Investigation and Prosecution of Those Individuals Responsible for Crimes Against Humanity



please everyone sign this petition because if the ones who made this deadly/debilitating bioweapon a.k.a. covid 19 are brought to justice it might stop the next pandemic they are creating.

Eric Savage (colonie, 2022-07-10)


I want justice. I want a free world.

Kees Postma (Almere , 2022-07-11)


Sharing is carrying.

Ivan Sovrano (Shellharbour , 2022-07-11)


The atrocity of people being coerced or mandated by respective governments or their commercial proxies to be injected with products that were known by the manufacture to be dangerous and would cause death or debilitating and permanent injuries without allowing participants the required informed consent. Millions of innocent children have been injected with the products and many have experienced a miserable death at the hands of criminals of the pharmaceutical sector.

Bernard Fisher (Upper Burringbar, 2022-07-11)


Those who are guilty must pay

rene bijkerk (bergen, 2022-07-11)


I'm sick of all that corruption.

Peter Kossen (Groet , 2022-07-11)


The people forcing this vaccine on healthy people is wrong. It should be a choice and it modifies your gene's and really isn't a vaccine.

Dorene Scampone (Ventura, 2022-07-12)


This has got to be stopped now. All the people behind this agenda must be brought to account and pay for their evil & unthinkable doings.

Barbara Jozko (Bury, 2022-07-12)


I believe the jab flatlined my mom last working kidney. A few day after second shot the doctors say her last kidney flatlined.

Deborah C Pratt (Los Altos, 2022-07-13)


I want our town to be clean and homeless free, I want the tents to be removed and put the homeless people in shelters. Durbanville is no public camping site and we pay lots of money and levies to stay in this town. WE WANT NO TENTS IN THIS TOWN.

Rolana De Bruyn (Cape Town, 2022-07-15)


Crimea are veing committed against humanity.

Ariel O'Sullivan (Victoria , 2022-07-15)


I watched my twin sister get admitted to the hospital in Reno, NV given a drug to supposedly stop the growth of orspread of Covid 19 only to watch her deteriorate then taken of the I.v. medication she would remarkably rebound.. Then the nurses would start the drip per the "WHO" protocols and she would relapse. This happened several tines only to end in her death. In Dr. Flemings description fits her demise to the letter as with a co-worker of mine Father.exactly the same. My sister did not die from a coronavirus, she was murdered by a bio-chemical weapon designed and aided by the medical community. Many many are culpable.

KEVIN CARRICK (Fernley, 2022-07-15)


I'm signing because COV was illegally created using USA tax dollars in labs by all 3 presidents of the USA since 2008. I will NEVER agree presidents are above the law. They have mass-murdered millions and used our taxes to do it. All 3 and their big pharma buddies should be put to death.

Rick Zammuto (Neebing, 2022-07-16)


Many crimes have been knowingly and purposely committed by our government against its people. Government works for the people, and does not own the right to be dictators.

Amanda Baldwin (Harvey, 2022-07-17)


I'm signing because the lies, corruption and tyrannical domination perpetuated by the few onto the many must be stopped. It's time for "we the people" to come together, support one another, and stand up to these bullies who create false, fear-based narratives to intimidate and control innocent people. History is repeating itself once again, we are the generation being called to stop it this time.
Please stand up, do your part, what you know in your heart is the right thing, and let's put a stop to this insanity once again! Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are God given rights and truths that are self evident - that no one can take away. One world under God, with liberty and justice for ALL. We are on the right side of history, the truth shall set us free.

Roger Marsh (Fairfield, 2022-07-17)


My husband was murdered by the protocol and was refused the right to try known medication

Lori Cedarstrom (Cave creek, 2022-07-18)


I’m signing because, as an American my thirst for liberty demands that I live free. Existing in a society where we all have choices is best for our country. Being told how to live is un-American

Andy Jennings (Folsom, 2022-07-18)


Please help the citizens of the world. We must stand against the loss of personal life, health, liberties and income, and the coercion of societies to participate in an experimental drug following suppression of safe and effective treatments in order to exploit innocent people to make billions of dollars for big pharma and PHILANTHRO-PATHS. Also, formerly trusted agencies (CDC, FDA, WHO, NIH, NIAID), lobbied by big Pharma, and are not only NOT protecting us, but are encouraging innocent people to take harmful substances, and the mainstream media is suppressing nearly all information contrary to this nefarious narrative. We must value LIFE and FREEDOM over PROFIT and CONTROL.

