Opposing the Burswood change of route for Eastern Busway, Pakuranga to Botany - new draft route through Burswood.



Busway plan by cutting through Burswood is ridiculous and unacceptable project

Tinda Sentono (Auckland, 2021-11-03)


This impacts our livelihoods, homes, family and the utter disruption to peoples lives at this awful time is extremely stressful.
Why isn’t the land around Chinatown used at all? Why do peoples homes need to be taken? Where are these people going to live? Housing shortage with difficulties findings rentals, the expense. Nothing for AT but everything for those directly affected.

Alford Brianna (Auckland, 2021-11-03)


I'm signing because this will affect homes in everyway not only do people lose there homes ,house prices will drop the noise the whole interference of burswood

Newson Jodie (Auckland, 2021-11-03)


This is a ridiculous plan that will ruin a quiet family orrientated suburb. Keep the busway on / next to the busy main road like it should be and has always been planned for.

Tony Stephen (Auckland, 2021-11-03)


I am signing for my home. It is so unfair.

Jun Lu (Auckland, 2021-11-03)


I cannot imagine having my property taken from me in this manner, espcially in Auckland where theres a housing shortage and finding another would be an uphill battle. The plan seems the most expensive way to do things, building over what is essentially swamp land.
I think the effects to our now quiet neighbourhood will be detrimental too, noise wise, traffic congestion and more foot traffic.

Rachel Hancock (Aucklanf, 2021-11-03)


I am signing this petition because it is a disgraceful act and ambush on the part of Auckland Transport. I am no expert but you just need to look out on Ti Rakau Drive and see multiple alternatives for a bus station without the need to destroy people’s HOMES and LIVES and OUR COMMUNITY. The money saved by an alternative IE Chinatown car park/ Reserve opposite Bunnings/ Howick and Eastern Buses would be enough to fund other more important reading projects. This is an ambush and the community of Burswood will not stand for it.

Karen Sloan (Burswood, 2021-11-03)


This is a ridiculous idea! Destroying people's lives unnecessary. Go the direct, cheaper, faster route of along Ti Rakai Drive.

Amber Mattsson (Burswood , 2021-11-03)


I fully opposed the busway through burswood. Think the idea is ridiculous. Taking people's homes when an easier option is on doing it on ti rakau drive. Auckland council has no clue.

Anton Mattsson (Auckland, 2021-11-03)


I have lived long term in burswood, the end of my street and one around the corner are effected. It's going to change our community to a lot more noise, people trying to park in streets. A lot of rentals, me included not sure what will happen once landlords know. Children won't be as safe walking around etc. Wildlife around area will be effected as well and not plans we knew about long ago.

Jill Bower (Auckland, 2021-11-03)


I oppose to this version of the bus lane. Destroying this peaceful community for this purpose is heartbreaking. There are alternative options. This option will destroy this community

Melissa Ballantyne (Auckland, 2021-11-03)


This whole project sounds ridiculous especially if it is at the cost of braking houses of residents in the area! The proposed route acc to the plan affects the residents and the community and has been drawn without any consideration to the people!

Jag Shirsat (Auckland , 2021-11-03)


This Plan doesn’t make any sense at all. Burswood community will be destroyed by this. The community will change from a benefit party to a victim party immediately due to this major change.

When we want to make a decision, you have to analyze the pros and cons. I couldn’t pick up any of the pros for this. However, I can list a lot of cons for non-sense project

Environment damage – Air pollution, noise pollution
Safety of the community – traffic
Value of the properties
Sustainable – parking, relocating
Unnecessary stress and anxiety add on the resident of the Burswood.

Can AT explain to us what the benefits the city will benefit from this? Maybe AT expected more people will take bus instead of the driving their cars? I am sorry but I don’t believe this will happen by just build a new bus station in a peaceful residential area. You are wasting your time and tax payer’s money. We don’t need some of your experts from AT to explain to us about your ‘long term benefit’ for this project because we all know it will not work. What kind of decision makers will destroy 50 houses during housing crisis? Where do you expect those people to buy the same quality location and living environment?

To make this simply, 'leave Burswood alone and follow your original plan'. Thanks!

Leon Li (Auckland, 2021-11-03)


I am a resident of Burswood and strongly object to the plans as they would be detrimental to our quiet neighourhood community if every possible way. Noise, traffic, pollution, congestion, lowering of house prices, loss of community feet etc etc etc.There is nothing positive abput this.

