Preserve the Eskdale Park in the Esk Valley Napier



Changing the park will change our summer. We take our family nearly every day after school, we play cricket, the kids take turns on the little minibike occasionally, wander off for a swim whenever they want. The possibility of having mountain bikers using it I could live with, but definitely not freedom campers.

Phil Pointon (Napier, )


I’m signing this petition as I live next to the Eskdale Park that I use most days . I love this park and would like it to stay as it is . A tranquil quiet place for all.

Sally Tong (Napier, )


I use this park all the time and myself and my dogs absolutely love it..hope it can stay as it is.

Amanda Sumner (Napier, )


I want the Eskdale Park to continue as a natural green space as it was intended to be when gifted to the HDC.

Dan Bergloff-Howes (Napier, )


I am totally opposed to this proposal

Jarrod Harris (Napier, )


I would like the park to remain as it is.

Steve Winter (Eskdale, )


Eskdale park should be preserved as a free, open space for everyone to enjoy. There are already facilities available for mountain bike enthusiasts.

Delwyn Dacre (Napier, )


I walk my dogs regularly here and enjoy the time and space this park allows

Travis Sumner (Napier, )


Eskdale Park is a beautiful peaceful park and means alot to the Eskdale/Bay View/Whirinaki community and is used alot already by the wider community of Hawkes Bay in the summer time. It needs to remain a peaceful place to walk dogs, kids playing, swimming etc without the abundance of traffic that this proposed plan brings.

Lyn Smith (Eskdale , )


I love Eskdale Park as it is now and I do not support the proposal to turn it into a mountain biking park by plowing up the land to make tracks. I do not agree with any of the other proposed changes either.

Susan Neera (Napier , )


I couldn't think of a worse idea leave the park alone for families to enjoy as they have for years without worrying about there little ones being taken out by a bicycle

Rach Davies (napier, )


I use the park nearly every day to walk my dog and let the kids play. It's a beautiful, big open space and we love it as it is.

Kelly O'Leary (Napier, )


There is already mountain bike facilities at Whirinaki. This park is a tranquil treasure where i and my family have spent many picnics, birthdays, swims over the years and still do.

Anna Kokko (Whakatane, )


It is the most beautiful and sacred place full of unique trees and native birds. It is criminal to destroy this sanctuary.

Elena Green (Napier, )


I would like an alternative location utilised as a mtb park not a beautiful green space set up for picnicking, sports and fresh air.

Carla Pell (Napier, )


Reserves are becoming few and far between and we need to preserve this beautiful spot

Mary Quirk (Napier, )


I Support in not changing the design of the Eskdale Park as I enjoy my walks in the park

Simon Lopdell (Napier, )


I am an Eskdale resident and enjoy the natural environs especially our Eskdale park. This park was gifted to the public and is popular for family picnics, social and Christmas gatherings and must be preserved in perpetual guardianship.

Glennis Smiley (Napier, )


My family who reside there use this park frequently with their little ones!
We hope to retire there soon and the park is such a beautiful natural place for the community, please reconsider! The Eskdale/Bayview area is a beautiful, natural, community safe green area to be preserved.

Annamarie Brbich (New Plymouth, )


The park should be left as a park only. There should be other areas to explore especially when wanting to setup car parking etc. Likewise with bike tracks!! Leave the parks as they are please!

Cleith Tausi (Auckland , )


I spend a lot of time in the Hawkes Bay and this park is a natural beauty. Would be a shame to have one less place that our children would be able to enjoy its natural beauty.

Mark Fletcher (Whanagrei, )


Leave present park as is and develop additional council area adjacent to park. Win win

Viv Moule (Napier, )


its a quiet beautiful area that doesn't need to be touched

Vanessa grqy (hawkes bay, )


Because I love this park it has many many family special memoris for me going back to the sixties....

Sandy Hunter (Napier, )


I like it as a park and use it as a park. Great safe family and dog area.

Julie Wells (Napier, )


I agree that the park should be left as it is for family and nature to peacefully interact rather than mountain bikes ripping through the peaceful environment.

Keita Rasell (Hastings, )


This is our only local nature park which is safe for swimming, picnics, having family get togethers and is cool and shady on hot summer Hawke's Bay days. We need to keep this space! There is council land available nearby which can be used for parking and mountain biking headquarters without destroying such a beautiful space.

Amanda Murray (Napier, )


I enjoy this park in every season. It's great for large groups to come together in celebrations and enjoyment.
The 'mountain bike club have more than enough adventure play grounds in the Hawke's Bay, why destroy a beautiful park for just them. That's not keeping the history of the park now, is it?!

