Investigation and Prosecution of Those Individuals Responsible for Crimes Against Humanity



The misuse of government given authority for coercion intoedical experiments os unprecedented from the times of 2nd world war. As by my opinion, these actions were to be investigsted under the clause of crimes against humanity, I am givong my signature under this petition, to ask the judges from the ICC, to help prioritize these crimes, so more of the criminal behavior can be prevented on the people.

Miroslav Sagan (Pečeňany, 2021-09-29)


I want justice for all the pain and suffering caused by those who have perpetrated crimes against humanity.

Kim Haley (Blackburn, 2021-09-29)


I’m signing in effort to promote investigation of gross misconduct of governments and corporations across the world in regard to COVID response and the resulting shriveling individual and collective liberty.

Jerald Narron (Princeton, 2021-09-29)


I agree with the wording of the petition. The situation is serious.

Monika Kičinová (Dubovany, 2021-09-29)


I see clearly what is happening. I want those who have caused this unnecessary suffering to my family and human society globally to be held to account. In any way possible I want to be involved in exposing truth and being the change for the future so my children don’t live under tyranny.

Sheena Jackins (Sydney , 2021-09-29)


I agree with this because I believe it is medical tyranny forcing vacinations, which proven don't work.

Mark Dack (Telford, 2021-09-29)


Podpisujem, pretože nie je mysliteľné, aby tento teror ľudstva zostal pre autorov tohto šialenstva bez trestu.

Ladislav Bobovník (Koňuš, 2021-09-29)


I’m signing this because the world needs to know the truth and the perpetrators of these crimes need to be prosecuted.

Nena Librera (San Antonio, 2021-09-29)


I believe this is crimes against humanity and it exists internationally! These attorneys are brave people and very grateful and appreciative for what they stand for and represent!

Cathy Collins (Krum, 2021-09-29)


Too many criminals involve⁷d in this fraud.

Scott Wheat (MOBILE, 2021-09-30)


The wicked people must be punished

sda jcz (NYC, 2021-09-30)



Amanda Allegranza (Hove, 2021-09-30)


My sister sand brother in law are suffering from taking it.prostate cancer my sister has a lump in her throat waiting.

Brenda Bryant Clark (Pefferlaw Ontario , 2021-09-30)


I want to see some justice in this world

Diego Jara (Santiago, 2021-09-30)


I believe this is a real issue and a crime against humanity. Remember a doctor should protect a patient not harming. If this was a real cure each individual should have followed up by their own doctors first not with a bunch of scientists crazy for a monetary reward

Ony Pozzuto (Adelaide, 2021-09-30)


I want save our children.

Jozef REPKA (Dubnica nad Váhom , 2021-09-30)


I feel we need accountability

Alan Whitehead (Leixlip , 2021-09-30)


People are being experimented on and this must be stopped. These are crimes against humanity and the perpetrators must be prosecuted.

Lindy Dangelmayer (Gloucester, 2021-09-30)


So many deaths and adverse reactions from the shot. I've lost my ability to earn an income in NSW Australia because I have not had the shot. Also i have been locked down for 5 months out of the last 18 months and it's still ongoing. The government should be held responsible for these crimes.

Kerry Wright (Umina Beach, 2021-09-30)


I am a trained physician who opted to NOT practice medicine under the system of abuse and corruption Big Pharma imposes on medical professionals. I am convinced this virus, handcrafted or not, has been manipulated to pursue the most sinister purposes against humanity. TRUTH must prevail!

Aleph Quimper (Riverside, 2021-09-30)


Podpisujem,pretoze som slobodny clovek,chcem slobodne zit v slobodnej krajine bez strachu,bez psychickeho tyrania a bez nutenia do protizakonnych cinnosti,ktore nicia celu nasu spolocnost.Moj syn ma uz 18 rokov,ale stale je to maly chlapec a preto podpisujem,aby som ho aspon takto ochranil.

Boris Vavro (Kátlovce, 2021-09-30)


nenarodila som preto, aby som bola experimentálnym subjektom.

