Investigation and Prosecution of Those Individuals Responsible for Crimes Against Humanity



I dislike being experimented on at all and forced to take anything against my will.

Eric Morris (Sherwood, 2022-08-14)


If these people are not held accountable what future faith in any government is possible?

Andy Ray (Lehi, 2022-08-15)


I like listening to people who are telling the truth!

Dana J Gribi (Corpus Christi, 2022-08-15)


The Rogue Australian Government needs to end. The Medical Tyranny and Treason that began in 1973 when the Monarchs seal was archived needs to be exposed to the World. Our Federal Government is a Corporation and We the people did NOT AGREE with this Treason. Please help us.

Trisha Millar (Townsville, 2022-08-16)


This is so important

Rebecca Privilege (Perth, 2022-08-16)


I am signing this petition because it is about time that this was sorted out and anyone responsible for damaging another human being, essentially a child is jailed for what they have done

Michael Bloomfield (Safety Bay, 2022-08-16)


This is a MUST.. Nobody should have to be forced to take an experimental JAB just to fly across Canada to visit older Fatgher's amnd Mother's.. We Have been Lied to constantly and it's time to hold him accountable for his LIES

Funk Junk (Saskatoon, 2022-08-16)


we were lied to and we need to take action to punish those responsible. and, we nee true investigations.

Mike McTigue (Chicago, 2022-08-16)


Gain of function virus, forced injection of experimental mRNA treatment in the military, spike protein, masking and quarantines are negatively affecting the physical and mental health of my daughter and other family members. This should be prosecuted as genocide.

Barry Fruth (Oconomowoc, 2022-08-16)


Nuremberg ll.

Jeffrey Pitts (Austin, 2022-08-16)


I'm signing because those responsible I.e fauci need to be held accountable

marianna chryst (Kunkletown, 2022-08-16)


Crimes against humanity

Dominic Toomey (Sydney , 2022-08-17)


It’s all we can do, they have infiltrated our legal system and stolen our elections.
We need Nuremberg 2.0 NOW!

Rhonda Dutton (Jessieville, AR, 2022-08-17)


This pandemic was planned. I am unable to work in most places because I choose not to be injected with ingredients that are not disclosed with is not informed consent. Furthermore, this injection does not stop the spread or catching this rebranded flu that has a massive survival rate.

Mia Villatora (Menai, 2022-08-17)


Fighting the CPS workers to get my grandkids off foster care

Sandra Rice (Huntington , 2022-08-18)


The vaccines and the handling of the so-called pandemic have been an unmitigated disaster and I believe intentionally so.

Laurie Winogrand (Las Vegas, 2022-08-19)


The current COVID vaccinations are dangerous. I know many who have suffered adverse reactions. And I do believe they have been put out to be purposely dangerous and our crimes against humanity. They need to be stoppped.

Laurie Buhler (East Wenatchee , 2022-08-19)


All Those Behind, And That Are Complicit With These Rights Destroying Covid Genocidal Lies And Jabs Are World Criminals...These Are The Deepest Evil Crimes Against Humanity On A Grand Scale...

Steven Brice (Ashcroft, 2022-08-20)


Chcem zadosť ucinenia

Scupakova Lamerova (Michalovce, 2022-08-22)


I'm signing because I'm a surgeon and I have seen what these psychopaths have been up to by reading and they need to face their crimes!

Rex Luttrell (Little Rock, 2022-08-23)


The pseudo pandemic is psychological warfare against the entire world.

Derek Carne (Santiago, 2022-08-23)



Gonda Dusan (Liptovský Mikuláš, 2022-08-23)


The masses of evidence proving Gain of Function research as the origin of this virus and global pandemic needs to be investigated for the sake of righteousness, truth & accountability!

Nash Singh (Johannesburg , 2022-08-24)


I believe that war criminals who committed crimes against humanity need to be held accountable.

Raymond Joly (Surrey, 2022-08-24)


I want all those responsible to be prosecuted for their evil.

Forrest Franks (Wausau , 2022-08-24)


Please take action on this petition now as per your sworn duty as an officer of this court.

Deenie Burns (Rotonda West, 2022-08-25)


Κωνσταντινος Θεοδοσιου

Κωνσταντινος Θεοδοσιου (Ροδος, 2022-08-25)


I can and want too to stop them.