Samantha Whitewood (Napier, )


I love this park and would love to continue to use it how it is .... a beautiful place to gather with family

Rachel Wilson (Hastings, )


There are very few open green spaces for families to enjoy a picnic & a safe paddle/swim with their families. Plenty of other areas for mountain bikers & freedom campers.

Emma Jackson (Napier, )


Not only for the above mentioned but also because there are endangered Long Fin Eels present in the Esk River. Increased activity along the river banks will undoubtedly produce more pollution and possibly degrade their habitat. For a species endemic to New Zealand and on the brink of becoming extinct I feel it is our responsibility to reduce any further harm to The Long Fin Eels and their habitat.

Andrea Hawkins (Napier, )


The Clark fafamily bequeathed the land to be used as a community park as it is now. A lot of people have worked hard plant g trees and it is used by many. It needs to stay as it is.

Wendy Munro (Napiet, )


I spent many a happy hour picnicking & swimming at this park in my youth. It should be left as it is for many more generations to enjoy.

Katherine O'Connor (Christchurch, )


Grew up in the area and still love going back there!

Tina Bulled (Wairoa, )


It’s a cool park

Vanessa Price (Napier, )


Eskdale park is a very special place to my family. We have shared many happy times there together especially on Christmas Day, which is very much a family tradition. It is great to see families coming together in nature with such beautiful established trees. Please preserve our special park!

Sonia Codd (Napier, )


Eskdale Park is stunning the way it is,bjork need for building commercial enterprises on there

Belinda Clibborn (Clive, )


I took my children here when they were little and they and we enjoyed the space and play ground.

Kathryn Kyle (Hastings , )


It is a great place for families to picnic and have fun.

Jonathan Burton (Waipawa, )


This park is used by so many families. It should not be taken and then allocated to a selected few

Karen Hammond (Napier, )


We spend every Christmas at Eskdale park. It’s been over 30 years since we have gone there for Christmas.

Hayley King (Napier, )


This is one of the only country parks that has enough space, even on busy days, for all kinds of family orientated activities. Please leave it as it is!!!

Walt Rutgers (Napier, )


I grew up playing at this park, having family days and swimming in the river. This park should stay as it is so families can continue to enjoy it for gene
generations to come

Rebecca Yeo (Napier, )


I grew up playing at that park, dont change it

Tab Yeo (napier, )


I grew up in eskdale napier and this was my playground as a child and i now take my children there to play its a beautiful river and park keep it that way

Sandie Bain (Napier, )


theres enough bike shit around already

aaron macdonald (Napier, )


I like eskde park the way it is .

Lisa Lui (Napier City, )


I grew up living right next to the park and it was such a wonderful place to explore and have excess to the beautiful river and surrounding. What a magical relaxing place to pick blackberrys and go eeling and swim and play. The next generation needs this park to get out in the great outdoors

Virginia Turnwald (Sunshine coast, )


I want it left as it is, in its family picnic state that lot of HB people know they can take their kids there like the days gone by. There are plenty of playgrounds for people who can’t entertain themselves

Doug Dickson (Napier , )


Too many childhood memories of not just mine but my parents and grandparents leave it be !!

Gemma Robertson (Perth , )


Our kids grew up picnic if and swimming at this beautiful spot. Would like it preserved in its natural state for future generations.

Anna Whyte (Napier, )


this is such a beautiful space to go with the family on a summers day and swim and make beautiful memories. Have bbqs with friends and families and just enjoy a beautiful part of nature in our own back yard. We do NOT need a bike park! We have one in taradale and other places

Lucy groube (hawkesbay , )


I do not want the park to become a bike park. I walk my dogs everywhere and get sick of bikes ringing their bells for me to move over to let them pass! No to this move - it’s outrageous.

Teresa Allen (Puketapu, )


Keep & preserve Eskdale Park as a beautiful green space as the Clarke Family intended.

Mary Duncan (Hastings, )


Ive grown up with the park the way it is played down the river ,caught trout out of it now my kids have the pleasure of adventure down there when its safe area to go 2 dont like the idea of cyclists tearing it up next thing you know thell be dirt bikes every where

Nick Hinks (Napier, )


The park is cool

Therese Rodger (Napier, )


This park is a great community gathering place for families

Hazel Duncan (Eskdale, )


Would love to see this park left as a natural reserve for the future generation

Kathie Benson (Napier , )


It is perfect the way it is.More use this way for all.

Gloria Ztone (Napier, )


This a lovely park for the locals

Raechel Pittar (Napier, )


It’s a beautiful park, we love going there for picnics, swimming and to play soccer, softball, cricket etc as a family

Carol Burgess (Napier, )


Keep our reserve as it is, naturally beautiful.

