Mangere Bridge Carpark entrance closure.



I am a local who uses this car park multiple times a week. The proposed closure of the main entrance will be disastrous

Jennifer Whitcombe (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


It’s dangerous idea to use that narrow driveway

Megan Wildermoth (Mangere bridge , Auckland , 2020-06-10)


I'm singing because to me it's a unsafe idea and with the many cars and trucks going through one entrance to me is an accident waiting to happen let alone the children around with the park being so close.

Jenna Mcknight (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


It's not right

Jake Punimata (Manukau, 2020-06-10)


Makes NO SENSE closing that main entrance to carpark and using the much smaller entrance! (Why fix it if it's not broken ... just wasting MORE of OUR money!!)

Sabrina Maiava-Falaniko (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


both entrances need to remain open

Melissa Autaua (mangere, 2020-06-10)


I am a Mangere Bridge local & shop often at Fresh Choice, as well as the other shops in that vicinity. The movement of traffic, as it is currently, through the main entrance, can get quite hectic & is very busy. The weekend particularly is “crazy”. I don’t appreciate others who do not have to deal with the challenges posed, making decisions on our behalf. Really, of all the other works needing to be done, that is a priority? I think AT need to ensure they deliver quality work, as well as listen to the rate payers that pay their wages. Keep the main entrance open and stop wasting our taxpayer money..finish off all the half-arsed work that is taking so long to complete.

Cecilia Refiti (Auckland, 2020-06-10)



Holly Johnson (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


I am signing this petition because the idea is ludicrous and has been decided without public consultation.

Julie Wallace (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


The new plans for the carpark are ridiculous. The usual traffic plus delivery trucks, market vehicles, sports parking etc all negotiating around one entrance. Has any thought be given to this at all??? It would create traffic mayhem & aggravation for a lot of people.

Gail Cooper (Mangere Bridge , 2020-06-10)


The closing of the entrance only further hinders the flow of traffic. Back to community discussion and actually listening to the communities and businesses that this affects.

Marica Panapa (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


I don’t think it’s safe.

Hayden Chisnall (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


I live in Mangere Bridge and agree that this will increase congestion in an already congested area. It may also decrease business to our local shops.

Heidi Boswell (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


This change effects my driveway and the traffic flow around my property. I also think it is a stupid move as it has huge trucks going in that particular entry and it will cause back log and deter customers for all of our local companies who have already lost out so much during this covid-19 period. This is really unfair

Alex Pointon (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


I live in Mangere Bridge

Stacy Adler (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


I am a Mangere Bridge local and do not believe that one small entrance into the supermarket car park is going to work.

Victoria Jones (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


We are an extremely supportive community of Mangere Bridge Village. Also support the small businesses in the Village and it is extremely unconsidered to close the access way to the library, goods lorries delivering product to the supermarket, access to the library, children's playground. The traffic has been increasing and will more and more as new residential homes being built will cause a build up of traffic, not having free access to the Doctor, Pharmacist, Post Office (which we fought for a long time to have reopened). The are several Early Childhood Centres, two in the Village and another in McIntyre Road. Please consider the residents, ratepayers, small business and respect the wishes of residents.

Robyn Murray Hirst (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


The current plan in place is ridiculous. It has not been thoroughly investigated and is a huge waste of taxpayers money.

Nick Waters (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


I'm signing because the proposed plan makes it more dangerous. The carpark has worked well since I was a child. I believe that any change will be hugely detrimental to the local buisnesses as a smaller entrance means noone will be able to enter freely as this entrance is usually completely blocked by trucks.

Jennifer Smythe (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


It will ruin the traffic flow. The tiny service lane is already dangerous and making it into the main entrance will cause congestion and create even more of a hazard.

