Signatures needed for safe pedestrian crossing in Ngunguru!



My children go to Ngunguru school. Vehicles speed along this road. There needs to be safe crossing for children and the general public.

Chrissie Henley-Smith (Ngunguru, 2020-07-30)


I struggle to cross this road

Kelsey-Anne Bobbette (Ngunguru , 2020-07-30)


We have a duty to protect the wellbeing of our children.

Eugene Fayerberg (Ngunguru, 2020-07-31)


The traffic is very dangerous and fast through this town. The sidewalks are too narrow and so many school kids are walking there dangerous roads daily. Even in summer there are a lot of kids on the edges of the road and narrow sidewalks. A radar sign that shows people their speed and a reduction in the speed limit from the dairy to the school would also save our kid's lives!!

Joey Thompson (ngunguru , 2020-07-31)



Ian Lake (Ngunguru, 2020-07-31)


Because my children cross the road

Jesse Browning (Ngunguru, 2020-07-31)


For the safety of our children.

Glennice Leslie (Whangarei, 2020-07-31)


I’m signing because it is essential that our children be kept safe.

Sarah Gummer (Tutukaka, Whangarei, 2020-07-31)


People drive over 80 kms along the stretch of road, there are so many children around and is so dangerous

Sarah Message (Ngunguru, 2020-07-31)


Ngunguru needs this!

Evan Dackers (Whangarei, 2020-07-31)


As a long time resident and homeowner in Ngunguru I know how desperately these crossings are necessary.

Julie Milham (Auckland, 2020-07-31)


The traffic runs too fast through this congested area. Also not safe for adults crossing. These pedestrian crossings will have some traffic calming effect.

Hilton Ward (Ngunguru, 2020-07-31)


I strongly think there should be a couple of pedestrian crossings in Ngunguru Village. It feels like only a matter of time before a child or elderly person is injured and this should never happen. The road throughout the village is busy with trucks as well as cars it is the only thoroughfare to use. I have school aged children and it feels like it should be common sense to have a pedestrian crossing on this busy road to ensure safety for the whole community especially the children and elderly.

Kate Taylor (Ngunguru , 2020-07-31)


It’s needed

Sam Bot (Whangarei , 2020-07-31)


A crossing is badly needed in front of or close to the dairy.

Dorothy Hutchinson Fitzpatrick (Whangarei , 2020-07-31)


My children have both had near misses trying to cross the road in Ngunguru. Also it’s very difficult for elderly and disabled folk to cross safely.

Katie McInnes (Whangarei , 2020-07-31)


Crossings are needed for this small town to make our children safe crossing roads

Natasha Cook (Whangarei, 2020-07-31)


We need to keep people safe, especially children!!! My nephews live there and they need to be safe!

Leigh T (Taupo, 2020-07-31)


The current crossing is dangerous andconfusing and the kids need a pedestrian crossing that is safe.

Cameron McInnes (Whangarei, 2020-07-31)


We need to be able to cross safely by the dairy its a busy road and one of the only grocery shops for the area.

Sarah Gemmell (AUCKLAND, 2020-07-31)


To make our children and community safe.

Shaun Johnson (Whangarei, 2020-07-31)


This crossing should be done! Should not even have to have a petition for this!

Jess Murphy (Whangarei , 2020-07-31)


local of ngunguru

Isaac Penno Stanaway Renata (Whangarei , 2020-07-31)


I'm signing because my children cross at both the recommended pedestrian sites all the time and I would feel relieved knowing there were safe places for them to cross the street, especially without my guidance.

Tamryn Stephenson (Whangarei , 2020-07-31)


This is be very important!

Sheryl Goldstone (RD 3 Whangarei , 2020-07-31)


I have personally witnessed too many near misses with children going to and from school attempting to cross the roads with oncoming traffic. This community continues to grow and it’s time to implement some of these safety measures. Better to act now than wait until a serious accident occurs to assess what was needed to prevent such circumstances.

Renee Clarke (Whangarei , 2020-07-31)


I agree with all the stated above

Orshi Pearson (Ngunguru , 2020-07-31)


I’m signing because this was my playground growing up and my nephews live there

Kell Mulitalo (Auckland , 2020-07-31)


To do good shits in the community

Lindsay Baker (Parua Bay, 2020-07-31)


This is an important cause

mick killeen (Tutukaka, 2020-07-31)


The current situation regarding the volume and speed of traffic and number of young children currently in the area, combined with a lack of safe crossings in Ngunguru , especially near school bus stops, is a disaster in waiting and I believe unless it is rectified it is only a matter of time before a child is seriously injured or killed.

