Investigation and Prosecution of Those Individuals Responsible for Crimes Against Humanity



only the thruth is victorious

Paul Vervaet (Lokeren, 2022-10-20)


I am putting my name to this petition because the callousness and scale of the crimes are so vast and the unsuspecting victims so numerous that the perpetrators must be held to account and a penalty commensurate with the nature of the crimes be meted out to one and all who took part in the planning and execution of the Covid pandemic operation.

Michael Hudson (Santa Cruz, CA, 2022-10-25)


Trudeau the liberals are scandalous traitors liars thiefs crooks killers

Justin Moyou (Surrey , 2022-11-05)


This atrocious deliberate unhuman behavior HAS TO BE MADE PUBLIC AND ALL THE PEOPLE WORLDWIDE PROSECUTED. I am a citizen of New Zealand. Are World Economic Forum biased Prime Minister is cupable of causing death and serious injuries on her people. Jacinda Arden has stated "I am the one source of truth ".

Gwenyth Martin (Leeston, 2022-11-07)


Apart from the war waged on the peoples of the world through the development of the Corona Virus and then the vaccines which have killed more people that those dying from the virus there are the more than a billion babies slaughtered in their mother's womb. These too must face judgement.

David Skinner (Bournemouth, 2022-11-09)


I pray Jesus Christ finds all people. Research and and and and and Find out what we need to do and then...Let's work to get our Republic back! PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! PRAYers and God's Blessings in Jesus Christ!

Sheila Mahnken (Ogallala, 2022-11-12)


the promoters of this so called vaccine whether political, professional or otherwise should be held accountable for crimes against humanity

Matthew Colagrossi (Yennora, 2022-11-12)


Save America

Tonya Sieler (Vancouver, 2022-11-13)


I love my family.

Luca Zampetti (Angono, 2022-11-14)


The ANC are busy killing us slowly...we must cut out this cancer as soon as possible.they orchestrate all the crime in this land.they steal our farms and kill our families by paying foreigners we know because the police government securities are working with them

Renier Jansen (Upington , 2022-11-17)


We need justice.

Misti Gilley (Duncan, 2022-11-18)


I see physicians unable or unwilling to do the right thing for their patients. I see corruption and bypassing of basic humanitarian protocols at every level of government here. The US 'leader' and his administration are now pushing for shots for babies, even as some other countries admit that the 'vaccine' is ineffective at best and possibly deadly. No mention of natural immunity. Where is informed consent? How can children...anyone give informed consent to a product with testing only now being done on the general populace?

Thea Hou (Columbia, 2022-11-19)


Obvious reasons

Cherie Delautour (Waipu, 2022-11-26)


I want to participate in the war against covid mafia...

Stefan Hiczer (Hatfield Herdfordshire, 2022-11-29)


People need to fight for the lost lives.

sharon niemeyer (Cadiz, 2022-11-30)


I have filed a request for investigation with ICC on Bulgaria. I am signing to support my application against the state of Bulgaria, and all other state. Kalina Stoianova Ramanska and Todor Simeonov Ramanski were killed by doctors in Bulgaria as a result of this crime against humanity.

Vaska Todorova Ramanska (london, 2022-12-03)


This is historically the biggest crime against humanity and the culprits have to be investigated and punished.

Martin Rek (Raduň, 2022-12-03)


I want justice.

Karin Látková (Spišská Nová Ves , 2022-12-05)


