Bring back meeanee skid pad



Safer and smokier communities together

Dani Elle (Hastings , 2021-01-30)


I’m signing because I grew up with thunder park and skids are life lol

Angela Johnson (NAPIER, 2021-01-31)


There needs to be a safe place for skids and car enthusiasts to go

Fiona Bishop (Napier, 2021-01-31)


We have always wanted a skid pad in hawkes bay. We got one. Then it gets taken away from us because of a few whinges. This is the only place we can legally do it, and for a lot of people this is there passion which they are unable to pursue legally now.

Sean Morrison (Napier, 2021-01-31)


It's a better place to pop tyres then on the roads and has a bit more of a safe aspect to it too don't have to watch out for cars just hit limit and go

Ross Curran (Napier, 2021-01-31)


Yes we really need one young people have become really good drivers just need to be slower on the roads and have a race track so thy can speed there.

Jayde Thitense (Napier, 2021-01-31)


This will be a great thing for our youth and us oldies to come and enjoy some great burn out action, enthusiasts can meet and share friendship and knowledge. It’s certainly a great idea

J wilson (Hastings, 2021-01-31)


It has been to long with out a skid pad in the bay. Makes more sence and saves fines and police time.

Denise Orchard (Napier, 2021-01-31)


People are doing burnouts on the streets and causing damages to roads,putting others and them self in ain’t going to stop because it’s what people love,if we had a controlled environment where spectators and drivers are safe then it wouldn’t be much of a concern and the public would be happy.

Blaze Ripohau (Hastings, 2021-01-31)


This is why the streets get terrorised. Bring back the skid pad so we can legally let off steam, have some fun and have a good ol fashioned car meet with a bit of banter. Chur

James Dixon (Napier, 2021-01-31)


We lost Thunderpark raceway which was an awesome facility. It was the best t in the Southern Hemisphere. Now the closest thing is Taupo or Masterton. These guys/girls need somewhere safe to enjoy their cars, have fun without doing it on public streets and endangering others and property.

Debbie Steed (Napier, 2021-02-01)


We need it!!!!

Matthew Cherry (Hastings, 2021-02-01)


I'm signing this petition because I believe that the meeanee speedway would be a good place for car / bike burnout enthusiasts to go and celebrate their cars / bikes legally which was it's intended use I also believe in this petition because it will hopefully prevent people doing skids at 3 in the morning outside someone's house or worse in a Street where there's kids playing and they get hurt

Chris bixley (hastings , 2021-02-01)


I believe that this would be great for the region and would help curb the amount of burnouts on the roads.

Chris Hardie (Hastings, 2021-02-01)


Having a local skid pad would of saved me about 50 demerits and alot in fines. Motorsport is a recognized sport world wide and the minority should have a way of recreational use especially when theres obviously so many enthusiasts out there. It makes sense

Jack Wills (Napier, 2021-02-01)


Because we need a place that we can do this stuff without needing to look over our shoulders

Nate Sargy (Napier, 2021-02-01)


There needs to be a safe and public venue for our petrol heads to let off steam legally

Paul Dixon (Napier, 2021-02-01)


Car enthusiasts need a place to go and have fun but it also need to be controlled and having a place like a skid pad that is controlled and not on the roads will be less stress and worry to the community and it a great way to keep it off the streets if something isn't done the streets will just get worse that's what the non car enthusiasts need to get. Without a controlled and save place to do skids and drags the roads are all we got and with nothing being done about it to help the car community out it will only get worse

Ethan Hocquard (Napier, 2021-02-01)


Hawesbay needs somewhere for use to do our hobbie with out getting on the shit with the law

Kane Ryder (Hastings, 2021-02-01)


I'm from Hastings and I think the community would benefit from being able to use the pad

Vanessa Robinson (Gladstone, 2021-02-01)


Im signing because I believe it's in the best interest for us car enthusiasts and for the public to have a place we can legally take our cars, and get them off the street and still enjoy them.