Anthony Houlding (Ngunguru, 2020-07-31)


I live here and I have witnessed the danger

Debbie Brett (Whangarei, 2020-07-31)


I live in tutukaka and agree the children need safe places to cross the main ngunguru road to get to and from school safely.

Shelley Fish (Whangarei , 2020-07-31)


Its needed

Alan Miller (Ngunguru, 2020-07-31)


I have family there who deserve safety

Peta Clare (Hoi An, 2020-07-31)


I'm signing because I frequently visit family in Ngunguru who live on Shoebridge Cresent and know how dangerous this area is for crossing, especially with the school just up the road. I have seen how fast cars and trucks travel here and know how essential this crossing is for safety of all who live and visit Ngunguru.

Lauren Stanley-Hunt (Auckland, 2020-07-31)


I'm signing this petition because of the need for pedestrian crossings near the shop and Shoebridge Crescent due to concerns of the speed of vehicles and to keep our children safe when crossing the busy road.

Linda Wheeler (Whangarei, 2020-07-31)


We need those crossings in Ngunguru!!

Cathy Sneyd (Ngunguru , 2020-07-31)


We live on the 50 km stretch through Ngunguru Township and feel strongly towards something being done to slow down Speeding traffic.

Angela Cox (Whangarei , 2020-07-31)


This main road is so unsafe for young children going to and from school. There is NO child safe place to cross from one side of the road to the other. The footpath ends in some places so people have no option but to cross over in order to stay on the footpath.
This affects not only children's safety, but also people with physical disabilities who rely on the footpath to give safe, even ground.

Tia Lord (ngunguru, 2020-07-31)


My moko need a safe place to cross the road

Jan Moase (whangarei, 2020-07-31)


I am signing because I am a Mama and have seen so many close calls when dropping my son off at kura and picking him up. We need to make it safer for our Tamareki

Kat Ohlson (Ngunguru Whangarei, 2020-07-31)


I don't want to see mine or anyone elses children run over because of someone speeding through Ngunguru. Need speed bumps right along the water front through to Te Maika Road to protect our children as they walk to school.

Erin Marwick (Whangarei, 2020-07-31)


I believe there should be a safe pedestrian walkway in Ngunguru.

Jo Morrison (Whangarei, 2020-07-31)


I'm signing because I cross these parts of Ngunguru road often with my 3children and dog, cars are constantly not going the suggested speed and it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt.

Hilary Cooper (Whangarei, 2020-07-31)


This is needed in the community

Troy Wilkinson (Whangarei , 2020-07-31)


I see the speeding cars no 30km when kids are walking home from school

Jo Ashcroft (Ngunguru, 2020-07-31)


Children's lives matter.

Denise Hart (Whangarei, 2020-07-31)


I have children at Ngunguru school who need to cross without adults occasionally

Kiley Pullman (Whangarei, 2020-08-01)


I want to keep our children safe and cars drive way to fast through Ngunguru.

Emily Stevenson (Whangarei, 2020-08-01)


I want to keep our children safe!

Kathryn McIntyre (Matapouri, 2020-08-01)


Definitely need pedestrian crossings - so many people speed through and it is dangerous with so many small children out and about.

Philippa Philp (Whangarei, 2020-08-01)


I recommend

Ana Mackie (Whangarei , 2020-08-01)


I'm signing because I live on Ngunguru Road near the shop and see near accidents every single day between Shoebridge Crescent and the shop. Motorists are confused by the blue and white arrows, the paths are narrow and traffic too fast.

Wendy Ferguson (Whangarei, 2020-08-01)


Im signing because I live here and see accidents nearly every day as there is no safe place for school children, elderly and pedestrians to cross the road.

Tommy Ferguson (Whangarei, 2020-08-01)


I’m signing because I spend much time in Ngunguru and also experienced difficulties crossing the road safely due to traffic speed

Andrew Gardiner (Ngunguru, 2020-08-01)


having grown up in Ngunguru, and now raising my children here, I fully support this initiative. I also have an elderly grandparent living on Ngunguru road that could safely access the waterfront if a crossing was installed.

Thank you for your consideration

Tanya Mortensen (Whangarei, 2020-08-01)


Safety is paramount!

Wendy Bennett (Whangarei , 2020-08-01)


It was dangerous when I grew up here, 30 years ago, it's even more dangerous now for my children and whanau.

Andrea Jensen (Lower Hutt, New Zealand, 2020-08-01)


I grew up in Ngunguru and have young nieces living there. The road gets busier every year and some safe crossing places are needed.

