Instalment of an enclosed dog park in Upper Hutt



i would love an enclosed dog park in Upper hutt

Rach Eastham (wellington , 2020-10-17)


My dog would really benefit from this.

Toni Wellington (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-17)


I have two larger dogs and struggle with them on the lead due to back surgery so would love to be able to safely let them run around knowing they can’t get out of the enclosure.

Kris Lennon (Upper Hutt , 2020-10-17)


A safe friendly environment for dogs is needed. Sadly, in many dog friendly parks we have had too many instances of our dogs being set upon and the owners are no where to be found.

Tam Oosterkamp (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-17)


I think it's a brilliant idea. Especially during summer when the river is not safe for dogs.

Emma Colbert (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-17)


I pay Dog Registration fees. I think some of that money should be put towards actually providing something positive for dogs. There are no safe places to exercise dogs without having to put up with cyclists, motorbikes, drones, over-excited kids, and dog haters in general.
If a small town like Ashburton can have 4 dog parks how come we don't have a single one?

Karen Prince (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-17)


I would love somewhere safe to run my dog off lead. As I broke my knee on Upper Hutt footpath now I am unable to walk my dog for more than 15 minutes slowly.

Robyn Meek (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-17)


Upper Hutt has been falling behind other cities in NZ with regard to safe Dog Parks

Beryl Kirk (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-17)


My dog desperately needs some. Play mates

Kelly Birdsall (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-17)


I’m signing because there are no Enclosed options for us to exercise our dogs close to us.

Tania Lister (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-17)


It would be a really positive addition to Upper Hutt's outdoor spaces and facilities!

Jamie Beckers (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-17)


2 dog, would be so much safer...

Anna Kaczorowski (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-17)


Not a dog owner but love the idea. A safe place for dogs and their owners to have a blast with no worry of children, bikes etc. All for it :)

Amy Austin (Upper Hutt , Wellington , 2020-10-17)


Great idea - definitely be an asset. Maybe a few agility pieces in their as well

Jenny Ham (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-17)


Would be fantastic to have a safe place to take our dogs to play

Rosina Stevenson (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-17)


I have a dog and would love to take him to a fenced dog park

Alex Mcfadyen (Upper hutt , 2020-10-17)


I think this is a great idea!

Tiana Walker (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-17)


Think it is a great idea

Cecilia Hawke (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-17)


I want to be able to take my dog somewhere close to home for exercise and socialisation

Gemma Hyde (Upper hutt, 2020-10-17)


We need a dogpark in upper hutt

Blair Goodgame (Upper hUtt, 2020-10-17)


We have to go to Tawa every week. UH would be amazing

Kim Napier (Lower Hutt , 2020-10-17)


This will be wonderful for families with dogs

Renee Lee (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-17)


Upper Hutt needs a safe off leash place to take our dogs. We shouldn’t have to travel a minimum of 30 minutes to have access to dog parks in other areas.

Sheryl Bonsey (Upper Hutt , 2020-10-17)


Great to be able to take my dog somewhere safe

Sonya Coker (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-17)


I’m signing because I have a dog that I’m often taking to trentham memorial park, but have had an instance where this lady had a go at me because my clumsy puppy got in the path of her daughters mountain bike causing the 10 year old to stop suddenly. He then proceeded to sniff her foot and ran off towards me. The daughter started crying and the mother called me a stupid woman and I should control my dog. He didn’t absolutely nothing wrong, other than barking because a lady walking by the biker pointed an umbrella (which he’d never seen before) at him. It was a curious bark.

Krystal Ruscoe (Wallaceville , 2020-10-17)


i have 2 dogs and they and i would love an enclosed area for them to run and play with other dogs safely

Michelle Hulsbosch (Birchville, 2020-10-17)


I'm signing as we have two dogs that need a safe area to run off lead.

Tania Jones (Upper hutt, 2020-10-17)


I would like to take my dog somewhere safe to play happily with other pups. The closest one is tawa!

Hannah Shaw (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-17)


Our puppy needs a safe space to continue training without him being able to run onto the road

Anne-Marie Marinan (Lower Hutt , 2020-10-17)


It would be nice to have an enclosed safe place where our dogs can mix and socialise and run free

Karen Carter (Totara Park , 2020-10-17)


I think we should have a safe exercise area for dogs in Upper Hutt. I'm actually surprised we don't already. I think it's a brilliant idea.

Monique Snoek (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-17)


I have an energetic Labrador who isn’t quite up to being off leash in public spaces but would LOVE a space to run and socialise with other friendly dogs. Having an enclosed dog park in our lovely city would be such a wonderful asset to all dog owners.

Amanda Perry (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-17)


It is responsible for UHCC to provide an enclosed exercise and socialisation area for dog owners as part of their annual registration fee. Having lived in Auckland for years we and our dog, greatly miss dedicated dog areas where you don’t have to worry about public when “off leash’.

