Allow Essential Maintenance of Golf Courses During Lockdown Period



Having one person who is having no contact with any person on the greens doing the upkeep & maintenance there is essential for the future if the golf courses & clubs for the future of NZ golfing & the general economy of NZ for the future.

Natasha van Staden (Dunedin, 2020-04-08)



Annette Godman (Dunedin, 2020-04-08)


i play golf

parker aluesi (dunedin, 2020-04-08)


My husband is a very keen golfer & I strongly support this petition for the survival of our golf clubs

Jackie Hawkes (Dunedin, 2020-04-08)


This is a low risk activity yet is crucial for the life of the turf, fairways and especially greens. It is frustrating this work has not already been cleared to go ahead so hopefully the petition gives some impetus before the damage from neglect becomes any more significant.

Malcolm Roberts (Dunedin, 2020-04-08)


I am golf club member

Morriss Hawkes (Dunedin , 2020-04-08)


My husband is a green keeper & the stress he has been feeling the last couple of weeks has been terrible to watch. It is a very unique job & requires specialist care, & without the essential requirements completed to maintain the course at a basic level, it could depodise my husbands job which he LOVES.

Karley Minty (Dunedin, 2020-04-08)


I'm signing this petition because I see little risk for one person on a mower in the fresh air and wide open spaces out a godiscourse mowing greens catching covid 19. When we get through this it will help with the well being of our citizens to return to life as we knew it as quickly as possible. Getting back on a golf course is one of the things I'm most looking forward too, let common sense prevail let us save our golf courses.

Chris Chambers (Dunedin , 2020-04-08)


I work as a Greenkeeper, it needs to happen asap

Dene Gilmore (Auckland, 2020-04-08)


I feel for this industry, they work hard all year round to keep the greens looking perfect. This 4weeks is detrimental to these golf courses and lawn greens. They can work in isolation as this is how they would usually work in day to day job!

Candice Adam (Dunedin, 2020-04-08)


I would hate to see golf clubs go under because of this

Bryan Taiaroa (Palmerston North, 2020-04-08)


The greens need to be tended and there is no risk for the green keepers working alone

Barry Pattison (Auckland, 2020-04-08)


I want to get back to playing ASAP after this lock down, also think it’s ridiculous that one person can’t do maintenance when there are people ruining the courses currently and not staying in their bubbles

Emily Morris (Dunedin, 2020-04-08)


The non ability for superintendents to carry out basic maintenance on golf courses will see the demise of a number of clubs once lockdown is completed struggle financially, or in some cases, fold altogether

Richard Harper (Dunedin , 2020-04-08)


They are on the Breslin was it is and without regular maintenance many courses will fold

Marcus Bunn (Auckland , 2020-04-08)


Because golf will not recover

Matt Schofield (Rotorua , 2020-04-08)


I love gol

Charlie Hurring (Dunedin, 2020-04-08)


I believe it is safe a gives a small group of people some work. And most importantly keeps our resources that we’re still paying for with our membership in good knick.

Bryan Cleaver (Wanaka, 2020-04-08)


Stupid not to do basic maintenance

Gordon Campbell (Dunedin, 2020-04-08)


To save our golf courses

Duane Taiapa (Opotiki , 2020-04-08)


My fiancé is a turf manager and he’s stressed about his course!! Just let them do the most basic stuff!

Lucy Kay (Christchurch , 2020-04-08)


The golf course is a valuable community business and requires maintenance to keep earning money and keep business open once restrictions lift

Helen White (Dunedin , 2020-04-08)


I’m in the industry and although I’m not an essential service the work I do is essential for the future of my club and community

Mark Whalen (Lower Hutt, 2020-04-08)


Stratford golf club is beautiful and needs to be looked after. It’s only one person required on the course for a few hours every 3 or 4 days working in isolation. It can be managed.

Shane Downs (Stratford, 2020-04-08)


With nothing done to the greens over 4 weeks it will be much longer until people will be able to play and this will be a lot harder for the retired people who play the game for companionship

Paul Christian (Nelson, 2020-04-08)


I am a member of a golf club.
My main source of exercise.

Barbara Hawkins (Dunedin, 2020-04-08)


I believe the risks are minimal, if any, of spreading the virus as green keepers as long as certain precautions are followed. The Royal and Ancient (R&A, governing body of golf, St Andrews, Scotland) have produced guidance in this respect. The sudden onset of the lockdown restrictions meant that proper preparations were difficult to make, and sustained non-maintenance could result in severe damage to courses and clubs, with prolonged recovery over the winter, which may cause undue financial stress on any club and force some to close given the often fragile nature of finances at these clubs.

Craig MacDonell (Glasgow, 2020-04-08)


Because common sense should prevail

Shane McKillen (Auckland , 2020-04-08)


I’m a Green-Keeper and I believe if our greens across the country are not maintained to at least a basic standard over the foreseeable future, the task of repatriating to decent playable conditions may not be achievable nor affordable for a great number of clubs!

Campbell Johnstone (Auckland , 2020-04-08)


There is no risk in a head green keeper doing essential maintenance on their course to stop unnecessary economic turmoil.

Nic Kay (Christchurch, 2020-04-08)


We need to this, golf brings in millions of dollars in revenue for NZ

Libby HILDER (Christchurch , 2020-04-08)


I am concerned that without mowing the greens we will lose our course and many others in nz

Kate Brooks (Christchurch , 2020-04-08)


I'm signing this because golf courses are a living thing, just like a farm. It needs daily care, otherwise the time and cost to return it to pre lockdown standard could ruin clubs, and force closure.

Brian Ware (Christchurch, 2020-04-08)


I love golf, nature, parks, golf clubs are an essential part of freedom in NZ be able to enjoy nature.