Scott Az Ft Nessa (Napier, 2021-02-01)


there should be somewhere that burnouts can happen safely and not on our streets

Maree Price (Hastings, 2021-02-01)


I'm sick of seeing ford's in the impound

Eruera Rarere (Napier , 2021-02-01)


It's well overdue

Crystal Riley (Hastings , 2021-02-01)


As a young citizen of the hawkes bay, every pursuit is catered for apart from car enthusiasts. If there is a safe place for people to let off some steam, the streets will be cleaner and safer.

Nikki Mortensen (Haumoana, 2021-02-01)


Skid pads are safer

Corrine Jae (Napier, 2021-02-01)


It's a good idea. Get the hoons of the streets.

Matt LeQuesne (Nalier, 2021-02-01)


Be good need something for us to skid on wouldnt mind paying to skid on the pad

Kim Markham (Napier, 2021-02-01)


I think it’s a great idea!

Sharon Morley (Hastings , 2021-02-01)


I have built myself a burnout car and my family and I travel out of town for competitions, I want my boy to grow up doing it on a track and not the streets

Dean Greeks (Napier , 2021-02-01)


need it

Zoey Harris (napier, 2021-02-01)


I missed out on the events held there and I’m very keen to have a go out there. I’m a huge advocate for getting people into organised events to do burnouts rather then on the street and having another venue able to be used is always better.

Tony Whiley (Wellington, 2021-02-01)


This is being productive.... It's a hobby to many and they need somewhere to hang out without harm to others and marking our streets.

Hayley Taylor (Napier, 2021-02-01)


I'm tired of my house smelling of burning rubber,having my animals scared of the noise and being woken up when people decide to do burnouts outside of my house and near by. If a pad is what it takes for it to stop then I'm all for it.

Belinda Spargo (Napier, 2021-02-01)


I believe it is needed in the community to help clean up the streets

Jordan Grant (Napier, 2021-02-01)


I’m signing because it would be far safer to have the skid pad than to have them doing skids on the street. It’s a good place to socialise and hang out without risk on endangering general public traffic.

Courtney Schwass (Napier, 2021-02-01)


I'm signing because I think it's there so us it and stop doing it on the streets

Dean Shannon (Hastings, 2021-02-01)


To the wheelnuts

Pj Oughton (NAPIER, 2021-02-01)


Skids are fun, but dangerous on public roads. We need somewhere safe and legal.

Brent Kampkes (Napier, 2021-02-01)


I work with d1nz drifting an think it is a bloody good idea it gives them something to look forward to an keeps them of our streets

Renee Jury (Haumoana, 2021-02-01)


Because if there was somewhere close to legally do skids that's where I would go instead of back roads

Josh Brodie (Hastings, 2021-02-01)


People need somewhere to go and have fun.

Nikita Xanthe Williams (Napier, 2021-02-01)


Im signing this because im sick of not having anywhere to do burn outs because posh dicks dont like youge people having fun

Andrew Drury (Napier, 2021-02-01)


it’ll be good to have somewhere local to go have some fun instead of having to pay to go to out of town events where you have to fork out that extra money for hotels to stay at and car trailers when we can just drive around the corner so much easier also takes a lot of hoons off the street and saves all the fines and everyone losing there license just because they wanna do something that they love but yet there’s nowhere for us car enthusiasts to go to. I would say it’s a brilliant idea to open up this skid pad that was made and then taken from us and put some use to it !!

Jamie-Ray Walker (Hastings , 2021-02-01)


We need a skid pad and place to go

Roger Cathro (Napier, 2021-02-01)


A safe place for people to do skids, safe neighbourhood for everyone to live in, with no skidded up roads 👍🏽👍🏽 Win, win wouldn’t you think?

Riwhia Poutu (Hastings, 2021-02-01)


I want the street skids to stop

Alan Markham (Napier, 2021-02-01)


Better there than on the streets

Nathan Abel (Napier , 2021-02-01)


Plenty of places for cyclists being put in, what about other sports, they need designated areas too

Pete Bell (Cambridge , 2021-02-01)


It's only fair to give Nz Bogans a play ground off their own. A skid pad is what they need

Sid Hammond (Tokoroa, 2021-02-01)


It would be good to have a spot where the youngens can go have some fun on a pad instead of out on the streets!

