Save Renee's Box.



I'm Signing Because Renee Is An Amazing Woman And Advocate For People She Is Insprational And Full Of Life She Is Enterpeter With Stunning Gifts And Talents!!
Keep Renee's Box Open!!

Katy Nolan (Auckland , 2020-05-23)


I’m signing because I’m a strong supporter of small businesses and in these trying times we all need all the support we can get. My business only just survived the Lockdown and I would be devastated to see Renee lose this business she has built from the ground up all by herself. She is a shining example of what you can do when you commit yourself. Don’t take this from her.

Sean Benson (Tauranga, 2020-05-23)


I'm signing because what is happening isn't right

James Dell (Rotorua, 2020-05-23)


I am signing this
Because I am supporting small businesses in my own country.

Shirley Krsinic (Waipapa, northlandi, 2020-05-23)


Renee is a wonderful member of the Golden Bay community and her business is another cool addition to what’s on offer. I for one love shopping in her store for funky items and would be very sad to see it go!

Lorna Roberts (Golden Bay, Takaka, 2020-05-23)


This person and her wee business is part of tbe local culture, a valued part of the local scene that attracts tourists like me to visit, something we need to encourage in these times, is local tourism. An ammenity like this adds to the unique flavour.

Gary Knox (Auckland , 2020-05-24)


I support Rene's creative outlet wholeheartedly . We need more.

Amber Cawthorne (Hastings, 2020-05-24)


This is unfair.

Spitfire Jones (wellington, 2020-05-24)


Because the people within our nation of little means and legitimate enterprises need all the support they can get right now.

Iain Parker (Stratford, 2020-05-24)


I think that is well .. as Renee puts it, probably more valuable as a space under her occupation... It's ridiculous, and also I'm sure it's maybe not totally thought through or something but.. maybe there can be some sort of agreement made, the space maybe converted into a larger unit as this can only benefit in the long run anyway I'm sure.. I don't know.. it would be a massive shame if Renee had to completely uproot her and her babies life to relocate or find a new line of work plus the loss of income on top of that really isn't fair especially during these times. We should be supporting innovative local people and business not cutting them off.
Rant over, sorry.

Ben Herbert (Takaka, 2020-05-24)


Renees box is such an amazing shop, and she is relying on this to keep her family going, the whole community is blessed to have this sort of artist entrepreneur bussineses , we need Renes box , and her amazing creations , she did nothing wrong, just work hard honest living , she deserves better !

Joseph Zanabria (Auckland, 2020-05-24)


Renee would like to keep Renee's box. It's important to her happiness and identity.

Katherine Nicholls (Thames, 2020-05-24)


I support Renee

Karen Hansen (Rotorua, 2020-05-24)


Because this is not okay and because i FUCKING want to.

Tyler Derham (Auckland, 2020-05-24)


Renee needs her space back

Mark Wright (Auckland, 2020-05-24)


Her business is definitely one in a million excellent customer service knows what the customer you won't find someone so driven and passionate as renee I would love and so would many other if you kept her doors open she's a lovely person and she would do well in the business industry

Bryson Horne (Christchurch, 2020-05-24)


Helping a great person out

Colleen Montrose (Warkworth , 2020-05-24)


Im signing as Renee has a unique and interesting shop that is a real treasure for the Bay.

Roxanne Urwin (Nelson, 2020-05-24)


Single parent needs help and support.

Gary Delahunty (Wellington, 2020-05-24)


This isnt cool! I hope they sort it out.

Ryan Fouhy (Nelson, 2020-05-24)


This is a person's livelihood. They haven't even been told why they're losing their space. A new mother needs to be able to support her family, how can this happen if they can't display their wares? This is not just a store though, this is art. Renee pours her heart and soul into all of her creations

Stacey Ryan (Wellington, 2020-05-24)


I’ve known Renee for years and she’s always been a passionate, charismatic person. She has been dedicated to making, selling and promoting not only her own work but also work from other artists encouraging a spirit of community not competitivity. For her to lose this extra space she has would be detrimental to what she is trying to achieve, her business and her home life. I urge you not to take this space nor charge her extra and see the value of what she contributes to your township!

