Bring Mock Exams and Study Leave Back



I think mocks are very important so that we can be in the same exam conditions as NCEA exams and have some study leave at home between Mock exams.

Cate O’Sullivan-Watts (Auckland, 2020-05-22)


I’m signing because I want our school to bring back mock exams with study leave.

Chelsea Liong (Auckland , 2020-05-22)


I would wish to get mock exams back. Thus, we will be able to understand what we have to work on and help us prepare for the actual examinations held at the end of the year.

Trinity Vong (Albany, 2020-05-22)


Mocks help prepare me for the NZQA exams, sitting assessments that are weeks apart from other standards in the same subject do not hold any value. Getting the full 3-hour straight exam is very important because I can choose how long to spend on each paper - a choice that I find necessary to make for some subjects.

Maggie Z (Auckland, 2020-05-22)


I want mocks for practice for the exams

Lily Winchester (Auckland, 2020-05-22)


I feel like mock exams are important to aid us with our external exams

Kyla Datahan (Auckland, 2020-05-22)


I'm signing because I think the entrance/mock exams are very important for me to see what I need to study, especially as all the circumstances are the same as the NCEA exams. This is really important as I'm not too sure how well I did during lockdown. In addition, study leave is very important for me to organise my notes and study by myself.

Zoe Wu (Auckland, 2020-05-22)


Studying independently is much more effective than in-class teaching in an exam situation. It won't give us an equal opportunity to study as other New Zealand schools do.

Stella Lang (Auckland, 2020-05-22)


I want study leaveeee

Lucy Pilley (Auckland , 2020-05-22)


I strongly agree.

Kathy Li (Auckland, 2020-05-22)


this affects me, and I disagree with the change

Tessa Watson (Auckland, 2020-05-22)


Studying is not my forte, and entrance/mock exams get me ready for the real NCEA exams! Please bring them back!

Lalena Lim (Auckland, 2020-05-22)


Mocks are extremely helpful for us to prepare for real exams we need these.

Paisley Pomfrett (Auckland, 2020-05-22)


I'm signing because as a year 11, and never enduring anything like a 3-hr exam, I would imagine mocks would be crucial and beneficial to my learning. Furthermore, I am disappointed in the school as the reason for cancelling mocks seems to be illegitimate, and other schools seem to be carrying on with mocks (so why aren't we?!). Sometimes I wonder if they even considered the opinions of relevant stakeholders. WGHS this is the biggest let down of 2020, seriously.

Sophia Lee (Auckland, 2020-05-22)


I'm signing because students need to have a say and what they are proposing has not been viewed from student perspective

Logan Daly (Auckland , 2020-05-23)


School examinations are really helpful and give me time to study and focus on self-learning.

Shella Dabbach (Auckland, 2020-05-23)


it is 100% unfair to give us such short notice, have no study leave, learn new content, have internals and homework for new content given at the same time and then only a week after a almost 2 month lock down, people cannot get into the balance of school that quickly and do multiple different important assessments while learning new content at the same time and having these grades be out derived grades (just incase of a second wave) and year 13s will be highly disadvantaged in getting into our desired courses which require high rank scores. making this decision without student input is highly unfair and is causing additional panic in such an unpredictable time

sarah kim (auckland , 2020-05-24)


Because I'm a year 13 student, and this heavily affects me.

Pryansha Prasad (Auckland, 2020-05-24)


NCEA level 1 and need mock exams

Emma Anderson (Auckland , 2020-05-24)


i agree

Zoe Hayward (Auckland, 2020-05-25)


chicken wing, chicken wing, hot dog and baloney, chicken and macaroni chillin' with my homies.
This ones for the boys with the booming system top-down ac with the cooling system...
I was a girl in the village doing alright then I became a princess overnight now iv got to figure out how to do it right so much to learn and see up in the castle with my new family in a school that's just for royalty a whole enchanted world is waiting for me I'm so excited to be Sofia the first...

FAiza mehdi (Auckland, 2020-05-25)


I think that it is unfair that we do not get the usual study time for the tests which will determine our derived grades and entrance grade for year 11 and 12. Getting a test for each external achievement standard whilst still learning new content and still doing internals at school will be very overwhelming for many students.

Rita T (Auckland, 2020-05-25)


Its important process for students to know how exam ready they are so need time to prepare properly

Michelle Hay (Auckland, 2020-05-25)


I can't have my topic tests determine my results if I cant sit the exams =(

Annika Pletikosic (Bayview, 2020-05-25)


I'm signing because this decision was indecisive and downright idiotic. Students need these exams in order to prepare for the finals. Getting rid of these and placing more stress on the students throughout the year is going to end up in a mass drop of grades. In a mock exam, you are able to see what you did wrong in order to correct it or to see what you did right. I'm appalled that Westlake has decided to cancel them without ANY input of the STUDENTS that are actually TAKING the exams.

Alex Haslemore (Auckland, 2020-05-26)

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