Waveney Lord (Napier , )


This is a wonderful place for families to come together

Sandra Clareburt (Tewantin, )


I have loads of memories of Eskdale Park from when I was young, and it would be such a shame to lose it for the new generations following us

Rochelle Benton (Napier, )


I grew up in Eskdale and went to Eskdale park over many years. It is a unique beautiful peaceful park which deserves to be protected as it is

Casey Wilson (Napier, )


My children have all grown up swimming at the river and playing sports down there. Their school also hosts our sports days there. Be such a shame to lose park to a small group when the majority of families want to keep the park as is!!!

Sirena Sherriff (Tutira , )


The park has to stay how it is. It’s why that land was donated in the first place

Philip Holt (Napier, )


It’s important to protect beautiful places in nature for everyone to enjoy

Jan Dickson (Napier, )


I want this park to keep it's current status. It's a great place and is a import place in of our community.

Peter Harwood (Napier, )


I feel that the park is a unique place and should be preserved as such.

Lee Smith (Napier , )


Keep it green

Devin Mcleay (Napier, )


Leave it as it is ...I use it and love it unspoiled, the mountain bikers have a park @ Pan Pac

Richard Hollywood (Bay View, )


Lots of fond memories, with our kids parties, and adult games of cricket, now our grandkids from Australia visit the park too,

Tania Lee (Napier, )


This is a beautiful family park and people need somewhere peaceful to go and enjoy

Jo O'Leary (Hospital Hill Napier, )


This is one of the few remaining, large areas, close to town where families can gather together and play sport and socialise as a large group.

Guy Whitchelo (Napier, )


I love eskdale park as it is we spend summers out there

Tashya Heath (Napier, )


As a child Eskdale Park was a place we frequently enjoyed. I took my children there often. And my son is planning his son's first Birthday at this gorgeous park. It is spacious, special and sacred to generations of people. Please leave it as it is. There are so few places like Eskdale Park.

Jeanie McCallum (Gisborne , )


I used to go there as a kid. Loved eskdale park .

Johnny Dornan (Lower hutt , )


current mtb park access at the mill block or back at tait road is perfectly adequate

Kevin Fisher (Hastings, )


1989 l lived at the then Napier Cadet Acadamy housing area which backed onto the park. It was a beautiful place my 2 year old son and I would go play and have picnics at and also play softball with the cadets. Please do not change and spoil this beautiful country park. x

Marie Arnott (Waipukurau, )


I am signing because we used to have or school picnics there when I was at primary school back in the early to mid 60s.We used to go swimming in the river,have running races an generally just have fun so please leave it for other schools an families to enjoy.

Sharon Meyer (Napier, )


I dont want this beautiful place desecrated.

Chantelle Mei (Napier, )


this is my home this is where I grew up eskdale Park is where my family gathered to spend time together because it was natural and beautiful just they way it is. We meet many families over the years here why would you want to destroy natural beauty

Casey solomom (Brisbane , )


I spent alot of my youth enjoying eskdale Park as a great picnic area it would be a shame for my kids to miss out on the same epxeriences

Philip Jessep (Napier, )


Eskdale reserve is a one-of-a-kind natural space, accessible to all Hawkes Bay residents. We love the vast green space next to the river and the large, mature trees. This is a beautiful multi-purpose reserve that can accommodate many visitors at once. I believe we don't have enough of these natural open spaces and they need protecting. As a family from Hastings, we visit Eskdale reserve regularly because we can take our dogs there , the kids can swim, there are playgrounds and toilets. We can easily spend a whole day there. We will help to protect this beautiful natural reserve.

Tineka Ferguson (Hastings, )


I want the park to stay as a green space for family and friends to gather and enjoy the peace and tranquility

Sarah Jenssen (Hastings, )


I'm from Eskdale our homestead is in Eskdale that's where our whanau always go in summer

Russella Kerei (Porirua, )


the park is such a lovely place to take dogs/children & families to run & play in peace & quiet.

Leigh-Anne Heays (Hawkes Bay, )


I am signing this petition because I am sick of councils thinking they can just use our green spaces as industrial sites when ever they feel like it.

Lesley Shotter (Hastings, )


Love this park as it is and walk the dog there regularly
Lovely picnic area for locals and visitors. Please don’t spoil it 😢😢

Jen Menhennett (Napier, )


I know a lot of families still go out there to swim, have picnics and have family time. I'm 70, i did as a child took my kids there, then the 3 generations went for picnics. Please preserve that history for a lot of families

Geraldine Hoek (Cairns, )

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