Nick Jensen (Lower Hutt, 2020-08-01)


I’m signing because I want my children to be able to cross the road safely

Lisa Bourke (Whangarei , 2020-08-01)


We’ve got huge difficulty crossing Safely
with my elderly dad. And my young grandchildren.

Julie Jensen (Whangarei, 2020-08-01)


It's definitely needed!

Anna Cherry (Whangarei, 2020-08-01)


This is so dangerous for children and local people who cross the road at their peril. Pedestrian crossings urgently needed please.

Kim Abraham (NEW LYNN, 2020-08-01)


Its a health and safety issue and to do nothing would be negligent.

Deen Hall (Leigh, Auckland, 2020-08-01)


It affects my kids

Rachel Drysdale (Whangarei , 2020-08-01)


Heavy traffic thunder through Ngunguru - two pedestrian crossings required at shops and school end of village for the safety of children and elderly

Dianne Herbert (New Plymouth, 2020-08-01)


My kids are about to start at Ngunguru School

Kristy Whitaker (Ngunguru, 2020-08-01)


This is important

Liadan Winters (Whangarei, 2020-08-02)


The safety of our tamariki is paramount .. get on with it. This is urgent.

Sue Comrie (Mangatoki, 2020-08-02)


We need urgent action to slow the traffic in Ngunguru. The speed limits are not observed by a large number of drivers and the area is not policed. It is not safe for children to cross the roads.

Chris Harding (Ngunguru , 2020-08-02)


Safety issue

Wendy Maran (Tutukak, 2020-08-02)


Support our tamariki in keeping safe in our community

Chelsee Dovey (Whangarei , 2020-08-02)


kids need to safe, there is an area set up now where the kids x the road. to formalize it with a zebra x makes sense. but then common sense often doesnt come into it when dealing with councils. SADLY!

Michele Neckelson (whangarei, 2020-08-02)


Definitely a need for this!! There is a semi crossing point just after/before the shops but it is inadequate. Lots of movement And distractions around that area Especially during summer.

Chris Curran (Ngunguru , 2020-08-02)


I am signing because we have a very dangerous situation at Ngunguru with traffic acting like the road through the township is a highway yet it is the only way to school. I don’t want anyone to get hurt. Traffic must slow down through Ngunguru and we have to do everything we can to help our children be safe. Crossings are urgent.

Gayle Wellington (Whangarei, 2020-08-02)


To promote safety.

Judy Bowden (Whangarei, 2020-08-03)


It’s a safer option than is available along a very busy road.

Tanja Wood (Ngunguru, 2020-08-03)


Growing population calls for better traffic management for all road users and pedestrians.

Matthew Simpson (whangarei , 2020-08-03)


Pedestrian crossings are essential for pedestrian safety as all of the following factors have significantly increased in recent years: Ngunguru permanent population, Ngunguru School roll, coastal traffic.
Both crossings are required: the first because footpaths dictate one must cross here, the second for access to the medical centre and all the housing on Shoebridge Crescent and Waiotoi Road.

Ben Evans (Ngunguru Whangarei, 2020-08-03)


Because having grown up myself in ngunguru I have noticed the Roads are getting busier and it’s getting more unsafe to cross these parts of the roads especially for younger children. Our community is all about our Tamariki therefore putting these crossings in will make it much safer for them and future generations

Havanna Rahui (Whangarei , 2020-08-03)


Crossings are essential to help keep our community safe

Christine Ball (Tutukaka , 2020-08-04)


I see near misses with children and adults everyday. The footpath is also so narrow, slowing speed with a crossing Will help avoid a catastrophe

Kim Wall (Ngunguru, 2020-08-04)


My son crosses these roads and is always finding it hard I think we also need to make it a school zone at the end of shoebridge and make it 40km

Scott Jamieson (Ngunguru, 2020-08-06)


I visit Tutukaka often and know that this is a dangerous bit of road to cross, particularly for children going to school, but also for anyone wanting to access the beach there.

Liz Skivington (Tauranga, 2020-08-06)


It is dangerous to not have a pedestrian crossing on this road, especially when traffic increase on summer.

Bridie Allely (Whangarei, 2020-08-07)


It's needed!

Alton Mckeown (Whangarei, 2020-08-10)


I have children that walk and ride to Ngunguru school and the crossing particularly at the intersection of Shoebridge Crescent Ngunguru Road is very dangerous.

Sarah Waldron (Whangarei , 2020-08-11)


Its required urgently

Rob Fisher (Tutukaka , 2020-08-11)

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