Keep Our Harbourside Netball Centre Name!



Why do tell us the really truth behind the name change because it ain’t because people think we from north harbour get real

Jo Thompson (Mt Maunganui , 2020-07-12)


I've been coming to this netball centre for years, umpired at many tournaments met some awesome people during that time. From what I remember Tauranga and BOP Coast/Mount amalgamated 20+ years ago to form Harbourside Netball and they've gone from strength to strength. A name change I don't think so - why fix something that ain't broken

Aaron Falwasser (Kawerau, 2020-07-12)


Because the name should never be changed!!!!

Lani Waiti (Tauranga, 2020-07-12)


To keep the Harbourside Netball name.

Mickel Rawiri (Tauranga, 2020-07-12)


I think it's ridiculous to change the name.

Atarangi Murray (Mount Maunganui, 2020-07-12)


I support this kaupapa.

Ethan Jerome-Leota (Hamilton , 2020-07-12)


The centre isn’t even in Tauranga and the name isn’t inclusive of all teams and areas that come to play. It’s been known as Harbourside as long I can remember, it’s doesn’t need to be changed

Shannyn Taft (Papamoa, 2020-07-12)


When I lived in Papamoa 97-2000 everyone knew the courts as Harbourside, if it ain't broken, don't fix!

Daele O'Connor (Sydney , 2020-07-12)


Harbourside is a better name and Is well known for its name. Changing it for no good reason will be confusing.

Sheryl Helleur (Mt Maunganui, 2020-07-12)


Keep Harbourside Netball Centre
I played there a few years why fix something that ain’t broken !!

Amelia Lemmon (Gisborne , 2020-07-12)


Very strong about maintaing "HARBOURSIDE NETBALL" Where is the evidence, sounds more like a knee-jerk reaction..

Jean-Paul Te Kura (Northland , 2020-07-12)


I don't want the history and heart of the club to be lost. I think a name change is a waste of money and an insult to all those who have done so much on and off the court in the name of the HARBOURSIDE NETBALL CENTRE.

Raewyn Harvey (Gold Coast , 2020-07-12)


im signing because the reason given by the board of harbourside netball centre to change the name is not justifiable and measurable ....

Celina Teao (mt maunganui, 2020-07-12)


Keep the name..what the hell??

Mar Haeata (Mount Maunganui , 2020-07-12)


It always has and always will be Harbourside!

Angela Akuhata (Mount Maunganui, 2020-07-12)


Why change something that aint broken, this has been the identity of many players for many years

Ashlee Harris (Sydney, 2020-07-13)


I grew up with Harbourside netball and have represented HARBOURSIDE (not tauranga) on numerous occasions.

Baileigh Kupa (Tauranga, 2020-07-13)


The name has always been harbourside netball centre.

Jasmine Holtz (Mount Maunganui, 2020-07-13)


I want to keep the name "Harbourside Netball Centre" to uphold the integrity of those who amalgamated more than 26 years ago. This name was more suitable to represent both Mt Maunganui & Tauranga Netball Associations after Tauranga Netball Courts at Cliff Road ceased to exist. At the time the naming of the amalgation was lengthy and emotional, to the extremities that many Tauranga Teams did not register their teams. Instead they created their own competition. When Harbourside was first established there was No Netball uniform for the Centre so we played representative Netball using the old green shirts and pleated grey skirts belonging to the Western Bay of Plenty Representative Teams. This petition brings back nostalgic memories especially of the likes of Hiraina Hilda Ross, Sharon Pratt, Betty Bailey, Dal Knuckey, Nita McLean, Helen Dodge, Bill Patuawa, my dad and others who are no longer here but were very supportive of the amalgation and many years thereafter. There are still a few who have been around that long and they will have their own stories to tell. I would like to be heard if given the opportunity to voice my opinion at the Special Meeting without prejudice.


Kiwi Molly McLeod (Tauranga, 2020-07-13)


Im signing because I have played under the mantle of Harbourside netball for 16 years and subsequently my daughter.
Lucky 7’s & Arataki

Caseymia Hawkins (Mount Maunganui, 2020-07-13)


I’m an ex-member of Harbourside Netball Centre. Leave the name where history is. No need to rebrand the Centre with money that can be used to benefit the Centre building or players.
Thank You

Arahi Wall (Nickol, 2020-07-13)


I think the name better suits both sides of our city

Creedence Watts (Mount Maunganui , 2020-07-13)


For as long as I have known it to be harbourside.. no need for a name change

Krishla Reid (Tauranga, 2020-07-13)


Keep the name Harborside netball centre

Myra Ngatai (Tauranga , 2020-07-13)


I don’t believe that the reasons suggested are valid and contravene the rights of past, present and future members.