Jody Bennett (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


when i have needed to use the back lane to come out of the car park in front of the library & field, I have been blocked in by the big trucks or I have had nearly had a car drive into me. them driving in & me driving out

Angela Golding (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


I’m a resident in the area and use that entrance weekly

Zoe Bourvis (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


What has been proposed is stupid. Common sense would be to listen to the people who use on a daily basis.

Terri Ashman (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


Closing the carpark entrance will limit the amount of people that can park and access the shops at Mangere Bridge

Leanne Lio (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


I agree that the change to the entrance to the carpark that AT is proposing is unworkable and potentially dangerous

Karen Wilkinson (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


This decision will affect our local community hugely.

Julie Vaea (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


I believe the closure of the carpark will be detrimental for the businesses in the area as well as making it difficult for the elderly and people with disabilities to easily access shops when needed.

Sharon Lockhart (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


I’m signing because I disagree with the planned closure of the main entrance to the carpark

Marcella Howsrth (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


I believe that restricting the entrance to the car park to one narrow two way lane, shared with all the delivery trucks is ill thought out, impractical and most of all dangerous.

Sophie Cowen (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


The proposed shared access behind the shops with delivery vehicles will cause traffic build up on McIntyre Rd.I’ve lived here for 55 yrs and the current access to and from the shops is totally adequate.

Sheryl Thompson (Manukau, 2020-06-10)


It’s a safety issue

Melanie Hampstead (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


Removing this entrance will create hazards with cars and large trucks using the same entrance. It will also put pedestrians, including the elderly people in the community who use the supermarket at risk due to the increased hazards.

Sandra Park (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


Its crazy to close this it is only going ro cause more congestion

Lucretia Stowers (Auvklanf, 2020-06-10)


I am at a total loss as to why the existing entrance to the carpet needs to be closed. It will make it difficult to enter through the small lane, and it would be dangerous for both the parked cars and pedestrians with cars Coming around the corner from behind the laundromat and takeaways shop. It makes it difficult for larger vehicles to manoeuvre the small dog leg that has been created by this restructure. Why waste money unnecessarily changing something that is working perfectly fine and is safe as it is? It makes no sense. As a local resident I have not seen any proposed plans or community invitation to object to this other than what has been relayed through the Business Association. Clearly the plan was not Created by a local or someone familiar with this community and how the traffic flows. I totally object to this unnessarary works.

Maree Shaw (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


Not enough consultation with residents and ratepayers before this is being done

Suzanne Woodward (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


It will be hard for the many elderly that use the carpark..not good enough council

Maata Ormsby (M.Ormsby, 2020-06-10)


I don't want this to change.
It needs to be functional and not dangerous and put our community safety at extremely high risk. Safety 1st

Becky Corcoran (Manukau, 2020-06-10)


It's a ridiculous idea to close off our main entrance to our local shops! The works being done by AT lately in our village have put our family off wanting to shop locally like we normally do.

Kiri Moeka'a (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


The changes to the roads in and around the village make no sense and are a complete waste of rate payer money. They didn’t need ‘fixing’ so the money should be spent on roads that are in a much worse state than ours!!!!

Chris Luxmoore (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


I think AT plan will cause a big traffic jam!

Nancie Brown (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


I am signing due to the lack of common sense from a council that wants things to look pretty but not practical. The proposed car park will be dangerous

Katrina Forbes Dawson (Mangere Bridge, 2020-06-10)


I disagree with the changes that are about to happen. I have been a resident in mangere bridge for over 20 years and this will not work! You will only cause more traffic!!!!

Soph Lemafa (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


It does not make sense to close the entrance

Donna Thomas-stone (Mangere Bridge , 2020-06-10)


The entrance to the Mangere bridge shopping centre is necessary for our community

Liz Opetaia (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


I’m a local community member who is concerned about the impact the proposed changes will have on traffic flow, local businesses and pedestrian safety.

Anna Parkin (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


I willie jr is signing this petition because I disagree in closing the entrance

Willie Papu (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


I'm signing because Mangere Bridge citizens have rights and they should not be ignored.

