State highway 35 users against the speed restrictions that come into force on the 8th September 2020.



Our community was not consulted on these changes and as the petition says no other safety measures have been introduced most importantly a solid roading maintenance schedule!

Kristin Kirkpatrick (Gisbor e, 2020-08-12)


The data that had been used (ie 377 crashes in 10 years) is all the way up to Te Puia, yet the restrictions are only the first part of the road. No stats have been given up to Pouawa, why’s that? Doesn’t sound enough to justify it?

Reducing these speed limits will add extra time onto an already long trip, driver frustration will set in so people will make stupid decisions either on this stretch of road that is being reduced to 80 or just past it into oncoming traffic that is going 100

As for reducing speed for freedom campers... why should we reduce our speed so someone can camp next to a State Highway!

Karen Scholefield (Gisborne, 2020-08-12)


I do not believe the council who allow people to freedom camp on the side of a SH on land owned by the government or as Queens Chain, not GDC, should impact or infringe on the ability to travel on a major SH. The risky behaviors brought to the roadside by this freedom camping is the council's problem, not the SH users problem.
The accidents that happen are due to people being on drugs or alchohol or being tired. If they are any of those things they will disregard any signage and still inevitably crash.
We do not need a nanny state. We need people to drive more safely in their jobs and recreationally.

Amelia Williams (Gisborne, 2020-08-12)


Its ridiculous. Why are we going backwards as a country. There are far worse roads in nz, not the point, theres nothing wrong with this stretch of highway. Its wide, has ample pull over areas, minimal housing. Why cause unnecessary traffic congestion? Why create stress for those traveling ? Fair enough slow it down to makarori surf break, but show some common sense. People have things to do its only the bloody residence in okitu,wainui and surfers pulling out I front of everyone that just about cause accidents. Why make us up the coast anymore isolated? Open road, no Sharp bends. God this place is turning to shit. All the technology in modern vehicles, and a whole lot of dick heads who make rules, and cant justify them. Feel sorry for those paying wages to people driving the road.more unneeded cost. So angry.🖕

Jeremy Murphy (Gisborne , 2020-08-12)


the new reduced road speed will do more harm then good. The spots that have had the speeds reduced are not even the accident zone

Holly MacGregir (Gisborne, 2020-08-12)


This is outrageous! Unbelievable these changes were pushed through.. if you can’t drive these stretches of road safely at the current speed limits you shouldn’t be on the road. This will not save lives, in fact I believe it could cost more. Frustration at having to travel such a distance at snails pace is likely to lead to more aggravated poor decisions made by frustrated drivers. I might be wrong but just my thoughts.

Brooke Sinton (Gisborne, 2020-08-12)


I oppose the speed reductions from northern end of Okitu to Pouawa.

Freya Thomas (Gisborne , 2020-08-12)


I agree with the lower speed limit through okitu as a residential area with lots of children. The seasonal speed limit is ridiculous for coast residents. Why should our commute take so much longer in order to accommodate people who like to take their holidays by the side of a state highway?!

Esther Gurau (Gisborne, 2020-08-12)


I'm a regular user of state highway 35

King Love (Gisborne, 2020-08-12)


I'm against the speed limit reductions just fix the roads problems

Mark Jinkinson (Gisborne , 2020-08-12)


I’m signing because as a student that lives in Whangara, this speed decrease is ridiculous and time consuming! The decrease of speed from Pouawa bridge to Okitu is completely unnecessary.

Leah Scholefield (Gisbonre, 2020-08-12)


I drive this road every weekday, already pay RUCs and slowing us down where there is no residential area will add to our fuel costs as well as frustration levels for drivers . . . probably leading to more accidents!

