No mandatory vaccinations of any kind for FIFO workers in WA.



No government consisting of a small amount of people have the right to enforce a potentially deadly fake vaccine, which does not have a weakened form of the virus in it on the population, especially for a non proven virus (with an illegal patent on it) that has a 99.98% survival rate, only currently one case (asymptomatic) in WA yet 310 people have died from these deadly nanno particle filled Frankenstein chemical concoction and over 29,000 adverse reactions!!

My ex girlfriends mum took the vaccine and a week later was fighting for life in hospital !! Yet these bastards behind this scam won't read out those case numbers!!

The public now knows this is an evil Freemason "Great Reset" agenda and they can go fuck themselves

Sincerely 😁

Stephen Griffith (Melbourne, 2021-07-02)


I believe we deserve our freedom of choice!

Richard Allen (Perth, 2021-07-02)


This is an experimental vaccine and everyone should have a choice as per our human rights

Chantelle Newling (Perth, 2021-07-02)


To force anything like this as mandatory is wrong and they are not proven safe till test have been carried out for years there could be any side effects years down the track they don’t know and to force this on someone to keep their job is blackmail and blackmail is illegal last i heard

Susan Maggs (Victoria, 2021-07-02)


I work FIFO and should be allowed to choose whether or not i get this vaccine

Joy Sharpe (Perth, 2021-07-03)


Vaccines that are experimental in nature where long term side effects (especially fertility) are not known, should not be mandatory.

Kirstin Sjoland (Perth, 2021-07-03)


This should be a choice and never forced upon anyone.

Claire Mann (Perth, 2021-07-03)


no vaccine should be mandatory, it is against the commonwealth constitution section 51

jill lisson (albany, 2021-07-03)


No vaccines should be forced onto anybody. Covid vaccines, should be a choice of the individual person.

Careen Hall (Perth, 2021-07-03)


My body, my choice. I do not consent to medical experimentation

Kylie Bateman (Ellenbrook, 2021-07-03)


These experimental vaccines must be a choice.

Renea O'Neill (Heathridge, 2021-07-03)


This is a trial vaccine for gods sake and no one knows the short or long term effects, please no mandatory vaccinations and stop the bullying tactics by the media, state and federal governments

John Ritchie (Pinjarra, 2021-07-03)


To support the healthy 🙏🎉🍀

Martin Howley (Perth, 2021-07-03)


Crimes against humanity

Karen Field (Perth, 2021-07-03)


Everyone should have a choice to medical treatment over their body.

Ania Ghodrati (WA, 2021-07-04)


Against my human rights

Neil Spence (Perth, 2021-07-04)


The government has no right to make it mandatory to vaccinate people. It must always be a personal choice. Aside from that the fear that is being spread about a so called virus that has killed 910 people out of 25 million people borders on the ridiculous. If I catch it I have a 97% or greater chance of recovery. These so called vaccines are experimental with full indemnity for the people who made them. No thanks

James Oakley (Perth, 2021-07-04)


There has not been enough research into this drug, we do not know the short or long term effects

Sandra Murcott (Armadale , 2021-07-04)


I should have the ability to choose a medical procedure/ product or not

Kata Fisiihoi (Perth, 2021-07-04)


I have the right o choose we should not be forced!

Mark Robinson (Perth, 2021-07-04)


I do not consent to mandatory vaccinations. My body, my choice.

Kelly Nichols (Perth, 2021-07-04)


My husband does fifo

Marion Whitecross (Broomehill , 2021-07-04)


I’m signing this petition because no medicine should be forced onto anyone

Bret Whitecross (Broome hill, 2021-07-04)


Forced experimental drugs are in breach of basic human rights.

Michael Davey (Perth, 2021-07-04)


Experimental vaccines should not be mandatory!!

Callan Ridgeway (Perth , 2021-07-04)


I dont believe in forced vaccination to allow me to keep my job

Josh Garner (Albany, 2021-07-04)


It's illegal to force or coerced into any medical procedure

Caroline Williams (Perth, 2021-07-04)


To force people to have the vaccine or any medical procedure is unlawful and against human rights. It is also manslaughter and crimes against humanity because the experimental "vaccine" is killing and maiming people.

Patricia Leahy (Dunsborough, 2021-07-04)


I disagree with mandatory vaccines for fifo workers

Adrian Issel (Australind , 2021-07-04)


The Vaccines are not Safe!

Justin Smith (Mandurah, 2021-07-04)


This is a crime against humanity as this is an experimental vaccine and should never be forced upon anyone. What has happened to informed consent?
We have 335 vaccine deaths and over 33,000 adverse reactions yet they are calling for mandates?? Criminal to the core.