Ann Tome' (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


The entrance is too small and there is traffic already

Michelle Maka (Manukau, 2020-06-10)


The main entrance needs to stay open alternative option is not safety and loading vehicle brick the proposed entrance all the time.

Celia Thompson (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


I do not feel the public opinion and local knowledge has been considered in his decision. This will cause a lot of Unnecessary congestion with so many cars only using one entrance.

Joanna Moreland (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


I object to ATEED closing the carpark entrance

David Hilliar (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


I'm signing because there has been no public consultation on the closure of this car park entrance with people who actually use this car park.

Johanna Urquhart (Mangere Bridge, Auckland , 2020-06-10)


I am signing because I feel that the traffic flowing through the back entrance and along the narrow gap between the two rows of parked cars will be dangerous, and lead to accidents.

Patrick Rossiter (Mangere Bridge, 2020-06-10)


The community of Mangere Bridge needs to be consulted on such a big change, and listened to about the right solution.

Suzi Wallis (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


I feel the redesign will create MORE of a hazard with the tiny entrance on Woodward.... That entrance isn't big enough for two vehicles in either direction at once.

Nick Fergusson (Mangere Bridge, 2020-06-10)


I believe this is a hinderence to the preservation of the character of the village. That tiny entrance they are proposing will have someone run over in no time soon. Not to mention the ball sports and kids that train on the field adjacent.

Lisa Tagoai (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


I think it’s a stupid idea to close off the main entrance!

Natalie Dixon (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


It is absolutely ridiculous changing the entrance to that small lane. The traffic jams will be so bad and the delays endless. The entrance we have now works perfectly fine

Trish Keogh (Mangere Bridge. Auckland, 2020-06-10)


The plan from Auckland Transport lacks any common sense. It's dangerous and the way they have gone about the process is unfair to rate payers who reside in Mangere Bridge.

Sione Wilson (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


I'm signing because closure of the main entrance to the Mangere Bridge shops carpark has not been well considered nor widely consulted on and will be detrimental to local small businesses and traffic movement including delivery vehicles in the area and place pedestrians in increased conflict with traffic from the new smaller proposed entrance.

Vanessa Johnson (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


I think the idea of the changes to the entrance is bloody stupid. Council are fast to waste rate payers money on things we don't need, and good at paying themselves. Don't fix what's not broke!

Jordis Davidson (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


There are already issues with the current set up, I dont believe removing the main entrance wikl solve the issue

Ants Thompson (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


It will cause too much traffic congestion and disruptions and will be detrimental to the small businesses in the area

Emma Nannestad (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


Closing the entrance is just ridiculous
Mangere bridge kids know the village better than Auckland transport

Alex With (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


Two entrances are needed for the car park.
The main entrance takes the bulk load of traffic, while the 2nd smaller traffic, allows for traffic access to the library and the playground. If the small entrance becomes the main entrance point, there will be traffic jams, as there is to much traffic in and out of the car park for one point of entry.
People just don't park there for the supermarket, they often park there for the post office and pharmacy as there is not often parks outside these places. Listen to the locals and follow common sense.

Netty Crockett (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


Consultation with the community is poor and new road layout is impractical

Sandra Jackson (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


I am from Mangere and I don't want the parking entrance closure to happen. Auckland Transport listen you don't live here so don't think you know or fully understand how it feels.

Malia Bicycle (Manukau, 2020-06-10)


The changes proposed are unnecessary and will disrupt my everyday life

Shane Warner (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


There has not been enough thought into the traffic congestion that will be caused by closing the current entrance to the Mangere Bridge Carpark. The plans do not make sense and will cause more problems than we currently experience.

April Luxmoore (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


I consider about the narrow entry and where the new pediscrossing would be, the traffic may get worse. The street between Swanson Park and fresh choice has to be changed to One way. Does it work?

