Investigation and Prosecution of Those Individuals Responsible for Crimes Against Humanity



I am signing this petition to encourage the International Criminal Court (ICC) to take action against those who have committed Crimes Against Humanity.

Richard M Fleming, PhD, MD, JD (Dallas, 2021-09-29)


It’s now genocide which must be stopped and perpetrators brought to justice

Justin Croon (Cornwall, 2021-09-29)


I care for true humanity and God given freedom, love and free will

Glover Anna (Sunderland, 2021-09-29)


I think there has been no transparency during the pandemic. I think that many qualified Doctors and Scientists have been ignored. I see in the EUDRA that every day there are more people with adverse events because of the Vaccine. Our children have suffered and continue to suffer from sanitary restrictions that do more harm than good. Enough!

Armando C. Galarza (Löhne, 2021-09-29)


Truth must prevail.

Jennie Gilchrist (DALLAS, 2021-09-29)


Nuremberg code was breached in all of its points. Human rights are being suppressed worldwide in the name of "pandemic".
Humanity appears to stand on crossroads. It may choose the option of "honor, glory and freedom" or "money, power and slavery". I have made the right choice already. How about ICC?

Peter Weis (Bratislava, 2021-09-29)


The genocide has to end

Gonzalo Castro Rios (Cuautitlan Izcalli, 2021-09-29)


Government agencies seem to be corrupt. Their allegiance is to BigPharma and other corporations that bribe them legally with lobbying. We need to end corruption and lobbying. Mandates for experimental drugs that do more harm than good are illegal. They continuously hide better safer options to actually treat the virus such as ivermectin, high dose intravenous Vitamin C, hydroxychloroquine and many other safe ways to get rid of the virus. Instead they are telling people to get vaccines that are experimental and do more harm than good causing many to be permanently disabled and dead. They are illegally mandating forcing people to get the vaccine or lose their jobs. We must charge them with crimes against humanity. They cannot continue this nonsense...all the blocking of useful helpful information for people to make an informed choice needs to end. They continue to lie and say the vaccines are safe when more people will probably die from the vaccine vs covid. Please stand up for all life on this planet and stop these criminals from doing more harm than they already have.

Pam Schwetz (Chicago, 2021-09-29)


A human being will not be able to stay silent against this tyranny that is why I'm signing this petition.

Ayse Gunduz (Kayseri, 2021-09-29)


Podporujem peticiu za rýchle rozhodnutie súdu.

Mikulas Bado (Košice, 2021-09-29)


this madness must be stopped

Marianna Ščibranová (Nitra, 2021-09-29)


this all needs to stop and yes prosecutions should happen

Jacquelyn Innes (Richmond, 2021-09-29)


He who does not punish Evil is responsible for its further spread.

František Butvin (Lehnice, 2021-09-29)



Erik Žofaj (Bardejov, 2021-09-29)


Pravda musí zvíťaziť a byť videná...

Jozef Gonda (Mýtna, 2021-09-29)


The extreme overreach of governments around the world. Our very freedom is at stake.

Kim Pinegar (Des Moines, 2021-09-29)


I am signing because it is evident that there are various individuals and our Governments who are involved in crimes against humanity. I totally support Richard Fleming amongst others who are trying to hold these people to account.

Lisa Griffin (Manchester, 2021-09-29)


Im signing this petition, so my daughter can have a future.

Jan Marton (Sala, 2021-09-29)


People deserve truth and justice.

Brenda Jones (Dayton , 2021-09-29)


I believe early treatments for Covid have been ignored, and worse, blocked by regulatory agencies. I believe many lives could have been saved if physicians had been able to practice medicine and people would have been treated for Covid early in their illnesses. I also believe people’s adverse events from the Covid vaccines have been ignored and censored.

Krista Heim (Peachtree City GA, 2021-09-29)


Human rights must not violated under any circumstances and that no individual should be deprived of their own liberties for the sake of the community and so called security!

Elisabetta Medas (Oslo, 2021-09-29)


Podpisujem lebo tomu verím

Ladislav Argyusi (Prievidza, 2021-09-29)


I am supporting Dr Richard M Fleming petition because those who push for the Great Reset and the establishment of the New World Order have to be investigated and if found guilty in crimes against Humanity - prosecuted. At the moment there are clear signs of that some highly ranked people and powerful global organisations are breaching the Nuremberg Code.

