Save our Centre! Government funding essential to keep classes running for disabled children in Taranaki.



The Conductive Education Taranaki centre is essential for our community and these families shouldn't have to fight for the support their children need to thrive! Nobody else in Taranaki can offer this service, come on Ministry of Health!

Rachel Bedford (New Plymouth, 2020-08-03)


Conductive Education is an important centre in New Plymouth!

Sophie Delaitre-Williams (New Plymouth , 2020-08-03)


this service has to go on!!!!

Lisa Schrader (New Plymouth , 2020-08-03)


I’m signing because my grandson has and still is benefiting from Conductive Education

Jocelyn Jones (New Plymouth, 2020-08-03)


Tautoko <3

Jolene Stockman-Quicke (New Plymouth, 2020-08-03)


Every child has the right to be supported with their learning and reach their full potential. Conductive Education should not have to fundraise to keep this wonderful group running.

Louise Godfrey (New Plymouth, 2020-08-03)


I’ve seen the results...magic!

Kelly Wimsett (New Plymouth , 2020-08-03)


I have seen great benefits not only to children in Conductive Education but also to the lives of their parents.

Holly French (New plymouth , 2020-08-03)


This organisation is vital to our community. So many family's will be affected if they have to close.

Kerri Stewart (New Plymouth , 2020-08-03)


I have a granddaughter in this wonderful programme

Helen Kay (Wellington, 2020-08-03)


It’s a service used by my awesome nephew

Joanne Alldridge (New Plymouth , 2020-08-03)


Every single person/child needs the resources and support to be the best they can possibly be, and live the happiest life possible. Conductive Taranaki is a vitally needed resource and support network for so many. Please don't let it slide into non-existence.

Terri Bracey (Eltham, 2020-08-03)


This is an
Essential Service
That should be funded

Evan Shoemark (New Plymouth , 2020-08-03)


Taranaki needs these services funded here to help these children and families, I've been lucky enough to meet Craig Neilson and his son Zack to see how much of a benefit it has brought to Zacks life. Everyone that works at this organization here in New Plymouth works tirelessly for every dollar they receive. These families shouldn't have to travel out of the region to get the help they require.

Jasmine Bisset (New Plymouth, 2020-08-03)


They need funding

Amber Kendall (New Plymouth, 2020-08-03)


I believe Conductive Education is a vital service to help children and adults with disabilities to gain as much mobility strength and self confidence as possible.

Gail Edgecombe (Waihi, 2020-08-03)


I’ve seen how much hard work is put in to keep this running, and the great work with the kids!

Karen Scott (New Plymouth, 2020-08-03)


My 3 year old son Nash attends Conductive Ed Taranaki.
It has been a game changer for our family. Learning to understand him better and help him develop is worth millions! Please dont let our kids down! We need this!

Francine Jones (Taranaki, 2020-08-03)


My nephew Nash has benefited and had huge support from the Conductive Education Taranaki community. Its so important for the familys of these children to have a community and support system.

Therese Gulliver (Welljngton, 2020-08-03)


Conductive Education Taranaki do an amazing job helping kids in our community and deserve support to keep this service going.

Marcel Schadt (New Plymouth, 2020-08-03)


These children need the most help they can get to develop their full potential. Whatever works should be Govt provided.

Barbara Rankine (New Plymouth, 2020-08-03)


Our children are important

Katryna Peters (New Plymouth, 2020-08-03)


I'm signing because with out this service my son wouldn't be the actuve little man he is

Ange Griffin (Hawera, 2020-08-03)


This organisation provides essential support for children and families in need

Pat Swanson (New Plymouth, 2020-08-03)


I have first hand experience of this amazing facility and the incredible advantage early intervention give these little superheroes! Please keep them open, they truley are making a difference where it matters.

Anna du Plessis (New Plymouth, 2020-08-03)


Have taken an interest in conductive education since attending a fund raiser for the cause. Have helped with fund raising events and made personal donations to the cause as well have also attended open days at their facility in New Plymouth and was impressed with what they are achieving. Please help them.