Kerry Elliott (Whangara, 2020-08-12)


I think the extension to the reduced speed area past Okitu is too far an area for a speed reduction. I support the Okitu speed reduction, but think extending it as far as Pouawa impacts greatly on people’s timelines, causing work delays and will ultimately cause drivers unnecessary frustration and aggravation and increase work expenses. I am totally frustrated just thinking about it.
Before implementing something like this too, no thought has been given to the infrastructure of the roads, ie increasing passing lanes, stopping lanes, safe areas for passing. The extension to Pouawa ultimately illiminates many passing areas within the 100 km zones.
Also our local tamariki already have to be at the high school bus pickup at the Kura by 7.05am in the mornings to get to school in town in time. Expecting these poor tamariki to be at the bus stop before 7am each morning and not get back there until after 4.30pm each day, is getting ridiculous. Some tamariki travel for 20 minutes just to arrive at the bus stop by 7am.
I am also extremely frustrated that the submissions that were called for in the discussion document for this obviously were not considered at all and I don’t for the life of me understand why this is happening. The number of accidents that happen along this road are minimal considering the volume. What is your justification for this?
We are all used to driving on crap roads. Perhaps you should look at the way you maintain and upgrade these if this is the reason for the extension, as the roads in other centres seem to withstand truck and multiple traffic users.

Anthea Lincoln (Gisborne, 2020-08-12)


I am signing because me, my partner, my family and my friends all use this road regularly and reducing the speeds and basically making people spend more unnecessary driving on the road seem ridiculous. There is endless amounts of roadworks needing to be done on that highway that should be considered first.

Monica Harnett (Gisborne, 2020-08-12)


These reductions serve very little benefit, but heighten frustration.

Jonathan Barber (Gisborne , 2020-08-13)


Trim the trees for visibility out of northern Makorori corner and redesign that intersection if needed but reducing speed through an easy flowing road seems silly to me. Driver frustration and stupid passing will increase as a lot will drive even slower than what’s signposted. We lack passing lanes around here and the fact our short slow vehicle bays hardly work indicate that driver courtesy is unheard of and banks of cars will queue up and dangerous passing once outside the 80 zone will occur. Also slower speeds on open road will make it easier for people to get bored and distracted so they can look around and/or use their phones and there’s the possibility of more fatigue by increasing travelling times or rushing and making up time on the rest of the coast etc

Liam Clayton (Gisborne, 2020-08-13)


I live up the coast. There is no reason tonhave a reduced speed.limit north of Sirrah st. The area only has a few driveways. It also has long strights and sweeping corners.

toby williams (gisborne , 2020-08-13)


I am a Gisborne person who has travelled this road many times & to reduce the speed limit won't correct the problems people have & any accidents are caused by people who don't know how to drive on country roads.More camber on the corners would improve many problems. It's a NZTA Problem to fix.

Beverly Cannell (Napier, 2020-08-13)


I have lived in Tolaga Bay all my life and drive the SH35 daily and nothing has changed from 30 years ago on that road, just everyone is so PC now and the speed from 70km to 60km won’t change a thing! More needs to be done around education with children. Vehicles hurt, don’t play on the road, simple!!

Scott Cranswick (Gisborne , 2020-08-13)


I agree the speeds should stay the same as current. There are already seasonal restrictions that work in those areas

Trish Atkins (Gisborne, 2020-08-13)


I feel, as someone who travels this road daily, people should have been given a chance to have some input into this decision.

Mereana Whanarere (Whangara Gisborne, 2020-08-13)


After you pass Sirrah st Wainui it is open road. You don't go through built up areas. There are no pedestrians. More the issue is the quality of road not the speed.

Michael Loffler (Gisborne, 2020-08-13)


This is ridiculous, AND dangerous. That is a long stretch of road, people will get impatient. Also it will stop people from wanting to drive this beautiful road that connects communities, it would be a real put off to most. Put an 80km restriction on the trucks, that would be better.

Anna MacGillivray (Gisborne, 2020-08-13)


I'm not in favour of permanent speed reductions from Pouawa to Okitu nor the further seasonal speed reductions as this will add more to travel time and cost for coast travellers not to mention the fatigue factor!

Iritana Ngarimu (Tokomaru Bay , 2020-08-14)


Just ridiculous

Peter Crawford (Tolaga bay , 2020-08-14)


I agree with this petition..

Rawinia Kingi (Tolaga Bay, 2020-08-14)


I travel this road everyday!

