Petition Requesting Defence Force Intervention



What happened to our Bill of Rights???

Susan Reid (Auckland, 2021-11-23)


I am fed up with the current situation in New Zealand

Anthony Blake (Nelson, 2021-11-23)


Crimes against humanity

Brett Taylor (Napier, 2021-11-23)


This government is showing utter disregard fir the health and well-being of the citizens of New Zealand.
We elected them to do our will, not to impose business profiteering practices that are supporting global agendas that reduce our sovereignty.
Dangerous moves have been made commandeering control of all media, there is no transparency in the distribution of illegal mandates and laws made to close down our natural ability to debate issues, make our own decisions on vital matters of our daily business and matters of health especially.
Enough is enough, we want local representatives, local bodies and local leadership - a complete shift in governance operation that benefits all collectively through more public voice, not less.

Judith Nicholls (Collingwood , 2021-11-23)


Because of the blatant disregard of our rights ,the DELIBERATE dividing of our country with both racial and vaccination overtones and the obvious intention to turn our great country into a Communist state

Richard Munford (Levin, 2021-11-23)


I consider our government to have gone rogue and not to be acting on behalf of the people of New Zealand. I also think there is a strong case for charging the government with treason.

David Slinger (Auckland, 2021-11-23)


This tyranny needs to end now

Amanda Hutchinson (Auckland , 2021-11-23)


I'm signing based on common law of living on terra firma in Aotearoa NZ

Phillippa Corney (Lincoln, 2021-11-24)


I’m signing because it’s the right and proper thing to do.

Abey Abrahams (Wellington , 2021-11-24)


this communism needs to stop

annette giles (Waikato, 2021-11-24)


I feel very strongly we're on the wrong path

Ben Picard (Dunedin, 2021-11-24)


We all have a right ,and a choice to what we put in our bodies..

Karina Silvester (Tauranga, 2021-11-24)


I want my children to have feedom and the right to say yes ,or no to medical treatment.

Ross Turley (Masterton , 2021-11-24)


We need to do all we can to bring the truth out there and stop what is happening.

Ron Orme (Nelson, 2021-11-24)


I am in full agreement with the above statements

Lex Campbell (Auckland, 2021-11-24)


Because enough is enough our freedom is worth more than the government claims and we need to fight for all new Zealanders not just the ones that will comply because they are scared

Trucia Sheard (Onerahi whangarei, 2021-11-24)


Sovereign Rights of We the People

Paulette Cartier (Nelson, 2021-11-24)


I am against vaccine mandates - a person has the right to choose freely.
I am against the three waters bill - this is insanity, why would ratepayers who have purchased and paid for this infrastructure need to buy it again and be forced to do so!!!

Jacqueline Lewis (Penrose, 2021-11-24)


The relentless and focused path towards coercive totalitarianism by this government is not one in any way serves the people and is not one I am prepared to tolerate any more.

Jenny Minogue (Tauranga, 2021-11-24)


All of the above I see is truth. What we are told buy the media is not all truth. We as a nation have been programmed to trust media who with others control the government narrative. We ask you, and I do believe the military see what is playing out, to step in and support those of us that are standing for truth an freedom.

Michael Heron (Warkworth , 2021-11-24)


This labour government is destroying our freedoms,our rights as non vaccinated have been destroyed. Three waters is an example where public opinion is being ignored- they are imposing their own agenda. The Puapua health system was already preplanned , but not disclosed- a sign of hidden agenda. Not for all New Zealand . Lastly these plans - are not being discussed, before being implemented.. good or bad that is not Democratic..

Julian Sturm (Kaitaia , 2021-11-24)


Time for cindy to go.

Diane Cassidy (Marton, 2021-11-24)


concerned citizen to Labour Governments radical behaviour and illegal passing of random laws without public consent and knowledge, and breaking of Human rights

Sandra Campbell (Wairoa, 2021-11-24)


The imposing of Vaccine passports will divide the country and it's citizens, remove freedoms and democratic rights and set a presedance for future dictatorship and anarchy with all power given to the government. I APPOSE VACCINE PASSPORTS and any future use intended there of.

Susanne Skuce (Masterton, 2021-11-24)


When tyranny becomes law, resistance becomes duty !