Cheryl Carlson (Fairfield, 2022-07-18)


It is getting cristal clear that this is a conspiracy against humanity, they must be held accountable for their actions!

Jurgen Brouwer (Krimpen aan den IJssel, 2022-07-19)


I believe Covid 19 was a bio weapon

Tammy Valentini (Red Deer Alberta, 2022-07-19)


We can handle truth

Jonathan Avorwlanu (Accra, 2022-07-20)


Crimes against humanity deserve punishment

Angelo Barbieri (New York , 2022-07-20)


It’s to much a reminder of Nurumberg

Jean Smith (Gympie 4570, 2022-07-21)


Feel the schools are overtaking parents right.

Nancy Burke (Bethesda , 2022-07-21)


We heard about your website on God's Learning Channel - Counterculture Mom Show

Richard Queen (Houston, 2022-07-22)


what has happened over the last two years has been awful. We were segregated by a forced experimental injection that never worked, with unknown long term side effects while ignoring the true principles of health such as diet, exercise, and rest which would have had us out of the pandemic much sooner.

Evan Kingston (Winnipeg, 2022-07-23)


…Of these evil, elitist, psychopathic leaders of the world!

Ashley Eaton (Austin, 2022-07-23)


The adverse reactions of those who have been jabbed & the 500,000 deaths caused by this investigative drug & immunity by the drug companies....Pfizer, Moderna, etc.

Pat Backlund (Gig Harbor, 2022-07-25)


Humanity must awaken and fight these inhuman psychopathic demons with every means at our disposal if humankind is to survive. Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus.

Gregory Williamson (Lexington, 2022-07-25)


This so-called virus and the vaccine have hurt or killed many people; and am afraid that they will be forcing onto the young children in the public school system.

Loretta Schopf (Sacramento, 2022-07-25)


As a nurse, I've long seen how political our healthcare system is. When the pandemic hit, I saw many patients die from this bioweapon; I saw Fauci and Gates lie about their involvement; I saw the fda and cdc lie about effective treatment. I was forced to reuse ppe which increased the risk of spreading infection. I've seen the incentives for covid to be put on death certificates, the incentives for hospitals to use remdesivir and vents; to follow the cdc protocols. I saw many people succumb to the covid vaccine adverse effects. I saw testimonies of Doctors being ridiculed and fired for effectively treating covid and testimonies of those with covid vaccine injury. I am a patient advocate for the truth, informed consent and personal medical choice/freedom.

Ashley Yockey (Wyoming, 2022-07-26)


I'm concerned about the totalitarian nature of this healthcare takeover. They created a frenzy and then seduced people into taking something that never actually helped the people. They only thought it helped.

Chriss Hammerschmidt (Broomfield, 2022-07-26)


The evidence is clear that Covid-19 was created in Wuhan by NIH and Tax dollar funds. As well, it has been genetically engineered with full awareness of harming human beings. The killing and injuries have to stop. This also applies the all of the vaccines. The propaganda machine that has maniupulated, gaslighted and used human fear to commit what is an act of treason against their fellow country people and laws of the American Constitution must be brought to justice. This is TREASON. They have violated many treaties designed to protect people. I am angry! Who has the right to take another human life. My daughter was given to me by God. I loved my child with all of my heart and nurtured all aspects of her develpment. If she dies and is harmed by this vaccine, as with many others....all the moms in this world will not stop seeking justice! Dr. Richard Fleming is a man doing the right thing. Thank God! for his integrity and brilliance being brought to bear. I still have faith their our judges who will also hold the same level of integrity to bring the crime- against-humanity organizations, people, media, etc. to serve for their crimes! Thank you.