Donald Odlum (New Plymouth , 2020-08-03)


This should be government funded. Children and their families need this so much.

Nicki De jager (New plymouth, 2020-08-03)


These guys to amazing work with kids that need there help. We need to keep this going

Corey Baker (New Plymouth , 2020-08-03)


I feel its an important and valuable resource for many Taranaki families.

Anna Jorgensen (Bellblock, 2020-08-03)


I'm signing because my niece attends conductive education and I am a teacher myself.

Sarah Nelson (Cambridge , 2020-08-03)


This awesome programme should always be funded

Kyla Hamblyn (New Plymouth, 2020-08-03)


Government should support this!!! Disability is a very stressful,painful time for families at times so having this support in our community is a must! Everyone deserves the best chance at life.

Chelsea Cook (New plymouth, 2020-08-03)


All kids deserve an education that is suited to their needs.

Eloise Hay (New Plymouth, 2020-08-03)


I'm signing because my son - now 13 - benefited from 4 years of attending Conductive Education in Auckland. So few options are available for our Cerebral Palsy kids that we must allow these centres to continue. Neuroplasticity is real, you use it, your work it, you build capability. Our kids need therapy to become tax contributors, to get meaningful paid work and for health and happiness. It is times our Government stopped throwing our differently abled kids on the scrap heap of society and helped us become the best that they can be.

Merryn Straker (Arkles Bay, 2020-08-03)


We need this in our community!!! Craig is an amazing father who is trying to do his best for his son plus others who are affected by this!!

Ra Cottam (New Plymouth , 2020-08-03)


CE is the only consistent reliable service in taranaki

Cherie Dodds (Stratford , 2020-08-03)


Theses children & families waited long & hard to have this service locally not withstanding the endless fund raising.

Heather Ternouth (New Plymouth , 2020-08-03)


I think it's important to help those in need in the community.

Karley Moore (Hamilton, 2020-08-03)


Conductive. Education Taranaki have worked so hard at fundraising to keep going please give them a hand

Michele Rosser (New Plymouth, 2020-08-03)


This would be an absolute tragedy if we lost this organisation!!

Annette Dudley (Stratford, 2020-08-03)


This service is totally essential to our young families and children needing special support and education. An awesome team doing great work giving eveyone a chance. Step up government

Frances McCurdy (New Plymouth , 2020-08-03)


People have put there heart and sole in to establishing these centres and would be foolish to close them and leave the people who need no where to turn

Matt Sandford (Hawera, 2020-08-03)


conductive education has been a huge help with our grandaughter who has develomental delay and dyspraxia. They are supportive of the children and their whanau. Our children need this for their well being.

Suzanne hartigan (waitara, 2020-08-03)


This is an absolute travesty!
I know first hand what an amazing & so Necessary job these people do...if we are all about community & caring economy this is a no - brainer, come on Jacinda !

Rebekah Bell (New Plymouth , 2020-08-03)


We need to keep this

Stuart Rose (Inglewood , 2020-08-03)


My nephew needs this beloved essential service.

Lucinda Gulliver (PRESTON, 2020-08-03)


A necessary service

Denise newton (Stratford , 2020-08-03)


My two-year old daughter goes to Conductive weekly. She loves it and we learn how to encourage her physical development at home. We only see our VNT at the hospital every 4-6 months. This is not fulfilling their duty of care for a child of our daughters age. Conductive Education Taranaki fills the health systems early intervention void; it is vital to ensure local kids are able to reach their full potential.

Keren Carlyle (New Plymouth, 2020-08-03)


Taranaki needs to have a centre that supports these families. It's not fair on the po agents to do constant fundraising while also dealing with their kids health issues and also ant other kids!

Jana Dunnet (New Plymouth, 2020-08-03)


My 4 year old son has attended Conductive Education Taranaki since it opened in New Plymouth in 2017 and the growth he has made from attending these sessions weekly has been incredible. I am so thankful for the difference these wonderful people have made to my son life.

