No mandatory vaccinations of any kind for FIFO workers in WA.



We should be able to have a choice what we put into bodies. I don't believe any of the 19 vaccines are very safe

Ash Cluning (Perth , 2021-07-09)


I am a fifo worker and some of my colleagues don't want the covid vaccine. I am making a stand with them to say NO to mandatory covid vaccination. I will walk away from my job if need be in solidarity with my work colleagues. If you don't fight, you lose.

Daniel Laws (Perth, 2021-07-09)


Noone should be forced to have a vaccination for their job. Noone!

Dean Jabbour (Woonona, 2021-07-09)


It should be a personal choice, not coercion

Joseph Michaels (Tapping, 2021-07-09)


I'm against mandatory vaccinations for anyone

Christopher Irwin (Perth, 2021-07-09)


My family members are Fifo workers NOT lab rats! Show me in their signed contracts where it says they can loose their jobs if they do not agree to having poison injected into their bodies!

Loz Schee (Perth, 2021-07-09)


I think it’s not right.

Dale Morgan (Darwin, 2021-07-09)


No one should be coerced in to getting a medical experiment at the risk of losing their job

Amber Wilcox (DUNSBOROUGH, 2021-07-09)


I'm signing because I believe everyone has a right to choose for themselves

Tori Agnew (Lakelands, 2021-07-09)


I’m signing because the COVID-19 vaccine is a clinical trial and not safe.

We live in a free society and that includes freedom to choose what goes into our bodies without threats of losing our jobs and way of life.

Carlee Hanrahan (Perth, 2021-07-09)


I decide what goes in my body.

Richard Smart (Perth, 2021-07-09)


i’m signing this because i strongly disagree with this act. This goes against ALL of our human rights!!

danielle eli (Mandurah, 2021-07-09)


I believe I have a right to decide what I am immunised for and I am yet to be convinced that the disease that the vaccine is supposed to combat is a threat to my or my families health

Glenn Flyger (Tocumwal , 2021-07-09)


I have a right to choose what goes in my body.

Tyson Parkes (Mandurah, 2021-07-09)


I don't want what ever poisons they are trying to put in me.

Thomas Hemmings (Langford, 2021-07-09)


Coercion to take an injection still under trial is against human rights!!

Stacey Smart (Dunsborough, 2021-07-09)


I do not believe in getting a jab.

Sharleen Feens (Perth , 2021-07-09)


I’m signing because I don’t believe in the vaccine

Sabrina Mckell (Perth, 2021-07-09)


No mandatory vaccination.

Victoria Zelubowska (Melbourne, 2021-07-09)


People have a right to choose what they put into their body particularly if it’s experimental!

Tan Maree (inverloch , 2021-07-09)


Because I’m pro choice and anti mandatory vaccine

Joanne Yates (Yalyalup, 2021-07-09)


It’s my choice to be vaccinated or not, it’s against our basic human rights to force vaccinations

John Portoglou (Thornbury, 2021-07-09)


Forced vaccination is illegal.

Stephen Kelly JP (Byford , 2021-07-09)


I am supporting this

JULIE Walton (Heathridge Perth, 2021-07-09)


Because I want a choice of what goes into my body without the risk of losing my job.

Amy Bernhardt (Spearwood, 2021-07-09)


No one should be forced to be part of a medical trial

Dhalia Sanderson (YOKINE, 2021-07-09)


I'm signing this because mandatory is taking a person's freedom of choice and the free right to make a personal or family choice for there lively hood . Is the state or goverment going to stand by the workers and families if they have a bad reaction to there rushed and risky vaccinations no they will probbly just play the blame game while the free rights of people have been taken away an families suffer . We are people not lab rats stop with the bully tack ticks and let the people choice .

Patrick Pollard (Brisbane, 2021-07-09)


No medical procedure with death as an adverse reaction should be forced on anyone

Wes Irvine (Halls Head, 2021-07-09)


I believe in freedom of choice - no one should be told what to put in their body if they are not 100% happy with it.

Katherine Cluning (Perth, 2021-07-09)


It is an impediment on basic human rights and choice to force people into medication, specifically of the likes that is not even a year old on its release.

Graeme Smith (Perth, 2021-07-09)


My body my choice. Treat us with respect and respect our rights & freedom as citizens and give us choices.