Adrienne Krebs (Auckland, 2021-11-03)


Absolutely ridiculous plan to demolish houses not only during the Auckland housing crisis but also while we are struggling with lockdown.

Sophia Lin (Auckland, 2021-11-03)


Love peace & quiet of this community, if it opens to the public, we would not be enjoying our free walking with kids and furbabies as usual anymore.

Jenny Jiang (Auckland, 2021-11-03)


I will be directly affected

Lindemann Renate (Auckland , 2021-11-03)


My mother is a resident and I believe this bus depot will cause her and other residents much undue stress with two other bus depots nearby.

Ash Cometti (Auckland , 2021-11-03)


It is a total waste of money which can be far better spent on something that is necessary.

Lynette Mattsson (Auckland, 2021-11-03)


I really feel.for all the residents who will be looking their homes.

Shelley Chadwick (Auckland, 2021-11-03)


I am homeowner of one of the directly impacted properties. I luv my community here and will never be able to purchase in Auckland again with what i thought was my retirement investment.
I always felt safe from 'progress' here as we are positioned so far back from the main road here. Something that still has not been able to be explained to me.
We must stop this injustice.

Cherry Janice (Auckland, 2021-11-03)


I bought my house knowing that Ti Rakau would eventually be widened for the bus corridor, which was acceptable to me. It is not acceptable to change this route for the following reasons:
1) removal of much-needed housing
2) parking issues
3) residents have a right to quiet enjoyment
4) the original plan with the bus station being situated beside the current bus depot makes much more sense
5) additional traffic lights which we do not need!

Jacqueline Lewis (Penrose, 2021-11-03)


I am opposed to the AT buying my friend house and moving her family and causing emotional stress and anxiety over the proposed roads

Evellyn Maytha (Auckland, 2021-11-03)


I am against building this busway through Burswood. This busway will potentially take over our family house and this is unfair. We have lived in this house and this quiet neighbourhood for 20years. With the housing crisis we cannot afford to demolish houses and expect people to just BUY another with the current Auckland Housing market.

Gerald Tulud (Auckland, 2021-11-03)


All of the reasons stated. The lack of consultation and/or desire to create meetings that are informative or ask for feedback.

Cherry Shayna (Auckland, 2021-11-03)


I want to visit my family and friends living there.!I do drive

Mary Ann Laico (Auckland , 2021-11-03)


My friend lives in the neighborhood

P Herrera (Auckland, 2021-11-04)


I love our community. We have really become an awesomebolace to be over the years and this project threatens that community we have built.
Homes should not have to be sacrificed to bring about a bus station.

Gee Lyon (Auckland, 2021-11-04)


As a Residence of Burswood I am concerned about the new proposal to pass the bus way through the residential section of Burswood. This will mean the loss of 35 -40 homes, some of which are multiple dwellings. The original proposal of Ti Rakau drive I would suggest would effect 3-4 commercial building and a garden center. This appears an 11th hour proposal and appears to give limited time for consultation and possible review.
I do not believe that my hous will be demolished although my bed room will be with in 5 to 10 metres from a noisy road way and all the issues this brings, Sound, privacy, security, property devalued.

Peter Cress (Auckland, 2021-11-04)


Im signing this because I have lived here my whole life and don’t want our friendly little neighborhood to become busy and take out that lovely feeling that Burswood has.

Tysha Ikenasio (Auckland , 2021-11-04)


This is a hugely unfair move made by AT. People have brought these homes expecting some form of security, knowing the plans for the nearby area, and suddenly being told they are expected to leave with no prior warning, notice, or chance to have their say is appalling. There is already a housing shortage, and now you want to destroy more jobs for a bus route that does not need to have been deviated from its original plan.

Sarah Robertson (Auckland, 2021-11-04)


Because it's close to my house and you are cutting off the reserve where we walk our toddles and dogs. The danger your bus drivers cause just by parking outside Bunnings has threatened the safety of my family. Both exits and entrances to Burswood are dangerous enough already. This is a residential area and not suitable for buses. I walk my children to the local Drs and fruit shops. This dangerous, loud and will devalue my property. You are removing the green entrance to Burswood and replacing it with more roads. Not good for the environment or mental health or safety.

