Rectify and Address Congestion North West of Auckland



Something needs to be done regarding the horrendous traffic delays due to congestion, which is only going to get worse with more residential development.

Michelle Johnson (Auckland, 2020-12-15)


I live in grew up in Huapai 15 years ago. And now have returned to live in Huapai. The roads haven't been changed ever. The amount of housing developments being approved with no infrastructure to support them is not okay

Amy Hoyne (Huapai, 2020-12-15)


I am signing because going to work at 5am in the morning is a joke just to TRY and beat the traffic! This area has been neglected for far too long.

Annette Dunning (Auckland, 2020-12-15)


New highway needs to be pushed through faster

Sarah Hendriks (Waimauku , 2020-12-15)


As the Kumeu, Riverhead, Taupaki, and Huapai area becomes more and more developed, there are an increasing number of cars on the road in that area. This had lead to increasing congestion, causing a trip to Westgate to take an hour at any point in the day. This is the same when coming back into Kumeu as there is only one lane going in, and one lane going out.
Roads needs to be wider, there needs to be a second lane (especially at the turnoff to Riverhead), and there needs ti be more focus on an alternate route for motorists.
Traffic conditions in this area are unacceptable and need to change right now.

Jessica Mather (Auckland, 2020-12-15)


We have been living in the area for 5 years now and the traffic is beyond ridiculous 7 days per week (no respite in the weekends). And now with the news that Fletchers have purchased more land to build yet more new houses in the area its just going to get worse. Nightmare! WE NEED A BYPASS

Anne Quaid (Kumeu, 2020-12-16)


I have lived in West Auckland for 30 years traveled Highway 16 for 25 years could leave home at 7.30 am now have to leave at 5.30 am due to the increased traffic. Build the roads before the houses.

Rodger Matheson (Auckland, 2020-12-16)


What a shocking mess out traffic is! If you lived here you would do something about it!

Sarah Ellis-Kirifi (Auckland, 2020-12-16)


The traffic is just nuts all over Auckland

Craig Davies (Auckland , 2020-12-16)


Years of inaction by the council infrastructure team has left the Northwest region in daily grid lock.

Warren Black (Kumeu, 2020-12-16)


This problem was entirely predictable 20 years ago when the expansion of Kumeu/Huapai was first mooted. There was more than enough time to have put the transport infrastructure in place before the current situation inevitably eventuated. complete failure of the planninmg process, why the hell do we pay these people. Get it fixed, now!!

David Fish (Auckland, 2020-12-16)


Traffic in and out of Kumeu terrible

Sandra Postance (Auckland, 2020-12-16)


sick of wasting so much time stuck in grid lock!

Gary Cully (Auckland, 2020-12-16)


Absolute bollocks 10-30years for a Kumeu bypass. Our lives and time stuck in traffic matters!

Nejc Cuk (Kumeu, 2020-12-16)


Traffic is terrible and still more houses being built before infrastructure in place!! Sort it out!!!

Raewyn Robertson (AUCKLAND, 2020-12-16)


It's insane building all these houses without the proper infrastructure for transport or roads

Anouschka Adolph (Auckland, 2020-12-16)


The traffic needs to be addressed as the area faces huge growth!

Melissa Stacey (Auckland, 2020-12-16)


Urgent urgent urgent extra lanes needed on State Highway 16 from FredTaylor Drive roundabout to Waimauku. Dont say it is in planning. Get it done please. Daily accidents. 6am traffic backed up to Hallertau on Coatesville Riverhead Highway which means its backed up on Highway16 from Huapai...unacceptable given all the new housing done and in the pipeline. Please please do something urgently

Sandy Mayo (Riverhead Auckland, 2020-12-16)


The traffic congestion in Kumeu, Huapai is ridiculous since council allowed subdivision without looking at the lack of reading infrastructure.

Yvonne Hawkins (Kumeu, Auckland , 2020-12-16)


We have problems getting in and out of Coatesville-Riverhead Highway .Taupaki
and Brighams creek roundabouts are always blocked. Weekends mean that all roads are blocked.

Toni Horsnell (2RD Kumeu, 2020-12-16)


Waist time and it is unsafe on these roads, people are frustrated and take chances

More people will die

Bertus MARKS (Kumeu, 2020-12-16)


NZTA & council have allowed housing development without adequate public transport/roading solutions. It is time someone listened to local community voice on this matter.

