Opposition to Fencing off the Western arm of Port Tarakohe.



I'm not sure why there is a discussion about what TDC should spend money on, as they have none left, and we still don't know what the final costs of the dam is going to be. At this point they should only be trying to figure out what not to spend money on.

Russ Ritchie (Pohara, 2022-05-06)


It is an unwarranted expense to me as a ratepayer and will do absolutely nothing to help protect the penguin

Brian Orange (Takaka, 2022-05-06)


Its not justified its an eyesore its unsupported

Duncan Cavaye (Takaka, 2022-05-06)


I think this has gone ahead without Golden Bays residents, proper consideration ...
This will be an eye sore in such a spectacular setting ... It is not the right move!!!

Gina Neither (Takaka, 2022-05-06)


Why do you need a 2.1 meter fence to keep out penguins ??
Our foreshore should be accessible to everyone.I oppose this fence at our expense.

Cathy Sage (Takaka, 2022-05-06)


Our forefathers fought and died for our freedom, not to be locked out of our own recreation areas...lest we forget.
Also these fences will not align with the outstanding landscapes. We cant allow this to happen.

Rangi Gardiner (Takaka, 2022-05-06)


Being a Kiwi, I believe some places should be better protected

Karen Crampton (Jimboomba , 2022-05-06)


I oppose having this public area fenced off at rate payers expense...the rates are ridiculously high at the moment!

Robin Hoogenboom (East Takaka, 2022-05-06)


This is the largest penguin colony….and became so without a fence….waste of time and resources. Stop the land grab

Cheryl Somers (Collingwood, 2022-05-06)


This is ridiculous, far to many reasons to explain but anyone with half of brain would know I'm sure.

Jadeyn Mckay (GOLDEN BAY, 2022-05-06)


I don't support a penguin park on tarakohe Arms, why would a trust claiming to want to "protect" penguins seek to establish a habitat on a well used recreational area on the local port.

Jo Mclean (Tasman, 2022-05-06)


The penguins were doing just fine before the penguin trust came along. The community does not need to waste money on ugly fences.

Jim McQuarrie (Takaka, 2022-05-06)


I think it is a waste of rate payers money,and there is enough happening to save the penguins.

Val Parker (Takaka, 2022-05-06)


I am signing because I think education could work better than exclusion

Richard Morcom (Takaka, 2022-05-07)


I don’t agree with the fence

Tony Best (Takaka, 2022-05-07)


I'm signing because we humans need access to the end of the western arm for fishing, bird watching, photography and watching the marine life just offshore. The penguins have more areas now than they ever had before.

Noel Baigent (Takaka, 2022-05-07)


I oppose the proposed fencing

Lisa StClaire (Nelson, 2022-05-07)


I'm sick of the Penguin trust operating with no sound unbiased evidence.

Steven bickley (Takaka, 2022-05-07)


To me this proposal doesn’t properly or practically address the issue. Time to acknowledge our fundamental willingness and appreciation for our wildlife, geographical region and our ability to behave well without dominating and meanness.

Quinn Lake (Takaka, 2022-05-07)


I don't want a fence. It's ridiculous.

Lola Clouston (Takaka, 2022-05-07)


We need more education for dog owners about penguin protection everywhere on coast and signage about no dogs on this arm of the wharf - not fences!

Claire Webster (Takaka, 2022-05-08)


This is a public area gifted from the cement works.i believe we can still fish,walk, in with nature without the fence. I don't know of any penguins that have died because of no fence. The penguins have actually moved to human inhabited land and seem quite happy.

Rob Mcdonald (Pohara, 2022-05-08)


I'm signing because I believe it will be an eyesore at our beautiful harbour. I also thought it was being built to protect the penguins the proposed pictures I have seen only stop humans and dogs. Rats , cats, and stoats etc have access still and they would be the main problem for the penguins nesting there. Also alot of people fish off of there to teach there children how to fish our simply to feed their families. In my view it is a waste of time and money that could be better spent in the bay. On last thing are you thinking of fencing off people's decks in ligar bay that the nest under??