Marion Dale (BURSWOOD, 2021-11-04)


Because this is my home and where they want a bus station enterance is right on top of where I and my neighbors beside me live. We have 3 cats and it was hard enough to get this home let alone have to move once again.. this would be the second time in covid as we had to move as soon as we went into the first level 3 from level 4

Caitlyn Conza (Auckland , 2021-11-04)


Because I don't want their bulshit through my backyard why would you wipe down perfectly good homes instead of industrial area think about it

Carroll Aaron (Auckland, 2021-11-04)


I live in Burswood & what is written is 100% correct!!! I'm sure there must be an alternative route to use instead of coming through Burswood.

Iona Togipau (Auckland, 2021-11-04)


This new proposed design is a lose-lose situation. It takes away the buses from the main thoroughfare of Ti Rakau Drive, where businesses are located, into the middle of a quiet and peaceful residential area. It will increase the cost of construction as new bridges over swampland will be required, damaging the local ecosystem. Most importantly, it will significantly impact the lives of many long-standing residents as the route of this new proposed design runs through many existing dwellings, including several newly completed homes. Destroying residential homes and uprooting families during not only a lockdown but also one of the worst housing crises we have seen is not only senseless but morally wrong.

What's even more disappointing is that this new design was done with absolutely ZERO consultation with any Burswood residents, whether they were directly impacted or not. There has only been a token meeting with the affected landowners where they were effectively told to just roll over and give up their properties. This should not happen in a modern-day democratic society.

I would like AT to explain why this shambolic new design deviated from the previously publicly consulted and communicated design along Ti Rakau. Do the right thing and leave Burswood alone.

Will Miao (Auckland City, 2021-11-04)


I am signing because this busway is unnecessary and makes little fiscal and practical sense. It would cost the city more money to cut through Burswood than simply remaining on Ti Rakau.

Joseph Millington (Auckland, 2021-11-04)


I strongly oppose this plan as a property owner in the Burswood community. No consultation and threat of invoking Public Works Act both show dealing in bad faith.

Rebecca Lin (Auckland, 2021-11-04)


I am signing this because as a single woman and still twins at home and three cats it is very diffiçult to just go out and get another house to rent we looked for months last time and we were just so lucky our agent offered this to us above all others knowing our struggle. . We have become accustomed to living in our nice quiet neighbour whish is very accessible to everything we need. Please think of people who own and rent renters are not gonna fare well nor would owners if forced out at under market prices which is hugely unfair.

Rachael Conza (Auckland, 2021-11-04)


The wetlands are beautiful and unique and enjoyed by families. The homes are being removed in a housing shortage!

Mel Relf (Cambridge , 2021-11-04)


This is completely stupid

Tim Harnett (Manukau, 2021-11-04)


I have been a resident here for 24 years and love our lovely community, even though my house is not affected I really feel for all of our residents that it impacts.

Diane Martin (Auckland, 2021-11-04)


I oppose the unnecessary and waste of money proposal. It will destroy brand new houses and force people away from their homes and community.

Lara Hurst (Auckland, 2021-11-04)


I strongly oppose the new route this Busway will take. You are totally unfair for making this decision at this time without properly consultation with resident that will be affected. Shame on you!!!

Maxine Russell (Howick, 2021-11-04)


My house is on the redline.

Li Yingsi (Auckland, 2021-11-04)


This would meaning tearing down my best friends parents house. They should not have to give up their family home for any reason!

Iona Parry (Auckland , 2021-11-04)


I like my quite home where I live. and I don't want the government waste our money to destroy it.

Leon Wang (Auckland, 2021-11-04)


These bus routes are ruining our roads and causing way more congestion than it’s solving. Taking peoples houses (which is already a problem in NZ) is just nonsensical. Stop ruining NZ!

Eugene Julyan (Auckland, 2021-11-04)


I was noticed that my house will be seized.

Meiheng Chen (Auckland, 2021-11-04)


This is effecting my best friends home where I grew up for 12 years

Renee Park (Auckland, 2021-11-04)


I live in Burswood I live near the existing bus station. It is so noisy already. There are so many traffic lights on ti raukau already. This will ruin our community.
I never see anyone using the bus stops along ti raukau. I drive this road many times each day

Danielle Rollo (Auckland, 2021-11-04)


It is directly impacting my close friend who lives in the area.

