A Desperate Plea to Bring Me Back Home!



I’m signing because Layeeq is my friend, a hard-working, committed, kind, and wise person who, as others, deserves the chance to return home.

Melissa Janson (Napier, 2021-08-01)


Layeeq is a very self motivated , determined and enterprising individual. Of the 6 years that I've been friends with him , he's always been genuine and very passionate about everything that he aspires to do. Layeeq deserves to come back and undertake his job and resume his life back in the bay. Its not right or kind to let one not enter back to NZ , a place they call home, when they have to go to their families to fulfil their responsibilities towards to loved one.

Carol Nirmal (Napier, 2021-08-01)


I met Layeeq in Napier. We practice Ashtanga a yoga together. He is a very sweet guy. He had to leave NZ because his dad was very sick and he died. Now he is not only facing difficulties in coming back but risking his work permit... It doesn't make any sense, so it is important to raise awareness about rules that are helping no one and try to correct them. Please help Layeeq. Thanks

Teresa Richard (Napier, 2021-08-01)


I know Layeeq personally, and can vouch for his character and integrity. We need him back in Hawke’s Bay, he adds so much to our community and to our country. Please advance his application ASAP.

Peter Sanson (Hastings, 2021-08-01)


This guy is a legend! Be a loss for the bay if he is not allowed back in.

Ray Fernandes (Napier, 2021-08-01)


Layeeq has served the community for the community and in this it is what we need to help people in this community.

Jason Redden (Haumoana, 2021-08-01)


Layeeq and many others stranded outside New Zealand deserve the chance to come back home.

Grecia Trujillo (Napier, 2021-08-01)


Layeeq is a such a genuine and kind hearted person who deserves the right to be able to return to his place of residence and the country which he considers to be home. Layeeq, I hope you are granted permission to return back to NZ and the Hawke's Bay community.

Tracey Miller (Napier, 2021-08-01)


I know Layeeq and others like him caught in the middle of all the immigration related complications. It is only reasonable that someone who has lived and contributed to the community and built their life here has their circumstances considered and is allowed back.

Tanya Jain (Napier, 2021-08-01)


A person who supported the country that welcomed him with great industriousness and determination.
A citizen who has contributed for the good inside of the Hawkes Bay community.
Layeeq is an added value for the country for the entire community.
Simona Nucera

Simona Nucera (queenstown, 2021-08-01)


This is a good man who has been caught by Covid in a situation he could not have anticipated. He deserves assistance to get back to the country he calls home.

Christine Bache (Napier, 2021-08-01)


Laiek is a great guy and I have a lot of respect for him and compassion towards his situation.

Tristan Binsted (Napier, 2021-08-01)


I’m signing because Layeeq needs to get back home which is Hawke’s Bay. He’s a valuable member of the community and we dearly miss him. He shouldn’t need to fight to be allowed to return.

Sarah Ammann (Napier, 2021-08-01)


I believe nz needs more people like lieq he is an amazing human and a close friend

greg bache (Napier, 2021-08-01)


Layeeq deserves justice

Jared Tawharu (Clive, 2021-08-01)


I was a witness to how hard layeeq worked during Covid 19 lockdown to serve his community and the health system. He should be aloud to come live back here where he worked so hard.

Kelsey Kloosterman (Hastings , 2021-08-01)


I'm signing because I have come to know Layeeq as the person he describes himself to be in this petition. A friend and active and very much loved member of the Hawke's Bay community.

Merel Rip (Napier, 2021-08-01)


I would like to support this petition by Layeeq, who I know personally. I can attest to his character, and the integrity with which he approaches his professional life. Layeeq is an asset to New Zealand, and I urge the powers that be to waive any bureaucratic hurdles that seem to be in his way to come back home.

Robin Janson (Raglan, 2021-08-01)


Layeeq is a well respected and professional team member at the HBDHB. We have sorely missed him not being here in Hawkes Bay, his home.

Hannah Wilson (Napier, 2021-08-01)


Layeeq is an invaluable member of the Hawke's Bay DHB, and our community more widely. He is a supportive friend to all, and works tirelessly for the betterment of in his community. He was a key part of the HBDHB's Covid-19 response, and the Government that he supported with so much dedication should support him in his efforts to return home.

