Vaccines to the Himalayas - Open Letter to the European Commission



humanitarian reasons

Jaroslav Necesany (Dubnica n. Vahom, 2021-07-06)


Byrokratické postupy, používané při ochraně zdraví obyvatel výjimečné planety Země, jsou neakceptovatelné!

Vlasta Kuchařová (Praha 9 - Prosek, 2021-07-06)


It matters to me

Mandy Tamang (Shakopee , 2021-07-06)


.... because it's so necessary for these people!

Jitka Chaloupkova (Kamenice, 2021-07-06)


The Delta variant is widespread in Nepal, and we only have 2.6% of the population vaccinated. This is an epidemiological time bomb.

Shirley Blair (Kathmandu, 2021-07-07)


Im signing because nepal and bhutan people need to help immediatelly

Frantisek Cerny (Harrachov, 2021-07-07)


A British citizen living in Nepal, I am overwhelmed by the absolute inefficiency of the COVID 19 vaccine roll out. I know it was my choice to live in Nepal, but I have an autoimmune disorder (MS) and am 71 years old, so had I been living in the UK I would have been top priority. I am a prime example of the 1.4 million over 65s in Nepal who had our first AZ vaccine 17 weeks ago, with no sign of a second dose even in sight. Unused AZ vaccines in the West will run out of date all too soon and will entirely go to waste when they could have helped the global community to overcome this modern-day ‘plague’. Please, someone, somewhere listen to this plea.

Juliette Cunliffe (Pokhara, 2021-07-07)


A church friend's Nepalese family live in Nepal, and therefore standing with them as they highlight this issue

Helen Lewis (East Horsley, 2021-07-07)


The human race continued advancement transcends all barriers

Alex Mclean (London, 2021-07-07)


Podepisuji, protože souhlasim s jejím zněním, je potřeba efektivně přerozdělovat vakcíny, ne administrativně od stolu. A Nepál i Bhutan vakcíny potřebují.

Zuzana Kosová (Jablonec nad Nisou , 2021-07-07)


I am signing because it is important that the people around the globe get immunized against the Covid-19 because the disease cannot be eradicated from the world unless peoole in each and every part are protected against this deadly disease through proper vaccination. The rich countries cannot achieve anything by just hoarding the vaccines that's excess for them, it will be great to save lives by donating them.

Niru Sharma (Guelph, 2021-07-07)


you need to help

adrian shelley (leicestershire, 2021-07-07)


It is the right thing to do

Jan Nevyjel (Bohumín, 2021-07-07)


Every country has right to get vaccinated and no vaccine should be thrown away due to excess or near to expiry date be limited by some law to be donated to other countries.

Gaurav Shrestha (Itahari, 2021-07-08)


I am singning becouse it is riahgt!!

Aelita Púchovská (Prague, 2021-07-08)


Podepisuji protoze jde o spravnou vec.

Petr Baier (Detmarovice, 2021-07-08)


Through dedicated attempts to assist in the fight of Covid-19 in Nepal since March 5th, cf., I am aware of the serious persisting threat and the relative unpreparedness of authorities to deal with it. A substantial delivery of vaccines willl substantially change that.

Flemming Topsøe (Vedbæk, 2021-07-08)


I care about people in needs.

Jiri Simsa (Praha, 2021-07-08)


Resources should be used for their best impact and not wasted!

Laxman Sharma (Kathmandu, 2021-07-08)


Only 2.6% of the population of Nepal is vaccinated.

Tsering Lama (Lho, 2021-07-08)


…because it gives me a sense and because I love Bhutan and its generous friendly people.

Klara Sikulova (Rozkos, 2021-07-08)


It’s matter of justice and urgency

Hari Sharma (Kathmandu, 2021-07-08)



Martin Rodinger (Žabčice, 2021-07-08)


It's the right thing to do.

Donna Ferguson (Hagerstown, 2021-07-09)


We, Nepalese people are in the dire need of vaccines. Please help us.

Subashchandra Pokharel (Sindhuli, 2021-07-09)