Winnie Kung (Auckland, 2021-11-04)


To protect people from losing their homes. To keep both Burswood entrances from being blocked / congested by more traffic. To protect our green entrance to Burswood turning into a road. To stop noise pollution in my neighbourhood. To stop the devaluation of my home.

Kerry Dale (Auckland , 2021-11-04)


I oppose the bus lane through Burswood. I know people who have lived in their homes their entire adult life and are very near retirement. Bonds are paid off and this….

Bronwyn Petersen (Auckland, 2021-11-04)


I Live in Burswood and dont wish to see this beautiful place destroyed

Ann Plant (Auckland, 2021-11-04)


disagree!do not waste tax payer‘s money!

peng wang (akl, 2021-11-04)


I am a resident of Burswood and I certain don’t want to see a busway going through this subdivision

Jocelyn Christensen (Auckland, 2021-11-04)


I have family living in that area

Maria Gedye (Auckland, 2021-11-04)


I am disgusted by these stupid bus stations and tracks, I live here and do not want to move just because they want an entrance

Justice Curtis (Auckland, 2021-11-04)


AT is such a self entitled, bunch of useless tax thieves. They needs to be taken down

Takua Iijima (Auckland, 2021-11-04)


This suxx. People have lived in these properties for years and have raised families in these. And you want to rip these memories and livelihoods down for what?? Councils having more power than they should....dictating one way and not finding an amicable solution suxx. Sort it out!!

Kathleen Tuhimata (Auckland, 2021-11-04)


Supporting my friend

Blandina Gan (Auckland, 2021-11-04)


Absolutely ridiculous plan to demolish houses and build a bus station in a healthy and mature community!

Wendy Cong (Auckland , 2021-11-04)


I’am signing because we live in Burswood. We put a lot of effort into taking care of and maintaining our house, our children grew up in this community, we have always had a good relationship with our neighbors, we don't want to leave our home.

Daisy Zhou (Auckland , 2021-11-04)


We are a tax paying citizen living in a quiet peaceful place until the Government reaches us to tell about their Bus Terminal Project. I strongly opposed this Government Project and consulted my legal lawyer whats best for preserving our respective homes and peaceful lives. The Government Project to progress its goal for transportation development is not justifiable for all home & landowners to suffer the burdens or time and money should they will continue this. We need to stand together and will bring this to the court of Law.

Sherwyn Robert bayona (Quezon City, 2021-11-04)


because there’s no point in it as there’s a big bus depot 500m up the road in botany with all the shops and everything and this is going to devalue the whole neighborhood

Aaron Glew (Auckland , 2021-11-04)


This is an absolute non sense and waste of Ratepayer's money. It will create years of traffic chaos and have little gain after all. We need more road and lane instead

Tommy Lee (Manukau, 2021-11-04)


I live in Heathridge place with a young family and don't want to live next to a bus station. We have chosen to live here for more than 15 years due to the safe friendly street and this will dramatically change our life for the worse

Joshua Glew (Auckland, 2021-11-04)


This is a ridiculous idea. This is a quiet suburb full of families who will be forced to relocate. We are currently struggling to find houses to accommodate people and to pull down existing ones shows ideology over practicality. I'm also astounded that a footbridge for school children was canceled due to environmental impact but a bus lane is considered fine. This idea should be reconsidered...go back to keeping it on Ti Rakau Drive.

Jacqui Brannigan (AUCKLAND, 2021-11-04)


My Aunty has her own home in Burswood that has been in the family for a lifetime! Where my cousins also live!!

Jordaan Shepherd-Te Namu (Beenleigh, 2021-11-04)


My in-laws live in Burswood.

Billie Dalgety (Auckland, 2021-11-04)


It is a quiet and calm little suburb that should not have busses running through it. There is a 6 lane road adjacent that is built for heavy traffic. Ti rakau should be where the buses are

Jo-Anne Hitchcock (Auckland , 2021-11-04)


I live in Golflands and often walk around the Burswood area. This will completely destroy this quiet community, not to mention the lives of the residents who will be forced to sell their homes.

Nicola Taylor (Auckland, 2021-11-04)


Entances planned in too small streets.
Building over Queens Chain & far to expensive bridge. Doesn't have any advantage as it only at the start of subdivision so people still will need cars to access.
No where for computers to park except surrounding streets.
No sense not to go straight down TiRakau Drive & better option for businesses in the area
Destruction of more much needed Lower income housing.
An expensive option wasting council money.