Julie Qu (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


I agree with the above

Candace Fitisemanu (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


I'm signing because I stand with our local businesses and community against AT plan to abolish/eliminate the main entrance to our local supermarket and other small businesses.

Saukori Watson (Manukau Auckland, 2020-06-10)


I disagree with the closure of the main entrance to super value. It will be a major traffic issue around the main shopping centre.

Suzanne Lockett (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


The carpark is always busy and trucks use the service lane so particularly the elderly or disabled need the easy access the way it is

Katie Mccutcheon (Mangere bridge, auckland, 2020-06-10)


I DO NOT agree to the closure of the main entrance to the Mangere Bridge shops carpark. This has not been well considered nor widely consulted on and will be detrimental to local small businesses and traffic movement including delivery vehicles in the area and place pedestrians in increased conflict with traffic from the new smaller proposed entrance

Frances Aperehama (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


I am a Mangere Bridge resident and the proposed changes will cause chaos

Chante Betham (Aucklanf, 2020-06-10)


It's unsafe and will cause major congestion in our little village!

Deborah Walker (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


I am concerned the entry/exit will be too crowded for cars, bikes, trucks & pedestrians.
It will bottleneck all the tome.

Gee Taylor (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


It isn't a safe idea, it too narrow,

Kathy Swords (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


That carpark should have an entrance and an exit, it's an extremely busy car park, well used and always occupied.

Emma Green (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


I care about the safety and usability of parking in our community.

Roni Hamilton (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


It will cause major traffic congestion

Renee Stone (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


shops will lose business.....if main entrance is closed.

Dianne Cresswell (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


It is a dangerous decision

Emma Hirst (Onehunga, 2020-06-10)


To show my support to our local businesses.

Janine Nillesen (Mangere Bridge, 2020-06-10)


We need more space not new directions first. I've been here for 24 years since coming from the most densely populated place in the world, Hong Kong. And I worked at Fresh Choice in 1996/7. Before the housing boom I noticed more cars in the bridge village and the chances of finding a park were more slim. Before you could easily find a park about 2008. Now I have to park sometimes streets away. That driveway behind Fresh Choice is such a bottle neck we've done so well to let it be a two way street. We need more space for all. The bridge increased in property value the most during the housing boom in Auckland. And the attraction is getting greater from surrounding suburbs doing shopping and eating at eateries, and others climbing the mountain with families and dogs for exercise and vast numbers of cyclists on weekend mornings thanks to the old Bridge underpass upgrade and the Sunday markets. We need more space. Not traffic flow.

Malcolm Turner (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


I visit Mangere Bridge & Fresh choice are least twice a week & this decision will affect all businesses in that block as well as the culture in the village.

Bobby Webster-Kerr (Manukau, 2020-06-10)


I do not agree with the changes and submitted this opinion when there was community consultation. My opinion has not changed.

Sandra Olliff (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


The council is not listening to locals. The road they want everyone to use is an access road. It will be an accident waiting to happen. You cannot get a truck and a car down the road at the same time. It is a ridiculous ask.

Karen Barry (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


This carpark entrance keeps the public safe and out of the way of delivery services that already use the new proposed entrance to the carpark, by making this new proposed entrance the only way into the carpark would only make Mangere Bridge’s current traffic flow around the township worse, I say leave it as it is.

Haydn Forbes-Dawson (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


I dont agree

Annalouise Half (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


Look after the small businesses

Julie Lockie (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


We need a sensible option for a busy car park considering trucks, sports grounds and a good safe flow of traffic. The current proposal from AT does not meet those criteria and all options need to be heard and considered.

Katie Barrington-Tulaga (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


I dont agree with closing the main entrance of the MBridge shops, this is unsafe e.g traffic congestion, lack of traffic for business to survive especially after the lockdown period.

Dash Suaalii (auckland, 2020-06-10)


The car park is already to small it needs to be made bigger.