I was not born to be an experimental subject

eva jakubejova (bratislava, 2021-09-30)


Il faut stopper ce génocide mondial et arrêter, condamner voir exécuter les coupables, les complices et les corrompus de tout ces crimes contre l'humanité 😡😡😡

Louveau Isabelle (Clermont Ferrand, 2021-09-30)


It’s NOT about the disease or curing it.
If it was they would NOT prevent early treatment with IVM & HCQ for 12-14 months.
If it was they would NOT be telling people with natural immunity to get the shot.
If it was they would NOT be misusing PCR tests by running them to obscene cycle thresholds.
It IS about getting everyone injected with an experimental gene therapy treatment.

Tim McMurphy (CALGARY, 2021-09-30)


I'm signing because for freedom people.

peter mozola (Babina, 2021-09-30)


This is genocide!! They should all be hung!

Debbie Litviak (Stony plain, 2021-09-30)


Žil som väčšiu časť svojho života za totality a nepáči sa mi, že sa tu zavádza nová ešte horšia.

Vladimír Komár mudr. (Košice II, 2021-09-30)


the truth has no agenda.

ben erne (Garner, 2021-09-30)


ja som clovek, ludska bytost
I am a human being

Tomas Chabada (Malacky, 2021-09-30)


How many deaths by vaccine will it take before action is taken?

Wendy Panaro (Milwaukee, 2021-09-30)


I want those responsible to be held accountable.

Susan Mead (Concord, 2021-09-30)


I'm signing because the principles of the Nuremberg Code should stand regardless of politics and influence. There should be no coercion or "consequences" for not taking a medical treatment! Further, these gene therapy "vaccines" are not a traditional vaccine methods and their risks are far from fully understood. It is also criminal that the suppression of alternative drug treatments, such as Ivermectin protocols, could have prevented countless deaths, especially with early treatment. Instead, nations such as Canada have restricted its access even further. There needs to be accountability to the financial conflicts of interest that are driving politics, health mandates and universal vaccination globally. This goes beyond greed. This has cost countless people their lives and justice needs to be served if this is truly a just world that has learned from its horrific past.

Marco Bernardo

Marco Bernardo (New Brunswick, 2021-09-30)


Im signing because i want to live free in my country.

Michal Dulejko (Brumov Bylnice, 2021-09-30)


Make pharma responsible for their products.

Rob Eventine (Bedford, 2021-09-30)


neakceptujem genocídu, porušovanie uvedených listín.

Inka Janotková (Prešov, 2021-09-30)


Slovenská vláda musí byť odsúdená za zločiny ktoré napachala. A to urýchlene

Liliana Porubská (Bánov, 2021-09-30)


CHcem spravodlivý súdny proces pre tých, ktorí nám popierajú naše ľudské práva a berú nám slobodu.

ľudmila Ferencová (Spišská Nová Ves, 2021-09-30)


I'm a believer in our Canadian constitution. Those who take office and swear an allegiance to their constitution need to be held accountable for breaking the trust in the people and their oath of office. With these vaccine mandates going on across our great country it reminds me of the atrocities that befell all the good people in nazi germany and abroad. This is a free nation and it is up to all of us to uphold our laws and make everyone adhere to them regardless of social status. If you break tge law you go to jail or accept a suitable punishment. In my view the leaders of the world especially in western nations have committed treason implementing these mandates. No one is to be forced into getting a vaccine or drug of any kind if they so choose. Anyone that forces these mandates is a traitor to their country and people and need to be dealt with as such. I feel strongly about this and I'm mad as hell about it. It's time for justice before justice is left up to us to take for ourselves

Gil Chiasson (Saskatoon, 2021-09-30)


I hate corruption.

Diane Tregear (Rowville, 2021-09-30)



Margita Beňová (Žiar nad Hronom, 2021-09-30)


Crimes against humanity.

Adriana Kráľová (Liptovský Hrádok , 2021-09-30)

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