Nicky Paterson (New Plymouth, 2020-08-03)


I;m signing this petition because I have seen the efforts these families have gone to to fund this for their children and I have seen the benefits this education program has had on the children, the confidence they build, the successes they have

Jenny Murphy (Hawera, 2020-08-03)


The team at conductive are essential to the children they work with- a government agency should have stepped in well before now to assist financially!!

Maree Johnson (New plymouth, 2020-08-03)


Our vulnerable children should be supported and funded to have the best quality of life possible x

Lisa Betts (New Plymouth , 2020-08-03)


I am a kiwi Mum with a special needs Son plus a Nanny of a special needs Granddaughter...This support is imperative to all special needs children in all areas of the country...

Angela Laing (Alice Springs, 2020-08-03)


This service is life changing for these super hero kids and their families. There are so many hurdles in their daily lives there should be no barriers to them receiving the help and support they need. The service conductive provides should be a right for these kids and their families. They shouldn’t have to fight for this service as well!

Haylee cover (New Plymouth , 2020-08-03)


Government needs to look after the little guy

Lyell Peters (New Plymouth , 2020-08-03)


I think it is a very important Service

Vanessa Henderson (New Plymouth , 2020-08-03)


I'm signing because Taranaki children with disabilities and their whanau should not be disadvantaged through lack of government funding compared to their peers in other parts of NZ.

KEVIN NIELSEN (New Plymouth, 2020-08-03)


supporter of conductive education

Stacey Jeffrey (New Plymouth, 2020-08-03)


I'm signing to support the patents and families to get the support they not only need but deserve!

Selena O'Doherty (New Plymouth , 2020-08-03)


Our children need this

Bec Baumann (New Plymouth , 2020-08-03)


My grandson has the awesome opportunity to go to Conductive Education. He is learning so much and has made many friends. It is a blessing to us all to have this service as it brings the community together in a caring and 'conductive' way. We can't lose it!!

Sharron O'Reilly (Waitara, 2020-08-03)


The Evans Family 😘

Rachel Gilmer (New Plymouth, 2020-08-03)


Please offer further funding in Taranaki. Its invaluable to the children and families effected. They are the most vulnerable members of the community and services and funding is needed now more than ever

Emma Campbell (Perth, 2020-08-03)


My cousin goes to this centre and his family would be lost without the support and knowledge it provides.

Petra Brinkman (Auckland, 2020-08-03)


These children absolutely deserve the support of our government.

Lisa Knowles (Tauranga, 2020-08-03)


Because CET has helped a good friend and there family in there time of need

Weston Brown (Taumarunui, 2020-08-03)


I’m signing because this service supports so many families in Taranaki & makes such a valuable difference in their lives - we need it to carry on helping them!

Lisa Southall (Inglewood, 2020-08-03)


I'm signing because I believe very strongly they deserve funding for the incredible work conductive education are doing.

Olivia smith (Auckland, 2020-08-03)


I'm because this service is vital for the children and for Taranaki

Dianne Darbyshire (Taranaki, 2020-08-03)


My sister in law works here and is very passionate about the work her organisation does.

Karyn McDonald (Nelson, 2020-08-03)


I've seen what it can do for children first hand. Let's not let these children fall to the wayside and struggle to get the help they deserve.

Seth Gordon (New Plymouth, 2020-08-03)


These children benefit so much from Neuro Physiotherapy. Their physical abilities are maximised so they enjoy their lives. They are worthy beyond words.

Louise Miller (New Plymouth , 2020-08-03)


This is an essential program that must continue to be offered in Taranaki. Our children deserve every opportunity to develop.

Boyd Benton (New Plymouth , 2020-08-03)


They are an amazing charity who are so so so needed on Taranaki and are literally the only life love some families have as they navigate the world of Neuro diverse children.

Nicola Wanden (New Plymouth, 2020-08-03)


The centre is very important to our community.

Milissa Anselmi (New Plymouth , 2020-08-03)

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