Považujem z hľadiska všeobecného práva človeka na život a zdravie za správne a nevyhnutné, aby VŠETCI, od prezidentov , cez lekárov, sudcov, prokurátorov pracovníkov
farmaceutických firiem, novinárov, pracovníkov TV, zamestnávateľov, policajtov , riadiacich pracovníkov orgánov a organizácií s plošnou pôsobnosťou, ktorí sa na tejto genocíde proti ľudstvu preukázateľne, aktívne zúčastnili alebo z nej finančne profitovali, boli za svoje skutky spravodlivo potrestaní.
Za spravodlivý trest považujem:
1. Prepadnutie majetku nadobudnutého počas 2020-2022 vo výške zjavne presahujúcej ich bežné príjmy v predchádzajúcich 5 rokoch
2. Trest odňatia slobody od 5 do 10 rokov v pracovnom tábore
3. Aplikácia plného "očkovania" t.j. 2x " vakcína" + 2x tzv. booster ( posilňovacia dávka) u každého, koho krvné testy preukážu, že bol očkovaný placebom.
Jedine krvný test bude spoľahlivým dôkazom, že vedeli o škodlivosti "vakcín" a úmyselne ich vydávali verejne za jedine bezpečné prostriedky zachraňujúce zdravie a život človeka.

Ľubomír Baran (Stará Turá, 2022-12-06)


Justice needs to be served

Jeremiah Carrier (Saskatoon , 2022-12-06)


Každý kto porušuje zákony musí mať zato aj zodpovednosť.

Ľubomír Šebek (Košice - Košická Nová Ves, 2022-12-08)


They are the worst of the worst who injured our young just for medicine profits due to COVID19 vaccines

Nellie E Gentry (Bristol, 2022-12-11)


Chcem a súhlasím

Miroslav Jiriček (Žilina, 2022-12-11)


I am agree!

Helena Kvašňáková (Praha 5 - Hlubočepy, 2022-12-14)


Evil must not be allowed to flourish.

philip potter (Leicester, 2022-12-24)


This is population cull and has to be stopped

Stuart Taylor (Bolton, 2022-12-24)


America is under attack! Thank you!

marilyn mooney (fairfax, 2022-12-24)


A verdade precisa ser entregue a humanidade. É um direito de todo o homem que habita este planeta saber sobre os planos de dominação que estão em andamento. O maior crime contra humanidade cometido na história não pode ficar impune.

Juliana Prado (Florianópolis, 2022-12-25)


I care about justice

Adam Szymanski (London, 2022-12-27)


I have been following this story for nearly 2 years and have read extensively about it. I am convinced that there are major and widespread health problems being caused and subsequent cover up with the covid vaccines.

M Dane (bungay, 2022-12-28)


People have died after lies about the cures and millions more are dropping dead after taking the covid jab. There needs to be severe punishment to those responsible for the criminal murder of innocent people around the world.

Karen Kerames (Orange, 2022-12-28)


These individuals in government need to be held accountable for what they have done

H Rudge (Richmond , 2022-12-28)


Ewa Szymanska

Ewa Szymanska (Tuchlino , 2022-12-29)


I’m signing because it’s the right thing to do! I’m absolutely outraged that in view of all the evidence, nothing is changing!

Sheena Phillips (Kirkcaldy, 2023-01-01)


Rune Fardal har utmerket seg fenomenalt ved sin langvarige innsats for å belyse og gi støtte til de som blir utsatt for offentlig maktmissbruk og lovbrudd innen barnevernet. Han fortjener all heder og ære og burde vært premiert av den norske stat for sine bidrag til å forbedre rettsikkerheten for barn og familier.

Kjell Gjerde (Ålesund, 2023-01-04)


We request tex coin set at minimum 0.80

Low Meng Teng (43300 seri kembangan, 2023-01-16)


I believe that we have been miss led and used by political and medical institutions for too long and they must be held accountable for the harms of those actions.

Kevin McClelland (Nelson, 2023-01-21)


The UK Government need to be be brought to account for the atrocities that have taken place - injuries and excess deaths - following the Covid-19 experimental injection. Also, that the Magistrates who wanted an investigation into this should never have been dismissed. Our UK Government is corrupt and complicit in these deaths and injuries to the people in the UK and globally

Amanda Venables (Torquay, 2023-02-01)


The harms done by these people are immeasurable, and they must be held to account for them.

Abner Dumoff (New York, 2023-02-05)


He deserves his kids and shes in the wrong

Matt Wolf (Ocean twp, 2023-02-07)

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