Stacey Pellow (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


I live in Mangere Bridge and I believe the proposed plan will be detrimental to many.
No consultation with the locals means that the council is just doing as they please

Jen Canpbell (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


I am signing because its dangerous and there was lack of good planning with signage! Stressful and needs collaboration between AT department and traficca company road works!

Fia Turner (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


I visited Mangere Bridge regularly and think the closure of this carpark is rediculous. It’s also so busy from both entrance and exits it makes no sense to close one!

Samantha Anderson (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


I’m concerned that closing the main entrance to the car park will make this car park less safe.

Ina Economopoulos (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


This is my community and the proposed road closure doesn't make any sense at all. It wi caused further traffic congestion.

Ngatupuna Tekii-Sila (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


You will cut out small business that need that road.
Please dont!

Corina Mitiniu (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


I'm signing because I don't think the main entrance should be closed. It will be a H&S risk if it is.

Corinne Cameron (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


Is crazy already in the bridge.

DJ Mellor (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


I completely disagree with the plan auckland transport has presented

Ethan Brierly (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


The idea of closing the main entrance to the carpark is ridiculous and will cause congestion and accidents. The service road is not big enough to cater for the amount of traffic that will need to go through and it is especially dangerous with children sport being played metres away. The carpark should be left as it is.

Rebekah Hindt (Mangere bridge, Auckland , 2020-06-10)


Alot of our shops a losing business with alot of carparks blocked of and roads closed.

Mike N Ma TarePihema (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


Closing that entrance is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Do you not think how the community uses the area ???

Karen Silk (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


This appears to be an action not approved by local Community leaders or members. Being, our Community has Many elderly residents and many families of very young children. This intended closure of easy access to the only local supermarket is illogical and impractical. The only access that is intended to be implemented, by the fields, as the MAIN entrance and exit for shoppers, tradesmen and sports members is totally illogical . It won’t work ! That rear access road is already too congested, small and certainly not suited to increased traffic usage. It is also too close to a heavily used roundabout and heavy pedestrian use from local schools and preschools, posing a potential for chaos and significant safety concerns .

Angela Lakau (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


I've lived in Mangere Bridge most of my life(32yrs) and know for a fact how busy it can get down there. Closing the main entrance into the carpark is the most stupid idea I've read about in a long time.

Keriata Peters (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


I’m signing because I see this as a safety issue with trucks coming in & out as well as normal traffic, and the closeness to the park which is frequented by many children.

Nyree Fariu (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


There is only one narrow exit onto coronation road which makes sense for safety. However we need more than one entrance and one exit when there are community activities fairs etc or in case of emergencies. The entrances we have now allow for truck deliveries etc kept separate from shoppers carpark. New layout will cause chaos and frustration. Rethink !!!!!

Diana Tyler (Mangere Bridge, Auckland , 2020-06-10)


This should not go ahead

Scott Mckenzie (Mangere Bridge, 2020-06-10)


The plan to remove the driveway to car park is ridiculous

Jared Hards (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


Proposed change to entry exit of carpark will be dangerous and cause more traffic issues

Stella Stacey (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


I’m signing this petition as I agree that our village heart and safety will be compromised by this I’ll considered closure of the main shopping entrance. Please listen to the community!

Wendy Nannestad (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


I am concerned about the increased safety risk to employers,employees,contractors,visitors & the public,particularly children who frequent the park & playground adjacent to Fresh Choice.

Sarah Fair (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


I'm signing because it's good the way it is and it's wasted money

Arana Ashby (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


I 100% support the local businesses including all delivery services in the area.

Junelle Moore (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


I am a local and I agree that the closure of this entrance will make the car park more dangerous and cause more traffic hazards

Beth Campbell (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


I'm supporting the local community

Milasa Tamapeau (Mangere Bridge, 2020-06-10)


I'm signing the petition because I am disabled and there is parking outside the shop.

