Mandeville Path between McHughes and No. 10 Roads



This would be a fantastic asset to the community

Julie Tapp (Swannanoa, 2021-04-29)


To make it safe for kids cycling to keep them off Tram road just an accident waiting to happen if path not extended as 100km zone not sure why wasn't connected money well spent to save someone's life. Kids from manderville go to swannanoa school as there zoning.

Stephen Threadgall (Swannanoa , 2021-04-29)


I would love to see this in place, I requested this 5years ago. I love winter walking/biking to school with my children, but the wet grass makes it impossible, and the road simply isn't safe enough for children to ride on safely.

Jenna O'Donnell (Swannanoa, 2021-04-29)


Providing a safe and user friendly path link between Swannanoa School and Mandeville Village is an important improvement to my local community and would be used by many.

Kelly Gamble (Mandeville, 2021-04-29)


We need to consider the safety and accessibility for all those in our community between the different areas of our community.

Sarah Druce (Swannanoa, 2021-04-29)


I’m signing because my son would be able to bike to school safely if the path continued from No 10 to McHughs.

Megan Arona (Swannanoa , 2021-04-29)


I’d like to walk more around the local area.

Paul Hyde-Smith (Swannanoa , 2021-04-29)


It would be so much safer for kids to bike and walk on. It would also mean there is a pathway from the shops all the way to school.

Kirsty Ford (Swannanoa, 2021-04-29)


It will make it safer for the community and our children.

Brenda Richardson (Swannanoa, 2021-04-29)


I would like to see safer walking and biking access around Mandeville especially for all.

Maria Miller (Mandeville, 2021-04-29)


I'm signing because this needs to happen so all residents can feel like we are connected, as a community. A thoroughfare to help young and old access the Mandeville village and other amenities.
Very little has been done for the Mandeville community so residents can have safe walk and cycle access ways. Thank you.

Margaret Cosgrove (Ohoka, 2021-04-29)


Tram road is extremely dangerous for non-motorised traffic and enabling alternative non-motorised forms of transport should be a priority for the Waimak Council.

Róisín Magee (RD2, 2021-04-29)


I'm signing because I'm concerned about the safety of walkers, joggers and bikers on Tram Road. Tram Road is such a fast and busy road! The sections with pathways are excellent but it's very difficult to walk along some parts because of the undulating surface and unpleasant with long, scratchy (and often damp) vegetation. With so many more families now living out here, a pathway would be such a help!

Michelle Cowey (Ohoka, 2021-04-29)


Our community needs safe access for all residents.

Catherine Ainger (Rangiora, 2021-04-29)


My children will use this

Sheree Taylor (Christchurch, 2021-04-29)


I agree more safe walking and cycling links are required in our district.

Julie Husband (Fernside, 2021-04-29)


This will help keep our community safe. Great idea.

Vicky Bell (Ohoka, 2021-04-29)


I am the principal of Swannanoa School which shares it's site with the Swannanoa Preschool. On any day there are about 430 children on this site and most come from the Mandeville area. A safe walking and biking pathway would make getting to and from school and preschool safer and makes obvious sense.

Brian Price (Christchurch, 2021-04-29)


I live on No.10 Rd and agree with the content of this petition.

Jen Gaughan (Christchurch, 2021-04-29)


I’m signing because I feel it a must. Kids need to be kept safe on tram road

Debbie Hammond (Rangiora, 2021-04-29)


I live within the community and would love safer options to take my boys for bike rides along the very busy 100km rural roads. This would also make using our bikes to ride to school a greater possibility, helping minimise our carbon footprint.

Annusche de Villiers (Swannanoa , 2021-04-29)


The speed limit is crazy for children to safely bike along this stretch of road so a path/bike track would obviously keep them safer. I used to walk my dog along this stretch but the terrain is too difficult and Tram Rd is dangerous with traffic passing at 100km/hr.

Pauline Howden (Christchurch , 2021-04-29)


We would use this path when travelling from Mandeville to the Swannanoa school. Currently it is not safe enough to use Tram road.

Susan Johns (Christchurch, 2021-04-29)


I have family in the Swannanoa area and I agree walking and cycling at present is not safe.

Chrissy McLeod (Charleston, 2021-04-29)


Tram Rd is getting busier and busier. We have to make it safer for people on foot and cycles. Please!