Jo Austwick (Tauranga , 2020-07-13)


Reasons contained herein

Paula Beilby (Tauranga , 2020-07-13)


I can't remember the year exactly when I remember hearing about a logo design competition for the new Harbourside Netball Centre.
I grew up in Greerton and played all of my netball at the Tauranga courts. You may even find me in a few old age group Tga rep team photos.
I had no design training nor experience, but put pen to paper and entered the competition. The $200 (I think) prize money was attractive at the time as I come from humble beginnings.
My design of incorporating a netball and a wave was symbolic to me of the shared water we have between Tauranga & The Mount and the love of the game. I'm no artist and remember using a plate to draw the circle. The wave I drew free hand as computers weren't common back in those days. The colours blue & yellow, they're the Bay colours. The yellow was used to highlight the name & again blue for the water. The name Harbourside is appropriate as both 'town's are across the harbour of each other.
Every time I'm home and drive past, or am there to watch a niece play, I look up at my design and smile with pride. Pride knowing what it represents.
With re-branding comes expense, which I don't believe is necessary.
If however the votes result in change, I'd love to be able to take my design off the centre wall and take it home with me. To the place where my Mum still has those plates used in the design and my original designs that I submitted are still in storage.

Dezzy Hirama (Melbourne , 2020-07-13)


My mother Betty Baillie was a big part of the amalgamation between Tauranga and Mt Maunganui Netball. The name should stay.

Amber Traynor (Robina, 2020-07-13)


Why change something that's doesnt need changing, bigger problems in the world and there is history for many and I am one of them, first rep as a college girl, first courts I played on as an adult. Let the name.

Jodie Teki (Tauranga, 2020-07-13)


This centre has been and always will be in my eyes harborside netball.
It fathomed my love of netball when I was in primary school and played for the lucky 7s netball team.
It wasnt just a team , the coaches and other players become my family.

Horiana Winterburn (Gisborne, 2020-07-13)


Don’t want it changed we have always been Harbourside since we combined we are not in Tauranga never will be we are in Mount Maunganui

Sharyn Golding (Mount Maunganui , 2020-07-13)


Im signing on behalf of my dear friends (Helen❤️,Celina, Joe) who dedicated theirs lives at Harbourside.
Tauranga stays over the Harbour bridge.

Kaa Akuhata (Mount Maunganui, 2020-07-13)


I’m against the name change. Please keep Harbourside 🙂

Teena Martelli (Tauranga, 2020-07-13)


Cold wintery Saturday mornings watching my big cousin play for Brookfield, Chips, Hotdog Sprite and a pie in my pocket 😂🙄 from there on i became part of the furniture of the place, i developed a love for the place and am always an advocate for seeing this centre do great things, but this Issue, needs to be heard!!
I was brought up on these courts, shot goals till the Sun went down, Fell over and scraped myself up, sat/played in the Rain, Hot Sun, watched my Nieces/cousins play on cold saturday mornings, chilly wednesday nights, my Whanau from matakana braved the cold every week to cross the water to play sport and Support our centre. I have made connections i wouldnt have thought possible all because of this sport we love and the centre were proud of, These People Helen Dodge, Mayleen Tukaokao, Edwina Hata, Kahu Rauwhero, Gary Ngatai, Hiraina Ross, Kiwi Mcleod, Bill Patuawa, Jo T, Cell Teao Jo Austwick, Hobby, And the list goes on have run our centre and made it the great centre it is and always has been as HARBOURSIDE changing it to Tauranga city tramples on their hard work and MANA they have instilled into this centre. Why change something thats not broken? I mean Tauranga city did not win centre of the year titles Harbourside did!

I do agree that there is confusion with North Harbour but after thinking long and hard if thats the only reason thats just not good enough, Harbourside covers the netballing communities from Katikati, out to the outer islands of Matakana and Rangiwaea, Te Puna, Tauranga, MtvMaunganui then all the way to Te Puke. We love our centre name and it needs to stay the way it is...


Na Mikaere Sydney

Mikaere Sydney (Matakana Island, 2020-07-13)


Tauranga Moana Netball Centre sounds good - Mana Whenua would cover all the surrounding areas too.

Maylene Meroiti (Rotorua , 2020-07-13)


No one is confused just you people on the board

Jo Thompson (Mt Maunganui , 2020-07-13)


History!!! A lot of people worked hard for Harbourside Netball Centre.

Yana Butler (Tauranga, 2020-07-13)


haven't been involved for years but Harbouside brings back so many memories... keep the name... is there any kind of memorial there for Helen? If not, spend the money on that instead!

Toni Nuku (Tauranga, 2020-07-13)


I’m signed because I want to keep the name Harbourside Netball Centre

Becky Counsell (Brisbane , 2020-07-13)


I grew up playing netball here and many good memories. As a kid I didn't know why it wasn't called Mount Netball Centre, but I like it being Harbourside.

Jasmine Campbell (Tauranga, 2020-07-13)


I believe that it should remain under Harbourside which does reflect both Tauranga and Mt.