Danny Jenson (Winsted, 2022-08-25)


The criminals need to be brought to justice

James Pickus (Phoenix, 2022-08-25)


Crimes against humanity are repulsive and those responsible need to be prosecuted to the highest extent of the law. I was pushed into taking the vaccine 1 and 2, but works up to the facts and refused to boosters. I want our freedoms restored.

Dustin Armstrong (Casselberry , 2022-08-25)


For the voices to be heard and some form of justice to be dispensed

Elizabeth Ruckwied (Oklahoma City, 2022-08-25)


Im signing because of my right to do it.

Malte Lübben (Oldenburg, 2022-08-26)


To see justice for crimes against humanity and prevent said crimes from happening again

Kathy Grant (Stetson, 2022-08-26)


I have not only suffered highly unusual reactions to the Jansen (Johnson & Johnson) vaccine administered to me April 2021, but I have, as a respiratory therapist (Ret) done my own research, finding credible the need to petition as a United States citizen.

Lois Drumheller (Monroeville, 2022-08-27)


Crimes against humanity. It’s. That simple. These people who are responsible need to be held accountable.

Cynthia Ray (Henderson, 2022-08-27)


The destruction of New Zealand has to stop a govt of the people by the people and for the people is what we voted for not the traitors who are in parliament today

Bonnie Buchan (Henderson, 2022-08-28)


I'm signing because I am sickened at the thought that the people we all put our trust in might be corrupt. I have personally suffered a great deal of stress and anxiety as a result of the measures that were put in place. I feel that my rights as a living person have been violated. I have watched friends and families mental health deteriorate and our communities financially fall apart. I want to know that the people in power really are working with our best interest at heart in a transparent way. If people have been knowingly involved in this suspected misconduct, I want to see them all personally prosecuted and penalised for the sake of the people on this planet.

Victoria Skuse (Gloucester , 2022-08-28)


Human life is priceless, a gift from God. I took Hypocrates oath to protect life. Medical profession is sacred and should return to its meaning as known since immemorial times. Thank you.

Adana Bota (Butimanu, 2022-08-28)


I'm signing because all the evidence that I've been looking at for the last 2 years points to crimes against humanity in the form of development of a gain-of-function bioweapon loosed on humanity.

Daniel Brett (Salt Lake City, 2022-08-30)


I agree with the findings and all the evidence looks absolutely legit and worthy of more investigations and it is already to the point where we should be arresting all implicated to guilty parties and sending them to prison and worse. Dr. Martins exposure of corp crime is also valid both investigative efforts have proven plenty of crimes and criminals exist in this plot

Bryan Blackburn (Dallas, 2022-08-31)


I want these people to be held accountable for the deaths that have occurred,

Ben Aird (Sunshine coast, 2022-08-31)


The US government is criminal, Fauchi is criminal, all involved are criminals.

Matt Drayer (Pahala, 2022-09-01)


This kind of atrocity needs to be stopped. & all those involved need to be held accountable for their part in these crimes.

Teresa Weers (Richland, 2022-09-02)


I cannot sit idly by while the governments of the world inflict such harm on the populous knowingly.

Benjamin Cutter (Flagstaff, 2022-09-02)


Every politician should be required to know this information

Michael Foreman (Hideaway, 2022-09-02)


I am signing because we the people of the this world are under attack. We are systematically being divided, forcibly injected with unknown products, and losing are freedom and humanity.

Robert Warren (N2C 2C4, 2022-09-03)


I’m signing because I don’t want to witness a total seizure of power again. People were censored, oppressed and impoverished. Never again.

Alyssa Brito (Hudson, 2022-09-04)


This corruption needs to end and be punished

Michelle Trcka (Union, 2022-09-04)


People I loved were fooled into believing the naritive, that not only did they take a test vacation, they condemned those who didn't. I could lose loved ones and be castigated because government etc. behaved like headless chickens.

Garrett O'Connor (Dublin 14, 2022-09-04)


The world is not s we know it, we aren't getting the truth and so many people are dying or becoming seriously ill from these vaccines and yet our governments still don't show the correct figures in regards to the reactions of the vaccines.

Kim Watrers (Cairns, 2022-09-06)


I’m signing because people need to be held accountable for their actions.