Susan Norgart (Westpoet, 2021-11-24)


We need help in NZ. The government is not listening to the people. The government is no longer serving us. SOS.

Jacquie Hudson (Auckland, 2021-11-24)


Governments are supposed to protect your rights, not control citizens. They are breaching the bill of rights many others and the Nuremberg code that this country signed

Rowena Beaton (Invercargill , 2021-11-24)


I am opposed to mandating my freedom adversely. I am not being allowed to work. I am opposed to censorship of information and the general.public being lied to about the effectiveness, and safety of this vaccine.

Julie Devine (Whangarei, 2021-11-24)


I'm signing because clearly this government cannot govern with integrity & with good faith for the people of NZ.

Jo Murphy (Invercargill, 2021-11-24)


I agree will all that has been said.

Susette Beneke (Masterton, 2021-11-24)


I am signing because I want to truth of what has been going on and what has been controlling us to be fully revealed. We need Freedom of Speech back and for all issues to be fully debated and disclosed.

Carol Andrews (Auckland, 2021-11-24)


I strongly object to how our rights and freedoms are being manipulated and stolen from New Zealanders, unlawfully!

Linda Barlow (Auckland, 2021-11-24)


I absolutely and wholeheartedly agree with this petition. This government is knowingly and blatantly violating the Nuremberg Code and basic human rights. It no longer has any legitimacy and is a danger to its people.

Neville Meehan (Whangarei, 2021-11-24)


I believe in freedom of choice . I have had eough of the human rights violations, courruption , the out right Tyranny has to stop for our Children's future. This is crimes against humanity.

Lisa Berland (Alexandra, 2021-11-24)


This government is tyrannical and on a course of dictatorship. It is not good for the common good of NZ people. To create 2 'classes' of people is despicable. This is about freedom of individual choice. The Govt, as a corporation, has no right to mandate anything.

Andrew Jaques (Waimate, 2021-11-24)


I don’t like the way the country is heading and the government continues to severely over reach.

Kennedy Braxton (Christchurch , 2021-11-24)


Im signing because I agree with all the points listed here in this petition. We have the right to our freedom and freedom of choice.

Jane Irving (Wakefield, 2021-11-24)


I want to support the petition on the grounds the petition is proposed new songs

Blair Graham (Mangawhai, 2021-11-24)


There is more than enough evidence to prove this is not a pandemic claiming any more lives than the flu worldwide! The vaccine is also still under trial and already showing adverse reactions and death!!! We are also having our basic freedoms taken from us!

Paula Vincent (Tauranga, 2021-11-24)


"No Govt can mandate or force medical treatment without individual Consent" Nurenberg Code Article 6 Section 3. Any Govt that breaches that Code will be held accountable.

John Bird (Christchurch, 2021-11-24)


I do not agree with being forced into having the vaccine due to the fact it has not been fully tested

Janeen Henman (Auckland, 2021-11-24)


I believe the present Government corporation members are unlawful and Jacinda Ardern, Ashley Bloomfield and the other present cabinet holders including the media and DHB are committing crimes against humanity and need to be removed from office and tried for Treason.

kimberley Paige (Omokoroa Beach Tauranga, 2021-11-24)


What is happening to the people of NZ is criminal and unlawful. It has to stop before more people are murdered through mandating by the PM and Govt, of the experimental injection (not a vaccine) through adverse reactions and also loss of life through other means due to the draconian and unlawful rules and regulations around the lockdowns. Let our people go!

Lynn Bond (Whangarei, 2021-11-24)


No mandates, protect our human rights, the govt has gone a step too far. Come down hard on gang members, P dealers and not tax paying, law abiding citizens who chose to not vaccinate!!!!!!

Jeannine Tolley (Tauranga, 2021-11-24)


all of the above related reasons and because I am opposed to the mandates of no jab no job

Tim Baxter (Whangarei, 2021-11-24)


I agree in full with the above statements and requests.

Wendy Charlotte Of the family Mercer (Christchurch, 2021-11-24)


I want NZ to be free to travel around without boarders and Ardern out from being prime minister

Thomas Lim (Pukekohe , 2021-11-24)


Enough is enough ...its gone past a joke .

Lynne Roff (Whangarei , 2021-11-24)


I’m not happy with the way the present government is handling this whole affair regarding this pandemic.