Selina Murray (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-17)


Great idea. We have dog and we love to walk along the river. But would love an enclosure where he would meet dogs in a safer environment

Justin Pescini (Upper Hutt , 2020-10-17)


Its is well.over due

Gavin Rodger (Upper hutt , 2020-10-17)


Having a puppy of my own would be great to have a safe space for her to run

Chantelle Waite (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-17)


I would love the safety of an enclosed dog park where my girl can run free.

Nicky Olivier (Upper Hutt , 2020-10-17)


This is something that we really need in Upper Hutt

Wendy Everitt-Brown (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-17)


We have a six month black lab who would love a dog park.

Sarah Cobbum (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-17)


I own a dog and would love to be able to have her safely off leash

Sarah Robertson (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-17)


It would be great to have an enclosed dog park in upper hutt

Rachel Macdonald (Upper Hutt , 2020-10-17)


I would like a secure place to take my dog off the lead so he can interact with other dogs

Jessie Robertson (Upper Hutt , 2020-10-17)


We need it for our kuri.

Elizabeth Taefu (Upper Hutt , 2020-10-17)


As a dog owner, I would like somewhere safe to run my dogs behind a fence to meet other like minded owners.

Kelly Irving (Lower Hutt, 2020-10-17)


We have needed this for a long time

Wendy Wharton (Upper hutt, 2020-10-17)


I think all dog owners have a need for a safe fenced area for their digs to exercise off lead & Upper Hutt has some fantastic parks / reserves that this could be achieved.

Bernadette Staal (Wellington , 2020-10-17)


I would definitely use an enclosed dog park.

Bronwen Morris (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-17)


Dogs need spaces to run free and socialise!

Julianne Toft (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-17)


Would be good to be able to take my dogs to a place the can ran and play without worrying about bikes, cars and the road.

Claudia Silva (Upper Hutt , 2020-10-17)


It would be great for Upper Hutt dog owners to have a safe place to let our dogs off the lead and interact with other dogs. There are plenty of park spaces (trentham, harcourt, Maidstone) that would be perfect for a designated fenced dog park.

Grace McKenzie (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-17)


I would like to see an enclosed dog park in Upper Hutt

Katie Knight (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-17)


Definitely needed and please ensure it is fenced right to the ground so small digs cannot escape!

Andrea Keating (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-17)


My dog is well trained yet for ever getting told off and the side eye from people when she's off her lead in the already approved areas

Joshua Boggs (Upper hutt, 2020-10-17)


Yes plz thats an awesome idea...could there also be a small dog park as my 2 littlies are intimidated by bigger dogs but do love to have a run....

Carol Bradley (Upper hutt, 2020-10-17)


I’m signing Because I have a dog and she does have the best recall. So being in an enclosed space will give her much more freedom off the leash. Which would be amazing as she is a very energetic puppy

Jarrah Maxwell (Upper Hutt , 2020-10-18)


I have a dog that would benefit from this

Melanie Mcfarlane (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-18)


The request for a fenced dog park has been raised repeatedly since 2013. When I used to walk and train other peoples dogs it would have been great security for dogs still learning to come when called.

Tracey Ultra (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-18)


We have high energy dogs who love to socialise but in an open area they can’t be off leads

Bruce Adam (Lower Hutt , 2020-10-18)


Great idea, perhaps complete the fence at the Upper Hutt Dog Training Club for all to use.

Anthony Moen (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-18)


I would like an enclosed area locally to take my dog

Claire Spierling (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-18)


Im a huge dog lover and id love to see this in upper hutt. be wonderful

Kathryn Walshe (upper hutt , 2020-10-18)


I have a dog and would love an enclosed dog park for her.

Esther Salisbury (Upper Hutt , 2020-10-18)


I have a dog and think this would be great

Sarah Williams (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-18)


I really need this for my dog!!! Honestly it would just be fencing....maidstone park?
We could even make it beautiful and fun. Could be a draw to the region.

Mandi Lynn (upper hutt, 2020-10-19)


I have a dog

Andrea Moore (Pinehaven , 2020-10-19)


It's a much needed resource for responsible dog owners, great for the doggies to be able to run free without stress

Sue Eru (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-19)


A enclosed dog park would work perfectly for my puppy! 😊

stevie bryant (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-21)


This would be fabulous

Kaye Goodall (Totara park upper hutt, 2020-10-21)


As a dog owner that pays my annual dog registration fees I would like to see an enclosed area for dogs to play safely

Des Davey (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-21)


It would be safer for both humans and dogs

Kirsty Gray (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-21)


I would like to see an enclosed dog park in upper Hutt great idea

Sue Bingham (Lower hutt, 2020-10-21)


We need a secure place to take our dogs & for them to be off lead

Leanne Jackson (Upper Hutt , 2020-10-21)


It's long overdue, we have a reasonably pro-dog council, but a lot of skirmishes with off leash dogs approaching non-dog owners and unintentionally startling them. Sure, it's not going to fix the recidivist bad dog owners, but it'll give good owners a safe place for off leash exercise

Sarah Norfolk (Upper Hutt, 2020-10-21)

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