Scotty Herbert (Kaiapoi, 2021-04-29)


I want my son to be able to safely bike to school

Tracy Stewart (rangiora , 2021-04-29)


I want safer access for all in our neighbourhood. Expecting cyclists to share a narrow road with cars travelling at 100kmp/h is so dangerous

Correna Rodrigues (Mandeville , 2021-04-29)


I'm signing because I want my kids to be able to bike without being on a high speed road and for myself too

Toni Wykes (Swannanoa, 2021-04-29)


I have had a couple of falls walking along here

Lynne Van Steenis (Swannanoa, 2021-04-29)


It’s important this is put in. Better our tax money on something constructive that will be used than other stupid things.

Matthew Hardy (Ohoka, 2021-04-29)


It’s important for safety in my community

Claire Leach (Kaiapoi , 2021-04-29)


Great idea! Would be a well used pathway and would be a good investment.
I used this road at least twice every week with my baby boy when he couldn’t sleep to calm him down. Would have been much nicer not to have to use gum boots all the time!

Nick Hoffman (Swannanoa , 2021-04-29)


Very good idea keep our community safer. Also lower the speed along mchughs rd to 60k.

Craig Webster (Mandeville , 2021-04-29)


I like to walk my dog between McHughs and No 10 Road but it is difficult due to the cross-country nature of the grass verge.

Paula Miller (Swannanoa , 2021-04-29)


I often visit my Grandies in this area and support this petition.

Raewyn Thorpe (Oamaru North, 2021-04-29)


It's needed for safe travel by non motorists

Shaun Gilmore (Swannanoa, 2021-04-29)


Would be great for the kids biking/walking to Swannanoa School

Beth Schumacher (Ohoka , 2021-04-29)


I’m sign this as I would like to see foot paths in our area. It’s hard trying to push a child and pram along the side of the road. Especially when a lot of it is not mowed regularly. Plus it would be great for adults and children alike to bike safety on our 80-100 km roads.

Wendy Davis (Ohoka , 2021-04-29)


Safety for my/all our children in this community

Don Stott (Swannanoa , 2021-04-29)


My children attend Swannanoa school and deserve a safe path to ride or walk to and from school each day.

Derryn Webster (Christchurch , 2021-04-29)


To make it safer.

Simon Baillie (Swannanoa, 2021-04-29)


This will be a well used pathway that my family will also use.

Emma Brand (Rangiora, 2021-04-29)


My family and I would use this path.

Amelia Snackers (Christchurch , 2021-04-29)


My children bike to school and this would make it safer

Shelley Hodges (Ohoka, 2021-04-29)


We have 2 boys who we would love to be able to send on the path to school. As the area has and is growing it makes sense.

Chris Hughes (Rangiora, 2021-04-29)


My kids use this daily when attending school

Taryn Stevens (Swannanoa , 2021-04-29)


My Granddaughters need to have a safe path to walk down Tram road to Swannanoa school.

Debra O'Donnell (Hawarden, 2021-04-29)


I approached the council 3 years ago now about a bikeway from mandeville to no10 rd & was told twice this was in the 2019/2020 long term plan! Seems it is very long term!😆

Sarah Robotham (Christchurch, 2021-04-29)


This is a dangerous piece of road to navigate as it is 100k zone

Glenna Andrews (Christchurch, 2021-04-29)


My kids want to ride their bikes to the Mandeville shops and park but I don’t feel it’s safe. A shared path would be great. 10&12 yr olds.

Vicky Jenkins (Swannanoa , 2021-04-29)


As the manager at the Mandeville Sports Club, I support this path to ensure local children and adults can bike safely along Tram Road to access the Mandeville Sports Club grounds. I have lived in Swannanoa for over 25 years, and as a parent I never let my children bike down Tram Road due to the danger. A path to Mandeville North would be beneficial in providing safer access for the growing community.

Richard Belcher (Swannanoa , 2021-04-29)


Our children would dearly love to bike to school, a cycle path would allow this to happen.

Joanna Patterson (Mandeville, 2021-04-29)


it benefits the communi

Lydia Jin (Christchurch, 2021-04-29)


A pathway would be very helpful with pushing a pram/children on bikes.

Lara Cook (Christchurch, 2021-04-30)


I would use this and it’s a matter of keeping people and especially children safe

Monica Rietveld (Ohoka, 2021-04-30)


My kid goes to Swannanoa school

Danny Letters (Ohoka, 2021-04-30)


I. Would love to be able to walk from pinewood close to the mandeville village

Lynda Fahey (Swannanoa, 2021-04-30)


Because this is an awesome idea

Rachel Sharr (Swannaona , 2021-04-30)


Two of my grandchildren attend Swannanoa school, I want them to have the freedom to cycle safely.

Sara McGregor (Palmerston North, 2021-04-30)


It will make our community safer.