Jessie Smith (Hastings, 2021-08-01)


Wishing you the best Layeeq on your return home to NZ!

Nikki King (Napier, 2021-08-01)


We stand with you Layeeq in this unfair process to help get you home!

Gabriel Hurford (Hastings, 2021-08-01)


I am signing because I know Layeeq as an upstanding member of the Hawke’s Bay community. I appreciate that this is a challenging time but I truly hope he can be looked upon as an individual with extenuating circumstances and that his very fair requests be met. He would be a true loss to New Zealand particularly at a time where we need to show true compassion.

Madeline Knight (Havelock North , 2021-08-02)


Layeek is a fine person and friend of one of my longest standing friends Greg B. I myself am a permanent resident of over 30 years. I have heard many accounts like his through my position in the hospitality industry. I know bureaucracy has its place and reason. But. So should fairness and compassion. I emplore you, the recipient of this petition to speak and act on my, layeek's and the behalf of others in a position similar to his to have a chance to continue their lives in all our home country. Thank you kindly, nga mihi

Simon Berling.
Grateful German Resident

Simon Berling (Wanaka, 2021-08-02)


I’m signing because I know how this lad works. Everything he says above is true and just sad to know how people in similar situations who contribute so much to the community are struggling. To put so much of yourself into building you career for the hospital and then be left hanging is not fair for a person like Layeeq.

Aashish Yamba (Napier, 2021-08-02)


I am signing this petition because Layeeq has been a valuable member of the Hawkes Bay community, and would continue to be so if not for the vagaries of Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. Extensions to work visas should be granted to those who have been stranded in situations such as Layeeq’s

Bernard Ward (Napier, 2021-08-02)


LAYEEQ is the kind of person who is so valuable to our community. I personally can vouch for his goodness and strength of character. It would be in unkind and foolish for him to be shut out because of a date range.

Sue Holloway (Napier, 2021-08-02)


Layeeq deserves to come home through these tough times.

Kevin Schulz (Napier, 2021-08-02)


I believe in the larger picture of a united community, persevering towards a better humanity.

Alenda Antao (MUMBAI, 2021-08-02)


Layeeq has been a devoted yoga student of mine. He has been amazing in his commitment to the practice and i have seen
an amazing young bright man in him with beautiful human qualities.

Doris Blum (Wanaka, 2021-08-02)


I am signing because Layeeq is a very accomplished person who’s giving back to Hawke’s Bay’s growth.

Bharath Gadiparthi (Napier, 2021-08-02)


Such employees are irreplaceable and their service to the community during the pandemic needs to be respected and recognised by government by bringing them back to New Zealand. Sincerely believe that the government will take swift action in placing Laeeq in his role at the Hastings DHB

Anton Srijeshnath (Wellington , 2021-08-02)


I know Layeek very well from HBDHB and I will support his suggestions and petition as I know that his employer and other relevant stakeholders will receive only benefits from him being here with us. All the best. George

George Vlad (Napier , 2021-08-03)


Layeeq is a tireless worker with an incredible attitude - despite his circumstances he always has a smile to bring. He is a good friend to many in Hawke's Bay and a great colleague. Layeeq, I am sending all the luck I can give your way and we look forward to seeing you back in Hawke's Bay when the time comes. Kia kaha e hoa.

Briar Bayler (Napier, 2021-08-03)


I know Layeeq personally and find what’s he’s asking for reasonable

Nadya Kaplyukova (Palmerston North, 2021-08-03)


I feel that some times bureaucracy needs to be more flexible. We are human after all.

Andrea Drottholm (Dalung, 2021-08-03)


I believe that there is reason to support our overseas workers.

Kat Jamieson (Hamilton, 2021-08-03)


Layeeq has been a close friend of mine since 2017. We met at Toastmasters in Napier initially and eventually flatted together in 2019. I can vouch that Layeeq is a man of great virtue and has been a great example for myself and others in giving back to the community. He is naturally gifted at connecting people from different walks of life due to his sociability and I have met a lot of people who have been very influential in my life through him. I truly hope that the people in power can make an exemption for Layeeq especially considering why he had to go to India in the first place.