Alison Regan (New Haven, 2022-07-27)


I want all of the people involved.... Fauci, Gates, Schwab the WEF and the Gates Foundation, and many other various organizations, and the those in the media who willingly spead propaganda related to and in support of fear mongering related to covid, lockdowns and information in support of taking the "vaccine", all held responsible for the manufacturing, implementation and spread of SARS covid II due to gain of function research, and of the so-called "vaccine". ALL individuals and organizations involved in every step need to be charged with crimes against humanity. Both the virus and the "vaccine" have maimed and killed millions worldwide which is deplorable and evil on a level worse than even Adolf Hitler. Furthermore, the controlling lockdowns worldwide that werent necessary, have destroyed many lives and led to loss of income, property, suicides and deaths due to famine and starvation, due to lack of funds to live. All individuals, corporations, foundations associated with this scandal on every level need to be held accountable.

Sandy Parlato (Rochester, 2022-07-28)


Greed is not good lies for personal profit should be an imprisonable offence not findable crimes against humanity is evil

David Holroyd (Heysham, 2022-07-29)


What as happened is totally wrong

Wayne Chappell (Barnsley, 2022-07-30)


I value Freedom, Truth, Transparency, and the Power of All People.

Amy Cone (Austin, 2022-07-31)


Those criminals must pay

Elisa Coppacchioli (Cronulla, 2022-07-31)


For 2.5 yrs I've been studying the evidence (very often the govts' own statistics) which I find to be irrefutable, and proves without any doubt that the Perpetrators are both lying and committing mass murder.

Lou Cassivi (Courtenay, 2022-07-31)


The people responsible for creating this virus need to be held accountable.

Chris Ford (Collinsville, 2022-08-01)


I believe there should be accountability for the obviously intentetional undermining of our country. It was once called TREASON and it should be again, and punishable as it once was! Where has common sence gone‽

Ronald Houghton (Canby, 2022-08-01)


I’m sickened by the criminals involved. They’re not doctors, scientists, politicians, entrepreneurs, philanthropists————> they’re criminals. The institutions, NIH, CDC, FDA, WHO, HHS, WEF, John’s Hopkins, and hospitals across the nation all need to be held accountable.

Our government, FBI, USJD, Prosecutors, judges, who have participated in the massive coverup of the gain of function work done in US GOF labs/GOF labs in China, needs to be held accountable.

Fauci and Collins should have been cuffed and perp walked long ago. Fauci should have been locked up back in his AZT days.
And I see they’re still pushing that poison, 40 years after the crimes against humanity with that drug.

What I find the most disturbing of all is the premeditated murders of hundreds of thousands of people with positive Covid tests who were admitted to hospitals. People were drugged with midazolam, which is known to be a respiratory depressant. Why would they give this heavy sedative drug to someone with an alleged respiratory illness??? This was one of the drugs they used to start the process of making patients fail. Remdesivir was also used, and causes kidney failure. The edema from the kidney failure resulted in pulmonary edema. Patients often gained 20 pounds of fluid into their already weakened bodies. These patients were then put on ventilators on high settings which drove this fluid deep into the lung tissue. This is so obvious, and so cruel, it’s beyond my understanding. These patients were tortured. The protocols are like being water boarded a thousand times, but no ability to fight. Anyone involved with these torture protocols should be charged with capital crimes. Our country is in deep peril, because some of those involved are medical doctors and nurses. We will have a massive shortage if criminal charges are filed, but this must be done. What’s been done is one of the largest Genocides of all time. Early treatments with safe and effective therapeutics were refused. Why? So they could get EUA for an experimental MRNA spike protein injection that was so toxic, people have dropped dead moments after getting it. Hundreds of thousands died from adverse reactions——-> heart attacks, myocarditis, pericarditis, strokes, neurological disease, blood clots, massive cytokine storms, sudden cancers, and SADS. It’s a true horror story, and billions are being made from it.

I want these monsters locked up for their rest of their lives!

Julie Tremp (Toledo, 2022-08-01)


The people responsible for promoting and frightening peoplk

Lillian Kelly (Nelson, 2022-08-01)


I’m an American who loves his country, and hates criminals.

Dan Claymore (Rapid City, 2022-08-01)


My grave concerns that a rogue government program and what appears to be a test of total control and planned genocide is not just a conspiracy theory. Thank all who work on this project. Not vax'd. Age 75

Linda Jensen (Harlingen, 2022-08-01)


I am 82, have health issues but did not take the vax. I find this hyped mess a crock of crap.

