Investigation and Prosecution of Those Individuals Responsible for Crimes Against Humanity



No more crimes against humanity

Vicky Nolet (Timmins , 2023-03-27)


Those responsible for the perpetration of the COVID-19 pandemic must be held responsible for crimes against humanity.
I will testify to the same.

Charles Rixey (The Colony, 2023-03-28)


Im signing because no one is above the law.

Barbara Landals (Edmonton, 2023-03-28)


People’s need to be held accountable.

Kevin Schmidt (Gull Lake, 2023-03-28)


Informed consent is fundamental to the ethics of patient care. Due to anxiety or workplace mandates, many of my patients were pressured into receiving covid-19 jabs, ostensibly to protect others and themselves. Patients were not informed of the risks. Several have had severe cardiac and neurological adverse effects. The perpetrators of this crime must be held accountable.

Wendy Cohen (HENRICO, 2023-03-29)


obvious reasons

denton horne (london, 2023-04-01)


Our prime minister is incompetent at running this country. Everything about the mandates were harmful for this country. Vaccine injury.

Carrie Sonnenburg (Smiths falls, 2023-04-02)


Too many world leaders (especially in NZ) during the Covid plandemic followed erroneous modelling predicting exaggerated numbers of Covid deaths; forced mandated jabs on the general public with no informed consent, broke the Hippocratic oath (First Do No Harm) , caused needless adverse events + deaths by the so-called "Vaccine", + forced prolonged 'lockdowns' (note use of a criminal term) + mandates which did untold damage to people's lives (eg. domestic violence), loss of jobs, loss of homes, damaged the general economy, etc etc.

Theodora Nicholas (Whangarei, 2023-04-04)



Nikki Foss (Lillooer, 2023-04-04)


Criminals need to be held accountable

Eric FLEURY (Stonewall, 2023-04-04)


They need to be held accountable severely punished for the terrible things they’ve done and caused everyone.

Debra Ball (Colborne, 2023-04-05)


This was an orchestrated attack on the citizens of the world. Worldwide Genocide And Crimes Against Humanity.

John O'Donnell (Calgary, 2023-04-05)


Serious crimes have been committed against the citizens of the world by the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, the World Health Organization, governments, Doctors, Nurses, Media & many others in response to the Covid pandemic & all responsible need to be held accountable

Robin Glazier (Ottawa, 2023-04-06)


The liberal party have abused the power they have been giving by the voters. We're done

Dave Sanders (Sudbury , 2023-04-06)


this world control has to stop

Wayne Erfle (kelowna, 2023-04-07)


I am signing because Russia is perpetrating a genocide against Ukrainians now

Olga Baldin (Mississauga, 2023-04-08)


It is time that Justice is served...

Justin Duce (Guelph , 2023-04-08)


hey have to pay! Tremblay (Saint Félix d'Otis, 2023-04-08)


Accountability is necessary and changes need to be made.

Margaret jean Latimer (Brockville, 2023-04-10)


People committing Crimes against Humanity are pure Evil and need to be protected

Klaus Wahler (St Pascal Baylon, 2023-04-10)


More people vax injured and died after vax

Pat Hardy (Minden , 2023-04-10)


I have seen too many people harmed

Mary Bourne-Douglas (Grande Prairie, 2023-04-10)


These people need to be held accountable

Janet Reimer (Big River, 2023-04-11)


It is a abomination to all humans

Tina Strachan (Benoni, 2023-04-16)


Trudeau government for treason!

Jami Taylor (edmonton, 2023-04-17)


Who is responsible for killing thousands of people

Debra Broda (Calmar, 2023-04-18)


There must be accountability

Colin Decio (Paraparaumu, 2023-04-25)


These people need to be held accountable for the tyrany they push on the people and the injuries and death they caused.

Isobel Bazinet (Glencoe , 2023-05-07)


Street drinkers are ruining the place it's scary to even go past there

Mia Bowen (Derry, 2023-05-07)


Anyone who know full well that they are committing a criminal crime that involves injury or death, city, Regional, Provincial, national or international wide should be convicted for crimes against humanity too the fullest extent of the law, based on common laws of the land, air and water.

Cheryl Rowe (Welland, 2023-05-15)


I am disgusted at the criminal actions of these people. I am saddened to my very core at the health of myself and my loved ones and of nature that these people have diseased. I want them to stop and be held accountable.

Chelsea McElhenny (Atlanta, 2023-05-16)


i want to go to concert coldplay

Anis Rohaizi (Kuala Lumpur, 2023-05-18)


I agree that these people should be brought to justice. Numenburg Code violation of human rights.

Hanlie Prinsloo (Eltham , 2023-05-20)


I care…

Tracy Simituk (Oliver, 2023-05-21)


Service delivery protest

Aubrey Simamsnr (PMB, 2023-05-22)


Crimes against humanity

Suzanne Meyer (Central, 2023-05-25)


I have lost so many people due to the crimes against humanity. No amnesty. The world needs to know. Justice needs to exist. Humanity deserves to bear witness.

Loni Kallis (Edmonton, 2023-05-28)

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