Delan Mahlagwai (Hastings, 2021-08-03)


I'm signing because I know layeeq Baig to be caring Hawkes Bay resident and wish him to be able to return to his life here.

Erica Jeff's (Hastings , 2021-08-03)


We need to be more considerate to our skilled migrants who are making NZ their home but are stranded overseas like Layeeq or without their families like Bernard Denenga.

Chris Comber (Napier, 2021-08-03)


I wish to help him because l want him to get his job back , he has lost both his parents. We need to help him for his future

Lily Nirmal (Nashik, 2021-08-04)


I know Layeeq from my involvement with the Multicultural Association and would like to encourage everyone to support him with his plea to extend his visa to come back to HB and continue to work at DHB. He is a fine young man and has given much to our community.

Sukhdeep Singh (Hastings, 2021-08-04)


I work with Layeeq at the Dhb and he is such a cool guy.

Jade Moke (Napier, 2021-08-04)


Ohana. Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.

Juliet Singh (Auckland, 2021-08-05)


I fully support this petition.

Mukhtar Ditta (Pakuranga Heights, 2021-08-05)


I fully support Layeeq's provision proposals to Immigration NZ's current policy. There are so many affected people that have been struggling in being separated from their families for months/years on end, it beggars belief that they are being held to ransom by Immigration NZ. I hope that Layeeq can come back and become one of the team of 5 million again and a valued member of our Procurement and Logistics team at Hawkes Bay DHB very soon. Good luck Layeeq and we are waiting on your return.

Izabela Jones (Hastings, 2021-08-06)


I believe that NZ should honour all its promises to those immigrants in NZ before Covid hit. In Layeeq's situation, why should he be punished because he had to go to see his ailing parent? He should be able to get an extension and return to NZ as a very valuable and important member of our team of 5 million. His past actions prove his case above and beyone.

Mary Bronsteter (Nelson, 2021-08-07)


Layeeq is an outstanding man who, clearly in a time of need for New Zealand, stepped up like it was his own country. Layeeq is in a area of employment which is needed at our local DHB, is clearly skilled and of good nature. He should be allowed back in.

Greg Mawson (Napier, 2021-08-07)


I'm am signing because l have known this very gracious gentleman for 5 years. He is the sort of person New Zealand needs more of. He is educated but modest, eloquent and capable, he is a trustworthy and trusted employee of the Hawkes Bay DHB for 3 years. He has skills that they were unable to procure here, and he has worked tirelessly online for his employer in Hawkes Bay, all through the lockdown in India, doing his job so as not to let his NZ employer down, while Nz turns it's back on him. His crime is to have left for lndia after the 9th Oct, but he did so because of his loyalty to his parents as his father was dying. He has displayed this same loyalty to his employer while Nz appears to be in the process of choosing not to help him to get back to employer who still depends on him. His life is basically on hold. Come on NZ, Be Kind. That is how NZ is portraying itself to the world. Live up to the reputation the rest of the world has of you.

Alison Every (Napier, 2021-08-08)


He seems to be a great community person

alan burke (napier, 2021-08-08)


Layeeq is a valued member of the DHB team, a passionate and hard working professional that we need to have back in the fold. His skill set is difficult to replace.

Sandra Bee (Napier, 2021-08-08)


We need fabulous people in NZ like Layeeq, his work via and many others should be honoured..

Tina Beckley (Raglan, 2021-08-09)


I know Layeeq - I know what he says is true - we need dedicated and professional people willing to work hard both at work and in our community.
Unbelievable that through no fault of his he is unable to return home.

Barbara Ryan (Hastings, 2021-08-11)


I am signing because this govt and it’s departments are a total embarrassment and a total disgrace. I am born here and find such a story disgusting and appalling
The treatment to its people is barbaric
They should all hang their heads in shame

Gavin Shepherd (Christchurch , 2021-08-13)


Bring him back!!! Stop being ridiculous IMNZ

Noble ford (Tauranga, 2021-08-14)


You didn’t travel just because you could. You travelled for family. Anyone who has a job here should be allowed to come home

Sarah Brostow (Christchurch , 2021-08-14)


Immigration rules for people who have worked in NZ and want to return are ridiculous and they need to be changed. We’ve dealt with Immigration NZ before for residency and it was a JOKE.