Arne Jensen (Harlingen, 2022-08-01)


Niets doen is geen optie!

W van Beek (Veenendaal, 2022-08-02)


The TRUTH must come out !

Maximiliaan Van der Zanden (Nijmegen, 2022-08-02)


Stop met liegen en het verbloemen van bijwerkingen. Vaccinatie nooit verplichten!

Sonja Plasman (Almelo, 2022-08-02)


Ik teken omdat ik slachtoffer ben van de covid maatregelen.

Ans Heijboer (Weert, 2022-08-02)


This is so terrible and wrong on SO many levels. An evil we haven't seen since WWII. The fact that Dr. Fauci continues to deny that this was Gain of Function is honestly laughable at this point.

Wendi Kliewer (Newport Beach, 2022-08-02)


I have seen, heard, & witnessed adverse effects of many people all around me. The numbers that are listed on the VAERS site does not reflect the amount of people I personally know about, heard about, or personally know whom have had severe adverse effects & some have died after the injection of MRNA type therapy introduced into their bodies. There is an alarming uptick in cancers & heart attacks after & during the rollout of these MRNA injections World Wide after people have had this MRNA type therapy injected into their bodies. The VAERS system has removed a substantial amount of claims that are suspect because there was no reason given as to why these claims were removed, there is no way currently to add claims as the phone system leads to nowhere and Doctors have no code they can use to report adverse reactions unlike the other types of vaccines that are routinely given like for measles/mumps/rubella vaccination for example. The mandates for children to force them to receive this experimental medical Injection in order to attend schools is highly suspect. Especially since small children & older children are not in danger of dying if they are healthy when they contract COVID. Unnecessary & unwarranted.
FDA/NIH and other letter agencies that were created during Roosevelt’s Presidency to oversee private companies like Pfizer/Moderna are receiving around 49-50% of their funding from these private Big Pharma companies. They have to be compromised & even incentivized to look the other way or to tow the line of mandates/policies/talking points to ensure those private companies profit margins. This funding needs to end as it is similar to a bribe of a government agency.
In the Bill Clinton Presidency Executives of the letter agencies like NIH/FDA are allowed to hold patents of discoveries that are found using tax payer dollars for this very research! Furthermore they do not have to disclose how much money the make with the patents and probably steal from the scientists the taxpayers fund that discover the therapy/cure/products. This needs to end as it is a HIGE CONFLICT OF INTEREST & UNDERMINES PUBLIC TRUST OF THESE AGENCIES.
Since these injections that are called
“”Vaccines”” do not prevent or cure all types of COVID infections or the one protein type the Pharmacueticle Companies claim they cure; THESE EXERMIMENTAL INJECTION MANDATES SHOULD BE HALTED IMMEDIATELY‼️ Additionally; the one type of spike protein is the only one the MRNA injections address where there are many variants routinely known and the injection of MRNA therapy exacerbates like an explosion in the human body system; which would not be the case had they not had this MRNA therapy introduced in the human biological system. Where the body see’s an explosion of all other types of COVID because of the introduction of these experimental “”COVID vaccines”” that do cause irreparable damage to blood cells and possibly over time other major organs due to the lack of oxygen in the blood cells and other issues to the human body that could lead to untimely deaths/life and long major health issues.
Furthermore; Babies, small children/toddlers in clinical trials had adverse effects and some died.
As in the FDA’s recent panel of expert public discussion’s where these experts on the panel stated they do not know the long term effects on children, then astonishingly gave emergency use authorization anyway; perhaps to avoid the USA Congress from blocking the mandates for children to receive this experimental injection, as the FDA/NIH can roll it out through the public school system (bypassing any legislator), requiring it as though it is actually similar to other “vaccines” (which it is not because this injection is not based in biological substances like other vaccines it is an experimental “therapy” we do not know what it cures & has severe possible side effects that last a lifetime and could lead to death). Even so, some of those routine vaccines traditionally administered to school aged children/babies/toddlers like MMR; at least the frequency & amounts given to children also need to be examined as we have had a worldwide increase of
33,000 % Autism growth rate
since these cocktails of vaccines were mandated in USA & elsewhere.
There are trials in Canada & USA for these COVID MRNA therapy injections were studied many of the trial subjects unexplainably left the trial after an adverse effect & were not tracked afterwards.
The Big Pharma companies fund the NIH/FDA along with other letter agencies around the world by around 50% of their total budget in effect these state bureaucracies are therefore incentivized to tow the line of these private companies whom have had huge profits over the course of this COVID pandemic. Additionally, most of the advertisement revenue that Television News outlets and social media companies enjoy come from Big Pharma companies like Pfizer/Moderna etc. These outlets are incentivized not to investigate the claims of these Pharmaceuticle private worldwide Corporations claims and to look the other way or actually suppress information regarding adverse effects of their products/therapies.
The lockdowns of whole societies is suspect, where there was a spike in suicides especially among the young teens & 20 something population along with the destruction of otherwise thriving business’. We as a society shoukd investigate those who perpetrated these lockdowns and if they were compromised/incentivized by kickbacks or actual bribes in doing so as well.
Additionally; I want a trial for those knowingly & willfully perpetrating a medical trial on all peoples of the earth according to the laws, Constitutions @“& treaties that have been agreed upon since the Nuremberg trials before those trials and afterward.

