Sign the petition in support of former Mayor Powell's suggestion for the Minister of Local Government to appoint a Crown Manager to Tauranga City Council.



I would like to see maori voices mean something. Decision should not be made for tangata whenua without tangata whenua

Jacob Ohlson (Tauranga , 2020-11-22)


In the last local government elections the residents of Tauranga Moana voted for a change in leadership at Tauranga City Council (TCC). The residents voted for leadership that reflected the diversity in Tauranga. Acknowledging first Tangata Whenua and the principles of partnership, participation and protection outlined in the Tirity o Waitangi.

Sadly there are some councillors and residents who do not want progress or the status quo to change. This is evident in their opposition to Māori Wards or progress to be made on Tauranga’s infrastructure, development, issues around housing and social issues such as homelessness. To quote Mayor Powell "Tauranga's future as a city is of strategic importance to New Zealand cannot be left to a small group of petty politicians who have a long track record of hindering, or even worse, stopping progress.”

Those of us who attended public meetings have witnessed the blatant disrespect that these councillors show each other, at times the participating audience and more recently the Government investigators appointed to report and make suggestions on the culture of TCC.

The residents of Tauranga Moana deserve better! Please sign the petition supporting former Mayor Powell's request for Government to appoint Commissioner's and replace current councillors at TCC.

Colleen Spiro (Tauranga, 2020-11-22)


I’m signing because I agree with the need for change and development. I was appalled on how the council have behaved, how do we expect members of communities to respect each other when these people are setting such bad examples in positions of leadership.

Carly Gee (Tauranga, 2020-11-22)


Five members of this council need to be removed. They are not fit to represent the ratepayers of Tauranga any longer.

Margaret Beck (Tauranga, 2020-11-22)


The local government are unable to work together in a professional manner.

Kathryn Hassed (Tauranga, 2020-11-22)


A collaborative relationship of Partnership, Protection, and Participation.

Betty Dickson (Mt Maunganui, 2020-11-22)


I think its despicable the way Temby Powell has been treated and all the Council of Tauranga needs to go they are just plain nasty

Maureen Russell (Tauranga, 2020-11-23)


The complete council needs to be changed.

Bronwyn Bernie (Mt. Maunganui, 2020-11-23)


I am embarrassed by the consistent lack of professionalism shown by my elected members. We deserve better than this, the city demands real improvements are made and have no faith in the current council staff.

Geoff Campbell (Tauranga, 2020-11-23)


I support the call to bring in commissioners to the Tauranga council.

Edwina Withington (Tauranga, 2020-11-23)


I’m signing because I’m peeved that we are wasting $350000 on mediation for councillors that were elected in and can’t get along and do their job

Anita Lord (Papamoa, 2020-11-23)


I do think a Commissioner needs to be aappoinhbbbb

Denny Enright (Mt Maunganui, 2020-11-23)


I believe that intervention by Government is required desperately & immediately.

Julie Marriner (Tauranga , 2020-11-23)


Mayor Powell got things done, and rebuilt fractured relationships, locally, regionally, and national. He was however hampered by continued bad behaviour and at times hateful opposition from two returning Councillors, and two new Councillors, aided on occasions by the former deputy mayor, when he saw a political opportunity. He, and one of the returning Councillors, both ran for Mayor and polled very poorly. The other returning Councilor had been a Mayoral candidate in the previous election, and had a close relationship with the firmer Mayor, who also polled poorly. The two new problem Councillors also exhibited predermination, and failed to declare significant conflicts of interest. The report of the Observors is very accurate, and I do not believe there is any possibility of this Council functioning correctly, under a Government appointed Statutory Manager. I believe the only option, is the appointment of Commissioners.

Graeme Purches (Tauranga, 2020-11-23)


I'm sick of the councillors dictating hair-brained schemes and causing massive rates rises, for no long-term sustainable infrastructure development. The city is a mess due to the council and the personalities on it. The only way forward was with a mayor like Tenby and we run the risk of losing our lifestyle if we continue on the path we are - congestion, squabbles and massive budget blowouts.