Ruth Sullivan (Mareeba , 2020-05-25)


SAVE RENEE’S BOX!!! i am so saddened to see that a member of the community and young mother could be treated this way. stay strong <3

Hazel Manson (Takaka, 2020-05-25)


Young working single mum should be available the required space for her business to thrive and with reasonable notification.

Catherine Russell (Caboolture , 2020-05-25)


I believe in what Renee is doing. It is great tfst she is able to do this with a 6 month old baby and I'm sure it helps sustain her well being. Small businesses are the hub of our communities. Find a solution for her please. Cailin Webb

Cailin Webb (Picton, 2020-05-25)


Renee has worked so hard over the years to get Were she is. Studying being a mother. She needs this space to help put food on the table and a roof over her head for her and her wee baby, and keep her well and happy . As you can hear her cry one more thing can just push you over the top. It is a time to open our hearts and be kind care and share and help were we can. Takaka is a community and right now in this messed up world we need community and Renee needs your support 💫💝

Carrie Officer (Takaka , 2020-05-26)


I want to support a young mum
Striving to support herself

Ginny Visser (Nelson, 2020-05-26)


I support Renee's business would be sad to see it go

James Wilkinson (Takaka , 2020-05-27)


I support local, small buisness owners and single parents

Tara Spence (Takaka, 2020-05-27)


This decision is unjust and unreasonable without explanation , we should be supporting local small business not shutting them down,

Todd Stevenson (Invercargill , 2020-05-27)


Renege is a trying to make a living and this business of hers is brilliant because she can look after her young Baby and make a living for both of them please do not remove her.

Gail Newald (Auckland, 2020-05-27)


This is an important and cool part of the Takaka community :)

Annalucia Stasis (Auckland, 2020-05-27)


I support local NZ businesses

Deke Hobbs (Hastings , 2020-05-27)


I also have a six month old and wish the best for this women and her family as they grow

Sasha Browning (Ngaruawahia , 2020-05-27)


I'm signing because Renee's Box rules

Michael Lancaster (Sydney, 2020-05-27)


It's my livelyhood

Renee jade Moorhouse (Takaka, 2020-05-27)


I want to support Renee as she has a great personality that has created a cool shop and provides unique items and if she can't use the area outside then she will be forced to close.

Grant Knowles (Takaka, 2020-05-27)


I’m signing because nobody should have to face hardship

Janelle Brady (Auckland , 2020-05-27)


I believe in this person! She’s working to save her business- landlord, please re consider and have a kind heart! She’s trying to support her baby. It’s a cool shop!

Laura Manson (Takaka, 2020-05-27)


Renee seemed to me as a really kind and warm soul that doesn't deserve to have her business taken from her. The space outside of her shop is simply brilliant, me and my partner loved it.
We wish her all the best in the world

Sebastian Tiger (Staffanstorp, 2020-05-28)


Renee's box is such an awesome space!
Renee is very talented and has worked hard to get where she is now. It would be a tragedy to see it go! My favourite shop in takaka

Lily Sharland (Golden bay, 2020-05-29)


I believe this solo mum deserves a break

Josie Barnes (Wellington, 2020-05-29)



Damien Naidoo (Auckland, 2020-05-30)


Great little shop owned by someone of real heart, world needs more of this.

David Renie (Blenheim, 2020-05-30)


Frontage is necessary for the success of this small business.

Roimata Aio (Mapua, 2020-05-30)


I support renee and her fool lil buisness and thinknit deserves to keep going

Natalie Nalder (Collingwood, 2020-05-30)


please really sign Renee's petition in support of having more local businesses

Desmond Ikiua (Auckland, 2020-05-31)


Signing because every buisness deserves support no matter how small xox

Natasha Pountney (Nelson, 2020-05-31)


I support Renee Jade & her baby boy

Kevin Moran (RD 2 Havelock, 7178, 2020-05-31)


Giving my voice to the cause.
This woman is a part of our community as much as the next.

Sam Claasen (Blenheim , 2020-05-31)


Because why do this to her ...she's trying to make a living

Stacey Iona Ann McInnes (Auckland, 2020-05-31)


We need to save Renee's Business! oxo

Divine Hyndman (Motueka Valley, 2020-06-03)


Supporting local is what we need to be doing right now, not disrupting.