Phoebe Leach (Tolaga Bay, 2020-08-14)


I use this road almost daily as I am based in tolaga bay, and believe that this won’t stop speeding and will encourage people more. I also believe it will fatigue drivers and make them frustrated and more inclined to make poor decisions. This speed limit has worked for years with minimal crashes, why change it. All the crashes on these road are user error and not because of speed. A lot of these people who are supporting the changes are not frequent users of the road.

Johanna Curle (Tolaga Bay, Gisborne, 2020-08-14)


it will take ages to get home

Lena Bennett (gisborne, 2020-08-15)


I live in Uawa and travel this road often. I think the reduction in speed limit will cause frustration amongst motorists, particularly with the number of logging trucks who use the road, often travelling in convoy further slowing travel

Val Dockerty (Tolaga Bay, 2020-08-15)


G koia

Galla Koia (Gisborne, 2020-08-15)


Next these freedom campers will want bicycle and walkways.

Marshall Walker (Ruatorea , 2020-08-15)


I am a daily user of this road and this will impact heavily on travel time creating further delays.

Venice Tamihana-Brown (Tolaga Bay, 2020-08-16)


State highway 35 from Pouawa to Okitū is not a built up area.

Stephen Maynard Priestley (Gisborne , 2020-08-17)


This outrageous and is only catering to the few who camp at Pouawa for a couple of months at most, each year. If safety is such an issue, then the Council needs to stop freedom camping in this area, not penalise the Coast travellers.

Nori Parata (Tolaga Bay, 2020-08-17)


I’m signing because we deserve safer roads on SH35 (Gisborne - Te Araroa)

Horiana Cassidy (Auckland, 2020-08-17)


That is not acceptable for those of us who live further up the Coast. As it is I finish work at 3pm it takes me an hour to get to town, to the bank that closes at 4.30pm if I leave a little later or the speeds are reduced I will miss it.

I believe this will cause further anxiety, stress and frustration for us on top of all the covid19 stuff. Grrr

Kōkā-hauwai Turei (Tolaga Bay, 2020-08-17)


I’m signing because it is not fair that we who live here, and already have to factor in time/ distance for basic services (dentist, vet, hospital, hairdresser, bank appointments), will have to accomodate people who are on holiday. Our lives are being disrupted for a few. They choose to camp on a state highway. If I decided to go and camp on the side of State highway 1, will the speed limits be changed for me? I can only barely make it to town after work to catch the bank. If these limits are put in place then I will need to take time off work to do basic errands. These changes are putting people at a disadvantage. Not fair. Keep the limits as they are!

Alicia Armstrong (Tolaga Bay, Gisborne, 2020-08-17)


I travel to the East Coast regularly to see family. This restriction is just NZTA and the councils way of avoiding having to make roading improvements.

Stephen Tautau (Wellington, 2020-08-17)


I live up the coast and consider the restriction to 60km totally unacceptable. It will also extend the journey I already take to Gisborne to buy essential things and will cause stress while driving for appts in town. A lot of campers live in Gisborne but hire their huge homes out during major events so this means we as motorists are inconvenienced by these restrictions while they manage to profit at this time. Some camper vans are empty before Xmas and rhythm and vines because the owners park up so they can get the best spots. After Xmas they are empty because they drive to work everyday from the beach. Stop tampering with the road rules for the sake of a few.

Gerry Smith (Tokomaru Bay, 2020-08-18)


Because this is unfair to the coasties

Charlotte Green (Gisborne , 2020-08-18)


This stretch of road is part of the state highway and when you're traveling from the coast it is quite frustrating to have to slow right down to what is now a crawl for what reason really.

Jacqui Rangiuaia (Ruatoriaa, 2020-08-19)


I am sick of being regulated to cater for the worst drivers around, we have enough to deal with without making SH 35 a magnet for over zealous police officers collecting revenue for the government

Kim Cranswick (Tolaga Bay, 2020-08-19)


I feel there was lack of public consultation on this issue.It was lead by White Middle class Gisborne residents without wider community consultation.

Cran Gage (Gisborne, 2020-08-19)


The new intended restrictions are stupid..
The road is slow enough as it is..
Go and pick on another state highway.

Tuta Wilkie (Tolaga Bay, 2020-08-19)


I drive that road every day from Gisborne to Tolaga return and if the speed is lowered I'll never get to work on time! I carry 11 senior secondary students as well!

