A vote of no confidence in the Mayor and Several councillors of the DCC



The council is not doing the right thing by the people and I have no faith in them

Riki Nicholson (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


Our Mayor is a joke and doesn't listen to us the rate payers that pay his wage. All they do is waste our money on rubbish that doesn't need done. We all should get an online vote for changes they want to make in our town we pay for

Sandra Mount (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


We don't need this loose cannon in a position of power

Peter Crossan (Dunedin , 2020-05-17)


10km is way to slow, my car isles around 10kmh so I would have to ride my breaks the whole way down the street. They are also not listening to the public and bought signs before it was even confirmed. How stupid

Jacob Cook (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


Perdonably responsible for wrecking our city

Michael Lee (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


This Mayor and Council are making alot of decisions without public consultation spending unnecessary money on frivolous things,ignoring the public and making their own conclusions about unpopular decisions to make it look better for themselves

Stephanie Bell (Dunedin , 2020-05-17)


Of the lack of competence from the Mayor and "his" councillors. I feel that the vast majority on council are not here for the people of Dunedin but are here to push personal agendas and severely impact local business in the CBD.

Elliot Mason (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


Ridiculous decisions and spending being carried out without consultations of ratepayers.

Midge Henderson (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


I have no confidence in the Dunedin mayor

scott gardner (Dunedin , 2020-05-17)


I disagree with council changes to CBD

Sarah Vink (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


The mayor's an idiot

Mat Cockburn (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


I have no confidence in the Mayor, an several of his councillors within the DCC, whom are, more interested in achieving their own personal agenda's at the expense and ignorance of Dunedin city's residents and rate payers.

Liana Wilkie (Dunedin , 2020-05-17)


I too believe the council has passed this under false pretences using the covid social distancing as an excuse. My concern is that the council is not listening to all parties and is hell bent on getting pedestrianisation at all cost . I think the shop owners know where their dollars come from and why are the council not listening to their concerns

Stu More (Dunedin , 2020-05-17)


They are not doing a thing for the city,making decisions and not consulting first.

john dick (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


I'm signing because I am a retailer in the Dunedin CBD and this Mayor and Councillors have not consulted with the Business Community when decisions have been made to close down streets for months at a time, severely impacting on our trading ability, and now to slow traffic down to 10 km along George thru Princes St is effectively pedestrianisation by stealth.

Susan Todd (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


It’s embarrassing to live in Dunedin under this council, there will be no Main Street, no businesses left, they are an absolute joke.

Elaine Lyons (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


The DCC have been hijacked by left wing environmentalists who are not acting in the best interests of ratepayers

Grant Vickers (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


It is clear the council has an agenda which is not supported by the majority of ratepayers. This and other petitions will demonstrate this dissatisfaction

John Evans (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


I am concerned about the way decisions are being made, without consultation, especially our inner city projects which are killing the vibrancy on our main shopping precinct.

Selwyn Grave (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


Our Mayor & council are not listening to the people they represent so that leads me to have NO CONFIDENCE whatsoever in them. Lee van der vis seems to be the only 1 listening to the people.

Dawn Barnes (Dunedin , 2020-05-17)


I have an invalid husband who needs convenient car parks if we need to go to town. Absolutely hopeless under current conditions

Sandra Jefferson (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


I'm signing because I'm sick of the frivolous waste of money on daffodils, sand pits, road blocks, signs and crop circles, when there is already serious problems needed to be fixed to help Dunedin. Spend our money wisely

Rob Aberdeen (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


We need a mayor and council that listens

Arnold Torrance (Dunedin , 2020-05-17)


This latest move on Dunedin's main street is a preplanned move by the mayor and most of the councillors without any consultation with ratepayers and local shopkeepers. It shows arrogance and ignorance and was totally preplanned, nothing to do with Covid. Enough is enough of the use of my money.

Lois Paterson (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


I think this mayor and some of the councillors are pushing their own agenda and not listening to the public. They will ruin our city.

Vicki Hyndman (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


Lack of communication with people most concerned.

Lawrence Anthony (Dunedin , 2020-05-17)


Our Mayor is a joke and doesn't listen to us the rate payers that pay his wage. All they do is waste our money on rubbish that doesn't need done. We all should get an online vote for changes they want to make in our town we pay for

Graeme Wilson (Warrington, 2020-05-17)


This Mayor is destroying the city

Gary Shaw (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


The DCC have made some very shortsighted decisions this term.

Karen Peacock (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


The DCC are not considering the business community nor the rate payers.

Joan Wilson (Dunedin , 2020-05-17)


The council seems to have its own agenda, pushing through policies neither wanted or needed by the city’s ratepayers. Money is being wasted left, right and centre on unnecessary items like parklets, fake flowers etc. All those items added up cost a significant amount of money which should be spent on infrastructure. I totally oppose the DCC borrowing money to implement their airy fairy notions.

Madeline Hill (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


I have no confidence in this council.

Lyn Brehaut (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


i believe in transparency from elected officials.

Rob Fitzpatrick (Abbotsford, 2020-05-17)


Being a rate payer the money we pay for rates is in my view a huge amount per household and the things our money is going towards is crazy. Things being done without the public knowing. Instead of paying an “artist” to paint spots on the Main Street for a ridiculous fee why not ask the public if they’re interested in more artwork and I’m pretty sure the community could paint spots to save a tonne of money for it to go on better things. Otherwise reduce the rates and the non necessary things be funded from elsewhere and/or have polls to where ratepayers would like their money to go towards

Amanda Buchanan (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


There has been ongoing issues in this term of mayoralty but on a whole there has been a complete lack of direction on high budget agendas that the bulk of the town are completely against theres no respect for what the public want and extravagant overuse of ratepayers money to turn our cbd into a place where cars are not welcome.

