Kāpiti Council : please take appropriate measures to support safe driving on Ruapehu St.



I live on Ruapehu Street and people drive way to fast up and down.

Claire Randolph (Paraparaumu, 2021-05-02)


I want my family and myself to be able to travel around the neighbourhood safely.

Natasha King (Kāpiti, 2021-05-02)


Wanting to keep friends and family safe!

Emily Wiggans (Wellington, 2021-05-02)


Of the number of incidents that have occurred on Ruapehu Street, including the cutting of corners blindly, speeding and generally bad driver behavior, it's only a matter of time before one of the children who live on this road are injured or killed. Take some pro-active steps to mitigate these issues before something happens.

Daniel Goodwin (Paraparaumu, 2021-05-02)


My friends children live in that area

Laura Johnson (Wellington, 2021-05-02)


The driving behavior on Ruapehu street needs to change. It is very dangerous.

Mark Daniels (Paraparaumu, 2021-05-03)


Cars and trucks drive way too fast down hill and around corner. (Just past Kaitaia St in particular) Have almost been side swiped just trying to get in the car. Volume of traffic has increased tenfold and I'm really concerned for my family with small children.

Maxine King (Waikanae, 2021-05-03)


I have been a resident of this area for 40 years and have witnessed and had family involved in accidents caused by reckless driving and speed. I am concerned at the lack of acknowledgment that these actions in the area mentioned impose a serious risk to the lives of the residents who use this road on a daily basis and would like to see action to ensure our children, grandchildren and ourselves can be safe driving in our neighborhood.

Jo-Ann Murray (Paraparaumu, 2021-05-03)


I live on Ruapehu St and have seen numerous accidents and very close calls right outside my house. The number of cars that speed over the rise by the dip in the road half way along Ruapehu St is shocking! Something has to be done, it's only a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt or killed.

Michelle Stratford (Paraparaumu, 2021-05-03)


This needs addressing

Jinita Mackay (Paraparaumu , 2021-05-03)


My kids are at Paraparaumu school and I have seen way too many near misses

Marie O'Brien (Paraparaumu, 2021-05-03)


I am a teacher at Paraparaumu School and have witnessed many of these issues with my own eyes. Could we please also get pedestrian barrier for crossing the train tracks?! Witnessed many chikdren crossing the railway lines when the car barriers are down and lights flashing.

Ashleigh Andrews (Paraparaumu, 2021-05-03)


I live at number 139 Ruapehu Street, and in the 20 odd years living here I have witnessed far too many crashes outside my house. Including the death of a motorcyclist who collided head on into a car with 2 elderly women, the motorcyclist of which I had to perform CPR on... another motorcyclist who destroyed my front fence after failing to take a corner because he was traveling too fast... a car that lost control on the corner due to speeding and plowed into a power pole outside my house... another car that lost control due to speed that crossed my front lawn, clipped a concrete power pole, then got airborne and flew across the road into a ditch... another car losing control due to speed, slid across the road sideways into the gutter outside my house, then ricocheted back across the road... another car that lost control due to speed, spun out and crashed into a telephone junction box destroying it and a fence. These are only a few of the crashes that have happened directly outside my house due to speed, and frankly I've had enough of dealing with them.

Glenn Wickert (Paraparaumu, 2021-05-03)


I want the roads by my kids school to be safer. A death on these roads feels like an inevitable outcome if nothing is done

Jo Ross (Paraparaumu, 2021-05-03)


I am a concerned home owner who doesn't enjoy walking round this neighbourhood due to traffic issues. I also have a child at the school and am concerned that little has been done to stop speeding and careless joy riders in this area. It seems to attract these drivers as lots of open roads and quiet neighbourhoods.

Roxann Goodwin (Paraparaumu , 2021-05-03)


Want my child to safely walk up and down Ruapehu street without the fear of them being hit by a lunatic speeding up/down the road

Gordon Yip (Paraparaumu , 2021-05-03)


While this is a Kapiti-wide issue, I have lived on Ruapehu and have witnessed atrocious driver behaviour firsthand. I also supervise road patrol outside Paraparaumu School twice-weekly and can say speed/driver attitudes are a major concern.

