Improve the access tracks for Uruamu reserve in Lyttelton, NZ



I authored the petition and have been lobbying for this cause for the past several years

Joshua Merriam (Lyttelton, 2021-02-18)


It’s a growing sport and it’s a healthy sport. More trails the merrier.

Chip Thomas (Christchurch , 2021-02-18)


I mountain bike in the urumau reserve and walk with my partner, I want to show my support for the proposed new access track as I feel it would be much more enjoyable than the gravel road.

Alex Marlow (CHRISTCHURCH, 2021-02-18)


As a user of this facility I can see the benefits of improved access.

Timothy Norris (Christchurch , 2021-02-18)


I would like to see an improvement to a recreational area I use.

Craig Scott (Christchurch, 2021-02-18)


I'm signing because I would really love to see work done on the trails in the reserve that benefit all its users including cyclists.

Helen Sinclair (Lyttelton, 2021-02-18)


Our family and friends enjoy mountain biking and the Port Hills.

We’d like to see more, and better, trail networks around our City.

We’re building a mountain bike skill park promoting Community, Conservation & Progression.

Grant Brokenshire (Christchurch , 2021-02-18)


I use the area as both a hiker and a bike rider, and this would be an advantage for everyone.

Dan Lewis (Christchurch, 2021-02-18)


I would like to be able to take my children to enjoy the reserve which unfortunately, due to the steep 4wd section, is currently too hard for them to negotiate.

Quesi Mercier (Christchurch, 2021-02-18)


Developing the trails of the Port Hills is good for the community in so many ways. Encouraging people to ride puts bike related dollars into to economy in New bikes, clothing, accessories, coffee and food etc.

Mark Heald (Christchurch, 2021-02-18)


Improved tracks for greater safety and enjoyment for all users

Hamish Shaw (Lyttelton, 2021-02-18)


I am signing because the current Lyttelton reserve’s management committee has done next to nothing on trail development over the last 2 years. The trail plans in the development plan were consulted with the community and agreed upon. It is time to make them happen!!

Luke Hollister (Lyttelton, 2021-02-18)


Better access to the area would be great for the future of the town. With the rise of mountain biking this will bring more people to Lyttelton and more money into the shops and local community.

Liam Crozier (Lyttelton, 2021-02-18)


Access issues severely impact the quality of the area for mountain biking

Taylor Koens (Christchurch, 2021-02-18)


We want a better option away from the cars

Octávio Teixeira (Christchurch , 2021-02-19)


Want to see the plan cometed.

Hadleigh Stephenson (Christchurch , 2021-02-19)


These trails are a great recreational resource which could be managed in a way which is sensitive to all users of the reserve. Engagement and dialogue is the key for all parties.

Jon Roebuck (Christchurch, 2021-02-19)


I am a professional mountain bike track builder and believe these changes will make the area better for all users including walkers. With track upgrades allows the changing of gradients and trail formation to make walkers and riders to co exist without conflict. The safety of all users is paramount and to exclude anyone from recreational fitness is draconian. We should be encouraging community engagement in physical education and outdoor pursuits whilst lowering not only immediate but also developing risk for all users to provide positive experiences prompting returning users. Having a wide variety in a trail network increases access for all users of all levels of skill this is a fantastic opportunity for the community and anything that can be done to speed it up and do it right the first time is of a high priority.

Matthew Coultas (Christchurch, 2021-02-19)


We need progress

Peter Savage Savage (Lyttelton , 2021-02-19)


It feels wrong that a plan agreed at a higher level than the local reserves committee is being held back from being actioned for what appears to be no valid reason. The lack of support from LRMC to action this plan is not acceptable. In doing so they are not representing the overall community and the chair particularly seems to have bias to projects that serves his personal interests.

Helen Holyoak (Lyttelton, 2021-02-19)


The lyttelton tracks are a great asset for the whole community and this will improve access.

Emily Lane (Christchurch, 2021-02-19)


I'm signing because I regularly use the trails for walking and biking. It seems a lost opportunity that the trails aren't linked up in a way that would suit all users. It also appears that mountain bikers themselves have taken it upon themselves to maintain the trails (for all users) by cutting grass when it becomes overgrown, repairing portions of trail when required etc.

Kate McDougall (Christchurch, 2021-02-20)


I ride bikes throughout the Christchurch and advocate for additional, considered improvement to the trail network.

Sam Grummitt (Christchurch, 2021-02-20)


I’m signing this because my children and I and my partner all use Uramau Reserve a lot, it’s wonderful to have a local option for biking and walking. But the tracks need work and there’s so much potential to realise.

Lucy Hine (Lyttelton , 2021-02-20)


I'm a keen rider who is looking for track development, it's a good healthy pastime

Mark Neilson (Christchurch, 2021-02-20)


I’m signing because I want to see endless delays in implementing the development plan ended. Let’s get some progress on this.

Jean Tompkins (Lyttelton, 2021-02-20)


This is a great facility for Lytellton and improving the experience will do nothing but good.

James Turner (Christchurch, 2021-02-20)


I ride MTB, I live in Lyttleton, and I feel strongly on this topic.

Tim Hillsamer (Lyttleton, 2021-02-21)


Easier access to community land

Richard Goldsbury (Christchurch , 2021-02-21)


I’m signing because mountain biking is beneficial to lyttleton and the young and old people of lyttleton. I think some people think mountain bikers are anti social young goons. But I’m a 52 year old teacher, mother and woman who loves mountain biking!

Melanie Blomfield (Christchurch , 2021-02-22)


These tracks are a real drawcard for Lyttelton.

Andrew O'Connell (Christchurch, 2021-02-22)


A few single minded people should not be able to turn down a proposal supported by the community

Rick Houghton (Christchurch, 2021-02-22)


I support the integration of exercise with native bush and out doors. These are assets which will provide many benefits to public and communities.

Simon Parkes (Christchurch, 2021-02-22)


The tracks are in better condition for walking and running since mountain bikers started managing the tracks.
Let them continue improving the network.

Paul Coggan (Christchurch, 2021-02-23)


I use the mountain bike and walking tracks with my family and believe an upgraded access track will be such a benefit to the community.

Caroline McLean (Lyttelton, 2021-02-23)


It's 2021. Mountain biking is a popular and growing form of exercise, recreation, and enjoyment of our outdoor spaces. Efforts to improve access for mountain bikes, which will in turn benefit all users of our outdoor spaces, should be celebrated and encouraged. I live in Sumner and enjoy riding my bike on the local tracks. It's safer and healthier biking on tracks than on the road

Forrest Bilek (Christchurch, 2021-02-25)


Please add our names to your list

We are all over 18 years old.
We are home owners of 32 Foster Terrace
Anne Sergison
Tracey Sergison
Abby Sergison

Tracey Sergison (Lyttelton, 2021-02-28)


live on 22 Foster terrace in Lyttelton and would like to support access to the reserve behind our house

Moana Radcliffe (Lyttelton, 2021-02-28)


The reserve is a great asset for Lyttelton and has ample space for all users. Seeing the development of mountain bike tracks in the reserve become such a divisive issue has really pained me. It's simply unnecessary. People don't care for what they don't appreciate and young people recreating in an area is a great way to foster an appreciation of nature, perhaps young bikers now will be tree planters in the future? Certainly this has been part of my path through life.

Peter Griffin (Christchurch, 2021-02-28)


Because these tracks are great

Alister Brunsden (Christchurch , 2021-03-05)

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