Frank Kerrigan (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


I don't agree with blocking off the entrance to the carpark

Cedrick Lautua (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


I don’t support the closure of the main car park entrance. The proposal to close it has not been considered in the context of how the village operates day to day

Elizabeth Davidson (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


I've lived in mangere Bridge 45 years and there has never been a issues with this entrance. There has always been issues with the entrance you are now planning for all to use.

Frances Edwards (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


We need to make the entrance easier and safer to access to prevent accidents.

Neil Way (Manukau, 2020-06-10)


I don’t believe it’s a good idea blocking off the main entrance. I do believe it will cause accidents, congestion and not to mention is a big inconvenience for everyone who lives in Mangere Bridge. The bridge is always packed on the weekends! There is also a park next to where AT are proposing to make the new entrance and there is ALOT of people who mark extremely close to this entrance as well as foot traffic AND this is where Fresh Choice goods are delivered. How can AT make this decision without seeking feedback from the people who actually live in Mangere Bridge and visit it often?

Jayde Tuimaseve (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


It’s a ridiculous idea

Katya Korunic (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


The change to by made is not a good idea it will cause major problems

Heather Tomlin (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


Its stupid we need the entrance to stay

Kelly Haultain (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


This entrance closure will mean increased danger to pedestrians, cars, & delivery vehicles and will hurt local businesses

Anna Faid (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


There has been no consultation. One small entry to the car park for both shoppers and delivery trucks is not adequate

Carly Skinner (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


I think that to close this would be a disservice to our community.

Leanne Roberts (Manukau, 2020-06-10)


They should keep the existing main entrance for cars open.

Richard Goulstone (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


This is a ridiculous idea to say the least - dont change carpark entrance if anything it requires improving what's already existing.....also with all this infill housing in our area it is going to affect our Village parking ten fold !

Ali Murray (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


I disagree with the changed entryway and anticipate it will create greater access difficulty to local shops

Chris Boswell (Mangere Bridge, 2020-06-10)


I live in the bridge and am in the village most days. Closing the entrance would be super inconvenient and will cause more head ach and congestion. My family have lived here for generations and have seen no need for a change here. Please don't close that entrance!

Liana Pakinga (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


It's a big mistake

Ann O Neill (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


I agree that the entrance not be closed

Sela Afu Vailala (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


I think its stupid to close off that entrance. Auckland transport you could possibly be the cause of alot of preventable accidents that could occur if all traffic both ways has to go behind the fresh choice.....there is a library and park and a field behind there that accomadates alot of the community and to think we will have to cross what will be a very busy road to get to the toilets or to catch our bus........also the vision is going to be next to nothing with the amount of traffic going to end up driving behind there......

Renae Paikea (Mangere bridge , 2020-06-10)


Please engage with the community to find the right outcome. What's the downside from a one week trial?

Michael Haddad (Mangere Bridge, 2020-06-10)


It doesn't make sense to only have the one entrance and exit. This is going to cause havoc especially on weekends when they have markets. The carpark is already pretty busy most days with 2 entances/exits.

Ponty Raukawa Morgan (Auckland, 2020-06-10)


The closure has not been well thought through and there has been little consultation with the Mangere Bridge community.

Gael Paton (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


Im signing because what Auckland transport wants to do is of no benefit for our community at Mangere Bridge.
It is a waste of rate payers money for no reason or improvement. Actually it will make it worse for businesses and residents

Jannene Rapson (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


This entrance closure has not been properly consulted, it is a danger to pedestrians and drivers, and is detrimental to the businesses in our village.

Nicki Russell (Mangere Bridge,Auckland, 2020-06-10)


I think closing the entrance to this car park is a poorly considered decision.

Graeme Durham (Auckland , 2020-06-10)


changing the car park entrance will ultimately result in more car accidents. you think it will be a good idea but you need to listen to the people who live in the area. we know what is best for our town. the current entrance works perfectly fine.

Jes Tomlin (Auckland, 2020-06-10)

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