Susan Hughes (Greensboro , 2022-09-06)


This is unprecedented. 2021 was the most difficult year I’ve lived. Not because of Covid, but because I was being forced/peer pressured into taking a jab in order to provide for my family. With no acknowledgement of natural immunity. And no study of long term side affects. There should be hell to pay.

Josh Gibbons (Olathe, 2022-09-08)


I want to support investigation and prosecution of those responsible for planning, execution and cover up of development of biological weapons, and related genomic based inoculation and medications with corrupt intent. This have produced lots of morbidity and mortality.

Jorge Miranda-Massari (Caguas , 2022-09-09)


I have proof Trudeau did not get his covid vaccines if you want this information email me.

donna hebb (south maitland, 2022-09-10)


I do not want this to happen again

Wendy Corder (Chattanooga, 2022-09-10)


I am in health care and seeing devastation and illness increase due to the bioweapon covid19 and covid 19 vaccines. HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE.

Nadine Rolando (Ocala, 2022-09-11)


I'm tired of big pharma and it's minions destroying lives and the corruption and dishonesty.

Gary McGuinness (Longwood, 2022-09-11)


People (especially those in public service, but private as well) must be held accountable for their actions.

Ivan Skachkov (Poltava, 2022-09-13)


I'm signing because my dad was murdered in a Texas hospital. He was isolated, deprived of food and water, given drugs he was allergic to and ultimately euthanized.

Kenya Alu (Fort Worth, 2022-09-14)


Sunt perfect de acord , murind in jurul meu, câtiva prieteni tineri, 53 ani, 49, ani, si 46 ani, toti cu infarct la scurt timp dupa vaccinare, fara probleme detectate inainte. Murind un prieten bolnav de cancer dar in faza incipienta insa caruiai mai intâi i-afost amânata operatia deja programata peste cateva zile internat fiind. Spitalul a devenit leste noapte strict covid in aprilie 2020 iar prietenul a fist externat ameliorat in asteptarea trecerii valului epidemic. Valul a crescut. Starea de boala s-a accentuat.a fel costurile analizelor private si la domiciliu, costul unor investigatii la cateva ore distanta ptibite le sub madca de in profesor obosit. A inceput vaccinarea. La jumatatea lui ianuarie 2021 a primit acceptul unei.internari. Primul lucru care l-au aplicat unei persoane internate pentru o boaladevenita cronica a fost vaccinul. Sa-l ferească de o eventuala infectare! A fost externat cu entuziasm. Programat la operatie la inceputul lui martie. Eram atunci la 500km distanță. Vorbeam zilnic. Glasul lui era stins si s-a stins si el în cateva zile. Pe 2 februarie. AMELIORAT SI VACCINAT. FARA COVID. SI NU E SINGURUL CAZ DIN JURUL MEU. NU AU FACUT UN VACCIN. DOAR UN SER CARE AJUTA LA MICSORAREA NUMARULUI POPULATIEI. ATAT INSEAMNA UN OM. UN NUMAR. TRAIM INTR-UN LAGAR URIAS.

Odile Voiculescu (Bucuŕsti, 2022-09-21)


The people responsible for all of the Crimes against Humanity have to be held accountable & suffer the consequences of their actions.

Martina Kruger (Edmonton , 2022-10-01)


The evidence is overwhelming that crimes were, and continue to be, committed against humanity.

Charles Godreau (Potsdam, New York, 2022-10-02)


Trucks sitting in bridge is wasting time and my money petrol is expensive

Ben Grobler (Kempton Park , 2022-10-03)


I request to stop all covid vaccination all over the world, to investigate the origin of the SARS-CoV-2, to declare the truths, and to hold all those related responsible

Thế Lân Phạm (..., 2022-10-07)


Start with the American Democrat leadership.

Malcolm Davey (BEAUMARIS, 2022-10-10)


Because each and every person that's behind all the crimes that have taken place for over 2 try to take over our government...needs to be bought to JUSTICE FOR ALL THE DAMAGE THEY HAVE DONE TO THIS COUNTRY.

George Garrison (Bostic, 2022-10-10)



Štěpánka Lupoměchová (Bystřice nad Pernštejnem, 2022-10-11)


This is unacceptable anywhere in the world...

Sharon Newman (Pretoria , 2022-10-12)


I lost money with this scammers from Uefa.

Vasile Mihai Ranca (Târgu Mureș, 2022-10-16)

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