Karen McCleely (Takaka, 2022-05-08)


waste of tax payers money

ben smith (takaka, 2022-05-08)


Don’t take away places where the kids can go fishing etc.

Helen Gowland (Nelson , 2022-05-08)


I’m signing because I don’t think the fence should go up. I don’t think there has been enough public consultation, and I don’t think the people trying to do this have done adequate research to actually know what is best for the penguins. Let alone get the correct fence material. I think it’s just a land grab to then be able to charge tourists to look at them. And Since when did one of mother nature’s creatures require man to build him a shelter? Really? The penguins have done just fine up till now without us interfering.

Rachael Hay (Takaka, 2022-05-08)


I’m signing because man needs to step aside and stop building toxic treated wooden homes for animals that have lived for eons unassisted by our intervention. 99 percent of people respect wildlife without having to be told about it.

Adrian Baillie (Takaka, 2022-05-08)


Waste of ratepayers money. Wouldn't be surprised if it gets vandalised. Try having the nesting boxes in places that people dont already frequently use? It was popular for fishing long before the nesting boxes were installed

Dylan Moes (Takaka, 2022-05-08)


It's a huge 2.1m fence with massive mesh spacing.
It cannot be in the interest of protecting penguins from dogs, rather prevent human access
It's fencing a man made rock wall
It's preventing community access to donated community land
It's an eyesore of a structure ruining the beauty and ambience of the are

Serena Gowland (Takaka , 2022-05-08)


A fence will not work against prefators

Neil Batten (Takaka, 2022-05-08)


I think it's a silly idea it should bd open to the public, I fished there when I was a kid and I want my boys and their kids ect to be able to do the same in future years

Paris Graham (Takaka , 2022-05-08)


Opposing to fencing of the penquins

Trish Watson (Tasman, 2022-05-08)


Fencing of public places for a small group of people, who hope to create a job,these animals live all over NZ.Timaru,Oamaru have fenced them in for tourism..leave them alone!

Robin Ford (Pohara Takaka, 2022-05-08)


I oppose the fence being constructed in any form. It is unnecessary

Sam Yeatman (Takaka, 2022-05-08)


It’s just wrong to fence of this well used area for kids (and adults) to fish from … I see no reason why humans and penguins can’t share this man made rock wall that was gifted to TDC …. Strongly opposes

Rob Climpson (Takaka, 2022-05-08)


I oppose against a fence being erected on public land donated to the community by GB Cement Co, restricting access to those who enjoy fishing

Joe Astill (Takaka, 2022-05-08)


Money should be better spent on other things like housing, upgrading halls etc. People are respectful of the penguins, if you build a fence I think it will cause so much friction in the community and then things may get out of hand.

Judy Ray (Takaka, 2022-05-08)


This is absolutely absurd.
How dare all our freedoms be eroded by people with absurd ideas.
We are quite capable of looking out for theses dear wee creatures without fences.

Madeline King (Takaka, 2022-05-08)


There are far more important matters for council to fund, (like the dam). In 25 years of travelling to tata I have never seen a penguin on the road between the "penguins crossing" signs at tarakohe. I have seen lots swimming in the bay.

Tony Mcleod (Tata beach, 2022-05-08)


This area is a great place for people to take there children fishing. Teaching them the skills to be able to put fresh food on there plate and to build confidence while being outdoors. A lot of single parents and Grandparents use this site for this very reason.

Hix Dave (Pohara, 2022-05-08)


Ppl should be able to walk down and enjoy the port , fish , relax stop wasting tax payer’s money when there’s housing issues and other ways to use our money

Jason McKay (Takaka , 2022-05-09)


I'm totally opposed to the fencing off of the Western arm to the public @ port Tarakohe.

Martina Maverick (Takaka, 2022-05-09)


What an absolute waste of money

Maree Fleming (Takaka, 2022-05-09)


I’m signing because I believe fence is NOT need and think the TDC money can be spent else where eg : cycle bridge at motupipi bridge

Bridget Dodson (Takaka, 2022-05-09)


This fishing spot was gifted to the gb community, while I understand penguins do nest there, amongst several other locations, this is one of the few spots people can fish without the need of a boat.