James Newman (Yarmouth, 2021-09-29)


I am standing up for transparency, our freedoms & liberties. All parties involved need to answer. Censorship needs to stop!

Terry Wood (Graham, 2021-09-29)


I am signing to hold accountable those who have committed crimes against humanity, whether through biowarfare, censoring, infliction of mental distress, false witness, or any other crime increasing the severity of the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Elliott Middleton (Brentwood, 2021-09-29)



Jozef Šimon (Handlová , 2021-09-29)


This crimes against humanity must be stopped.

Andrej Mičura (Kysucké Nové Mesto, 2021-09-29)


the fascist actions of the Slovak government take my human rights and discriminate against me, and now also at universities

Patrik Slušňák (Malatina, 2021-09-29)


My daughter recently got Covid. She could not get the meds she‘d been prescribed By her doctor (IVM and monoclonal antibodies due to the fact monoclonal antibodies are being unnecessarily rationed by the Biden admin., and most pharmacies in CA won’t fill IVM prescriptions. She had to drive, sick 150 miles to the one small, independent pharmacy tHat would fill it. She’s so much better now, thanks to the help FLCCC gave her. Only way to get treatment is online it seems.

Marsha Kimball (Kettle Falls, 2021-09-29)


Forced vaccination is wrong - the Nuremberg code. No recognition of Natural Immunity

Diane Weckesser (East Lansing, 2021-09-29)


The measures taken by governments to coerce people into taking an experimental therapeutic / prophylactic drug are against the principles of informed consent. I will not consent to having my right to free speech, bodily autonomy or the potential to earn a living being determined by a mandate that does not have my or my families or communities best interests at its core.

Nicola Hopkins (Blandford Forum, 2021-09-29)


Je signe parce que seule la vérité doit etre connue

Marie Sorrenti (Toulouse, 2021-09-29)



Július Partl (Hostie, 2021-09-29)


I am signing to help to increase the priority and urgency of this process, which I expect to explicitly confront "anti-covid19 measures" with accepted democratic and legal standards.

Marek Spál (Bratislava, 2021-09-29)


Human lives and rights are on the stake! Please do your best for humanity.

Adrián Líška (Lučenec, 2021-09-29)


I don ´t agree with the covid terror from a few people of the world.
The people are nacis and terrorist. We - only people - need your help.
We can’ t closed the eye.
We together can’ t consent let to kill the people around the whole word, bicouse of covid and the injections.
The rich elit wont to kill us. Not with a weapons but with an injections.
Help please.

Martina Novanska (Biely Kostol, 2021-09-29)


Chcem aby trestný súd v Haagu rozhodol v tejto veci čo najskôr

Viola Duraiová (Bratislava, 2021-09-29)


I believe governments have no right to force/bully people to take an experimental vaccine that long-term side affects which are unknown all the while cures are readily available but are being suppressed.

Nora Mitchell (Cahersiveen, 2021-09-29)


Because Government mandated, experimental gene manipulation is a crime against the individual.

Donba Osborn (Memphis , 2021-09-29)


Crimes against humanity must be investigated and the criminals punished.

Dominik Filipp (Bratislava, 2021-09-29)


I'm signing because this is an urgent crisis being forced upon us by criminals.

Patrick Hall (Lake St. Louis, 2021-09-29)


Because of my government, in first place health ministère Olivier véran and président Emmanuel macron refused to cure a disease with the available and efficient drugs, as proved by the IHU of Marseille reseach center, causing ten's of thousands death in France

Didier Thiebaut (Melun, 2021-09-29)


Prosím o pomoc a vyšetrenie zločinov proti bežným ľuďom ktoré sa dejú po celom svete a na Slovensku.

Ingrid Kmoškova (Ružomberok 1, 2021-09-29)


Zločiny proti ľudskosti sú v treťom tisícročí neprípustné a musia byť spravodlivo potrestané.

Janka Dovinová (Trenčín, 2021-09-29)


I agree 👍

Ladislav Vasilko (Humenné , 2021-09-29)


I believe there are grounds for prosecution for crimes against humanity.

Sarah Buckley (Barnsley , 2021-09-29)

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