Barrie Neumann (Motueka , 2021-11-24)


I totally agree with the above statement and consider the NZ government corporation to be committing crimes against humanity

Elizabeth Anderson-Smith (Whangaparaoa, 2021-11-24)


It’s not the employees or governments responsibility or business to interfere in people personal business or health.

Lindy Park (Taupo, 2021-11-24)


The NZ government has failed in its obligations to protect the rights of its people. The government through its totalitarian rules is causing more harm than good.

Tracey Murray (Invercargill , 2021-11-24)


This Ardern Government does not respect any New Zealand citizens. What the Ardern Government is doing is out of harmony with God's Love, God's Laws, God's Principles, God's Morals and God's Ethics. Therefore they are being unloving to every New Zealand Citizen.

Max Love (Opua Northland, 2021-11-24)


The rights and freedoms of New Zealanders are being denied by this regime masquerading as a government.

Alexis and Alan Neeson (Seddon, 2021-11-24)


This madness has to stop!

Rino Stoof (Hamilton, 2021-11-24)


Labour Government are control freaks and sending this country down the drain.

Rhonda Larkin (Tokoroa , 2021-11-24)


Not because of the vaccine mandate, but because of the undemocratic behaviour of some Gov't ministers, this to me is the start of tyranny.

Sam Esler (Geraldine, 2021-11-24)


I believe in freedom of choice especially when it comes to medical procedures, my body my choice!!

Jacinda Wraight (Blenheim , 2021-11-24)


This government is destroying people’s lives. They are evil and need to be stoped.

Rhys Bugden (Whakatane, 2021-11-24)


I agree with the contents aesthetically.

Doreen Maloney-Coles (Hamilton, 2021-11-24)


The government does not own me and has no right to interfer with any medical /health decision I make.
We are currently living in a pharmaceutical dictatorship.

Catherine Lawrence (Wellsford, 2021-11-24)


As New Zealanders we have been given no other avenue to protect our basic human rights and body sovereignty. We have persisted in many attempts to be heard, through media, which has been sanctioned, the Governir General, who repeatedly ignores our pleas for assistance, or even a conversation. Medical practitioners have been effectively gagged from giving their true opinions on this and we are repeatedly told that this medical procedure is " safe and effective" which is contrary to growing opinion from many ( now discredited) health and scientific persons. Please, please help us as soon as possible.

Jacqueline Jensen (Whangārei, 2021-11-24)


This illegal corporation who identifies as the Government of NZ has no right to control my life

Rod Searle (Napier, 2021-11-24)


I have signed this Petition with the sincere hope that all person's involved in the manufacturer, distribution, administration and propaganda of the jabs will face the Nuremberg justice.

Nigel Wall (Foxton, 2021-11-24)


I agree

Leon English (Auckland , 2021-11-24)


I believe in the freedom of choice

Ripeka Hook (Blenheim, 2021-11-24)


I want an END to this

Geoff OLeary (Auckland, 2021-11-24)


I'm totally for it

Arrianna Marzola (Blenheim, 2021-11-24)


I'm signing because NZDF swore an oath to protect NZ citizens from foreign and domestic terrorists ... Jacinda Ardern and her cronies are terrorists at the least .. they are committing war crimes. Period.
Do your duty and protect our innocent children from this terror

Aimee-Louise Lockley (New Plymouth, 2021-11-24)


I'm signing because of Bill of Rights breaches.

Victor Meyer (Waiau, 2021-11-24)


I disagree with the way the current government is imposing mandates and the lack if freedom to choose

Karen howieson (Nelson, 2021-11-24)


The government is not following the true science. With over 250 vaccine related deaths and and then purchasing Astrazeneca which has been stopped in 21 countries. Europe and Thailand due to blood clotting causing harm or deàth. The governments agendas which are harming ànď killing innocent NZ citizens is criminal. With Jacindas globalist agendas and communist agendas stealing our born rights, completely ruining NZ for her own gain. Criminal!

Mike Wallace (Napier, 2021-11-24)


S.O.S 🇳🇿

Laila Visesio (Auckland , 2021-11-24)


The government needs to be abolished

Courtney Hutchinson (Masterton , 2021-11-24)


This government has to be stopped, now, before another NewZealander or NZ business is hurt.

Dianne Lawrence (Auckland , 2021-11-24)

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