Jalina Khan (Perth, 2021-07-04)


This is experimental it should never be mandatory.

Beth BONFIGLIO (Helena valley, 2021-07-04)


It’s not up to companies or the Australian government or the premier of WA to make vaccination compulsory to retain your job.
We live in a free society not a communist totalitarian one.

Barbara Beavis (Bassendean perth, 2021-07-04)


I am signing because my nephew works in the mining industry in WA and he nor any other person should never be forced to submit to any medical procedure, including injections, against his own will. The State has NO LEGAL RIGHT to enforce this coercion which goes against their human rights.

Kim Heath (Sun Valley, 2021-07-05)


I don't believe we should be made to put anything in our bodies we're not comfortable with!

Lisa Spatara (Perth, 2021-07-05)


Im siging because we should all have a right to decide if we want to or not.. it should not be forced

jess witt (Swan View, 2021-07-05)


Against our human rights to force this vaccination upon us as we don’t know the effects it’s going to have on our systems in years to come

Ryan Duggan (Perth, 2021-07-05)


when the law changed that you can't sue the government, pharmaceutical company or doctors if anything goes wrong, there is something wrong with it.

Dave Hemmings (Perth , 2021-07-05)


'Show me your papers.' Shouldnt be heard ever again.

Jonathan Dwyer (Perth, 2021-07-05)


Our body, our choice

Tess Doyle (Perth, 2021-07-05)


This is an infringement of our sovereign rights!

Gary Richardson (Lockyer, 2021-07-05)


My son works as a fifo worker and has enough medical problems already without being forced to take an experimental vaccine that has no long term studies
This vaccine does not stop contraction or spread so therefore is NOT a true vaccine
We are not lab animals to be used for trials our bodies our choice

Faye Ross (Perth, 2021-07-05)


My husband is afifo worker

Serena Hedderich (Porongurup, 2021-07-06)


No trial should be mandated

Zoe Llewellin (Perth, 2021-07-06)


I believe we should retain citizen right to choice as to medical processes

Natalie McAllister (Perth, 2021-07-06)


I do not want to participate in the experimental COVID vaccine programme

Fiona Grainger (Mullaloo, 2021-07-06)


I'm signing this petition to preserve freedom. We should have the freedom to refuse this jab which is still under trial and not lose our jobs.

Tracey Lok (Chester, 2021-07-06)


I am a fifo worker and it is my choice if get an untested vaccination not the governments back pocket. My Body My Choice!

Chris Boult (Brisbane, 2021-07-06)


I'm signing because it is a breach of peoples rights. The vaccine is also untested and not approved.

geoff McIntosh (mandurah, 2021-07-06)


There should be no coercion for a one-size-fits-all injection, especially when an individual’s livelihood, health and wellbeing are at stake. Mandated vaccines are a diabolical notion and those that dictate these terms are abusing emergency powers. The Nuremburg Code needs to be dusted off and put to use again to rewrite these wrongs.

Paul Masemann (Melbourne, 2021-07-06)


Mandatory Vaccinations are an assault on the basic human right of choice. How many people have had the AZ vaccine in the last few months that NOW wish they didn't, after more info on adverse side affects come out? (The government has known for nearly 12 months. Pfizer is no different. Many bad, bad side affects that we aren't hearing about. Wait for it..

Dean Fletcher (Perth, 2021-07-06)


I value my sovereign and human rights.

Sharon Fairfull (Perth, 2021-07-06)


I believe everyone should have the right to bodily autonomy and freedom of choice

Erin Walsh (Perth, 2021-07-06)


It’s a personal decision what goes into my body and I’m young and fit enough to survive the flu

Paul Micallef (Wyee Pount, 2021-07-06)


It’s in proven and there’s no compensation ifsnythinggoes wrong,we don’t know the long term effects Edith this new technowledgr of warding of disease!!

Darren Jones (Mulwala , 2021-07-06)


I’m a FIFO worker and I won’t be forced to take and experimental vaccine just to keep my livelihood.

Justin McDonald (Perth , 2021-07-06)


I don’t want the COVID vaccination

Sophia Du Toit (Dalyellup , 2021-07-06)


I am signing because vaccinating people against their will is a crime against humanity.

Dean Hodge (Perth, 2021-07-06)


Im signing this because it is bullshit that anyone can be forced to have any type of medical procedure against their will. How can it be possible that a human being should be forced to have an experimental jab that has proven to kill people just to be able to go to work. Obvious to everyone this is about population control as anyone who does their research , the research shows the agenda is depopulate the world

Robert Jesson (Adelaide , 2021-07-06)


I'm signing this petition because it's a freedom of choice. Being threatened Buy the big company's of my lively hood to a medical procedure that is still under trial. Who's going to be held responsible if there are going to be any adverse effects? They will just wipe there hands of you.

