Dufty (Sydney , 2020-04-03)


I’m part of the tunnelling family

Mark Carran (Penrith , 2020-04-03)


I believe Jimmy should be honoured in this way.

Gene Humphreys (Melbourne, 2020-04-03)


It is only right we name it after him, not another politician



Because I worked on that project

Terry Kawalko (Melbourne , 2020-04-03)


Mutual respect for the loss of a dedicated employee

Steve Pavlich (Albany Creek, 2020-04-03)


This man was a senior figure in the industry. Lost his life on this project. It’s the least they could do to name that tunnel after Uncle.

Warren Thompson (Branxton NSW 2335, 2020-04-03)


I worked at NCX and met Jimmy in Coal he was a legend in our industry and it would be great to see his name on that tunnel.

David Amundsen (Melbourne , 2020-04-03)


I went to the same school as Dallas growing up. Like his Dad, my Dad worked on the Clyde Dam too. I now work for a large roading construction company and I think it is every worker's right to go home to their family at the end of the day. This tribute would be fitting recognition for Dallas' Dad's sacrifice.

Kirsty George (Christchurch, 2020-04-03)


I am signing because I think it's a good idea

Stephanie Lloyd (Dunedin, 2020-04-03)


I was mates with Jim and Diane in the Cromwell days great times he was a top bloke hard man

Neil rambo Berg (Brisbane , 2020-04-03)


I’m signing this because the tunnel should be named in memory of Jim

Alice Pupuke (Sydney, 2020-04-03)


A typical hard working family man who lived to one side of us in Cromwell.

Norm Wing (Cromwell, 2020-04-04)


Jim obviously contributed greatly to the industry. He deserves this recognition posthumously.

Lucie Johnson (Sydney , 2020-04-04)


I fully support this petition in having this tunnel named after James Adams also known as Jim

Alice King (Lurnea, 2020-04-04)


Jim Adams should be remembered in a special way.

Amanda Klemick (Invercargill , 2020-04-04)


Find this a well deserving name for tunnel

Carolyn Keepa (Mandurah, 2020-04-04)


I worked with Jim on the Clyde dam and admired his work ethic, and now the duration of his employment as a tunneller and mentor.

David Benjamin ( Glenorchy, 2020-04-04)


I know Dallas Adams and love the work he does trying to get the safety message across in the mining industry

Tony Sanders (Alexandra , 2020-04-05)


Principal & I trust my friend Tarquin. He only brings up things if they really mean something.

Gilly Horne (Tauranga, 2020-04-05)


Jim was a great man who was an inspirational leader teaching so many miners younger than him about safety and everything there is to know about being underground

Danny Bycroft (Gold Coast, 2020-04-05)


I didn't know Jim Adams personally but I've worked in tunnels and underground coal and it's blokes like Jim who make these projects possible. He sounded like a real top bloke - who gave so much to the industry. I'm more than happy to sign this petition for Jim and his family.and the tunnelling industry.

Blair Thomson (Brisbane , 2020-04-05)


Moe moea Matua .... I hope the project does the right thing here, Kia kaha Dallas & whanau xxx all the best for this campaign xxx

Eli-May Martin (Beaumont Hills, NSW, 2020-04-05)


I'm signing this as he and his family deserve this, and he was a incredible person that dedicated his life to tunnelling, although I never met the man I have heard so much about him.

Andrew Perrott-Jones (Heathcote, 2020-04-05)


It's totally fitting to name it after a great man

Riana Heremaia (Timaru, 2020-04-06)


Show respect to a man who deserves this and also respect to his family during their mourning and great loss.

Jim Johnson (Tungamull, 2020-04-06)


I was working on Northconnex at the time this happened and think it would be a great way to remember such a top bloke

Brendan Seal (Sydney , 2020-04-06)


I’m working on North Connex and know what character it takes to do a month under here let alone an entire career.

David Moss (2113, 2020-04-06)


He was a true leader, koro, and uncle to all who were blessed to have come across his presence.