Paul Morris (Paraparaumu, 2021-05-03)


This is an ongoing problem with racing cars going through fences with cars racing around the streets like it is a race track.

kerry Tolley (Paraparaumu, 2021-05-04)


As a resident in this neighbourhood I am all too familiar with the driving (miss)behaviour that occurs on a regular basis. I also feel our concerns have not been taken seriously let alone actively addressed and am interested in knowing what council and related bodies are prepared to action, to ensure best possible solutions are instigated.

Louisa Ness (Paraparaumu, 2021-05-04)


I am very concerned with the speed of driving I have seen around recently and there does not seem to be enough police around to be able to monitor and reduce this. It is also a significant issue on Golf Road and manly st in paraparaumu Beach

Jessica Ongley (Paraparaumu Beach , 2021-05-04)


I’ve personally seen many near misses up Ruapehu St due to bad aggressive driving and speed. My wife was t-boned pulling into our driveway by a driver trying to undertake her. We’ve had near misses to our fence with drivers taking the turn by our house way way too quickly and losing control. We’ve complained to the council but so far they have been unwilling to do much to address the issue. In my view there will undoubtedly be a death if the council and police don’t address this soon.

Nick Cowan (Paraparaumu , 2021-05-05)


My children attend Paraparaumu school and I want them to be safe travelling to and from school, and also to and from external school activities

Cherie McKillop (Paraparaumu, 2021-05-05)


My kids attend Paraparaumu Primary and their safety, along with other kids, should matter enough for measures to be taken.

Neil Phipps (Paraparaumu, 2021-05-05)


On a daily basis I am appalled by the reckless and selfish driving on Ruapehu Street and worry about the safety of all those that walk this area, especially the children!

Sarah-Jane Frederickson (Paraparaumu, 2021-05-05)


Over the years we have had 5 vehicles crash into our fence (now removed because I was sick of repairing it) or further into our property.

Murray Lobb (Paraparaumu, 2021-05-06)


My daughter, her husband two grandchildren live on this street. The children are not at school yet ( another 15 months) but would like to know that they can walk to school safely with out the worry of the drivers who speed up and down this Street. I have seen these unsafe drivers personally.

Jane Frederickson (Upper Hutt , 2021-05-07)


I’m signing this as the Secretary of Paraparaumu Baptist Church, 77 Ruapehu Street. For sometime the leadership have been concerned about the safety of this road, especially for the older members of the congregation.

Graeme Joyes (Waikanae, 2021-05-08)


I have been many dangerous driving behaviours and it puts our children at significant risk

Cat Hellyer (Paraparaumu, 2021-05-08)


I'm signing because I have two wee nieces living in the area and I am concerned about their safety and the safety of others, especially children. It's a tricky road with the rises and curves and which makes it a concern if combined with speed driving.

Sally Houston (Paraparaumu , 2021-05-09)


Our community needs to be kept safe, our kids need to be kept safe .
If nothing is done there will be even more lives lost.

Karina Robinson (Paraparaumu , 2021-05-09)


I own a property in Ruapehu St that my daughter and her young family live in . It is a real concern the crazy driving that goes on in this street

Elizabeth Wilson (Paraparaumu , 2021-05-09)


I live on Ruapehu Street and the speed that people get up to is frightening. And it’s also extremely noisy! We need our families to be safe.

Sandy Yip (Kapiti, 2021-05-09)


I have moko at Paraparaumu School so identify with the need for safer surrounds. The sheer volume of traffic travelling up and down that road is constantly high, with local residential & business, cut-through and train commuter traffic, along with all those associated with the school.

Fiona Rogers (Paraparaumu, 2021-05-09)


As a long time resident that lives on Ruapehu st the volume and speed of cars on the roads is dangerous

Cindy Foote (Kapiti, 2021-05-09)


Excess speed down hill and also uphill as drivers accelerate, including from large trucks, makes for a dangerous road. The narrowness of the road also makes cycling hazardous.
The Paraparaumu School roll has significantly increased and that has led to increased traffic and reduced parking too - which means more cars circling on the road seeking parks at school drop off and pick up times. I support the residents who are trying to make Ruapehu Street safer for everyone. At the least, a review should be undertaken in light of increased traffic volumes.