Bronwyn Appleman (Swannanoa, 2021-04-30)


I live on No 10 Rd and think it would be greatly beneficial to the area to have a pathway between McHughs and No 10 Rd. It means I would consider walking or biking to the Mandeville shops rather than driving, especially with my son

Assina Dalglish (Swannanoa , 2021-04-30)


All residents should have safe and healthy access to their school and village

Chantal Price (Ahaura, 2021-04-30)


It's a huge safety concern in our community.

Jennifer Penwell (Mandeville, 2021-04-30)


We need a safe biking path from Mandeville to Swannanoa school. I would also like an under or over pass to cross Tram Road. I have two kids who have to cross tram road at the SupaValue to catch the school bus at 7am and it not that safe as 80km (but most still go 100km ) in the morning, Also I see lots of people including elderly on scooters trying to cross tram road to get to the shops from Sa Dona subdivision etc .. well done fir getting the meeting 😊 Lisa

Lisa Reidie (Mandeville , 2021-04-30)


I live in this area and a path would be fantastic

Ashlee Jones (North Canterbury , 2021-04-30)


Makes it safer for kids

Amanda Hendry (Christchurch, 2021-04-30)


Absolutely needed here.

Ashley Dewys (Christchurch , 2021-04-30)


Need a path potts (Christchurch, 2021-04-30)


We need safer options in our community

Abbey Carpenter (Swannanoa , 2021-04-30)


I do/would use this frequently. Especially dangerous towards no10 road with long grass

Michelle Tavendale (Christchurch , 2021-04-30)


My boys often find it difficult riding their bikes along the roadside to get to their sports games - a path would be a safe and sensible investment into our community!

Shannon McLeod (Kaiapoi, 2021-04-30)


Because its a bloody good idea & will be well used by the community.

Byron Walmsley (Mandeville, 2021-04-30)


Children need to be safe cycling or walking along a 100 km/hr road. many use the road accessing the school buses or getting to the sports centre.

Rebecca Searle (Kaiapoi, New Zealand, 2021-05-01)


This path really needs to be sorted, it's a disgrace! In a time when we're focused on trying to encourage our youth to engage in outdoor activity, creating connected multi-use pathways in the area would be an asset for the community both young and old.

Michael Hedgman (Christchurch, 2021-05-01)


My kids could use this!

Karen Cameron (Mandeville , 2021-05-01)


For safety of the children going to school and the great opportunity to have safe walking and cycle path for the community.

Trish Young (Rangiora, 2021-05-02)


Children should have a safe option for walking or cycling to their local school, even when the school is in a rural area. In fact, due to the speed and volume of passing traffic, I would argue that it is even more important to provide for a safe and useable walkway for our kids to use. Walking or biking to school has health benefits and should be encouraged, but children need to be able to travel to school safely.

Kate Tyson (Oxford, 2021-05-03)


I’m signing because how great would it be to be able to have bike/walk access to the school and local shops safely for our children and not only our children adults!

Jessica Dredge (Chch, 2021-05-03)


As my children get older it will help them to safely ride to Swannanoa school.

Janelle Snazell (Christchurch , 2021-05-03)


This would be brilliant for the community and safe for people biking and walking along Tram Rd, especially for kids biking to school.

Suzanne HAIGH (Christchurch , 2021-05-03)


I am signing because my family and I often make this walk and feel unsafe.
Could also extend the 80 speed limit from shops down to school zone.

Roisin Anglesey (Swannanoa, 2021-05-03)


You can’t put a price on children’s safety!
Be a well used community asset also.

Kyle Anglesey (Waimakariri , 2021-05-03)


I would like to see a bike track from the school to the village

Phillipa Finch (Swannanoa, 2021-05-03)


I would love to see a more safe path for our children and future children to travel on.

Tara Safi (Swannanoa, Rangiora, 2021-05-04)


I’d like to see more safe ways for walking and biking in our community

Marion Carlton (Swannanoa , 2021-05-04)


Such a dangerous road anything to make it safer for people to use.

Julia Malton (Swannanoa, 2021-05-04)


I think be a great thing

Aileen Hammond (Clarkville kaipoi RD2, 2021-05-04)


It is important that we do all we can to keep the community safe!

Jacqui Lyttle (North Mandeville , 2021-05-04)


This is local and impacts myself and my children

Stacey Maree (Christchurch , 2021-05-04)


I want a safer communtiy

Tina Field (Swannanoa, 2021-05-04)


Local to the area & have children who would benefit having this footpath.

Matthew Perry-Smith (Swannanoa , 2021-05-04)

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