Kahurangi Ahomiro (Tauranga, 2020-07-13)


Because there is no good reason to change the name - Tauranga Netball does not accurately reflect all of those in the club, Tauranga Moana Netball Centre would be an option that I would be happy with though.

Ellauise Rolleston (Matakana Island , 2020-07-13)


I am a long standing netball player in the Harbourside community and would love to see the name stay the same

Tayla Kendrick (Tauranga, 2020-07-14)


I was a board member for a number of years in or about 2010. I love the name harbourside as it is truly representative of the clubs who play there. I vote keep harbourside netball centre

Raema Nash (Wyoming, 2020-07-14)


I dont see any reason to change the name. The reasons they gave have no substance!

Mayleen TUKAOKAO (Mount Maunganui, 2020-07-14)


Harbourside is more inclusive of the many different teams from different suburbs who play here.

Joanna Thomason (Tauranga, 2020-07-14)


Tauranga Netball does not include the whole of the area. Tauranga is located over the bridge nowhere near where the netball courts are located and its not inclusive of all that play there.

Lee Bartlett (Christchurch, 2020-07-14)



Zina Samuel (Hamilton , 2020-07-14)


I am a service award holder - there is much important history with this name!

Jacqui Patuawa (Papamoa, 2020-07-14)


I'm signing because we should not change the name. I have known harborside since before I was born!

Nataly Teao (Mount maunganui , 2020-07-14)


Our name has history and meaning. Re-naming it Tauranga would be a step backwards as Harbourside is inclusive of all areas that play. Also, Is the board not from here? Tauranga Netball Centre in The Mount INCREASES confusion.

Summer Bennett (Mount Maunganui, 2020-07-14)


It doesn’t make sense

Catherine Wickham (Hamilton, 2020-07-14)


Harbourside reflects the area that members are from. This is who we are and where we come from. There is alot of history and wonderful people here today and passed on that have been involved.

Diane Bennett (Mount Maunganui, 2020-07-14)


I see no need or advantage in changing it. And it includes all the areas

Gaynella Rudolph (Rotorus, 2020-07-15)


I’m signing to support our local netty community and because the proposed new name does NOT cover the entirety of the area it represents
Bigger things going on in the world than a name change.. just leave it🙄

Pania Horne (Gold Coast , 2020-07-15)


I see absolutely no reason to change the name. My girls and granddaughters have represented and always played under the Harbourside banner as have many other whanau. To me Harbourside is a perfect representation of players from all over the Western Bay as it has been for many years and to change it to Tauranga would diminish the unity of teams from all areas. Personally I think even the idea of changing the name to Tauranga is disrespectful to those who have worked so hard for Harbourside...especially those who have passed and definitely those still with us, Kiwi Molly being one. Just another case of something working beautifully then Tauranga wants to step in and take the accolades...again! 'Why fix it when it's not broke?' No way I say! KEEP THE HARBOURSIDE NAME!! I will definitely be at the meeting. Kiaora Kahu x

Esther Bartlett (Tauranga, 2020-07-15)


Signing because I think its ridiculous to change a name that everyone knows and is familiar with. Also signing because its absurd that the 'new' board would want to change it to Tauranga Netball Centre and the courts are based in Mount Maunganui.

Why change the name when it's a well known centre? It's been around many years and will ALWAYS be known as Harbourside.


Why change something that's not broken!?

Reyne Kakau (Mount Maunganui, 2020-07-15)


There is no need to change the identity of local netball. If you’ve nothing better to do, get off the Board!

Pia Bennett (Tauranga, 2020-07-16)


I am suppporting every one else that are voting to keep the name Harbourside. Have spent many years at these courts with my daughters and nieces. The name has always be significant to the kids and the area.

Janey Horne (Papamoa, 2020-07-16)


Lots of history in our name, it represents both sides of our MOANA.

Melissa Tahau (Mt Maunganui , 2020-07-16)


For the memories I have of Harbourside and the family it created - especially for my Mum ❤️

Lisa Dodge (Tauranga, 2020-07-16)


Why change a name because a minority get confused where Harbourside Netball Centre is. It's been around a lot longer than other centres with similar names.

Sharon Kohu (Tauranga, 2020-07-16)


I played netball at harbourside as well as my daughter's. I don't agree with the name change

Kay Samuel (Wa, 2020-07-17)


There is no need to change the name. People like Kiwi Molly McLeod who have been involved with the club since it's inception should be acknowledged for their tenacity to grow the club.

Pua Taikato (Tauranga, 2020-07-17)


Played netball there for yrs, The name habourside is perfect, for this area, we do not live in Tauranga. Habourside is a neutral name and should be kept.

Jackie Bell (Mt Maunganui, 2020-07-17)


Names are important, historical associations are emotionally linked to the culture it represents. Changing a name changes a culture. It will erase the memory of the work and events associated to everyone who has contributed to harbouside netball centre which in my opinion is very disrespectful.

Ursula Pritchard (Cardiff , 2020-07-18)

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