Max Gardiner (rotorua, 2020-06-11)


I support my friend and her business allday long .. always here to chat too xo best of luck

Jason Baker (Auckland , 2020-06-11)


I enjoy this shop everytime I visit takaka. I would be very sad to see it go, it is one of the most unique and full of character things in the town. This place is magnificent and not at all pretentious as alot of things in this town are becoming

Jane Merville (Nelson, 2020-06-16)


Renee's box rules and so does Renee.

marcus tring (motueka , 2020-06-21)


Supporting small business

Brooke Molloy (Tauranga, 2020-06-27)


I wholeheartedly support the hard work and creativity Renee has shown.
Please let her alone to continue her business as it currently stands, with the space she currently occupies.

Peter Sharpe (Levin, 2020-06-27)


I support this business

Lou white (chch, 2020-06-27)


Good luck

Misskl Beckett (Golden bay, 2020-06-27)


I am signing because this person deserves to keep their space in these strange times, she had been in the bay in her spot for a long time. Now is not the time to take that away from her.

Louise Chouhan (Takaka, 2020-06-27)


I believe we should be supporting our locals more an also people who ask when there struggling ❤️

Willow Leigh (Takaka , 2020-06-27)


I believe to take a space of a small business during these crucial and already stressful times for all of humanity is unfair and unjust. Keep your word and the agreement that was made for the space and payment for it from the beginning.

Clare Johnson (Wainui , 2020-06-27)


I visit Takaka on a regular basis and love seeing what Renee is doing for the community- bringing people together, thrifting and recycling clothing that may otherwise be thrown into landfill, adding to the Takaka atmosphere and overall vibe.

It would be a shame if she could no longer operate the way she does.

Aniquah Stevenson (Nelson, 2020-06-27)


People moan so much about the youth of today being lazy and apathetic but Renee is doing what a lot of adults would find daunting! She is a young single mum making her own way in life without asking for handouts, and for her to lose the space she's worked so hard to make into her wee business is appalling. Show some humanity and rethink this decision!

Fiona Hawkes (Takaka , 2020-06-27)


With love & in full support.

Juliette Peters (Travelling around, 2020-06-27)


Your a single Mum just trying to make a living, next time I'm over, I would love to visit your shop

Kelly Oakly (Nelson, 2020-06-27)


There has been no issues with this lovely little shop and has been given no acceptable reason to leave, as well as it helps support a single mother

Ella Mckay (Takaka, 2020-06-27)


Communities need to support small businesses

Chrissy Youngman (Nelson City , 2020-06-27)


I have an auto immune condition as well and I know how hard it is to make yourself get up and carry on with your life when you're in pain. Please support this young woman to continue earning a living and provide for her new baby.

Kea Knudson-Whitfield (Palmerston North, 2020-06-28)


Hopefully this helps.

Paul Atkinson (Christchurch , 2020-06-28)


This is important

Courtney Gunn (Christchurch , 2020-06-28)


I love box

rose vales (Takaka, 2020-06-28)


Renee is a good person, a mother and business woman who relys on this space. I sign this petition to show my support against this poor decision made by the owner.

Sarah Henry (Takaka, 2020-06-28)


I support Renee Jades business and think taking this away is wrong

Neal Cottle (Takaka, 2020-06-28)


I support this womens business. Covid has taken enough already how dare you

Max Gardiner (Rotorua, 2020-06-28)


id like to show my support

Georgie van Gent (Christchurch, 2020-06-28)


The message was shared by someone I trust. This woman deserves fair treatment and a chance to make her life better.

Sharlee Kensington (Christchurch , 2020-06-29)


It’s import that people who show initiative and commitment as Renee does, should be given every chance to fulfill their aspirations and continue to support themselves.

Gita Krenek (Takaka, 2020-06-29)


I love Renees box 🤣

Tomma Su (Daxi, 2020-06-30)


Give her a break and stop being assholes

Debbie Buxton (Chrustchurch, 2020-07-01)


To help save Renee's livelihood and her life.

Tau chadwick (Hamilton , 2020-07-01)


Constanzia Corleone (Auckland, 2020-07-05)


I believe she deserves support and I know how very hard it is to organize and support yourself while mothering. Don't pull the rug out.

Raven Downloe (Auckland, 2020-08-22)


This is by ppl should have freedom to do things if its not harming anyone y cause a issue

Jax Teller (Chch, 2021-02-20)

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