Appeal to reunite team of 5 million



My partner got stuck overseas because of border closer. And her visa first entry date is expired.

Hardeep Singh (Auckland, 2020-10-21)


I want to be reunited with my husband. He holds a work to residence talent visa accredited employer. My offshore PWV processing is still on hold.

Jessica Colson (Port Elizabeth , 2020-10-21)


My partner was issued a GVV based on our relationship which has now lapsed due to border closure. I request to reinstate these visas.

Alpa Desai (Auckland, 2020-10-21)


I am a New Zealand Citizen and I was living in the Philippines with my partner but had to come home to Nee Zealand because my grandmother was critically ill and I fell pregnant to my partner so needed to work and save for our future. My partner is Filipino and still in the Philippines hoping to join me in New Zealand. We will have a child together and I need my child to grow up around his/her father. Our child is due to be born in March and I would have loved for my partner to be there for the birth but unfortunately he is not from a visa waiver country and I would have to go and fetch him if we hope to have a chance of being reunited. I can’t afford to do this and also the border in the Philippines is closed to foreigners I would only be allowed back there once our child is born. This puts a lot of stress mentally and financially on us as he lost his job due to Covid and I am only working part time as I haven’t been able to find a full time job. I would like to see the process of visas for partners regardless of country they are from to be a priority to reunite separated families.

Sarah Tecofsky (Invercargill, 2020-10-21)


My wife lives in Invercargill (PSWV) and I am still stuck in Sri Lanka. I applied my partnership visitor visa on 22nd November 2019 and now it's almost one year without her 😢

Nilan Perera (Moratuwa, 2020-10-21)


Because my wife got her visa afyer 14 months before lockdown and she couldn't travel due to travel restrictions
. Love is not tourism

Harpreet Singh Sandhu (Auckland , 2020-10-21)


Im a GVV holder base on partnership through a NZer. My visa got expired during lockdown period.

Ruby Ann Mananghac (Lapuyan, 2020-10-21)


I want my girlfriend home beside me

Ian Braggins (Masterton , 2020-10-21)


I have not seen my wife in 10 months. Im a work visa holder and we are unable to be reunited. We have our dog and all our belongings in New Zealand except for my wife

Malan Volschenk (Auckland, 2020-10-21)


We need to extend kindness to those who we have invited to move to NZ and work and contribute to our communities

Megan Costello (Gisborne, 2020-10-22)


This is really important

Malkit Singh (Auckland , 2020-10-22)


I have a PWV and almost separated for 8 months. My visa will expire in another 4 months.My 6 year old son asking for his mother, I don't have the answer.
Please allow us. Just closing the door is not the only best option. Everywhere in the world is opened up. We can't wait . Please open the border

Chidambara Thanu (Bangalore, 2020-10-22)


Please allow us to come back into New Zealand

Chintan Kalathiya (Surat, 2020-10-22)


My Partnership visa is on hold...Separated from partner since January...Resume Partnership visa processing

Mubin Patel (Wellington, 2020-10-22)


I am in new Zealand on skilled worker visa. I am a nurse and new Zealand needs me, but my husband stack in the UK. I need him in my life by my side! We are family, we are one. Please allow family to reunite

Elena Gibaviciene (DUNEDIN , 2020-10-22)


My visa is still valid until next year but i travelled before dec 1 thats why they are not allowing me back

Goutham Medikondu (Rajampet , 2020-10-22)


I am signing because my Skilled Migrant Resident Visa is approved, fees deducted, documents submitted but the case officer isn't assigned.

Surjit Singh Banga (Auckland, 2020-10-22)


Show some kindness to all of us

wayne Greenwood (Auckland, 2020-10-22)


I am signing because I am stuck in India.
Lost my accommodation and car in Auckland.
No source of income at the moment but still paying back my bills by taking loan from financers here just to make sure my credit score will be safe and clear for my future.
So in a very big problem at the moment. Need the borders to be opened asap.

Ramandeep Lalotra (Gurdaspur, 2020-10-22)


Because I am stuck offshore and I am on open work visa.

Charanjeet Singh (Chandigarh, 2020-10-22)


I m separated from my husband for 02years. Also I want staying together clause to be remove

Shikha Ahoona (Dubai, 2020-10-22)


Partner stuck in india for more than a year

Madhabi Samanta (Auckland, 2020-10-22)


I had been stuck in india for 7 months and i am totally stressed as my job and my future is on stake

Shaan Randhawa (Rotorua , 2020-10-22)


Babita devi

Babita Devi (Christchurch, 2020-10-22)


Need to solve all the concerns regarding immigrants

Tamandip Singh (Auckland, 2020-10-22)


I’m signing because my partner stuck in india he got general visitor visa but now already expired bcoz of border closing..
I need my partner we’re already living apart from long time. Now I can’t
Thank u

Rekha Devi (Auckland , 2020-10-22)


My partner is in stuck in india due to hold of partnership visa.