Yvette Holmes (Perth, 2021-07-09)


It is simply unAustralian to make vaccination mandatory and over-reach the God endowed rights of individuals to determine the boundaries of their health, and personhood. This is especially egregious in respect of vaccinations surrounding Covid 19 because a) these are experimental gene therapy treatments which are admittedly causing irreversible harm in thousands of people, along with death in hundreds of cases; and b) there are sound and proven alternative treatments and protocols including ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, zinc and vitamin D. To enforce vaccinations is coercion and breaches basic human rights as per the Nuremberg code.

Candice Parsons (Perth, 2021-07-09)


We are not north Korea we are Australia, please don't take our freedom over our bodies away.

Kathy Phillips-jones (Meadow Springs, 2021-07-09)


Freedom to choose as we do not live in a dictatorship nor should we be bullied into a trial drug to maintain our employment and ability to put food on the table. Vaccine doesn’t prevent you catching or spreading it .

Kara Saron (Perth, 2021-07-09)


People should have the right to choose what goes in there body's without it impacting the rest of there life!

Orenda Hastings (Auckland, 2021-07-09)


This is unconstitutional. This is bullying, coercion and illegal force tactics. This is unlawful. It is a disgrace. FIFO workers will not be taking a “vaccination” for health, they will be taking it under duress for fear of losing their employment. This is not and never was about health.

Kim Selby (Clarkson, 2021-07-09)


I’m aid one cause I am a FIFO worker and will not be forced into mandatory vaccinations

Emma Haggett (Perth, 2021-07-09)


People should not be threatened with their job or future jobs to get an experimental unknown injection.

Andrew Hughes (Perth , 2021-07-10)


I choose not to have this vaccine being forced by the goverment for a silly agenda big pharma is pursuing to increase the profit margin.

Tyson Yates (Perth , 2021-07-10)


There has been more deaths from the experimental vaccine then there has from the virus in Australia. It’s our choice not the governments.

Eve Jones (Perth, 2021-07-10)


This is illegal as section 51 - 23 (a) commonwealth constitution act 1946.....

Alan Pitts (Perth, 2021-07-10)


No one should ever be forced to have a medical procedure against their will.

Kate Irvine (Halls Head, 2021-07-10)


My husband works FIFO and I don't want him injected with this posion.

Donna Rounsley (Mindarie, 2021-07-10)


Because its poison

Darren Kaio (Mandurah , 2021-07-10)


I’m signing because it is absolutely disgusting that anyone would be forced to be injected with a TRIAL vaccine. We are not stupid, we see the government keep extending the state of emergency to continue to be able to administer the vaccine as it is a trial vaccine until 2023. We are not stupid, we have heard and read all of the comments by people who have had negative effects from both vaccines! A vaccine to “help” with a flu should not be disrupting a woman’s period in ANY way! A vaccine to “help” with a flu should not be killing people and causing strokes and leaving them permanently disabled after causing blood clots. The gov says “they had underlying health issues”, yet if anyone died who happened to have convid “their underlying health issues” were never brought into play! They could have been 98 years old with stage four pancreatic cancer yet they “died of convid”. They could have died in a car accident, yet the gov would say “they died of covid”!

We are awake, we are aware, we will not be forced to have a trial vaccine of poison for a glorified flu- which is what it has been confirmed as by many many world medical leaders and countries such as Singapore.

Melissa Young (Perth, 2021-07-10)


No medical procedure should ever be mandated. Especially not one not yet through the human experimental phase.

Daisy Baragwanath (Mundaring, 2021-07-10)


I'm signing because this is a trial, experimental jab that has had no long term testing before being given to the community. There have never been so many deaths and injuries from an injection before world wide and it needs to be stopped, not forced on people who do not wish to be injected with these toxins.

Lissa Spencer (Redcliffe, 2021-07-10)


I’m signing because I don’t like the idea of dodgy trial vaccines being put into my body when no long term studies have been done! It’s my body I should decide what I do with it

Jeff Miles (Perth , 2021-07-10)


The Nuremberg Code
1.The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.

This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision. This latter element requires that before the acceptance of an affirmative decision by the experimental subject there should be made known to him the nature, duration, and purpose of the experiment; the method and means by which it is to be conducted; all inconveniences and hazards reasonably to be expected; and the effects upon his health or person which may possibly come from his participation in the experiment

Adam Burns (Perth, 2021-07-10)


no mandatory vaccine for fifo workers

Galilee Horne (Bayswater, 2021-07-10)


Constitutional violation

Paul Burns (San remo, 2021-07-10)


My father and grandfather fought and suffered for us to be free and independent and have the Right to FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!!!

