Petition to remove Hillary Barry from our air waves



She is inciting discrimination while wearing a mental health shirt! Your behaviour is being a bully

Sarah Fawcett (Auckland’s, 2021-09-30)


She’s false, fake and promotes
Divide when she says she’s “anti bully” .


Dean Sutherland (Auckland the Covid capital , 2021-09-30)


She is encouraging discrimination and bullying

Kylie Fifield (Kaikohe, 2021-09-30)


Never have I heard such public bullying as that coming from this woman, TVNZ should remove her instantly, no news presenter should be allowed to have such a massive bias opinion.. We want the news not egotistical opinions.

Michelle Ritchie (Thames, 2021-09-30)


Hilary is in a position to be impartial as a journalist and a TV presenter. She may have caused an even bigger social divide with her sweeping and innappropriate bullying comments. She should know better. You acted in a disgraceful and unprofessional manner Hilary and you should do the right thing, apologise, then resign. Or be fired!

Amanda Wilcox (Nelson, 2021-09-30)


Discriminatory hate speech

Samantha Edwards (Palmerston North, 2021-09-30)


I find her comments to be separatist and discriminatory. A lot of people are suffering from anxiety and depression and her bullying comments quite vile. Goes against our slogan of the year “be kind”.

Kelsi Smith (Auckland , 2021-09-30)


Enough is Enough, this is NZ not Nazi Germany!

Nic Hapi (Tauranga, 2021-09-30)


Disgusting to hear this talk. NAZI Germany is alive and kicking.

Deborah Manhire (Ashburton, 2021-09-30)


Hilary implies the unvaccinated are risk to the vaccinated. How? If you've had a vax that is effective expression how those not vaxed an issue. Her tone is similar to the racist view that dark skinned people were dirty and beneath the white skinned of society. It is extremely divisive. Did she ask people around gett if they had Aids in the 80s? Did whe ask for verification from people during the bird flu epidemic if they'd had their Tamiflu? She has shown herself to be an judgemental suppressor of the freedom to choose what medication a person can choose to take. The Nuremburg code should be given to her. Whe should tell the public the date Pfiser will release it's information on completed 3rd phase trials and provide a segment covering full informed consent of the contents of the vaccine to the nation.

Lucy Thomson (Dunedin , 2021-09-30)


Unacceptable comment from a public figure / roll model. Disgusting.

Lyndon Kapoor (Te Awamutu, 2021-09-30)


Hillary Barry is a two faced broadcaster..has for a number of years stood up against bullying and depression etc, but when she constantly is going against those things. She blocked and deleted so many people who commented on a post of hers pushing the covid stab..and when challenged etc, said she was deleting nonsense and misinformation, even when one comment mentioned checking up on people, who in essence could be contemplating suicide...and one woman's photo comments of information gained under the official information act...I said how can this be nonsense and misinformation...blocked and deleted. What a nasty piece of work she's turned into. Don't use your status for yours and governments hidden agendas when people are suffering and she obviously doesn't like the truth !!! shame on her!!!!!. Don't be an advocate for things you clearly don't give a dam about. Hypocritical two faced #&^%@*

Angela Hayden (Whangarei, 2021-09-30)


I do not agree with the agenda she is pushing it goes against the rights of NZers

Melanie Marsh (Hastings , 2021-09-30)


I'm shocked at Hilarys discriminative exclamation toward us unjabbed people on live tv!

Tanya Williams (Palmerston North, 2021-09-30)


This is bullying and discrimination!

Lynne Morck (New Plymouth, 2021-09-30)


The media must not encourage bias. And these bullying tactics are in breach of Broadcasting Standards!

M Scotting (Hastings 4180, 2021-09-30)


She shouldn't be able to bully and create division between people on a tax payer funded show...

Bobby Cole (Napier, 2021-09-30)


She is so fake it hurts

Brian Rosoman (Tauranga, 2021-09-30)


I'm signing it because after I took one very brief look at her page...what a misinformed bunch of people, and they all think its okay to divide, be racist, to outwardly think its okay to hate. I'm still shaking from it ! Anger and sadness 😢

Lindsay Gibb (Hastings, 2021-09-30)


The Media is the VIRUS.
Hillary is a globalist funded traitor!