Jenna-Lea Philpott (Paraparaumu, 2021-05-09)


I live near to Ruapehu Street and walk and drive down there , I am always concerned about the speed of traffic and now the volume of traffic

Nicola Smith (Paraparaumu, 2021-05-09)


I live on ruapehu and have kids

Luke Hope (Paraparaumu, 2021-05-09)


I have family living on Ruapehu Street and I am concerned for their safety.

Suzanne Hawes (Raumati Beach, 2021-05-09)


I live on the street and I have a toddler who will most likely attend paraparaumu school in the coming years. I agree with everything that has been written and know it has been talked about in the community.

Reuben Mackey (Paraparaumu , 2021-05-09)


Your new traffic plan has turned this residential street into a rat run. Speeding and dangerous driving so people can go pet onto the highway via valley road. You really have mad a right mess of the reading in our area!

Elaine Beglin (Paraparaumu , 2021-05-09)


I live nearby and hear the cars zooming up Ruapehu Street, it’s a busy area with a lot of foot traffic (children from the school and the elderly). It’s also used as additional parking for park and ride (not officially) and the street is always very busy.

Liz Day (Wellington, 2021-05-12)


It is becoming increasingly unsafe on Ruapehu street Paraparaumu with some cars not driving to the conditions of safety for others.

Beryl Barr (Paraparaumu, 2021-05-12)


I live on Kaitawa crescent, walk my dog in the neighborhood, my daughter attend Paraparaumu school and since buying a house in the area I've definitely noticed an increase in traffic and can hear eratic driving. Doing something is better then doing nothing to enhance the safety for our families!

Stevenie Peterson (Paraparaumu, 2021-05-12)


2 of our vehicles and our boundary fence were badly damaged/written off due to an intoxicated driver speeding from Ruapehu road in September 2019. We live at 92 Valley Road (between Hookway Grove & Eldon Lodge). This stretch of road is constantly being used as a racetrack by a number of vehicles daily. It was discussed with the Road Safety officer at KCDC and speed strips were installed for about 1 week. The stats were emailed to me regarding the speeds & number of vehicles travelling past our property daily. Nothing else has been done regarding ensuring safety or traffic slowing since then. It is a nightmare trying to leave our driveway for work in the morning with the number of vehicles using Valley Road & Waterfall Road, to avoid the Old SH1 roadworks & traffic. There have been a few more accidents since then, but this
Seems to fall on deaf ears when asked to make our road safer.

Melissa Fraenkel (Paraparaumu, Wellington, 2021-05-12)


My daughter attends Paraparaumu primary school, and it needs to be for safer for her and the rest of the children in the neighborhood

Kdyn Patrick (Paraparaumu, 2021-05-12)


There are a lot of accidents onto the street

Jackson Boyd (Paraparaumu , 2021-05-12)


I'm signing this because I am a resident on valley road and every week I see and hear people doing doughnuts, speeding at excessive speeds and worry about Mt 2year old son getting hit if someone loses control.

Robyn Hunter (Paraparaumu, 2021-05-12)


I have lived here for 27 years and Ruahine is just as bad with racers going up and down to go onto old highway or up to Valley road. This has has been an issue for a very long time!

Kate Morgan (Paraparaumu, 2021-05-12)


My grand-daughter lives on that street and people drive too fast

Fleur Greig (Brisbane, 2021-05-13)


I'm signing because I've had a number of near misses and regularly get toothed at by vehicles when I indicate and slow down to turn into my driveway on Ruapehu Street.

Catherine Hendra (Paraparaumu , 2021-06-03)


It is near impossible for me to turn out of my driveway during peak morning traffic & I have horses & am unable to ride in mornings due to heavy traffic

Kate Garnham (Paraparaumu, 2021-06-04)

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