Charlie Dailey (Auckland , 2020-04-08)


Will wreck our greens

Dane Lowe (Matamata, 2020-04-08)


I dont want to see clubs struggling or even close due to maintenance not being carried out.

Mike Thomson (Rotorua , 2020-04-08)


It needs to be done otherwise they will go under.

Matt Ahern (Palmerston North , 2020-04-08)


If a farmer can use his tractor to maintain a paddock regardless if it's for food production or not .. there is no difference to that than a green keeper going out 2 or 3 times a week on his own to cut grass by him self on a golf course ... specially if its closed to public or members ... and this will reduce damage to the courses and reduce the lost income to the clubs and the potentially huge lose to the tourism industry once the restrictions stop ...

Karl Bennett (Pegasus , 2020-04-08)


I'm a member. A golfer. Greens are living things that require attention

Brian Mahon (Warkworth , 2020-04-08)


Hopefully sanity will prevail

Mark Morris (Pegasus, 2020-04-08)


Courses will become beyond repair and cost many thousands more than it should to fix. People work their whole life to be able to play golf when they retire

Andrew Boys (Auckland , 2020-04-08)


Its ridiculous that people working in isolation cant maintain very expensive greens etc. Typical of the govt

Grant Bristow (Lower hutt, 2020-04-08)


My dad has spent 40 years working on making the golf course the best he can. With no maintenance there could be expensive consequences which many clubs won’t survive

Andrew Coleman (Auckland , 2020-04-08)


Because golf course need work or they will be in a condition most clubs will not be able to bring back.

Konrad Chee (Wellington, 2020-04-08)


Golf courses are such an important part of our communities especially for the over 65s

Marty Davey (Oamaru, 2020-04-08)


Our golf course will have to spend thousands of dollars fixing grass issues if not allowed to maintain the course over lockdown, and push opening back for at least 4 weeks seriously impacting on the members mental health after such a trying time

Aileen Morris (Pegasus , 2020-04-08)


I’m singing because this is vital for the golf industry and work on golf courses can be done with out any risk.

Patrick Moore (Dunedin, 2020-04-08)


It is imperative that golf courses have consistent maintenance during lock down.

Dawn Green (Christchurch, 2020-04-08)


Because I know the damage that is happening to the greens due to lack of maintenance, plus the cost to the clubs to repair the greens may well be out of reach and they may never be able to open again. In a small community this would be devastating - golf is so beneficial to people’s Health and well being, isn’t this whole situation we are in with the Covid 19 about people land health.

Karen Johnston (RD 1, Balclutha, 2020-04-08)


It's the right thing to do

Dave Gillespie (Lower hutt, 2020-04-08)


i think it is important

Campbell Till (Hamilton, 2020-04-08)


I believe that the upkeep of all golf courses around the country need to maintain services .

Brian Brennan (Christchurch , 2020-04-08)


There is no risk on spreading covid 19.
The financial impact to multi million dollar assets will be far reaching into each community.
I would prefer to see green staff operate in a controlled and safe environment saving money long term, over the government spending money on a bail out package, and job losses for green staff who will be in high demand after the courses are allowed to open.
If green staff are let go courses will take longer to open and will restrict income coming in.
Some courses will face major impacts from disease, this will also delay courses opening and income.

Tina Whalen (Lower Hutt , 2020-04-08)


It needs to be done ASAP

Mike Harrison (Warkworth , 2020-04-08)


My husband is the Course Superintendent at Waitemata Golf Club and has dedicated 40 years to the turf maintenance at the same course. We are watching the public use the course as a park, and children riding on bikes, dogs being walked off leash and until recently leaving the dog poo bags in the bins that are looked after my the greens staff. All of this is going on while the council contractors are mowing everywhere. The park next to the course is empty and mown, how is this equal????

Annette Coleman (Auckland , 2020-04-08)


It is ridiculous a non contact task should be excluded

Nathan Fergusson (Christchurch , 2020-04-08)


I agree they should be maintained.

Mark Laird (Christchurch, 2020-04-08)


It is absolutely ridiculous to not allow this maintenance to be done,as the end cost could be horrific.

Phil Schofer (Lower Hutt, 2020-04-08)


It is essential that our golf club be allowed to maintain our course, the cost to fix this disaster afterwards will cripple our club financially

Erica Doile (Lower Hutt, 2020-04-08)


It makes economic sense and is a safe activity

Richard Pridmore (Christchurch, 2020-04-08)


Survival of clubs and a sport that plays a significant role in bringing communities together

Andrew Holdaway (Lower Hutt, 2020-04-08)


I am a member of our local golf club & really can’t believe that a green keeper working alone to preserve the course during lockdown isn’t allowed is bloody ridiculous

Brent Cresswell (Morrinsville , 2020-04-08)


Greens need to be maintained to bring the future costs down.

Jordan Rangihika (Hamilton , 2020-04-08)


This is to avoid costs without putting lives in danger.

STEPHEN HUNGER (Lower Hutt, 2020-04-08)


This will save the clubs millions of dollars nz wide

Craig Bradbury (Gore, 2020-04-08)


Don't want to lose our club

Campbell Dowall-price (Morrinsville, 2020-04-08)


I believe this is essential to protect the golf course greens and land due to the commercial viability of what would otherwise be destroyed and incur high costs to remedy. Also preventing environmental risk associated to golf course greens.

Green keepers could easily remain socially distant when completing weekly maintenance, not representing risk due to the very small staff #s per good course operations.

Sue Bridger (Christchurch , 2020-04-08)


There is no danger of letting just one person cutting lawns and if we can't mow it will cost millions.. 😒

Gary Spratt (Lower hutt, 2020-04-08)