Keryn Faulkner (Auckland, 2021-09-30)


I believe that Hillary Barry is unprofessional in her role of a journalist, telling lies, and colluding with this corrupt Government. She is part of the mainstream media which is denying the public opinion to be aired which is our right to freedom of speech!

Louise Cuthbert (Napier , 2021-10-01)


I believe in freedom and not blind acceptance of authority

Richard Godfrey (Hastings, 2021-10-01)


Hillary is a vile lying govt talking head and a giant BULLY

Lean Ryn (Auckland, 2021-10-01)


She's a threat to individual liberty

Donovan McGowan (Auckland , 2021-10-01)


Because of this. Heart-breaking

Deb Christie (Stillwater , 2021-10-01)


I was surprised to hear Hillary speaking the way she did regarding this. She was insighting separatism and division. People look up to her and personal opinions such as this crossed the line. Pro Choice is a better phrase than anti Vaxer. We need to know the affects of the spike proteins crossing the brain barrier and being found in organs before we behave in such a way. Do a programme on that and talk about it on national television. Gower would be a good one for this.

Marie McDonald (Whitianga, 2021-10-01)


Presenters on a NZ public platform should not be voicing such hateful opinion, causing division and bullying people from any walk of life! Disgusting behavior...

Nicole Beguely (Auckland, 2021-10-01)


She is publicly asking people to bully others to follow her. She says she is anti-bullying yet asks the public to do this. Does she understand bullying and peer pressure can lead to people committing suicide. Shameful and disgusting Hillary.

Brandin Allen (Hastings, 2021-10-01)


She is promoting discrimination/bullying

Donna Stowers (Whangarei , 2021-10-01)


Her stance against what she calls ‘antivaxers’ at a time like this is unacceptable. I’d like to see people with this kind of platform express compassion and integrity, perhaps even neutrality.

Lauren Smith (Napier, 2021-10-01)


She is promoting discrimination and segregation. Totally wrong and should not be allowed to say things like that on air.

Lexia Dyer (Auckland , 2021-10-01)


A prominent Broadcaster should have a balanced opinion. What she is saying is dangerous, will cause division within the population and should be classed as hates peech

Martin Horwood (Auckland, 2021-10-01)


This woman should not be on air promoting bullying and harassment

Aphrodite Hannah (Auckland, 2021-10-01)


I’m signing because I don’t believe in discriminating against either vaccinated or unvaccinated persons. It should be there choice, and if research is anything to go by the vaccine becomes less effective over time, is only still experimental with emergency approval and either group can still contract the virus and pass it to the other. So go figure, maybe she’s not as bright as she makes out.

Russell Hope (Whakatane , 2021-10-01)


Everyone should have a choice

Diana Murray (Pukekohe, 2021-10-01)


Free choice

Andrew Mee (Paeroa, 2021-10-01)


Hilary Barry must be stopped from spreading her hate speech on prime time television

Clair Finlay (Puketaha, 2021-10-01)


The comments from Hilary Barry inciting prejudice thinking and behaviour is actually really dangerous to the hygiene of our society.... sure should not be allowed to remain on air with such hateful and prejudiced opinions... at the very LEAST she should be made to publicly apologise for these hate inciting comments. She holds a position of influence, pretends to stand against bullying yet I've heard her be a bully multiple times against people who hold different views than herself... she is very bigoted. You don't have to be an anti vaxxer to see that.

Rosa Nobel (Hastings, 2021-10-01)


She thinks her advice is needed. No she is Woke.
Never watch TV1 because of Woke people like her.

Trevor McCoid (Auckland , 2021-10-01)


What a bully....

Vicki Niethe (Auckland, 2021-10-01)


Because of her discrimination towards unvaccinated people is disgusting

Cameron Day (Auckland , 2021-10-01)


She is a disgrace and supporting medical apartheid and discrimination

Denise Renshaw (RD 4 Cambridge, 2021-10-01)


Medical discrimination is the equivalent to apartheid and the promotion of it by a public figure is hate speech.

Anita Saunders (Tauranga, 2021-10-01)


I oppose discrimination

Trevor Jukes (Auckland , 2021-10-01)


This was a very disgusting and disturbing show to watch.
No matter your beliefs, anti vaxers are people too, kiwis in fact, and should be respected as so.

