Protect Lake Puketirini -Stop Gleeson & Cox proposed new managed Landfill in Huntly



Live in Huntly and prefer to have a Lake over a Dump

Rawiri Norman-Pakinga (Huntly, 2021-03-06)


this is were I live

Paula Mills (Huntly, 2021-03-06)


I disagree with businesses making profit at the expense of the environment and I lack faith in the council’s will to protect it.

Andrew Parkin (Huntly , 2021-03-06)


The wishes of our residents need to be respected. We are tying to protect our land and its future. The company that is managing the quarry will leave and not look back when it has made the money it obviously came for. They have shown nothing but disregard for Huntly and its residents. I believe them to be completely untrustworthy based on their actions and conduct so far.

Jessica Rix (Huntly, 2021-03-06)


lake puketirini is beautiful lake to walk around we need need another land fill in this town

Karl Wescott (Waikato, 2021-03-06)


Don’t won’t toxic rubbish juice going into waterways

Laura Bowmer (Huntly, 2021-03-06)


Local attraction for our future



We use our roto all the time, swimming, waka ama and walking. Its the only swimmable lake in our town. In fact its probably one of the very few lakes in the country that is still swimmable. Gleeson & Cox have broken trust with our community, we dont want them destroying our lake.

Erin Taoho (Raahui Pookeka, 2021-03-06)


Our Lake holds so much potential for our community. And provides our community with so much. We look after our lake as much as our lake looks after us

Okeroa Rapana (Huntly, 2021-03-06)


I’m signing because this is outrageous and disgusting, the irreversible and potential damage that this will cause to the environment in our beautiful community is disgraceful! We are not a rubbish dump!!!!

Kristy Wilson (Huntly, 2021-03-06)


I'm signing because I live not far from this lake it is the only freeswimming lake I take my grand daughter to and it is safe bit also a great walking spot

Leighanne Nepia (Huntly, 2021-03-06)


My whaanau use this lake all the time and our tamariki use it for waka AMA we don’t want it to be used as another dumping area for companies

Whitney Williams-Totorewa (Te Kauwhata , 2021-03-06)


Leave our beautiful Lake Puketirini alone you FUCKS!!!! Fuck off back to Auckland 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Nicola Livingstone (Huntly, 2021-03-06)


Lake Puketirini is a pristine fresh water lake, probably the cleanest in the Waikato. Having a dump close by that has the potential to leach nasty pollutants into the soil and end up in the lake is not acceptable, even with a so called risk management plan. Pukemiro coal mine mismanagement is just one local example of not being able to trust industrial enterprises with sensitive environments! Move the dump far from waterways!

Dana Sides (Waikato , 2021-03-06)


Stop the landfill

Amber Tarawhiti (Wellington , 2021-03-06)


Our Tamariki use this lake for Swimming & Waka Ama

Reggae Cunningham (Huntly, 2021-03-06)


Because every year my family use this beautiful lake for many purposes like swimming, Waka Ama, training etc to name afew. Please do not turn this beautiful area into a landfill place.

Teina Moana Wilson (Huntly, 2021-03-06)


Dumps of any kind near our only swimmable lake should be prohibited. Nonnegotiable. Accidents happen and greed is real . Best we stop it before it starts . Puketirini can’t be restored once gone .

Bronwyn Kosoof (Huntly , 2021-03-06)



Timatanga A.L.N Wera (Whakatane, 2021-03-06)


For my whanau

Tia Martin (Papatoetoe, 2021-03-06)


I don’t want to see puketirini as a Landfill

Tamara Pere (Huntly , 2021-03-06)


I’m signing because I used to live five minutes away from the lake when I was young, we done wakaama training there EVERY YEAR, and was/is a popular place for walking and swimming in the summer.

Cydnee Anderson (Takanini, 2021-03-06)


Lake Puketirini is the last clean water lake in the Waikato. Runoff will pollute this lake

Shanoa David (Huntly, 2021-03-06)


I live in this area around this lake. It needs to be cared for.

Michelle Comins (Huntly , 2021-03-06)


I used to walk around the lake

Elenoa Yalden (Auckland, 2021-03-06)


Im signing because if this goes through It will ruin our Lake and river. Keep our waters clean for our generations to come.

Diane Thompson (Huntly, 2021-03-06)


Grew up in Huntly

Toni Earby (Whangarei , 2021-03-06)


Our whanau train here for Waka Ama & also swim here.

Nicola Ashdown (Kaikohe, 2021-03-06)


I do not agree that big corporations have a sense of entitlement relating to profits over people and not preserving the communities well being.