Chaunee Lowe (Napier, 2021-02-01)


I'd rather a safer place away from traffic

Claudine Dick (Napier, 2021-02-01)


The people of Napier need somewhere to skid safely!

Hayley King (Napier, 2021-02-01)


I’m signing because I personally would pay to use this and I think it would be awesome to have something like this available for passionate drivers

Kirstyn Renall (Napier, 2021-02-01)


It has been proven in countries around the world if you give kids a purpose and something constructive you will keep them off the streets and inspire them to follow their dreams.
You may even save their lives by doing something under controlled conditions.
Teach them skills of mechanics, auto electrics etc etc and inspire the next generation, not turn them in to criminals.
What a great opportunity to do some great work especially with the history of motorsports within this beautiful country.

Cathal Kelly (Hastings , 2021-02-01)


I want the skid pad back so I can get on it!!!

David Hortop (Hastings, 2021-02-01)


I have mates who’re super into skids but they always get themselves into trouble by skidding on the street areas so it would be great to have a place for them to showcase their talents. Overall it isn't a bad idea and i think it would help alot with cutting down the trouble that people get in with police. Give us a skid pad so it keeps our car guys out of trouble. They really mean no harm, just need a place to let some steam out.

Shakaea Perkins Wiari (Napier, 2021-02-01)


It is a quintessential part of an ever expanding nz car culture.

Leonardo Greaves (Napier, 2021-02-01)


There is a need of a skid pad In hawkes bay as to have the option of a skid pad on every weekend will take alot of skids of the streets

Liam Mottram (Clive hawkes bay, 2021-02-01)


It is safer to have a place to skid instead of in the streets

Saxo Cooper (Napier, 2021-02-01)


It should be getting used and

Rowan Bainbridge (Napier, 2021-02-01)


I think it’s rotten that this facility was closed down.
Better there than on every intersection in Onekawa....

Tracy Elliott (Hastings , 2021-02-01)


I’m signing as I support this to encourage this kind of sport to be held in a safer environment and out of the way of public

Travis Wiggins (Hastings, 2021-02-01)


I don’t have a car but bring the skid pad back

Tia McQueen (Napier , 2021-02-01)


There are many positives to this and benefits many napier residents.

Ellen Hughes (Napier, 2021-02-02)


I am signing as it's would be a great event will get people out and about and hopefully it will help our community with the problem of people having no where to do it so they are taking it to the roads an I'd love to take part in events

Sean Kumar (Flaxmere, 2021-02-02)


If they had a place specifically for that there would be less of it on the streets, less likely to brake the rules, and less of it around kids on the streets or around housing so forth. In a controlled environment it can be safe and open to all that are interested

Joulley Rarere (Napier , 2021-02-02)


skids are love, skids are life

Summer Lindquist (Napier, 2021-02-02)


I love skids and they should be done off the street

Marty Fisher (upper hutt, 2021-02-02)


I think it is a great idea

Eugenne Croton (Hastings, 2021-02-02)


Bring back the skid pad!

Kelly Wagstaff (Napier, 2021-02-02)


It’s cool

Rowan Dodd (Napier , 2021-02-02)


I reckon you guys should have a safe place to do skids xx

Cheyenne Caples (Napier, 2021-02-02)


Send it!!

Brad Jensen (Napier, 2021-02-02)


I love cars and skids

Ruben Spotswood (Waipukarau , 2021-02-02)


I rather this be in a controlled area and not in our streets. For the safety of our community and people that don't understand the love for burning rubber.

Katie Kearns (Napier, 2021-02-02)


It's a great idea. Keep young drivers off the roads and safe while doing what young drivers have always done.

Gay Robertson (Napier, 2021-02-02)

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