Barbara Taylor (Tauranga, 2020-11-23)


There are current Councillors on the TCC who are in defiant breach of the Treaty of Waitangi & its Principles. Councillor Hollis uses the “Right to protest” & “Freedom of Speech” to not only spew his racist views but also insights division & discord amongst the Council members & the people of Tauranga. Councillors like Hollis & Co hide behind misleading statements of “Separatism” & a non existent term “Maori Privilege” to benefit their own agenda in excluding Maori from decision making roles & processes. They are not interested in harmonious relationships to progress our home forward but rather intent on continuing a legacy that has kept Tangata Whenua from a place at the table.

Sharon McLeod (Tauranga, 2020-11-23)


My children are uri of Ngati Ranginui and will one day return to their kainga. It’s of great importance to us that the wheels of change, evolution and progress keep turning in Tauranga. Disruption is the new buzz word and the old ways of being, doing and thinking in Tauranga need to be disrupted!

Vanessa Heke (Melbourne, 2020-11-23)


Because racism has no place in this world

Emma Sharpin (Tauranga , 2020-11-23)


TCC is dysfunctional

Sharon Lambert (Papamoa , 2020-11-23)


I’m appalled at the actions of the four openly racist councillors who have worked to disrupt and destroy the mayor, the rest of council and any progress in this city. They are wasting everyone’s time and costing the city millions.

Nicola Welten (Tauranga, 2020-11-23)


Tauranga council seems to be totally dis functional and as rate payers we deserve better than the petty bickering , and solo agenda's that have become the norm from those elected.

Linda Russell (Tauranga, 2020-11-23)


Because it is the right thing to do for our city.

Sally Cooke (Tauranga , 2020-11-23)


I understand the current members can rarely agree. After giving it fair and ample time, I believe it is now time for more desperate measures, for the benefit of the city.

Cheyne Hosking (Tauranga, 2020-11-23)


We need representation that truly reflects the needs and wants of the ratepayers of Tauranga.

Lisa Ford (Tauranga , 2020-11-23)


I’m signing because I believe he has been trying his best against a VERY TOXiC environment. The council needs a good overall and investigation into these atrocities

Ana Shaw (Tauranga , 2020-11-23)


Signing because these grubby ppl need to have someone oversee their behaviour

Paula Walters (Melbourne , 2020-11-23)


The current council is so disfunctional

Kenneth Collings (Tauranga, 2020-11-23)


Dysfuntional City councillors need replacing urgently so that the city can actually get some policies developed.

Don McMillan (Tauranga, 2020-11-23)


The people of Tauranga deserve much better!

Gillian Kerr (Tauranga South, 2020-11-24)


I'm signing because I am appalled at the behaviour of some of our city Councillors, and believe that the only way forward is for them all the be sacked and the Minister of Local Government needs to appoint a Crown Manager. These bullies must not be rewarded for their bad behaviour

John Hebenton (Tauranga, 3116, 2020-11-24)


Im signing because 5 council reps are not serving all members of Tauranga/Mount rohe. I need reps that work for the rohe and all the people in this community... I support recommendation put by Mayor Tenby before he resigned.

Rau Bates (Tauranga, 2020-11-24)


My connections to Tauranga moana are through whakapapa links( pirirakau) , my belief is we need a broader section of the community of Tauranga and representation of iwi at the table as was agreed earlier on . I tautoko the former mayors decision to stand down and asking the govt to step in and fix this situation up .

Bert Messent (Rotorua, 2020-11-24)


I want tauranga to progress not digress

Bec Muir (Tauranga , 2020-11-24)


I would like to see Tauranga Moana not run by a bunch of racists

Hemanawa Rikirangi (Tauranga, 2020-11-24)


We need some adults in the room. Honestly imagine responding to a report about your performance by nit picking over the spelling.