Shareen April (Huntly, Waikato, 2021-03-06)


It’s important to protect our waterways

Wilma Dow (Huntly , 2021-03-06)


This lake in Huntly is beautiful place for people to swim. A great place in summer for family’s to go.

Kyra Creigh-smith (Tokoroa, 2021-03-06)


They should not have resource to discharge ANYTHING into this lake in these modern times and dump far too close to residential housing boundary.

Alan Kosoof (Huntly, 2021-03-06)


I have swam at this lake since a teenager and the kids and dog love to swim here also ❤️ This lake is a Taonga to our Town and we need to protect it!

Amber Wickens (Huntly , 2021-03-07)


This Lake is a pride and joy of Huntly and shouldn't be taken away to create a landfill. It is way too close for those residing around it aswell.

Haley Curtis (Te Kauwhata , 2021-03-07)


We live next door to Gleesons and we want to stop this landfill proposal, we love and treasure Lake Puketirini!!

Kate Thomas (Huntly, 2021-03-07)


Save our lake, save our future

Tracy Lolesi (Huntly , 2021-03-07)


Locally born and bread Huntly kid. This is our playground, our Waka ama grounds, our swimming pool, a place we can walk peacefully and our drive schools home. Stop giving us more of a reason to be named the "shittest" town in New Zealand. This is OUR HOME.

Te Atairehia Strickland (Huntly, 2021-03-07)


Its time councils got off their ass and found alternatives
1st dome valley and now here
Get gone

Mary Anaru (Tamaki makaurau, 2021-03-07)


There is already enough pollution without anymore Keep Huntley is clean Find a better way of getting ready your trash not in our waterways

Virginia McCutchan (Huntly, 2021-03-07)


Huntly is NOT a dumping ground !

Louana Murphy (Huntly , 2021-03-07)


This company is not above the law, contrary to what they might believe. A rep actually said that it's easier to apologise than to ask for permission. We, the community, are no longer prepared to be treated like we're nothing. It's OUR town - not theirs. And council need to step up, listen to their constituents, and do their job!!

Pauline Anderson (Huntly , 2021-03-07)


I'm signing because I've had a lot of amazing memories there throughout my waka ama days and days I would go swimming there with friends and family. So if it was to get ruined, my memories would go with that special lake..

Mahinarangi Nikau-lorimer (Huntly, 2021-03-07)


I live in huntly and the kids swim in this lake it's so beautiful we don't want it spoilt.

Elizabeth Bell (Huntly, 2021-03-07)



Kerri Vitasovich (Huntly, 2021-03-07)


I use the lake every weekend. I see many other groups there also, waka-ama, swimming clubs and families having barbecues and swimming.

Gary Curnow (Huntly, 2021-03-07)


To help my community huntly doesn't want it

Kolfinna Wilson (Huntly , Hamilton, 2021-03-07)


Im opposing the new land fill. Save THE LAKE

Poudz Morgan (Huntly, 2021-03-07)


My kids use this lake all through the summer for water activities. I don’t want it being lost and polluted

Ngakopa Wilson (Hamilton , 2021-03-07)


I am against the land fill! Save lake puketirini

Maddy J-Palmer (Huntly, 2021-03-07)


I live in Huntly & enjoy using lake Puketirini & don’t want it spoiled like lake Hakanoa has been. Plus we don’t need another dump!!

Karen Beadle (Huntly , 2021-03-07)


It is a taonga of our hapori that should never be disrespected Gleeson and Cox!

Caprice Turner (RAAHUI POOKEKA, 2021-03-07)


I'm signing this petition because it appears that the Waikato District Council and/or Waikato Regional Council have been neutered and can't or won't get involved or enforce violations of bylaws or bylaw infringements. Maybe they only care about money rather than public opinion.

Craig Anderson (Huntly, 2021-03-07)


Ko au te taiao ko te taiao ko au

Mā Paki (Huntly, 2021-03-07)


I don't want a landfill in this area

Paddy Thompson (Wellington , 2021-03-07)


I'm signing because I don't think there is a community need for the landfill at the Gleesonand Cox quarry and there is a possibility of damage to the environment. Also Gleeson and Cox have already ignored resource consent restrictions so there is a high possibility of this offending reoccurring under a landfill consent.

Kathie Shepard (Huntly, 2021-03-07)


I believe that our lakes and water ways need to be looked after. My children swim and paddle and respect our water ways and we say no to a "Managed landfill" in the proposed area that we live in.