Liz Tanuvasa (Sydney, 2020-04-06)


In support of naming after Jim Adams.
Loss of life working and loving what he does.
Loss of son James same industry too.
Always be remembered xxoo

Gloria Ngawati (Turangi , 2020-04-06)


This is a fitting tribute to Jim and will let his family know that he is respected and appreciated.

Paul Buddery (Mackay, 2020-04-07)


Jim deserves to be honoured for his hard work and remembered for the life he gave.

Nicole Chessell (Sydney, 2020-04-07)



Andrew Brennan (Sydney , 2020-04-07)


I know (uncle) jimmy on personal and professional level

Noel Makene (Sydney, 2020-04-07)


I have worked on the project, and I think it is a great idea.

Nicolas Dumont (Bridgwater, 2020-04-07)


I'm signing this because it is the right thing to do and would be an honour for his family.

Kyle Hughes (Moranbah, 2020-04-08)


Jimmy was a mentor for so many up and coming tunnellers. Out of work a mentor for up and coming hunters. In the pub a story teller for up and coming bullshitters lol.
Missed every day Chur bro

Shane Mullen (Maitland, 2020-04-08)



Nukupera Adams (Lismore, 2020-04-08)


I worked alongside Jimmy “uncle” Adams on the project and he was a great role model for me and everyone he met.

Martin Scott (Sydney, 2020-04-09)


I'm writing this to support my cousins family to the naming of the Northconnox tunnel after jim adams who lost his life during the construction .A man well respected and loved by all that knew him

William August (Tauranga, 2020-04-10)


Jim Adams expertise in his field was a credit too his trade. He had a wealth of knowledge which he often shared both professionally and personally. It was a tragedy that both himself and his oldest son James Adams lost thier lives in the workplace.Allow thier memory to live on ...

Zee Haami (Hamilton, 2020-04-11)


Its the right thing todo.

Frances Stokes (Whangarei , 2020-04-11)


I personally knew him & his family..

Emma Sidney (Brisbane, 2020-04-11)


I know Jim’s family

Jane Sidney (Kambalda , 2020-04-11)


Hes a Te Aute College brother

Les Hokianga (NEW ZEALAND, 2020-04-11)


I’m signing because I am the mum of Jim’s eldest grandsons whose dad was James arpine tautari Adams and because Jim was a legend at all things that crossed his path nga mihi

Kiriana Adams (Otaki, 2020-04-11)


Jim Adam's is a Legend

Peter Lilley (Auckland , 2020-04-11)


Jimmy was an old friend and a highly respected mentor to the tunnelling fraternity.
I can think of no better way of honoring his legacy.

Brendan Gilheany (CAMDEN PARK, 2020-04-11)


He was a great guy, I worked with Jim on a
lot of different tunnel`s in NZ. R.I.P. Jim.

Brian ( 4DAY ) Ferguson (Roxburgh., 2020-04-11)


I was privileged enough to meet Son and listen to his story about his life and losing his brother and then his brother what an honour and amazing tribute to lives that have been lost my fingers are crossed 😊

Stacey Grech (Melbourne , 2020-04-11)


I worked with Jim on Clyde Dam. He was a huge man in every way amongst men.

Gary Muir (Palmerston, 2020-04-11)


One of the greatest man I knew! One of if not the most experienced underground person in the game

Leon Pupuke (Sydney, 2020-04-11)


It's the right thing to do and a fitting tribute to a fellow tunneller / Miner

Michael Davies (York, 2020-04-11)


I came onto the job after jim passed. But to leave a legacy of caring for his workmates and there safety is huge in this industry. Who better to name the tunnel after then one who died building it.