Diksha Rana (Hamilton, 2020-10-22)


I'm signing because, i'm the one stock offshore due to border closure.

Jenny Rose Pacuan (Catbalogan, 2020-10-22)


I am a wife of Newzealand PR holder. Couldn't get in due to border closure

Sulochana Shrestha (Pokhara, 2020-10-22)


My wife is stuck overseas

Krishnakant Choudhary (Auckland, 2020-10-22)


I am an essential worker, Migrant play a vital role in these circumstances( COVID-19). They are helping to country back in track. I live there from last five years. I pay my taxes and bill on time. Government should support migrants for their hard work.

Gurvinder Singh (Auckland , 2020-10-22)


I am open work visa holder. This was the time after studies to get some international experience in company but i am stuck offshore

Sachin Kashyap (Patiala , 2020-10-22)


I want to work in New Zealand and that is my dream. I have a job and employer waiting there. My temporary visa was already expired because of border closure. Dairy farm worker here.

Lorenz Christopher Destura (San Pablo City, 2020-10-22)


NZ Immigration is very unfair towards the Migrants.

Vasav Jadav (Christchurch, 2020-10-22)


My friend is stuck over here and facing alot of problems.

Prabhjot Pal (Garhshankar , 2020-10-22)


My wife and me have been seperated for 1.5 years after our marriage

Jewel Binod (Christchurch, 2020-10-22)


My visa expired in June even when I had the right to back tk New Zealand where all my personal belongings, friends, partner and dreams are I wasn't able to back until now

Karen Cuadrado (AUCKLAND CENTRAL, 2020-10-22)


My family is sick back in my home country and I do not have option to visit them without risking to not be able to come back.

Dawid Filipczuk (Wellington , 2020-10-22)


Applied for partnership visa on feb 2020. My wife is in newzld and I am stuck here in India

Vinod Kankanala (Hyderabad , 2020-10-22)


I am also a migrant here and i've heard many people's struggle is wasted because they can't come back to New Zealand because of this pandemic.

Kapil Kumar (Hamilton, 2020-10-22)


Stuck in Nepal and i am in open work visa.

Anil raj Prasai (Nelson , 2020-10-22)


I and my husband (Raj Kumar), stuck in India from Jan'20. We came here for my brother's wedding (30th Jan) and for my sister's wedding (8th Feb). We had returned tickets as well (23rd March).

We are facing financial problems and also we are stressed. We are mentally depressed as well.

Please allow us to come back.

Thanks & Regards

Manisha Kumari (Gurdaspur , 2020-10-22)


Relationships aren't being valued and unfair to keep partners away from each other because of inefficient processes. Unacceptable

Marvin Fernandez (Auckland, 2020-10-22)


Migrants not should be ignore

Sapinder Singh (Rotorua, 2020-10-22)


I am migrant who is waiting for PR from long time and my visa expiring soon

Supriya Lamba (Auckland , 2020-10-22)


We face lot of dificulties now, my wife still wating for visit visa

Vìkíng Damith Basnayaka (Nelson, 2020-10-22)


I am signing this because I am also stuck offshore from last 8 to 9 months but my job still available and visa still valid

Munish Kumar (Hoshiarpur , 2020-10-22)


I'm visa holder, nd my Visa expires due to border closure

Mary Trazy Karan (Ernakulam , 2020-10-22)


Justice for our brother and sisters

Ashish Kumar (Kaitaia, 2020-10-22)


I am signing coz i have felt the of all others who are strucked offshore as my own daughter n husband whom partnership visa file is not being seen n we applied in jan.

Suman Jakhar (Auckland, 2020-10-22)


I am on ESWV and my family including kids are not able to come to NZ as the inz not providing partnership visa at the moment for those who are offshore.

Silmi Aji (Te awamutu, 2020-10-22)


we all atuck here in offsure its been more then 8 months kindly do something for all migrants stuk overseas speciali open work visa holder didn’t get any positive newz till now kindly do something for all of us who stuck offsure 🙏🏻

Mandeep singh ( , 2020-10-22)


I am an open job search visa holdee. My visa is expiring on april 2021 and I am stuck offshore in my home country since april 2020.

Prajjwal Chapagain (Nelson, 2020-10-22)


I wanna unite with my husband who is newzealand and holds an essential work’s been an year I did not see him and I am mentally disturbed

Mrudula Nimmagadda (Nizamabad , 2020-10-22)


I feel the pain of migrants. How the Immigration department treat them like slaves.

Beant Singh (Auckland , 2020-10-22)


Arshdeep singh

Arshdeep Singh (Hamilton , 2020-10-22)


Because we applied for partnership visa and my wife is in Auckland we been apart due covid19.
My petition is for a fast process on the application.

Ramesh Chandra (Suva, 2020-10-23)

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