Leanne Baker (Pōkeno, 2021-10-01)


Hilary Barry should not be using her platform to coerce or influence people to use the vaccine which is proven to cause significant harm. The media in general are only promoting the government narrative not the health experts information on said “vaccine.”

Judith Thomas (Tauranga, 2021-10-01)


It is appalling for anyone who is an influential public position to be allowed to get away with such open discriminatory views. Just change the word 'unvaccinated' in her comments to 'disabled' or 'women' or 'maori' and you will immediately see how prejudiced it is.

Toni Gordon (Dunedin, 2021-10-01)


She’s lame

Matt Judd (Auckland , 2021-10-01)


She discriminated against those who are pro choice by passing discriminating remarks on air which is unprofessional! In fact let her be the example of being a biased journalist and this doesn’t sit well in a fair and just society! Get her out!!

Ruth Davidson (Auckland, 2021-10-01)


because everybody should have a choice and not be bullied because they have a different opinion, I expect better of her

Lynette Frewin (christchurch, 2021-10-01)


Hillary Barry is displaying a shocking lack of empathy and bullying people using her media presence.

Darryl Crofskey (Auckland, 2021-10-01)


I watched this programme and sadly Hilary just ridiculed a person’s freedom of choice on vaccinations. There is tongue in cheek and cheeky humour, of which none was seen by Barry.

As this is viewed by children too at 7pm it’s not on! TVNZ although they are state broadcaster and have been given more of our tax dollars to promote covid safety do not have to go out and make foolish and bullying remarks.

Robbi DAngelo (Auckland , 2021-10-01)


She’s promoting hate

Shelley Bates (Whangarei , 2021-10-01)


It’s time to stand up to ALL the bullies.

David Slinger (West Harbour, 2021-10-01)


No one should be coerced or forced to take experimental medicine. My body my choice.

Robert Paterson (Omokoroa, 2021-10-01)


I think TV 1 and their presenters should not be mouthpieces for the government or any political issues. They are merely there to present news and facts. There need to use their platform wisely.

Janine Peters (Tauranga, 2021-10-01)


Say no to bullies

Alex Bennett (Auckland, 2021-10-01)


Hillary is a lefty who forces her opinions . She should be impartial. Her behaviour is childish and she clearly is another jacinda paid up troll.

stephanie harrison (fernside, 2021-10-01)


The comments from Hillary Barry amount to hate speech and incitement of people to persecute others.

Paul Fraser (Leeston, 2021-10-01)


I am signing because I am tired of her telling us what to do, plus her left leaning attitude, but then she works for TVone what else do you expect
Gary Shaw

Gary Shaw (Napier, 2021-10-01)


Her bias, degrading and belittling views.

Raeleen Greer (Dunedin, 2021-10-01)


Hillary Barry is a hypocritical bully

Ben Rudd (Christchurch, 2021-10-01)


She's a bully

Greg More (Queenstown, 2021-10-01)


Respect the personal choice whether or not to inject an experimental genetic agent into one's body. An agent that doesn't stop you catching covid or spreading it.

Johan Anema (Whitianga, 2021-10-01)


Because no one should be discriminated for their personal choices!

Tania Barber (Sandspit, 2021-10-01)


Ms Barry is demonstrating and actively advocating for bullying and descrimination one seven sharp. This is abhorrent over reach. She needs to keep her opinions to herself. Particularly when she publicly promotes anti bullying.

Linda Shearman (Otaki, 2021-10-01)


Hate and division are wrong

Christen Skaggs (Red beach , 2021-10-01)


Get rid of this piece of shit

tenei kesha (auckland, 2021-10-01)


Hillary Barry is a rank hypocrite and a bully

Cameron Slater (Auckland, 2021-10-01)


She is the biggest hypocrite in everything she stands for. Calling NZ citizens who are “pro-choice” anti-vaxers… just sheer ignorance. She’s gotta go … I have no compassion for hypocritical, ignorant bullies!!

Shelley Bartlett (Queenstown, 2021-10-01)


I,m signing because I do not accept nor see that she has any right to bully anyone on there beliefs what ever they are. Jews were made to wear a yellow star, is this what is happening in New Zealand today. Do not make these people to be made to feel unclean. She needs to go.

Vivienne Dunn (Cambridge, 2021-10-01)


Sick of these idiots!

Margaret Burton (3127, 2021-10-01)

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