Juliet Haun

Juliet Haun (Ventura, 2022-08-02)


I'm signing this for the unheard people of the world who've been decimated, died and maimed from these homicidal maniacs that are attempting to destroy civilisation and freedom as we know it.
Thankyou for all you are trying to achieve.

Vernon Cavanagh (Nambucca Heads , 2022-08-03)


I'm signing because those who have committed the atrocities must be punished.

Leland Richey (Tualatin, 2022-08-03)


I know of people that have been harmed and people who have been discriminated against because of what is happening.

Carol Newland (Ellalong , 2022-08-03)


I'm signing because we the people need to reclaime our freedom and autonomy from a tyrannical government.
The government is supposed to work for "we the people " not dictate how we should live.

David Guiel (Metropolis , 2022-08-03)


I am signing because I want full disclosure on what's happening in the world. No more lies, we are supposed to be a democratic society but with this pandemic we have lost our 'voice' .

Margaret Compo (Vilna , 2022-08-03)


I’m signing this petition because the people responsible for these crimes against humanity need to be held accountable and serve as a warning for anyone else that wants to complete mass genocide.

Amanda Bolsinger (Boise, 2022-08-04)



Dorothée Mensink (Zwolle, 2022-08-04)


Truth about COVID-19 must and will prevail

Anna Sterk (,sHeer Abtskerke, 2022-08-04)


I want justice for all the people killed and maimed by the vaccines including my mother



The Covid SARS 2 is the biggest crime against humanity and someone somewhere needs to be held accountable for this atrocity Investigate and prosecute those responsible for the death of millions.

kimberley montell (Brighton, 2022-08-04)


People of good conscience have a responsibility.

Joan Faulkner (Vernon, 2022-08-04)


I want the truth

MICHAEL SHALLAL (3517 Belinda , 2022-08-06)


I have friends and acquaintances who have experienced physical harm, including hospitalisation, soon after Covid-19 vaccination, with one friend's daughter, 14 years of age, dying about 1 day after being Covid-19 vaccinated, and I do not support the use of EUA substances for vaccination after only a very short period of testing for safety and efficacy. And fully informed consent is almost non-existent, due to strictures upon information that doctors can supply, and pressure from governments to be vaccinated, while promoting that the vaccines are ‘safe and effective’, leading to compliance, sometimes from intrinsic trust in the official information, not from personal research.

Allan LANE (Perth, 2022-08-07)


I'm signing because I am a RN with over 25 years of CV and Neuro/Trauma experience as well as 9 years experience as a Research nurse clinician with the U of MN Medical school and CRA with Sanofi. What is happening in unconscionable and a crime against humanity. It must be stopped. It is against all gold standards of research and the scientific method. It must be stopped.

Kimberly Nolin (Duluth, 2022-08-07)


I am signing to help to preserve our, our children and grandchildren's human rights to bodily integrity and in support of all, who are fighting to uphold these rights.