Renee Cosio (Auckland, 2020-12-16)


Stress of traffic unbearable

Kim Bell (Muriwai, 2020-12-16)


The state of the roading in the area can’t support the current population, let alone a the thousands of families that will be moving into the area over the next few years

Joanne Leslie (Kumeu, 2020-12-16)


I live in North-West Auckland and spend countless hours stuck in traffic in the North-West area, on substandard condition roads. We pay our rates and get nothing for it as far as roading is concerned. With more and more houses being built in this locality and Fletchers unbelievably about to bung in hundreds more, something URGENTLY needs to be done to address the issues that are raised time and time again by people that live here, but are never listened to.

Vicki Bishop (Auckland , 2020-12-16)


Traffic in kumeu is a nightmare from 6am every morning throughout the day and especially on weekends

Ben Grinter (Auckland , 2020-12-16)


I have lived in Huapai for 4 years, and the traffic situation has become ridiculous to say the least! 20-30 mins from Huapai to just past Coatesville Riverhead highway most days, and with more houses yet to be built it is only going to get worse. It’s not much better coming in the other direction either.
We need some action taken and we need it done NOW!!

Alana McElhinney (Kumeu, 2020-12-16)


Infrastructure should be a priority when new developments are built ! Not 10-15 years later !

Cliff Thomassen-Longdon (Auckland , 2020-12-16)


The traffic and lack of infrastructure and investment in infrastructure affects my daily life. Something needs to be actioned sooner than the 10-30 years planned.

Fiona Matthews (Auckland, 2020-12-16)


I'm signing because I am so fed up with the congestion getting into and out of Kumeu. Turning right onto Statehighway 16 is nerve wracking! and a total nightmare at times.

Julianne Bryant (Kumeu, 2020-12-16)


We have moved to Huapai in September 2020. And the traffic has gotten worse each week.

Chantel van der Merwe (Huapai, Auckland, 2020-12-16)


The roads cannot cope with the huge volume of traffic on state highway 16.with more land being sold to developers and no infrastructure it’s becoming a nightmare to even get out of ones driveway now .SHAMEFUL.

Catherine Agent (Auckland , 2020-12-16)


The traffic congestion is just ridiculous. I have only been living up here for four years and even in that short time it has just got so much worse. Something needs to be done now as growth is not slowing.

Leanne Keepa Keepa (Auckland , 2020-12-16)


The population is expanding with no consideration for infrastructure. The traffic out and into Kumeu is gridlocked every morning before 6.00am until after 6.00pm. This once beautiful peaceful village is passed breaking point. Something needs to be done

Debbie Markwick (Taupaki , 2020-12-16)


The traffic congestion in kumeu even on the weekend is getting worse. We were discussing infrastructure years ago and yet nothing has happened except more and more housing. This can’t continue there should be a stop on all future development until the reading issue is addressed

Debra Atherleigh (Auckland , 2020-12-16)


There is no sign of things getting better for many years, only things getting worse. The bypass is needed ASAP to allow for proper growth.

John Garelja (Auckland, 2020-12-16)


Huapai to Northwest and Northwest to Huapai is a joke. Get on with it, remove the roundabouts and get some lights in there pronto.

Eddie Penten (Kumeu, 2020-12-16)


As a resident and ratepayer at Waimauku for 55 years I am deeply concerned that our beautiful area is being ruined by unbridled development with no regard whatsoever paid to the necessary roading access and infrastructure required to cope with the huge increase in population foisted on this area by Council.

Joyce Powell (Auckland, 2020-12-16)


This is causing a lot of frustrated drivers to speed and risk the lives of everyone in the area.

Jamie Crawley (Kumeu, 2020-12-16)


Peak hour traffic is a thing of the past...peak traffic flows continue for hours, and most of the day at the weekend! SH16 as an alternative to the congestion on SH1 through Wellsford is now a joke!

Pauline Smith (Auckland, 2020-12-16)


I am so sick of all the traffic congestion in our area, can`t even go out in the weekend for lunch, too much traffic!!! The infrastructure should have been done way before the houses were built in Huapai and Kumeu.