Amanda Gilbertson (Tauranga, 2020-11-24)


I agree. many of the remaining unf councilors seem to be there for themselves not the community they are paid to serve they have proven they can't be trusted to work as a team or negotiate with anyone who has a differing opinion to them. Racism, sexism, and many other forms of prejudice and self serving superiority are rife and the govt has no choice but to appoint a commissioner for the city to be able to move forward in a positive way

Lynne Clayton (Tauranga, 2020-11-24)


Totally agree

Verna Gate (TAURANGA, 2020-11-24)


I believe in Mayor Tenby, best mayor we have ever had

Janine Kakau (Maungatapu, 2020-11-24)


I totally agree for the Crown intervening and appointing a Manager. This situation was not what we voted for, and now a desperate situation, because those ruling appear able to do what they wish, without question??

Steve Woodward (Tauranga, 2020-11-26)


My friend and her partner have had an awful time with tauranga council with regards to their property. The council have gone against their own rules causing severe distress for my friend and her family.

Kelly Ford (Auckland, 2020-11-26)


Tenby is a new aged leader, inclusive of a bicultural partnership. Forging movement forward in creating a new kind of local government that recognizes its people of the land to be more involved at governance level.

Naomi Kerapa (Tauranga , 2020-11-26)


It seems a waste of money. Someone is not doing there job.

Mark Lird (Papamoa , 2020-11-26)


There is s such a horrible undercurrent of racism in the councul. It will get worst after Tenby leaves

Emma Campbell (Tauranga , 2020-11-26)


I'm signing because I am sick of the divisive and blatant racist behaviour of some councillors, they need to go so our city can move forward

Angela Angell (Tauranga , 2020-11-28)


I hate the racism in this city and loathe the avoidance of Council leadership and the use of referenda to quash changes.

Wendy Davies (Tauranga , 2020-11-28)


I am signing because Tauranga City Councilors are not fit to be in their powerful positions. There should be a Maori ward and TCC should be supporting this.

Amy Pourau (Tauranga , 2020-11-30)


Frustrated ratepayer

Manuel Jack-kino (Tauranga, 2020-11-30)


The Tauranga council is unfit to lead the city into the future. They are also incompatint

Alexander Polwarth (Tauranga, 2020-12-01)


The current council members are incompetent and have made terrible decisions. They are not there for the citizens of Tauranga but are there for themselves.. they need to go!!

Lyn Polwarth (Tauranga , 2020-12-01)


I am sick of Councillors messing us around and stopping us from progressing and having the beautiful town, with multiple attractions and facilities that the other towns have. I hope I am voting for progress!!

Sandy Toomer (Tauranga, 2020-12-03)


I am a very concerned rate payer. Our council is a mess. Inexperienced, childish and unwilling to work together for the greater good of our community.

Katrina Neville (Tauranga , 2020-12-03)


This is what Tauranga needs.
Our poor council management has gone on long enough!!

Sharon Towler (Tauranga , 2020-12-03)


All the Councilors need removing and the political side of the Council eventually replacing. Commissioners are also needed to sort out the Civil Management of TCC who are part of the Problem and are wasting 10's upon 10's of $millions upon botched Projects. Many of those Projects should never have commenced. The debt situation at TCC has also spiraled out of control.

Thomas Rutter (3116, 2020-12-05)


I agree with the need for commissioners to take over and govern Tauranga at least until the next election cycle.

Shaughn Prestidge (Tauranga, 2020-12-05)


I'm sick and tired of a council that tries to govern by bickering.

Don McMillan (Tauranga, 2020-12-05)


Tauranga deserves better - please save our city!

John Balkwill (Tauranga , 2020-12-05)


Feedup with self promoting, underhanded councillors that grandstand without giving a thought to why they were elected in the first place.

Carol Ralph (Tauranga, 2020-12-05)


I feel it’s the best thing for Tauranga at the moment, our last mayor resigned for whatever reasons, which was a shame now all that’s left is the rot.

Roger Stevens (Tauranga , 2020-12-08)


I have no faith in what the council is doing and the racism around Tauranga is getting worse, we need to close the gap on racism and make sure Tauranga as a whole is nurtured politically correct, it starts at the top!

Jamie Emery (Tauranga, 2020-12-30)

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