ජනතා පරමාධිපත්‍ය බලයේ වැදගත්ම අංගය වූ චන්ද බලය ජනාධිපති මැතිවරණයේදී වංචා කල මහින්ද දේශප්‍රිය නීතිය හමුවට පැමිණවීමට බල කරමු !



He is guilty. I am a witness.

Dumindu Samarasekara (Kuruwita, 2021-06-27)


This man is a criminal who has betrayed the trust bestowed upon him under the constitution to apply the law to the letter when it comes to conducting an election as important as selecting the President of SriLanka. Yet he was very obstructive when it comes to registering a political party from a legitimate organisation such as Vinivida Peramuna.
The Country is Completely infested with corruption due to corrupt individuals like him in key positions shaping the fate of SriLanka. A very sad state of affairs.

Ivan Dias (Berkshire, 2021-06-27)


because i respect the rule of law

ishan weerasekara (colombo, 2021-06-27)


One law, one country!!!

Roshan Hendahewa (Melbourne, 2021-06-27)


Failure to submit documents suspending citizenship

Yeshan Perera (Negombo , 2021-06-27)


I’m signing because I love my Country.

Rehan Fernando (Hokandara , 2021-06-27)



Loku Arachchige Lalitharatne (Kandy, 2021-06-27)


I know this is truth

Rmj Chathuranga (Kandy, 2021-06-27)


Rule breakers must be brought to justice! clearly Mahinda D violated his position as the then Election Commissioner and therefore must face the music for the crime he committed by allowing a dual citizen to stand for the presidency.

Sudhammika seneviratne (BIRMINGHAM, 2021-06-27)


Deshapriya should be held accountable. He is not the only culprit but we need to start soomewhere.

Saman Mudannayaka (Leeds, 2021-06-27)


What he did was totally wrong and it is misuse of his power

Prabath Peiris (Colombo, 2021-06-28)


Election Commisioner Mahinda Deshapriya has misused and abused his profession .This is a professional misconduct.

Gnanasena Wijesekara Witharanage (Melbourne , 2021-06-28)


It’s a true story

Rohitha Jathunarachchi (Durham , 2021-06-28)


I have no personal vendetta against this person, however crude officials like Mahinda Deshapriya should be brought to justice, so the rule of law is upheld and other public officials will avoid repeating the same mistake. This person knew the conduct was unethical, however he not only acted in disregard of law but obstructed a respectable official, Ratnajeevan Hoole from following the due procedure during the presidential election. Most of all, Gotabaya Rajapaksha's dual citizenship claim, which had been passed unchecked should be challenged by means of this. Otherwise, I don't think this will serve any justice other than punishing a mere whipping boy. In that case, he should be spared.

Yasanga Senadeera (Colombo, 2021-06-28)


We have to re-establish law and order of the country. It is an anarchy there right now.

Ananda De Costa (Dehiwala, 2021-06-28)



Nipun Pitigala (Abu Dhabi, 2021-06-28)


මම නිදහසට ගරු කරනවා. මම වංචාව දූෂණය මුලාව පිටුදකින අතර ඒවා කරන යම් කෙනෙක් සිටීනම් ඔවුන්ව තරාතිරම නොබලා නීතිය හමුවට ඉදිරිපත් කළ යුතු යැයි මා තරයේ විශ්වාස කරනවා. සෑම ශ්‍රී ලාංකික පුරවැසියෙකුටම සමාන අයිතීන්, සමාන නීතියක්, උපරිම හා සමාන ආරක්ෂාවක්, සමාන නිදහසක්, සමාන ගෞරවයක්, සමාන පිළිගැනීමක් තිබිය යුතුයි. වෙනත් රටකින් ලංකාවට පැමිණෙන විදෙස් පුරවැසියෙකුට උපරිම ආරක්ෂාව, නිසි ගෞරවය, නිදහසේ සංචාරයට වශ්‍ය ඉඩ සලසා දිය යුතුයි. අතීතය විසින් මා වෙතට ලබාදුන් ශ්‍රී ලංකාව අනාගතය වෙත අදට වඩා හොඳින් බාරදීය යුතුයි. ඉහත සියල්ල මා හට තනිවම කළ නොහැකි නිසා ඒ සඳහා කැප වෙන නීතිගරුක අවංක යටි අරමුණු නැති පිරිසක් වෙත මම ශක්ති ප්‍රමාණයෙන් මගේ දෑත දිගු කිරීමට කොන්දේසි විරහිතව එකඟ වෙමි.

Keshala Kulatilaka (Mathugama, 2021-06-28)


නීතිය පාදඩ කරණය නතර කිරීම අවැසිය.
අත්තනෝමතික නිළධාරි ක්‍රියා අත්හිටුවිය යුතුය.
මේ රට අපේ. රට දාලා ගිය වුන්ගේ නොවේ.

Prabhath Ekanayake (Kandy, 2021-06-28)


There should be a law in country. That should be equal. There should be a strong legal framework.

Supun Gamage (Dehiwala, 2021-06-28)


Yes he should be finished. Because he he mislead the whole world !

Ruwansen Cooray (Ronkonkoma , 2021-06-28)


We must change this stupid government

Harsha Perera (Moratuwa, 2021-06-28)


We are young people we need our freedom

Dushan chami Fernando (Laranaca , 2021-06-28)


To empower the human rights..!

Oshada Attanayake (Kaduwela, 2021-06-28)



Gayan Rangana (Colombo , 2021-06-28)


im siging because i have to save the country for the future generation.

Nayana Dharshana Kodippily (hatyon , 2021-06-28)


මම ඒ ක්‍රියාව තරයේ හෙළාදකිනවා වගේම මගේ විරුද්ධව ප්‍රකාශ කර සිටිනවා.