Joan Johnson (Waimauku, 2020-12-16)


I have to deal with totally congested roads every time I want to go anywhere. Taupaki roundabout and exiting the Northwest motorway are shocking. It's also so dangerous turning off or entering the traffic on the Main Road.

Pamela Rigg (Auckland , 2020-12-16)


I’m sick of the heavy congestion on the roads around the area, having to leave earlier and earlier to get to destination

Richard Organ (Riverhead, 2020-12-16)


The traffic situation is a disgrace. More and more houses, and roads dating back 20+ years z

Mellissa Pikett (Helensville, Auckland , 2020-12-16)


Because a 10 minute drive to Westgate from Riverhead to get on the bike lane or on the bus sometimes takes 30 minutes. Coming home is just as bad.

Jan Lindsay (Auckland , 2020-12-16)


I use state highway regularly it is currently akin to 3rd world standards

Brian Caltaux (Auckland, 2020-12-16)


Something needs to be addressed more housing is compounding this issue.

Louise Banham (Auckland, 2020-12-16)


The traffic is becoming worse even in the weekend we are getting trapped at home because we can't get through Kumeu. There is also a lot more housing being built and still no infrastructure. This is significantly impacting peoples lives as well as livelihoods due to hour's sitting in traffic.

Andrew Skelly (Auckland , 2020-12-16)


Because it’s just becoming intolerable to take 45 mins minimum to get into the city anytime of the morning !!!
We moved here 15 months ago when it was generally a 30 minute commute out of peak times. This is no longer the case.

Katrina Dormer (Auckland, 2020-12-16)


I'm signing because I live in huapai and traffic is beyond a joke 7 days a week now.

Mandy Mead (Huapai Auckland, 2020-12-16)


It takes me 30 mins at 7am to get 2km on the Coatesville/Riverhead Hwy- even worse on the weekends. And to top that off you reduce the speed limit to 60kph except the most dangerous part on old railway rd that remains at 80 kph (I' m stumped!!!)

Andrew Scott (0820, 2020-12-16)


Traffic on state hwy 16 is actually the worst traffic in Auckland, more and more houses are being built and more and more traffic... It used to be just morning traffic now its everyday and every time of the day.

Vivien Mizen (Auckland, 2020-12-16)


The traffic situation on SH16 is terrible with cars backed up in both directions at all times of the day and week. I also want to highlight that this is only likely to get worse is if Fletchers are granted permission to build at Taupaki (in the path of the intended bypass).

Jackie Howard (Auckland, 2020-12-16)


These roads need some infrastructure- quick to build thousands of homes in riverhead, Kumeu, huapai and soon to be taupaki & nothing has happened to improve our roading

Deborah Leslie (Auckland , 2020-12-16)


I have watched the traffic intensify, dramatically so over the last three years and it is a giant accident waiting to happen... at almost any time of day!

Joanna Kyle (Kumeu, 2020-12-16)


It takes me 4 hours per day (2hours to and from) to travel from home in Muriwai to CBD for work.

Jacqueline Davies (Auckland , 2020-12-16)


I'm signing because the congestion is growing month on month.
As urban sprawl continues the traffic will continue to spiral.
Waimauku to the auckland CBD taking 1.5 hours during peak times is hard to swallow and becoming untenable to see this area as one to live for years to come.

Steven Sherwood (Auckland, 2020-12-16)


The traffic throughout our community has become unbearable. I now think twice bout whether I need to leave my home because of the inevitable queues any time of the day and every day.

Janine Rutherford (Auckland, 2020-12-16)


the road congestion on any given time or day is impacting on my life., getting to work on time .picking up kids, And putting up with angry drivers doing stupid stuff. what would one do if they had an emergency stuck in that traffic. NOT GOOD. !

yvonne O'Leary (Auckland, 2020-12-16)


I live in Kumeu and traffic is now all day everyday including weekends.

Loreley Hurn (Auckland, 2020-12-16)


The traffic is outrageous from 6 am to 7 pm every day. Who are these Town Planners who get to keep their jobs. FIRE THE LOT OF THEM until the traffic problem is sorted.

Claire Couch (Helensville, 2020-12-16)


I lived in Taupaki for 19 years and can see that the traffic situation has become unbearable. Should never have been allowed to get to the state it is in now.

