Requesting community support for the Borman road extension



Kerri Cruwys

Kerri Cruwys (Hamilton , 2021-04-07)


To make it safer for my kids to get to RJHS

Jacqui True (Hamilton, 2021-04-07)


The traffic on moonlight drive is horrendous & makes several intersections very dangerous. Extending/ connecting Borman road would resolve this issue

Kathryn Hartles (Hamilton , 2021-04-07)


I live locally and this will positively impact on traffic flow through this area.

Kim MacPherson (Hamilton, 2021-04-07)


I'm signing because this is a crucial part of reading that will help reduce traffic in the area

Eliot Turner (Hamilton , 2021-04-07)


I am a road user for this school, and alternative access would be beneficial for myself, and others.

Vee Tan (Hamilton, 2021-04-07)


My child attends RHS and i think it would be a huge benefit to the community by opening up the accessway and providing alternative routes

Sarah Cable (Hamilton, 2021-04-07)


We use Moonlight Drive alot and residing near the Thomas Road/Gordonton Road intersection and witnessing many accidents,I can see huge benefits in connecting Borman Road sooner

Vanessa Nicholls (Hamilton, 2021-04-07)


Traffic in & around this area is ridulous & better traffic flows are required

Sheree Bennett (Flagstaff, 2021-04-07)


This will help with congestion at moonlight drive which creates safety issues with the kids and cars.

Eve Martin (Hamilton, 2021-04-07)


It will help the community to commutes easy around that area and less traffic blocks on Horsham Down Road qnd Moonlight Drive intersection

Jujhar Randhawa (Hamilton , 2021-04-07)


To increase options to get to The school and the Peak, to ease traffic flows on other parts of the raiding systems.

Ashley Holst (Hamilton, 2021-04-07)


It will improve the safety of school access at peak times.

Rachel Roberts (Hamilton, 2021-04-07)


Rototuna High Schools are a real asset to the community and they are both already full - as such there are lots of children going to and from the school each day, plus the people who use the Peak. By finishing the connecting road you give a significant alternative route to the schools and the Peak that would reduce congestion and make things safer.

Malcolm Bailey (Hamilton, 2021-04-07)


This will ensure less congestion and distribute traffic flow in this area

Hannes Hayward (Hamilton , 2021-04-07)


It would make my boys trip to school so much easier and safer

Jackie Smith (Hamilton, 2021-04-07)


Concerned about heavy construction traffic on roads that we not designed for. Especially around children

Scott Gerrand (Hamilton , 2021-04-07)


It will make a huge difference to us

Danera Greaney (Hamilton , 2021-04-07)


Traffic congestion around the schools & retirement homes is a problem now & will only worsen as urban development continues in this area.

Aletta Miers (Hamilton, 2021-04-07)


Safer access for children going to and from the local schools

Rebecca Dell (Hamilton , 2021-04-07)


To reduce traffic flow around states areas in particular the two schools that are still in a phase of roll growth.

Nicola Mckay (Hamilton, 2021-04-07)


I want to see it happen.

Heather Claycomb (Hamilton, 2021-04-07)


It’s needed asap

Christine Cole (Hamilton, 2021-04-07)


We need better emergency access...and anal better access the residents who need to get in and out of their houses in a hurry

Dee Pavlovich (Hamilton, 2021-04-07)


I used to live at the Borman Rd and Moonlight dr intersection before lights and when lights were put in. Traffic was crazy and dangerous then. Now when I need to drop children to Te Totara or RHS it is a nightmare. Cars doing u turns to avoid traffic congestion. Someone is going to be seriously injured soon if there is not enough access points or main roads for day to day traffic to use.

Carla Togia (Hamilton, 2021-04-07)


Traffic is congested - we need the road opened quickly

Sue Moore (Hamilton , 2021-04-07)


The road needs to be completed soon to help reduce traffic on local roads. There will be accidents with the congestion as it is - so much of it is kids on bikes etc
This is a safety issue. You can’t keep building more houses and not the roads to service them all.

Sharyn Joy (Hamilton, 2021-04-07)


I live here and its needed badly.