Janaka bandara mudiyanselage (Como, 2021-06-28)


Samannaya janathawata Menma neethiya katath podu wiya uthui Daduwam labiya utui

Vimalka Priyanthi Appuhami (Negombo Kochchikade , 2021-06-28)


Everyone must be respected to the law of the country even if you are the president.

Isuru Lakshan (Colombo, 2021-06-28)


I’m signing this because I love Sri Lanka

Suranga Perera (Acworth , 2021-06-28)



Chalana Abeyrathne (Polonnaruwa , 2021-06-28)


This was ilegal.

Ranjith Welgama (Biggleswade , 2021-06-28)


You are correct

Mangala mallimarachchi (Kandy, 2021-06-28)


I think, we must enforce the law justice

Anuradha Madhusanka (GALLE , 2021-06-28)


Law is law. It has to be equal to everyone.

Sujatha Gomes (Telaviv , 2021-06-28)


Since this is an illegal activity, I need to raise my voice and support who is rising against the same

Shashika Suranjith (Galle, 2021-06-28)


I'm signing this petition because I believe we have to take back our country from the clutches of these corrupt politicians. I also believe that no one is above the law. It's time to make a change. It's time for us to take back our country!

Stephan Ferdinand (Colombo , 2021-06-28)


I would like to change this flicking crazy system as soon as possible

Priyantha Ranasinghe (Northhollywood , 2021-06-28)


We need an change

Don Chamila (Praha , 2021-06-28)


දේශද්‍රෝහීන්ව පන්නා දමමු...

Nskumara MG (Horana , 2021-06-28)


The first thing needed is to send corrupted government servants home, then sending corrupted politicians home is very easy.

Samm Karen (Kalutara, 2021-06-28)


Sri lanka is becoming disgrace day by day before the world... We must establish the justice. If we don't do this now, future generations will curse us

Heshantha Wijethunga (Pannipitiye , 2021-06-28)


Because it’s my constitutional right to stand against corruption

Nisal Abeysekara (Melbourne , 2021-06-28)


Rule of law is absolutely essential for a democracy to function as a democracy. Currently it is non existent.

Deshapriya set a very bad precedent by this illegal act, hoodwinking the voters. It is now very apparent that this was planned well in advance involving politicians from many parties also preventing Nagananda registering a political party as well. In fact this was a conspiracy. Only the wise have realised this felony. If Nagananda was able to register his party they knew their plan would fail.

Unfortunately in Sri Lanka the rule of law has deteriorated significantly. This deterioration accelerated after 1977 and currently it is abysmal. Only a complete overhaul of the system as proposed by Nagananda can reverse this to put the country on the right track.

Unfortunately even the Vinaya among majority of the monks have deteriorated significantly. This too has contributed to the decline of the country when it comes to morality. One good example was the atrocious incident that occurred in the Kalaniya temple misleading the gullible Buddhists.

The MAINSTREAM media is the MAIN culprit of all this as they are conspiring with the major political parties to maintain this status quo. They deprived Nagananda to expose this fraudulent system as they are also a part of the MAFIA.

If all this does not change then Sri Lanka will go from the frying pan to the fire.

Dharshan Guneratne (Canberra, 2021-06-28)


I'm signing because of this culprit deed of Deshapriya our whole nation and country has fallen into a pit without base.

JP Jayawardena (Madrid, 2021-06-28)


This is right thing to do

Priyantha Dissanayake (Hamilton, 2021-06-28)


Mr Dasapriya as an election commissioner breach of trust and he has to face the legal consequences.

Thusil Gunawardena (Thunder Bay, 2021-06-28)


If we want to save our country, we must bring to justice these officials who cheat on their duty.

Gihan Senarathne (Naples, 2021-06-28)



Gerad Peiris (jaela, 2021-06-28)



Ravi Kumarage (Milan , 2021-06-28)


To protect mother lanka

Sanjaya Somaratne (Victoria, 2021-06-28)


It was a clear breach of regulations which he had the powers to enquire but he just swept it under the carpet as he was biased !

Thalatha Wickramasinghe (London , 2021-06-28)


I can't see theee looters rob my country.

Hewage Ajith (Sydney, 2021-06-28)


These thieves made our motherland bankrupt. Basil destroyed our Wilpaththu rain forest. He built a house in Malwana from the tax payers money. We must get together and put these 226 criminals in to jail. Sri Lanka can get rid of the national debt by recovering the stolen money.

Gehan Herath (Bedford, 2021-06-28)


to see law, order,dignity & to see end of family politics in Sri Lanka.

Lalith Kulatunga (Kandy, 2021-06-29)


I agree with Mr. Nagananda

Vincent waththuhewa (Paris , 2021-06-29)


B. Dhammarathana



We all aee in this situation due to Mahibda Desapriya, He should be brought to justice ASAP . Mr Nagananda please help us to bring this corrupted fellow to face the music

Ananda Kariyawasam (Slough, 2021-06-29)


I will bring all my assets to Sri Lanka if there is a fair government

Rohan Indranath (Sydney, 2021-06-29)


He is not the legal President of Sri Lanka.
One Can not be a president of a Country
While holding a citizenship of another country.

Nadeera Weerasinghe (Houston, 2021-06-29)


To make Srilankan politicians accountable for there actions

Vasana Dharmawardane (Goldcoast , 2021-06-29)



manoj palitha (yokohama, 2021-06-29)


I love my motherland

Chand Ratnayake (Toronto, 2021-06-29)


Only this man has the guts to come out publicly and talk about this. This is the least I can do to show my support.

Neil Perera (Negombo, 2021-06-29)

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