Elisabeth Schweitzer (Dartford, 2022-08-07)


It is criminal and heinous to have ever called this deadly bioweapon a vaccine. It was NEVER a vaccine. It was purposefully created by demonic minds to kill off a significant percentage of the population under the pretense of a vaccine. Who gave you the right to play God?

Elizabeth Valancius (Odessa, 2022-08-07)


We must stop the unlawful use of biological weapons.



Then we can remove the monkey from our backs and make things work for the people e.g have things our way(not imposed on us)

Chris Gilmore (Christchurch, 2022-08-07)


I believe in liberty, truth, beauty, and merit - and they have been stolen from us.

Tori Eversmann (West Palm Beach, 2022-08-07)


I'm signing because these actions are Crimes against Humanity and are absolutely illegal !!

Terry Robbins (Austin, 2022-08-09)


I am signing because my brother in law and friends died from COVID and my 79 yr old mother with Kidney and heart disease, stents in her heart, high blood pressure and diabetes lived because she was able to get the medication hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin which was denied to my brother-in-law. People know something wasn’t right these are crime against humanity

Rozette Dewart (Murrieta, 2022-08-09)


Jag skriver på med förhoppning om att få fram sanningen och alla lögnare lagföres så snart möjligt så att vi kan rädda så många som möjligt

Anders Sjöblom (Bjärnum, 2022-08-09)


I m signing because my friend's brother justice

Shweta Sharma (Agra, 2022-08-09)

#72976 and

Sharon Hirtle (Welland, 2022-08-09)


What is going on is BS.

Bette Clower (Granite Bay, 2022-08-09)


The man made virus SARS2 and the worldwide response to it amounts to a gross violation of international treaties against biowarfare and multiple treaties dealing with research on human subjects, including the lack of informed consent.

Donald Newmeyer (San Diego, 2022-08-09)


I am absolutely disgusted that everyone I had dealings with in the so called Australian health department has gone along with this crime against humanity, knowing that it was WRONG they must pay!

Maureen Emiliani (Perth , 2022-08-10)


I’m signing because many lives have been damaged or lost and those responsible need to be held accountable. Justice must be served so this doesn’t continue to happen!

Mary Kutz (Scottsdale , 2022-08-11)


Self explanatory to those that are still alive and awake to these crimes!

Jerry Malczewski (WOODLAND PARK, 2022-08-12)


I am convinced the covid vaccine is a bioweapon.

Haroon Iqbal (Islamabad, 2022-08-12)


I'm signing this petition because I'm tired of the elected people in our government breaking the law. I'm tied of seeing those same people Ignore the needs of the people of the United States of America the people they are supposed to be in office to serve and instead catering
to big business and tech giants and the most wealthy powerful. And even worse just recently releaseing deadly viruses on the worlds population to kill a large portion of the world's population. They need to pay for their crimes!!!!!!!!

Kenneth Freeman (Kissimmee, 2022-08-13)


Justice must come to those of all nations who formulated & allowed Covid-19 & it's spawn loose on the world & profited from the war on it.

Steven Dawson (East Troy, 2022-08-14)


I too have done my research and am appaled shocked at the number Serious Adverse Events and Death such as
-: Nervous System Disorders
-: Musculoskeletal and Connective Tissue Disorders
-: Gastrointestinal Disorders
-: Anaphylaxis
-: Venous Thromboembolism
-: Myocarditis/Pericarditis
-: Convulsions/Seizures
Data from VigiAccess, VAERS, EudraVigilance, and UK Yellow Card Scheme reveal
that the most common reports related to Covid-19 vaccines are:
There are over 50,000 reports of death related to Covid-19 vaccines.
Precedent for Product Recall
Adverse events are underreported
Covid-19 products were developed quickly and administered to large populations while still in Phase 3 clinical trials ;
Data from VAERS and FAERS reveals that The Polio Vaccine was recalled in less than 1 year
after 10 reported deaths, the Swine Flu Vaccine was recalled in less than 1 year after 53
reported deaths. The Covid-19 vaccine, with over 28 000 associated reports of death, has not
been recalled after two years
The number and severity of adverse event reports on related to Covid-19 vaccines on
these pharmacovigilance databases is sufficient to indicate a recall of Covid-19 products.

Carla Cristina Simoes Viana (Bury , 2022-08-14)

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