Rosalie Felmingham (Perth, 2021-07-10)


I believe in Freedom of Choice

Antoinette Weston (COTTESLOE, 2021-07-10)


Freedom of choice

Michael Keddie (Perth, 2021-07-10)


We must maintain body autonomy.

Deanne Carter (Lockridge, 2021-07-10)


It effects me

Christian Lees (Brisbane , 2021-07-10)


Everyone should have a Choice !!!!!!!

Yvette Jacques (Broadwater, 2021-07-10)


Freedom of choice

Garry Millar (Perth, 2021-07-10)


Because,it's a severe,over reaction to an incorrectly, unfounded & illegally declared pandemic, it's a severe breech of human rights, it's a severe breech of the Australian constitution and the bio-security act 2015, sections 60-61 & 201,17 & the private security Act 1988 section 94H.
Even with the highly suspected under reporting of vaccine recipients harmful side effects including DEATH, The vaccinations are responsible for more deaths than the so called virus has been attributed too!!!
Let a lone the fact, that no medical professional has even been able to personally sight and examine a single isolated sample of the alleged virus or it's media and government hyped, fictional strains!!!.

Adam James Vaughan (Gosford NSW, 2021-07-10)


To keep my wife safe and alive. She has given over 15 years of her life to FMG. If they bring in recommendations to be vaccinated. I will be heart broken they would have to choose between do the kid they love and support ing there families. Or been kind of forced to have this experimental drug.

Kylie Gair (Perth, 2021-07-10)


No one is to be coerced into any medical intervention at all. It's about choice.

Amanda Seneno (Perth, 2021-07-10)


I want to have freedom of choice and it is unethical to force vaccination.

Andreas Boeller (Perth, 2021-07-10)


No company/business or government has the right to force you to inject anything into your body... It’s a personal choice....!!!

Ian Mahoney (Perth, 2021-07-10)


I am a human being and a free man and I demand to make decisions for my health for myself

Kim Felmingham (Perth, 2021-07-11)


NO ONE should be forced to get ANY vaccination. Ever. And certainly not an experimental one!!!

Paul Freeburn (Launceston, 2021-07-11)


we should have our own choice,

Danial Smith (Perth, 2021-07-11)


Don’t agree with the chemical constituents and feel it has not been tested for the long term…
A knee ‘jerk’ reaction

Michael Ward (Melbourne , 2021-07-11)


I dont want those to be subjected to the testing

Roz Mcnulty (Joondalup, 2021-07-11)


I’m signing because vaccines should be voluntary and NOT mandatory. It’s my body - my choice. I should not be made to feel threatened or coerced by my employer under the threat of losing my job as a FIFO worker to be forced to undergo this medical procedure.

Karen Cornwall (Perth, 2021-07-11)


My body, my choice.

Emma Kowacz (Beaconsfield, 2021-07-11)


Medical freedom is our God given right!

Mary-Anne Pratt (Perth, 2021-07-11)


Vaccinations should be a choice. Experimental vaccines used on humans should be banned. Simple.

Ben Obrien (West Perth, 2021-07-11)


This is unlawful and against the Australian Constitution and the Nuremberg Code. This is experimental gene modification on humans by big pharma & is causing more death and physical harm to people than any Covid disease ever has. This vaccine agenda must stop now .

Karyn Constable (Perth, 2021-07-11)


Bodily autonomy is a basic fundamental right enshrined in law. This experimental vaccine is the most dangerous ever according to adverse events registers around the world & is indeed deadly. To try to mandate this is authorising manslaughter. It is a persons right to choose without threats or coercion or penalty.

Peter Fay (Perth, 2021-07-11)


I am a FIFO worker and I do NOT consent to any jab.

Daniel Colosi (Perth, 2021-07-11)


It’s an experimental toxin
It’s being pushed by politicians and the media . All virologist do not agree with the vaccine

Phillip Linard (Melb, 2021-07-11)


Every man and woman should have freedom of choice over any medical procedure

Lynda Williams (Roleystone , 2021-07-11)


These Covid injections are still in the experimental stage and the data isn't in yet on safety and efficacy. To date safety and efficacy is not looking particularly good. Don't put peoples health at risk, choice is a must.

Karen Anne (Nambucca Heads, 2021-07-11)


I say no to mandatory vaccination for any Australian resident.

Kim Haden (Adelaide, 2021-07-11)


This go's against the Nuremburg code.

Darryn Rudings (Perth, 2021-07-11)


I am sick of the government there tyranny and complete disregard for peoples lives.

Stuart Hutchinson (Perth, 2021-07-11)