Waikato Cherry Tree Festival Sep 2020



The festival is of benefit to all.

Paul Oulton (Hamilton, 2020-08-29)


I want to support the Waikato Cherry Tree Festival and more people and community to enjoy the beautiful event.

Dong Cao (HAMILTON, 2020-08-30)


In these trying times when the future seems unpleasant and bleak, it is imperative that we keep our positivity and spirits high and I see no better way of doing so than the Cherry Tree Festival, it was an absolute shame that it got cancelled last last year, im really looking forward to travelling to the Mighty Waikato to attend this festival

Samrat Idnani (Wellington, 2020-08-30)


I am a big supporter of Waikato Cherry Tree festival from the first event in 2017. This year I will still undoubtedly say this is one of the best event in Hamilton.

Liang Ren (Hamilton, 2020-08-30)


Allowing the festival to run for 10 days will allow all those who want to attend to do so and cover the costs of organising the festival more effectively. Waikato District Council should be bending over backwards to encourage local tourism initiatives , not going out on a limb to produce petty impediments to a unique and popular local event.

John Searle (Cambridge, 2020-08-30)


I have attended the event before and it's an awesome event. Shame that last year it was cancelled.
This is what NZ businesses need right now and especially it is good for Waikato economy.

Amanjeet Singh (Auckland, 2020-08-30)


I'm signing this because it's an awesome event and my son and I enjoyed our time at the last 1. They never disappoint.

Kyra Nagel (Huntly, 2020-08-30)


I'm signing this petition because we need more events like this which involve the wider community. All cultrescand races.

Miriam Lynch (Hamilton , 2020-08-30)


this is a culturally relevant event

Gary Scott (Cambridge , 2020-08-30)


The festival is a wonderful, uplifting event. For this year of Covid 19 in particular we need wonder, uplifting and engagement in beauty and with others.

Elizabeth Walton (Silverdale, 2020-08-30)


We need something special to boost our spirits right now after the year we have had as a nation and as a world!

Dianne Tucker (Hamilton, 2020-08-30)


I love the Cherry Tree Festival and it should be supported especially during these times where it brings so much joy. Spring has woken!

Grace Hket (Wellington, 2020-08-30)


This adds a wonderful and unique element to tourism in the Waikato - and it was cruelly cancelled last year!

Colleen Strother (Hamilton, 2020-08-30)


I love cherry tree blossoms and I’m in Waikato district.

Marinelle Colindres (Waikato, 2020-08-30)


I'd love to be free to enjoy this intriguing event for the first time and many more to come

Jem Litherland (Hamilton , 2020-08-30)


I would love to attend this festival with the beautiful Cherry blossoms for a day as family of 5 from Auckland. This event will be a great break and a joyful day trip away from home

Danielle Singh (Auckland, 2020-08-30)


To hell with pig ignorant bureaucrats and selfish neighbours who can't see past perceived property values.

John Palmer (Hamilton , 2020-08-30)


I support the Cherry Tree Festival and in these Covid times all tourism should be supported.

Alison McCartie (Raglan, Hamilton, 2020-08-30)


We want to attend the festival

Mary Grace Gonora (Auckland, 2020-08-30)


I would like to attend the 🍒 festival and believe that this is an enterprise that should be encouraged

Scott Beagley (Auckland, 2020-08-30)


the performances were excellent and it's a great way to spend a day with family and friends amidst nature

Binfu ldnani (Mumbai, 2020-08-30)


It has been a great festival with fun and love. May the romantic cherry blossom drag us from the darkness this year.

Krystal Chen (Hamilton, 2020-08-30)


I enjoyed the festival so much last time.

Brayden Harris (Cambridge, 2020-08-30)


A great asset to the Waikato and NZ in general, bringing people from all walks of life together to celebrate the beauty on offer

Kathy Kendall (Auckland, 2020-08-30)


we love going to the cherry tree festival, please bring it back!

nazra hassan (hamilton, 2020-08-30)


Its a beautiful festival and Hamilton needs to have more events especially this year to cheer people up. And this festival is certainly a cheerful event. 😊

Hayley Yorke (Hamilton, 2020-08-30)


Its a wonderful experience and we really enjoyed it in 2018!

Drina van der Merwe (Hamilton , 2020-08-30)


I want to have the Cherry festival open and available for everyone to be able to go .A wonderful opportunity for everyone

Marlene Walker (Hamilton , 2020-08-30)


I have attended a Garden Party and arrived with a party of friends from Whangarei in 2019 fiasco . Witnessed the Asian neighbour intimidating our Hostess.
A wonderful resource to the Waikato. Not doing any harm . Neighbour concerned about effect on property values - needs to move . Car Parking was responsibly managed and is the key issue for future events .

Jennifer Humphreys (Hamilton , 2020-08-30)


This event bought joy to my 4 generations of family. Very disappointed with the councils narrow view that cancelled it last year. WDC should do better for its community.

Susan Hopkins (HAMILTON, 2020-08-30)


I support the Waikato Cherry Tree festival because it is a beautiful, well organized event that is positive for the community.

Hayley Coeland (Hamilton, 2020-08-30)


Having more days would allow more people to attend but spread it out 😊

Tina Muirson (Pukekohe, 2020-08-30)


It would definitely be a great opportunity for people to have a relaxed day in the beautiful cherry blossoms and won't harm the public wellbeing with the organisers' considerate arrangements to appy the COVID norms.