Collyns Sue (Auckland, 2021-11-04)


I agree we need a busway as Ti Rakau traffic is diabolical and a bus trip from the city takes 2 hours, but I oppose it going through our safe quiet peaceful suburb at the expense of our homes and families.

Lyn Hoy (Auckland, 2021-11-04)


It’s not fair

Kimberley Palmer (Auckland , 2021-11-04)


It's completely illogical to have a direct bus route run through a suburb!

Sarah Rush (Auckland, 2021-11-04)



MIGHTY STANDOG TNFUCKENT NZ (Hastings, 2021-11-04)


This is an outrageous move by AT, ruining peoples lives, creating more issues; it makes a mockery of our so-called democracy, totally undermining any sort of consultation process and trust in AT (if there was any left anyway)

Shiree Milligan (Pakuranga, 2021-11-04)


Our house will be bulldozed, we only moved in 6 months ago!

Garett Webb (Auckland, 2021-11-05)


The proposed bus way through Burswood Drive is a terrible idea. It will affect our community negatively.

Katrina Cooper (Auckland, 2021-11-05)


I am signing this petition because I oppose 21st century raupatu.

Te Ata Tuhimata (Lower Hutt, 2021-11-05)


I’m signing because this plan is ludicrous. Auckland is short is houses, so now you’ll take 40+ out. A quiet neighbourhood to be disrupted, what for? So businesses on Ti Rakau aren’t affected by a possible widening of the road. So business is more important than individual’s lives! Shame on you. This new route will cost more also!

Rob Finn (Auckland, 2021-11-05)


I lost my house on Pakuranga road due to the expansion. Now my friends parents house is in line with getting taken down for this one

Anthony Sharp (Auckland, 2021-11-05)


A bus station is a good idea but not at the detriment of people’s homes. Another option must be found so no one has to lose their home.

Stephen Hoy (Auckland, 2021-11-05)


My koro and his wife's house is in this area where they worked hard all their life to pay the mortgage off and they raised their kids here this is the family homestead and I don't want them to have to see it demolished for a stupid development

Diijon Laiz (TE REINGA, 2021-11-05)


What’s AT up to? Wouldn’t it be better to shift/adapt three hollow warehouses or one shop than knock down 40-50 homes and put a busway next to those left standing?

Martin Caie (Auckland, 2021-11-05)


I oppose the bus station I would never use the bus we walk to school. The excess traffic would causes major issues for me along with the roadworks. The Burswood community would be destroyed by pulling down all these family homes.

Fiona Govender (Auckland, 2021-11-05)


Signing because I want to support the residents of Burswood fight this, it could be anyone’s neighbourhood.

Sandra Monaghan (Auckland, 2021-11-05)


I was shocked by such a short notice in level 3 lock down period. I have my property at burswood since 2003 where is my first home. can not imagin two bus lanes run through such a quiet neighbourhood and at least around 40 families will be under huge pressure. I strongly request public consultation for such a so called preferred and secret design.

sunny Yang (Auckland, 2021-11-05)


Removing 40 to 50 homes especially in the Burswood area where there are many retired people or young families live-they wouldn’t be able to afford new homes at today’s prices,not to mention the disruption of their lives.Also the increase of traffic in such a quiet area would be horrendous.

Margaret Coldicutt (Auckland, 2021-11-05)


Our house is will definitely be taken away from us and my wife and I are expecting our first child next year. Where are we supposed to live?

James Taylor (Burswood, 2021-11-05)


I have discovered that I have a new neighbour on my shared driveway, the dual lane Eastern Busway. I totally support good bus services, but do not want my fellow residents to have to move . Especially when there is a long standing plan that could be adopted for this busway and the housing preserved during this current housing crisis.

Enif Wardle (Auckland, 2021-11-05)


What a waste of funding. Why divert off the main road, and spend billions of dollars. Why haven't AT considered road modifications to ET via the inlet bridge

Kathrine Gray (Auckland , 2021-11-05)


Big fat “NO”

Tonielle Nathan (Auckland, 2021-11-05)


This is going to cause way too much traffic and congestion in our quiet neighbourhood.

Eveleigh Olivia (Auckland, 2021-11-05)


Opposing the Eastern Busway through Burswood

Tutu Umurua (Auckland, 2021-11-05)

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