Nancy Hughes (Raahui Pookeka, 2021-03-07)


I'm sick and tired of corporations getting away with polluting land and water ways. Stand up district councils and do your job

Ellie Hughes (Hamilton, 2021-03-07)


I'm from the Waikato and all of nz deserved to remain beautiful, not filled with shit and over population.

Olivia Fox (Hamilton , 2021-03-07)


The Lake is amazing and one of the last nice places in the area.
Ruining with landfill waste should be a NO at government and council level.

Nathanael Hollings (Hamilton, 2021-03-07)


To stop polluting the lake

Bill Rosoman (Glen afton , 2021-03-07)


I am totally against this Landfill.

Joy Thompson (Huntly, 2021-03-07)


Huntly may not be my favorite town but it does not need another landfill. It needs smarter ways of handling waste.
Just burying it will do more harm to a town already suffering from pollution.

Matthew Herd (Huntly, 2021-03-07)


they have already caused major damage in pukemiro. this is only a few kms away. they are totally irresponsible

leanne ludwig (huntly, 2021-03-07)


It is a pretty site. Why would they want to destroy it. Let's keep it and not destroy it

Margaret Comer (Hamilton, 2021-03-08)


My children and I have been paddling and swimming in the lake for over 10 years. We need to keep it clean and safe.

Aaron Taitoko (Huntly, 2021-03-08)


I live near this quarry, and I believe this new dumping will cause more disturbance to my street, home and town. The trucks have already increased significantly past my home which increases noise, dust, and makes the road feel less safe. I do not believe that Gleeson can guarantee there will be no negative environmental effects from this dumping, therefore it should not go ahead. We are trying to improve Huntly not make it a dump!

Lorrel Finn (Huntly, 2021-03-08)


I don’t want runoff from landfill to end up in the only swimmable lake left in the Waikato.

Paul Reynolds (Hamilton , 2021-03-08)


This is a disgusting proposal,converting a community asset to landfill!
I use this area all the time! There are very few public available spaces around Huntly to go for a good walk. Do NOT destroy one of them!

Kate Hay (Te Kowhai , 2021-03-08)


This beautiful lake is a place where my son paddles with his waka ama club, our kids are taught to respect the land and Lake Puketirini they keep it clean and enjoy the time together.

Aria Smith (Hamilton, 2021-03-08)


The manage t of their waste site is shocking and damaging the environment.

Rose Simpson (Waiuku, 2021-03-08)


We spend a lot of time on the lake over summer and the water is beautiful

Kathryn Richards (Ngaruawahia , 2021-03-08)


We can do so much better than this when there are water shortages why pollute sources?

Nadia Natua (Auckland, 2021-03-08)


I have had involvement with resource consenting and operation of landfills in this area and do not want to see any more consents granted - there is zero environmental positives to be gained from new consents. Find another mean to dispose of/recycle waste.

Stefan Macfie (Cambridge, 2021-03-08)


The lake is beautiful and the multitude of Gleeson and Cox trucks in the Waikato is worrying.

Robin Champion (Te Kauwhata, 2021-03-08)


Huntly is my hometown, we already take huntly and surrounding districts rubbish do something else with it

Te Hokingamai Moana (Rotorua , 2021-03-08)


This is ridiculous, only decent Watersport place in the waikato. Don’t ruin it!

Julian STONE (hamilton, 2021-03-08)


We love this lake family days out, don’t risk polluting it

Kristan Hooton (Te Kauwhata , 2021-03-08)


I have paddled there, our kids swim there. Protect Lake Puketirini.

Taumanu Hepi (Marsden Park, 2021-03-08)


I’m signing because I walk my dogs there on a daily and this would be devastating for huntly to lose this lake!!

Siobhan Quinn (Huntly, 2021-03-08)


Natural habitat is important

Stefanie Bender (Te Kowhai , 2021-03-08)


It is such a beautiful, scenic landmark. Many, many families spend lots of summer days swimming, jumping off the platform, sailing, motorboating, waka ama and kayaking in the lake. It is a safe place for kids to swim. Why destroy such a beautiful recreational resource. It is so wrong.

Martha Hooton (Te Kauwhata, 2021-03-08)


I’m in the Waikato and worry about pollution into our lakes and rivers. Keep lake puketirini clean

Emma Turner (Te kauwhata, 2021-03-08)


Mana Maori kuz

Te Ahu Rupe (Papakura, 2021-03-08)


I live in huntly

Brooke Roebeck (Huntly, 2021-03-08)


We practise open water swims in this lake for triathlons

Margot Erasmus (Hamilton, 2021-03-08)

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