Brad Mathieson (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


I have absolutely no confidence in the complete mayor/counsillor board at all.

Janine Harman (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


I can walk faster than the proposed 10km

Glencora D Dustow (Dunedin , 2020-05-17)


I thought the citizens of Dunedin should of been shown our deserved respect to react in whatever way before this went ahead. It would appear it doesn’t matter what any of us think, if he the mayor wants it done that’s it. It’s certainly not how I thought a City Council operated!

Sharyl Lea (Dunedin , 2020-05-17)


I have no confidence in the mayor or the council either

Lauris Thompson (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


Sick of what these idiots are doing to our wonderful city.

Lee Markham (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


I think its bad for the city and will result in the Octagon becoming a very low use area.

Debbie Young (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


I'm signing this because I believe the Mayor and councilors are not listening to the ratepayers and hell bend on just spending money for the sake of it. even with the petition to not go ahead with George street they didn't listen just over them. very disappointed with them, but I will say Vandervis and Jules did try to stop it and Vandervis has always been there for the ratepayers

chaz true (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


I am supporting local businesses but i will not go into Dunedin CBD as the 10 km/h is a cover up of removing vehicles from town which they would say it your choice travel at 10 km/h or leave your car at home. Safety is not in the council mind nor the environment,
if safety was an issue with pedestrians they would address the issue of people not using the crossings or the miss use of the cross and the fact people addiction to their mobile devices and they never look up to check traffic and they have the music devices blasting away in their ear so they cant hear the traffic or the environment around them.

It just the council showing they can control the public just like all high income society in fact they have a god like complex..

Peter - John Evans (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


This new Council is turning my home City into a joke, and running roughshod over both common sense, and democracy.

Graeme Purches (Tauranga, 2020-05-17)


I am so sick of heart watching this mayor push his own agenda and preferences on to our city. It is our city, it does not belong to him and his ideologies. Using rate payers money for ridiculous reasons. Little dictator.

Elizabeth Martin (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


Aaron Hawkins has to go, he is making stupid decisions and policies without any public input and wasting rate payers money.

Rachel Kedzlie (dunedin, 2020-05-17)


The Mayor has no clue.. it's like he's trying to be trendy but making an absolute mess of everything. the majority of the public do not want there hard earned rates payments being spent on unnecessary projects.

Michael Edie-Gray (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


I think the council has made poor decisions when using rate payers money over the last few years.

Joseph Kennedy (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


I am sick of all this senseless spending when our rates are being increased, and the most ridiculous ideas they are coming up with (ie) Bridge to nowhere, George Street idea etc etc etc. We need to be better consulted as public.

Lyla Kealey (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


Because I don’t believe he is working in the public’s best interest

Mary McCormick (Dunedin , 2020-05-17)


I believe the Dunedin Mayor is damaging the Dunedin CBD. He has been a poor leader during lockdown.

Jackie Cook (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


I have had enough of the council running roughshod over the people of Dunedin. It is time they were answerable to the people who are the ratepayers and business people of the city. This latest decision is just the straw that broke the camel back.

Jennifer Thomas (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


Fuck that guy

Ayla Barnes (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


The citizens of this City need to be consulted on important issues, such as, major expenditure on unecessary nice to have versus necessary infrastructure.
This Council appear reluctant to consult on important issues affecting the livelihood of businesses and the wider community not to mention wasting hard earned ratepayers money on stupid experiments, for example, the Octagon. It appears that some Councillors are so immersed in their own self importance and personal agendas, not to mention, the obvious personality clashes and division within Council at the expense of serving the citizens.

The meaning of the word (democricy) obviously doesn't register with some of those so called officials. These elected officials are paid to manage ratepayers money wisely and cost effectively, aswell as consulting the citizens. Finally, I don't believe the majority of those elected officials are. Hence, my decision to sign this petition.

Wayne Reid (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


I think business will suffer only more than they have already. This mayor and some of the council are spending ratepayers money on non essential items of no benefit to the ratepayers. Closing the octagon at 150k hiring flowers at 35k. Making changes without listening to the people of Dunedin. I agree we need to make changes to help the city move forward but with covid 19 business and people are suffering so all expensive changes should be put on the back burner until the city can afford it and not waste money on things that aren't necessary.

Alice Driver (Dunedin , 2020-05-17)


To get rid of the muppets

Stephen Alexander (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


The council has never consulted the rate payers and others when making such stupid decisions on bike lanes, shutting down Octagon, taking away heaps of parking and now such a idiot idea spending money on main St in town. And now slowing traffic to 10 for the excuse Covid19 distancing which hopefully is over the worst. And they the idiots want to put rates up.

Sharon Monson (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


Lower speed in CBD, bloody stickers all over the road, another hazard in the wet, this dude is a bloody idiot

Leanne Pilley (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


I'm sick of this council wasting Dunedin ratepayers money on non consultative PC initiatives especially after what as NZ'ers have been thru with Coronavirus.
This mayor and his council are both arrogant and ignorant and are riddled with secret agendas designed to look good rather than do essential works.
Don't use the guise of Covid-19 to justify this.

Tom Hart (Dunedin, 2020-05-17)


I want the present council removed from office.I am not happy with changes to the octagon etc
I also want to change our voting system back to first past the post so the citizens of Dunedin actually get represented by the candidates with the most votes.

Nanette Linklater (Dunedin , 2020-05-17)