Anna Swain (Christchurch , 2021-08-14)


My "team member's" plea is just and without people like this , our community will not be what it is today ... we have done really well in many areas of Covid response - let this be another area we don't let people down.

Sugapriyan Ravichandran (Hawkes bay, 2021-08-14)


Hope you make it back brother ❤️

Bre Veragos (Wellington, 2021-08-14)


You like many others deserve the support of the NZ government as your investment coming to this country originally should be rewarded .

Gordon Platfoot (invercargill , 2021-08-14)


The system of admission to New Zealand appears to me to have become inhumane, and this is one of the distressing examples.

Ruth Barton (Auckland, 2021-08-14)


This is a technicality which should in the circumstances be waived, because this man is a credit to this country and humanity and good common sense should prevail here.

Andrea Green (Tauranga , 2021-08-14)


This is a disgrace, NZ needs to sort its shit out and let it’s ppl back in.

Mathew Morrow (Christchurch , 2021-08-14)


Kia Kaha Layeeq. I Believe 'The Government Need To Be Held Accountable & Must Amend Their Immigration Policies Immediately & Urgently Now Employ More Staff To Process All Applications'. Lots Of Aroha To You Layeeq & Your Whanau.

Patricia Iraia (Whangarei, 2021-08-14)


I'm signing because this man seems to be a genuine applicant who has contributed to NZ.

If it had been my dad then I too would have wanted to go home for one last goodbye.

I ask the Government to extend him some compassion please.

William Dyer (Christchurch, 2021-08-14)


We need good people, we’re desperate for health care workers. His reason for leaving was the right thing to do. The rain for keeping him out is not the right one.

Charlie Jacobsen (Wanaka , 2021-08-14)


It is a sensible, fair and just request amidst remarkable mismanagement of this crisis and how it effects migrants.

Matt Hurst (Twizel, 2021-08-15)


I know Layeeq. He is a contributing member of our community and deserves not to be caught up in bureaucratic red tape, but instead back in his adopted home of New Zealand.

Brenda Newth (Nat, 2021-08-16)


Layeeq is a brilliant hard worker and a lovely human being who will give you the shirt of his back if you need it. During Covid Layeeq worked tireless hours just to make sure the public have enough PPE for protection during this pandemic. This wasn’t during work time but outside work hours unpaid so come on New Zealand we need more people like this in Aotearoa.

Alaisa Tovo (Napier, 2021-08-17)


We need people like this to contribute to our workforce. The exclusion of Layeek and others like him is unfair.

Lynn Goold (Auckland, 2021-08-17)


Layeeq is a well respected member of our community

Beth Mcfed (Hastings, 2021-08-18)


I firmly believe that Layeeq is an asset to New Zealand and while Covid has got in the way, his abilities could well be lost to the detriment of his employer HB Hospital Board and the local population of the Hawkes Bay.

Craig Robinson (Napier, 2021-08-19)


This man has served the New Zealand community and deserves to ve treated with gratitude, respect and dignity. He doesn't deserve to be used and thrown away like trash.

Lily Buttrick (Auckland , 2021-08-20)


I think it is unfair he is trapped in India he had established a good life here and now is being punished because he went home for his dads funeral not nice at all let him return to nz

Alicia Watson (Auckland, 2021-08-21)


I know Layeeq both as a professional colleague at Hawke's Bay District Health Board and a friend. I can confirm his dedication to the wellbeing of the population we serve and his commitment to Aotearoa, New Zealand. It seems both bizarre and arbitrary that he and others in a similar position are unable to return to their adopted home due to circumstances which are so beyond any individuals control.

Simon Shaw (Hastings, 2021-08-24)


Have worked with Layeeq and can sympathize with his unfortunate position

Jason Roberts (Hastings, 2021-08-24)

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