Jane Guo (Hamilton, 2020-08-31)


I enjoy going to the cherry blossom every year

Cecilia Moeakiola (Huntly, 2020-08-31)


I love this!! All cultures should come together as one. Learning different cultures is amazing embrace ethnicity

Aroha Browne (Hamilton, 2020-08-31)


I believe that in these hard times, we need this Festival to boost the spirits of New Zealanders and showcase our diverse cultures.
Apart from the boost to the Waikato District economy, this festival should be suppoorted by Waikato District Council.

Vadi Vencatachellum (Pirongia, 2020-08-31)


I have been to this each year it has been going, the gardens are beautiful and it is a great family day out, i was so disappointing when I found out it had been canceled last year, my family really enjoy the colourful experience and I believe that this is needed after the year we are having to try to put some normality back into our lives. Covid has taken its toll on my with stress and i would love to have something to smile about again.
Thank you

warrick powrie (Hamilton, 2020-08-31)


we want this event to go ahead.

Brian Evans (Hamilton, 2020-08-31)


We need more community events!

Sarah Schwarz (Raglan, 2020-08-31)


I have been to the festival before and thoroughly enjoyed the beauty of the trees and the entertainment. It was well run I thought. I love supporting local as well.

Maureen Benton (Thames, 2020-08-31)


We loved it the 2 times we went .

Bev Powrie (Hamilton, 2020-08-31)


I'm signing this because it is a really nice day out. My mum loved it. So well done and beautiful. Let's enjoy what people can offer on their property.

Lee-Anna Hall (Tokoroa, 2020-08-31)


Bring back the Cherry Blossom Festival.

Sheryl Swetman (Hamilton , 2020-08-31)


Because after what is happening in the world atleast we can relax a bit and enjoy the beautiful cherry blossom.

May Renall (Waiuku, 2020-08-31)


Im signing because i love the beauty of cherry blossom in waikato

Darlene Lagasca (Auckland, 2020-08-31)


I'd love to go again (went 3 years ago) but $110 is ridiculous

Catherine Scrimgeour (Auckland, 2020-08-31)


People need a reason to connect in cultural fellowship, sisterhood, brotherhood, whanaungatanga, other than the debilitating anxiety-hood that is our new normal under covid.

So with hope in their hearts the people, though weary, looked to The Guardian of forests and he said haere mai moko, come, let my roots stabilise you, dance and sing amongst my leaves.

Leigh Wilson (Hamilton, 2020-08-31)


I would the Cherry Tree festival to go ahead.

Angela Royle (Auckland, 2020-08-31)


I'm signing because this is an awesome event. My wife and I have been for the last few years and it was sad to see it couldn't go ahead last year. My wife is a Japanese teacher in Cambridge and encourages her students to partake in Hanami here.

Matthew Rae (Hamilton, 2020-09-01)


I think they should be allowed to run the event for the extended period

Emma Bassett (Hamilton, 2020-09-01)


I believe that the number of visitors are too high and will have a negative impact on the lifestyle type of living in this area.
I represent Atawhai Assisi Home & Hospital.

Louis Fick (Tamahere, Hamilton, 2020-09-02)


There is a lack of tourist attractions in Hamilton and having experienced the blossom festival of Tokyo, Japan I know what a delight it is for the human spirit.

Maree Quill (3118, 2020-09-03)


We need something like this to lift our spirits

KAREN WADLEY (Hamilton, 2020-09-04)


The cherry tree festival is a beautiful event that brings people together

Karlene Raeburn (Papamoa, 2020-09-04)


We want to support the cherry tree festival thanks.

Cynthia Briones (Bay of Plenty, 2020-09-04)


I am signing petition because it’s sush nature’s beauty that must be shared! 💖🌸🌸🙌🏻

Dominique Whale (Hamilton , 2020-09-04)


I’m sing in this because I work on every single weekend, hope can open to 10days then I can have visit on weekdays.

Mandy Wu (Hamilton , 2020-09-04)


I’m signing because this beautiful garden has been created by Paul & Annie not just for themselves but to share with everyone who comes to the Cherry Tree Festival. Stunning gardens & an amazing event, not to be missed.

Robyn McRae (Tairua, 2020-09-06)


We were so disappointed for the owners last year and we missed seeing it too . I would love to go during the week as I have mobility issues and wouldn't want to be in anybody's way .

Sandra Lawrence (Auckland, 2020-09-07)


It's a special event that would be nice to share with more people. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, others may miss out. I think if there's enough interest in the event to warrant 10 days, they should be able to have 10 days to share it with everyone.

Nicole Baxter (Auckland, 2020-09-07)


I’m signing because I love the cherry tree festival in Waikato. It is one of the biggest events I join every year. The cherry trees in Japan are well-known to the world and this cherry festival in Waikato will let people from all over the world know that New Zealand has amazing cherry trees as well as diverse cultures.

Sandy Wang (New Plymouth, 2020-09-08)


It's important to support and encourage small business operations for the good of our economy.

Jenny Wright-Gardner (Hamilton, 2020-09-09)


I feel that the Council should support such a positively focused community initiative.

Lyn Shaw (Hamilton, 2020-09-09)


I'm signing because you can take bureaucracy to an extreme. Cut these people some slack

Ed Franklin (Matangi, 2020-09-15)

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