Gail Marshall (Hamilton, 2021-04-07)


Because it will help with the traffic flow located in our area especially around school pickup/drop-off times.

Felicity Gerrard (Hamilton , 2021-04-07)


We need this link opened up to the new expressway asap so it is ready to go when the expressway opens. Will assist in fast growing north east traffic to move around our suburbs and the city via expressway this shifting traffic of urban roads.

Claire Crump (Hamilton, 2021-04-07)


I am sick of the status quo.

Louise Karl (Hamilton , 2021-04-07)


This will help with all the traffic in our area

Kahn Denton (Hamilton, 2021-04-07)


At present the road access to the RHigh Schools is very dangerous. This extension should have been done at the time the Schools were built.

Ian & Lynette Mason (Hamilton, 2021-04-07)


We live off new Borman and the kids go to Rhs so would be fantastic if it was connected

Kim Hunt (Hamilton, 2021-04-07)


I'm a Flagstaff resident

Greg Pinfold (Hamilton, 2021-04-07)


I would use daily

Wendy Symonds (Hamilton, 2021-04-07)


The traffic around Borman Rd, North City Rd and Korikori Green is out of control. Having further access to Rototuna High Schools would make other roads more usable and safer for students.

Shaun Brooker (Hamilton, 2021-04-07)


Much need traffic flow around Rototuna

Wayne Fellingham (Hamilton , 2021-04-07)


Im signing because it will make Rototuna and Gordonton easier access to other areas

Diane Wightman (Kawhia, 2021-04-07)


This directly effects me in that I live right in the middle of the congested traffic area

Christine Tasker (Hamilton, 2021-04-07)


I am Principal of Te Totara Primary School in Hector Drive. We have 725 students and the peak traffic issue time for us are 8:15 am-9 am and 2:45-3:30 pm. At the moment the roads around Hector Drive, Borman Road and Kimbrae Drive gridlock around these times without an alternative route more dierctly through to Horsham Downs Road.

Anne Fraser (Hamilton, 2021-04-07)


I want this to be done asap. It will help me and my family alloy

Cherine Bezuidenhout (Hamilton, 2021-04-07)


This is desperately needed to relieve the traffic congestion and improve road safety. It should have been done a long time ago.

Richard Carter (Hamilton , 2021-04-07)


It will help with the traffic

Anne Guiniven (Hamilton, 2021-04-07)


The roads in Rototuna are to congested and this would provide fantastic access through to the school and the more Nor West areas of the community

Alan Wilkie (Hamilton , 2021-04-08)


It makes perfect sense - current situation is an accident waiting to happen.

Linda Watling (Hamilton, 2021-04-08)


I believe improved access is needed to rjhs

Jodi Vollebregt (Hamilton, 2021-04-08)


Great idea

Simon White (Hamilton, 2021-04-08)


I'm signing as this extension would be of real benefit to me and my neighbours in Summerset Village.

Anne Thomson (Hamilton, 2021-04-08)


Traffic is beyond a joke in this area, unsafe for pedestrians. People trying to get in or out of the area are stuck for half hour in the afternoons waiting for it to clear.

Sharron Kenny (Hamilton , 2021-04-08)


It makes sense, get it done asap!

Kieran Brookes (Hamilton, 2021-04-08)


We need more development in Hamilton.

Pienaar Piso (Hamilton, 2021-04-08)


Same reason you are, already complained to council

Robert/Linda Clay (Hamilton , 2021-04-08)


This extension needs to be done sooner than later to relieve congestion in rototuna. Its terrible

Eve Cowan (Hamilton, 2021-04-08)


To reduce the traffic on moonlight

Anna Littler (Hamilton, 2021-04-08)


I’m signing because I live directly in the area and see and get affected by the traffic daily

Adam Hester (Hamilton , 2021-04-08)


I live locally and this would be a significant improvement to our day to day lives with navigating our community.

Nicola Wilson (Hamilton, 2021-04-08)


Just makes sense. Safer and not convenient

Donna Masters (Hamilton, 2021-04-08)


The traffic on Moonlight Drive and the surrounding streets through to the schools is ridiculous.

Mel Mason (Hamilton, 2021-04-08)