Re-open the sale yards



We need the government to be aware of what’s happening in Hawke’s bay and are local politicians have their head in the sand with no tourism farming is Hawke’s bay provinces life line and the farmers need a life line right now

Julanne Sorensen (Hastings , 2020-05-02)


HB farmers need to be able to sell their stock... with the drought it is potentially becoming an animal welfare issue.

Karla Shaw (Hastings, 2020-05-02)


I agree it is totally a animal welfare and farmer mental health issue now.

Neil Common (Hastings , 2020-05-02)


This is essential!

Abigail Coburn (Wellington, 2020-05-02)


I’m supporting my farming family

Jo James (Palmerston North, 2020-05-02)


The welfare of the animals that are still in a drought and need to move to an area of feed. If not moved not only does it impact the animals to sell but also the rest that are on that farm.

Andrew Martin (Martinborough , 2020-05-02)


Government needs to get its head out of its arse before it ruins the contry.

roger Halliwell (Napier , 2020-05-02)


Because I'm a farmer in drought conditions, and need to unload some stock.

Tania Lee (Napier, 2020-05-02)


The sale yards are an essential facet of an essential business that our local economy needs.

Simon Coddington (Waipukurau , 2020-05-02)


We are in a desperate position here in Hawke’s Bay with the drought
It is an animal welfare situation that needs addressing immediately for farmers to be able to off load their stock at the sales yards

Sarah Gregory-Huni (Hastings , 2020-05-02)


To support the local farmers in these very tough time. There is no grass, and they are having to source feed from other regions. It’s not sustainable

Brierley Hope (Hastings, 2020-05-02)


This needs to be open for animal welfare in my view

Chris Campbell (Napier , 2020-05-02)


There are forces of nature and market conditions that are beyond the control of the farmer, they have become very good at adapting and managing these. Closing the sale yards and meat works is not one of those. The disconnect from the powers in comfy offices in Wellington, and the rural community, is vast.

David Bettany (Waikanae, 2020-05-02)


We need to sell capital stock!!

Korine Bennett (Hastings, 2020-05-02)


We’re in a drought and stuck for feed !!!!!

Michele Radovancich (Napier , 2020-05-02)


Because not only are farmers desperate to offload stock; they need the social contact, even with distancing, with other farmers to talk.

Christina Hansen (Hastings, 2020-05-02)


There is a critical need for the yards to be opened to allow farmers to lighten their loads at home!

Ingrid Usherwood (Hastings, 2020-05-02)


Farmers are under huge pressure with this drought (that has been forgotten about) . They desperately need to move stock or they will die! It’s that simple !

John Robinson (Dannevirke, 2020-05-02)


It’s time we went to level zero and let everything go back to normal. Herd immunity and isolate the vulnerable.

Stephen Fuller (Porirua , 2020-05-02)


This urgently needs to be done for economic, animal health, environmental needs and human mental health. No one should have this stress imposed upon them.

Tim Coddington (Waipukurau , 2020-05-02)


good grief its common sense.. before stick n farmers suffer further

Maree Davidson (marlborough , 2020-05-02)


Drought conditions here in the Hawke’s Bay make this an absolute necessity.

Travis LeComte (Hastings , 2020-05-02)


Farmers need a break! This government crucifies them enough on a good day.....

Sharon Greene (Hastings , 2020-05-02)


We are lifestyle owners and support this cause

Leeanne Genet (Dannevirke, 2020-05-03)


The sales yards can open safely

Joanna Butters (Wellington , 2020-05-03)


I believe farmers need every option available to them to get rid of stock during the draught.

Brad Seymour (Takapau , 2020-05-03)


Animal welfare
Farmers welfare
Food on the table
Needed product

Ryan James (Palmerston North, 2020-05-03)


This is having a big impact on farmers they need to be able to sell stock!

Mandy Lee (Rotorua , 2020-05-03)


We need to get stock moving part of the essential service of farming

Richard Anderson (Feilding , 2020-05-03)


Animal welfare needs to paramount, alongside the mental wellbeing of our farming sector

Joanne Carruthers (Dannevirke, 2020-05-03)


I have three sons farming in drought stricken HB. The saleyards opening gives farmers some options.

Robyn Coddington (Havelock North, 2020-05-03)


We need to give struggling farmers options before it is too late!!

Kamari Tinirau (Dannevirke , 2020-05-03)


For goodness sake, you can give millions to Maori for CV-19 that they didn't even need ($56million plus another $25million) yet you only give the farmers a few thousand. Bloody help them you pack of idiots.

Kevin Foote (Hamilton, 2020-05-03)


Saleyards need to open in level 3 to help everyone in our society as farming plays a major role in New Zealand for New zealand

Kate Leicester (Hawera, 2020-05-03)


Farmers are in crisis and need to sell off livestock. Time to get things moving again.

Rosamond Rowe (Hastings, 2020-05-03)


I’m signing because the farmers urgently need and the animals need to be slaughtered while they are still in reasonable condition.

Janet Leonard (Napier, 2020-05-03)


I have seen how desperate this has become within the Hawked Bay region., and have family that are both farmers, and involved with Federated Farmers. I hear them!

Margaret Brain (Hastings, 2020-05-03)


Farmers need help now

Ruth Holmes (Hastings , 2020-05-03)


I am a Kiwi by birth with family and friends in NZ thus is a worthy petition to support

Jo Barr (Gold coast, 2020-05-03)


I'm signing because we need to be practical and no feed the sheep will die. We need local meat too. Should be able to do this right procedures.

Donna Hall (Hastings, 2020-05-03)


We need it to open so we can at least sell stock that we can’t feed

Brett Hamilton (Hastings, 2020-05-03)


Agree that yards should be open now in HB as in drought conditions and stock need moving on

Dale Coop (Havelock North, 2020-05-03)


This is a vital issue and people's livelihood depends on this.

Olivia Lizra (Hastings , 2020-05-03)


We have stock to get off and no feed left

Ben Atkins (Hastings , 2020-05-03)


I’m signing because farmers not being able to access the sale yards is severely limiting their ability to destock their farms in extreme drought conditions e.g. Hawke’s Bay.

Peter Fraser (Napier , 2020-05-03)


There's a real need for drought stricken areas of the country to reopen saleyards to re-establish genuine stock pricing and provide more avenues for sale and purchase at vital time seasonally.

Janet Campbell (Napier, 2020-05-03)


This is a need to do situation for all farmers in this present trying to time

Leigh Poole (Napier, 2020-05-03)


It's an essential service and very much needed part of farming

Bj Crosse (Woodville , 2020-05-03)


I have stock to sell.

Richard Langdon (Ashburton, 2020-05-03)


our farmers need all our support as we really need them

ian donaldson (gisborne , 2020-05-03)


Farmers need our support! If stick can be sold safely at sale under the level 3 restrictions, they should be allowed to do so.

Shelly Stevens (Christchurch, 2020-05-03)


Its time for stock sales at saleyards to resume. Online trading is not workibg for many.

Jeni Gilbert-Cox (Waipukurau, 2020-05-03)


My father is a stock agent for 60 years, we are farmers and like to sell thru saleyards too

Kirsty Harnett (Gisborne, 2020-05-03)


Essential element in flow of livestock from farmer to farmer and farmer to processor … Provides for export market facilitation for the wider economic good of all NZers. HB farmers not having access to this facility has significant community impact in the current environment.

Paul Harris (Tutira, 2020-05-03)


We desperately need these open. Please

Bev Kerr (Waipawa, 2020-05-03)

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