Cristen Lailey (Perth, 2021-07-07)


I'm opposed to mandatory Vaccination as I believe in freedom of choice

Jason Sharpe (Perth , 2021-07-07)


It is wrong. Forced vax is against the Nuremberg code.

Mitchum Delport (Bunbury , 2021-07-07)


People should have choice

Miles Upfold (Perth , 2021-07-07)


Mandating medical treatment breaches our constitutional protections.

Mark Foster (Port Hedland, 2021-07-07)


No one should be made to take an experimental vaccine and no Australian should be used as a test subject

John Retschlag (Perth , 2021-07-07)


I believe I should be able to make decisions that are in my own best interest. The government should not be allowed to force me to take anything, especially when it’s experimental!

If somebody would like to have the vaccine that is upto them, I should not be coerced into taking it to make other people feel less worried.

Brandon Retschlag (Perth , 2021-07-07)


This is a disgrace that to force anyone to take a experimental jab as this is against the constitution, our human rights and the Numerburg Code.

Paul Weeks (Melbourne , 2021-07-07)


I don’t want to be made have an experimental jab to do my job.

Gerard Hallissey (Perth, 2021-07-07)


Everyone has a right to choose, NO COERCION OR MANDATED VAX.

Susan Murphy (Mandurah, 2021-07-07)


You cant push anything mandatory onto people! We have choice! My body my choice!

Nadia Hope (Perth, 2021-07-07)


I am signing for human rights and freedom of choice.

Johnny Garrity (Perth, 2021-07-07)


Mandatory medical procedures goes against everything our constitution stands for. Loss of all freedoms will follow!!

Alison S (perth, 2021-07-07)


I believe it should be a choice

Jason Abbott (Perth, 2021-07-07)


I am against the poison vaccine we need to use Ivermec on people when or if they get itv

Craig Nottage (Two Rocks , 2021-07-07)


It goes against basic human rights to enforce or blackmail people into having an experimental vaccine for something that has a 99.99% survival rate.

Sean Scrimgeour (Perth, 2021-07-07)


Vaccination should be voluntary, mandantory is Not law, nor is coercion, someones job should Not be threatened with this

Teresa Seed (Perth, 2021-07-07)


Mandatory vaccinations are a violation of human rights. It is not legal.

Jane Leeming (Northam, 2021-07-07)


I am an adult. This is my body and I am of sound mind. I am responsible for the health and maintenance of MY own body which gives me the right to decide what I do or don’t put into my body! I don’t support experimental or recreational drugs of any kind! I don’t support mandatory vaccinations! It goes against everything I believe in.

Lauren Scheepers (Perth , 2021-07-07)


People have free choice over their own bodies and I do not agree that all Fifo workers should be made to have this ‘trial’ vaccine.

Glenice Hancock (Hamilton Hill, 2021-07-07)


I am signing this petition as I feel vaccination is a personal choice and shouldn't affect the security of being able to keep your job.

Beverley Van staden (Perth , 2021-07-07)


The constitution says that no person shall be forced to inject any substance in to their body that they don’t want. Section 51 part 23A. The Nuremberg Code says it all.

Colette Crotty (Sydney, 2021-07-07)


I don’t think anyone should be forced to take the vacation, it should be free choice.

Fred Van Staden (Perth , 2021-07-07)


My body my choice without fear of losing job.

Warren Shepherd (Serpentine, 2021-07-07)


Mandatory Vax goes against our Constitution guarantee!

Stephen Bell (Kyogle, 2021-07-07)


Because I have close friends in FIFO work, no person should be forced to choose between putting food on the table and injecting chemicals into their body.

The TGA has not given official approval of the vaccines and has said they won't grant official approval if the vaccines until AFTER the pandemic ends, should be telling.
The emergency approval has been granted before all the trials will end.
The emergency approval was meant to originally meant so the most at risk could have the vaccine first.

There is no need for mandatory vaccinations of FIFO workers.

Christopher Reid (Wembley Downs, 2021-07-07)


I’m signing because vaccines should not be forced on anybody. And if they are, and something goes wrong and there is a reaction by the vaccine on the injected person, that oerosn should be compensated to the maximum

Aaron Gerovich (Bibra Lake, 2021-07-07)


I believe I as an individual and adult should be allowed to make my choice wether to be vacinised or not. In no way should it be base mandatory

Ken Power (Perth, 2021-07-07)