Samuel Fuller (PENNANT HILLS (2120), 2020-04-11)


I’m signing because I was lucky enough to meet this man and I know how loved he is and how amazing he was
He’s left such a mark on many of my loved ones I couldn’t think of a better name for the Tunnel

Jazmine Magson (Perth, 2020-04-11)


Because I worked with Jim in telfer a good friend a family man I couldn’t think of a better name for it

Kevin Temoananui (Perth , 2020-04-11)


I work in tunneling and believe that it would be a great tribute to an industry legend

Michael Shearer (Randwick , 2020-04-11)


He was a well respected tunneler that was there to help teach the younger blokes, and then tragically lost is life in a stupid accident that never should of happened

Matthew Oliver (Sydney , 2020-04-11)


My uncle jim was such an awesome man, hard worker and loved his family. Would be awesome to see this named after him!

Kelsey Higson (Hamilton city, 2020-04-11)


Awesome kaupapa

Ivan Carroll (Wairoa , 2020-04-11)


I worked at Northconnex and i met Jimmy a few times. He was such a vital part of the Northconnex tunnel and his name is still spoken of often years after his passing.

Sandy Roberts (Castle hill, 2020-04-11)


Im have because I was a shift boss on the Tongariro Power Project for the company Codelfa Cogefar Italia 1970

Pietro Valle (Taihape, 2020-04-11)


He devoted a lot of years to this kind of work I think it's the least that can be done. A lovely gesture.

Betty Simpson (Whakatane, 2020-04-11)


In respect

Darryn Battersby (Sydney, 2020-04-11)


The family have been in the mining industry for a long time and deserve to be recognised due to there loss

Kylie Murdoch (Cromwell, 2020-04-11)


His impact on health and safety culture.

Scott Downs (Rotorua , 2020-04-11)


Do this

Susan Duncum (Sydney , 2020-04-11)


Jims son died in a mining accident about 14 years ago at Dartbrook mine in the Hunter Valley . Jim was also on the same crew and witnessed his sons death he was struck by a small roof fall killing him instantly very sad

Mick Styles (Maryland, 2020-04-11)


It’s a good cause and I admire Jim

Alex Crossman (Darwin, 2020-04-11)


I'm signing because it's the RIGHT THING TO Do and the HONOURABLE THING TO DO in the memory of those who have passed building this tunning!! DO THE RIGHT THING!!

Harpz Waapu (Perth, 2020-04-11)


I worked with Adam hard working honorable man . I also was in the military with his Son .With sadness I attended his funeral when he was also killed in the mines

Ine Meti (Brisbane, 2020-04-11)


This man died in the erection, building of this tunnel so he should be remembered in this tunnel

Tina Nelson (Brisbane , 2020-04-11)


it will draw attention to the importance of safety in the tunnelling industry

Chris Westerweller (Sydney, 2020-04-11)



Tiara Thompson (Brisbane, 2020-04-12)


in support of family

natasha telford (rotorua, 2020-04-12)


Kia Ora Uncle Jim fondest memories xx

Lena Dewes (Te Awamutu, 2020-04-12)


I knew Jim so that would be a beautiful thing to do in his name

Lena Bennett (Gisborne , 2020-04-12)


I knew big Jimmy Adams and the whanau during the Clyde dam days!
A good man!!! Deserves acknowledgement!

Ellen Tupaea (Cambridge , 2020-04-13)


Mates with his son

Greg Wark (Brisbane , 2020-04-14)


Great idea and I hope it gets up.
I knew Jim and his son Jim Jnr when they worked at Kayuga in the early 2000’s. Unfortunately Jnr lost his life while working there also. RIP Gents

Luke Dunn (Leconfield , 2020-04-15)


Jim deserves to be remembered after a terrible workplace accident.

Shaun Donachie (2151, 2020-04-15)


A fellow mine worker that has fallen.

Robert Gow (Middlemount , 2020-04-15)


I worked with Jim and James

Frank Palmowski (Singleton, 2020-04-15)


I know the whanau

Tony Turanga (Sydney , 2020-04-15)


Jim lost his life on this project and I heard he was an amazing bloke

Rhyan Bloom (Penrith , 2020-04-15)


It's the right thing to do for uncle

Jeffrey Ross (Elderslie , 2020-04-15)