Cynthia Sidney (Gisborne 4010, 2020-08-20)


What a ridiculous decision to further stifle our economy and slow down the productivity of essential workers who drive this road daily. These workers - farmers, foresters etc generate millions and pay taxes which support those “do gooders” who sit around with nothing better to do than whinge and grizzle cause their little johnnys feel unsafe to cross the road - well don’t buy a house beside a highway - doh!
80km/hr from Sirrah street to Pouawa bridge is going to increase accident numbers due to driver frustration, queued traffic and fatigue.
Fix the quality of the road, don’t penalise the productivity of those that use it!

Norm Thomas (Whangara, 2020-08-22)


Being a regular user of the 35 everyday I think the speed limits should be left as they are..Why are they changing this in the first place

Frederick Waikari (Gisborne , 2020-08-22)


The current speed limits are quite safe if everyone drives safely and shows patience. There needs to be less lowering of speeds and a lot more driver education.

Chris Mcgrath (Gisborne , 2020-08-22)


I travel this rd everyday and dropping speed in this stretch is not productive for anyone, then dropping it again further during summer “what a bloody joke”.

Craig Morrison (Gisborne , 2020-08-22)


I travel that road Gisborne to Tolaga Bay and back twice daily. Alot of people already cruise along at less than the proposed new speed limit and just cause frustration and impatience from alot of other road users. Lowering the speed will only increase the impatience and risk taking.

Colin Black (Gisborne , 2020-08-23)


Protest against reducing speed limit around Gisborne

Lance Maaka (Gisborne, 2020-08-23)


Never mind changing the speed limit. Leave it alone thank you.

Leryssa Kelan (Anaura, 2020-08-25)


No need.

Vernon Gough (Tolaga Bay, 2020-08-29)


these people buy a house on a state highway that has had these speeds for years and think they can just come along and break my quality of life

paraone kaa (tolaga bay, 2020-08-29)


I'm signing because its already a reduced speed zone the new limits are too slow, the freedom campers are already far enough off the road

Ben miller (gisborne, 2020-09-08)


Because its stupid. Dropping the speed limit

Julia Atkinson (Gisborne, 2020-09-08)


Not enough community consultation

Arihia Poi (Gisborne, 2020-09-09)


Because those speed reduction rules are ridiculous.

Te Rama Whanarere (Gisborne, 2020-09-09)


I am in full support of this. Reducing speed limits even more creates longer trips both ways. Leave as is

Carol Destounis (Gisborne, 2020-09-09)


The new speed limit is an absolutely insensitive issue. Travel time for us on the Coast highway will increase. Fatigue will increase. Both are a major concern. We currently eperience the imposed speed limit during the "free campers" period. That entire area is particularly dangerous. Campers either pull out onto the highway or swerve off the highway with little or no notice. Daily commuters travel behind, or are squeezed between two/ three logging trucks at any one time, slowing traffic even more congestion!

Ani Leach (Gisborne, 2020-09-09)


Speed limit to slow

Fred Waihi (Whangara , 2020-09-16)


this has no benefit to motorists that use the road to or from work or during work. Time is money!!

James kirk (gisborne , 2020-09-17)


#KEEPIT100 and maintain our roads

Geoff Upson (Auckland , 2020-09-17)


I’m sign this because it’s a ridiculous idea to drop the speed limit up around our coast. You have skinnier rougher roads that you are able to do 100,

Natalya Barber (Gisborne, 2020-09-19)


Increased travel time equals increased fatigue. Slower speeds increase the chance of distraction and impatient drivers doing stupid things

Stephen Honey (Okitu, Gisborne , 2020-09-19)


I have traveled this road for well over 50 years. I am bemused when I see the “high accident area” signs. I think the new speed restrictions are ridiculous and an unwarranted unnecessary imposition on all the residents that live north of them. There may well be accidents caused by frustrated motorists taking risky overtaking once they reach the end of the new restricted zone. For Coast residents travelling south or west they must surely now have the longest restricted area to get through a city the size of Gisborne in the country.

Patrick Willock (Inner Kaiti, 2020-09-24)

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