Donna McKee (Aucklang, 2020-12-16)


We have lived at Muriwai for 24 years and way back then there was talk of upgrades and bypasses .. we’ll talk is cheap. All that has happened with successive governments and councils is development with a lot of people making a lot of money and f all going into infrastructure to support additional population including transport. If it wasn’t so serious it would be laughable.
NZ is starting to look a bit third world... don’t get me started on Auckland Port. Interesting times ahead.

Tania Cole (Auckland, 2020-12-16)


It shouldn't take me an hour to get to the north shore...

Renée Livingston (Auckland, 2020-12-16)


I live in Helensville and spend far to long in traffic everyday getting to work in Henderson due to inadequate reading network to cope with the fast growing population.

Ally Martin (Auckland, 2020-12-16)


The traffic is horrendous
All day every day absolute bumper to bumper

Rebecca Jefferies (RIVERHEAD, 2020-12-16)


My daily commute to the city is a 3 hour return trip. As a rate payer I would expect infrastructure that allows reasonable commute in and out of the area.

Tracey Marshall (Auckland, 2020-12-16)


I live in the area and something has to be done to stop all the traffic.

Brendan Clarkson (Auckland, 2020-12-16)


The traffic is getting so bad that it can take 40min just to get from Kumeu to Brigham Creek in the morning. The afternoons can be almost as bad and the weekends are just so busy you almost want to not risk it.
There is so much more new housing planned with no adequate fix to improving the infrastructure now. One road in and out for thousands of commuters is unsafe. With further new housing underway or planned it is only going to get worse.
We need action now, not over the next 10 years or so.

Tania Killeen-Noy (Auckland, 2020-12-16)


I am sick of the congestion any time of the day , it’s ridiculous that so many houses were built without any thought to infrastructure in place. The congestion is as bad if not worse than the motorway .

Dee Scott (Huapai, 2020-12-16)


I'm sick of this traffic!

Stacey Walters (Auckland, 2020-12-16)


I am sick of waiting in heavy traffic to get in and out of Kumeu. I’m leaving home at 5.45 and still end up waiting in a line of traffic. Then coming home at night queues again reaching back almost to Westgate just to get off motorway. The council have collected a huge amount of extra rates from new housing, which is still increasing so put it into the needed roading now.

Graham Mens (Auckland, 2020-12-16)


The Congestion is appalling and dangerous.
The subdivisions keep building without appropriate infrastructure.

Helena Dobbe (Auckland, 2020-12-16)


I live in Riverhead and the traffic is horrendous and something needs to be done urgently. The issue is across Auckland

Daren Waters (Auckland , 2020-12-16)


Traffic from waimauku to the city is horrendous. There are some easy fixes and some long term planning and implementation required given the rate if residential development - infrastructure is not keeping up. Closing the right hand turn into river head coatesville highway off SH 16 as a start would make a huge difference forcing the use of the much safer roundabout just a few hundred metered up the road.

Janette Searle (Waitakere, 2020-12-16)


I'm signing because i am sick of the traffic from Bringham Creek Rd round about to Huapai/Kumeu every hour of every day. Too many houses and no more roading! No council planning just get more houses in with out the proper infrastructure.

Angela Williams (Whenuapai, 2020-12-16)


Something needs to be done

Bobbie McKeown (Waimauku , 2020-12-16)


I am a resident of Kumeu and see the every day congestion Wrecking havoc on our roads

Pauline Boyd (Kumeu Auckland, 2020-12-16)


Something had to be done NOW to sorry it this traffic. Too many excuses as to why it hasn't been done. Why don't these developers and councillors spend some time out here and actually see how ridiculous they're "planning" is.
How about they actually do something about the infrastructure NOW before even more development goes forward!

Nikki Croy (Auckland, 2020-12-16)


Worst congestion in Auckland

Judith Hyde (Auckland , 2020-12-16)


The Traffic through Huapai/ Kumeu is out of control even on the weekends it’s like peak hour during the week!

Graham Byron (Auckland , 2020-12-16)


The traffic in and out of kumeu has gotten a lot worse over the last month. It doesn't matter what time if day now. From the round about at Brigham it comes to almost a standstill.

Beth Stewart (Auckland, 2020-12-16)


As a resident I want to reduce wasted time and money and improve productivity of businesses in North West Auckland. Provide relief of transport options whilst light rail is planned for longer term.

Ben Law (Auckland, 2020-12-16)

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