Martine Butner (Takaka, 2022-05-09)


I think putting up a fence is totally ridiculous!! Penguins will just go around it!! Or relocate their home elsewhere most probably! Anybody wishing to do harm to them will go around the fence!!! What a pack of muppets these people are!!

Robynne Harvey (Takaka, 2022-05-09)


The penguins are doing fine without ugly and costly fencing.

Purecomb NZ (Collingwood, 2022-05-09)


I have submitted my reasons to TDC and feel that this has not been dealt with in a democratic way, materials brought for fence prior to the consultation is fraudulent and insult to the local people living in this area

Gareth Lamb (Pohara , 2022-05-09)


No public consultation and totally unnecessary.

Pauline Tasker (Golden Bay, 2022-05-09)


Unnecessary waste of money, visual pollution, hazard to people and other animals including penguins.
Numbers have increased over the years without human intervention.

Malcolm Smith (Golden Bay, 2022-05-09)


Public Access should not be restricted.

Kaya Blown (Golden Bay, 2022-05-09)


Seems like a waste of money TDC be better off fencing off dangerous area up at Rec centre I reckon our kids safety is more important

Lassy Rangihika (Takaka , 2022-05-10)


It has not been shown to be necessary. It dishonours the people of Golden Bay who have enjoyed wandering down and fishing off that arm for decades. The penguins and people can coexist in proximity, thus promoting closeness to and respect for the natural world that we all yearn for.

Melanie Cavaye (Christchurch , 2022-05-10)


Do not agree with the fence being installed

Lorraine Crawford (Takaka, 2022-05-10)


I think all people in golden bay should be able to use this area especially old and disabled

Rachel McNicholl (Takaka, 2022-05-10)


I really don’t want to see a little minority group getting there way with hair brained decision like this, that effects hard working Tasman locals from public access to a popular fishing area.

Chris Sangster (Takaka, 2022-05-10)


I oppose the fence at the Port, especially with taxpayer money. I am saddened that such agendas are pushed forward without more community consent and involvement. Money should be used for community education projects with intention for restoration rather than unnecessarily restricted areas.

Brittany Mason (Otago - Dunedin, 2022-05-10)


Humans and penguins have been happily coexisting for a long without the need of a fence

Michael Orange (Takaka, 2022-05-10)


I'm signing because I disagree with the election of said fence and wasted money could be spent else where

Aaron mckenna (Takaka, 2022-05-11)


i want council to stop wasting our money on open access areas.the port area is an important recreational area for fishing. the penguins have been fine up to now. there are other more important projects like expanding the bike path system where money needs to be spent.

sunshine appleby (Takaka, 2022-05-11)


I am signing this because I don’t think the fence erected
No real evidence it’s actually going to help the penguins.

Georgie James (Collingwood , 2022-05-12)


I'd like future generations to be able to enjoy fishing off the rocks like my own whanau always have. Penguins will survive naturally if they have to. Stop messing with nature and trying to make everything so commercial please 🙏

Gabrielle Mckay (Takaka, 2022-05-12)


There is other important community projects that are in far more desperate need .

Stacey Brooks (Takaka, 2022-05-12)


I was born in takaka, raised part there and part nelson, have spent plenty of time at terakohe over the years and never seen a penguin there. Plenty of jelly fish and stingrays even the odd seal but never a penguin. I'm 30 now. I'm not saying they aren't there I'm saying I don't think they are there enough at the same time as people are there to justify not letting the people in. I would close it off at night when the penguins are, so I've been told, there. Or fence the road between pohara and ligar beaches as I have actually seen them both dead and alive around that road many times.

Laura Thompson (Nelson, 2022-05-12)


It's a waste of public money !!!!!
like the Waimea Dam and the Takaka Grandstand

William Blackett (Takaka, 2022-05-12)


The Penguins are already protected from human intrusion by the large rocks and deep cracks they nest in. After all this structure was man made so they have much more nesting options.

Tony Nicholls (Takaka , 2022-05-12)


I feel there is no need for the fence, the penguin population seems to be growing rapidly and having fished off the arms in the evening the penguins did not seem bothered or stressed by our presence. Signage to educate people would be more than sufficient

Ebony sowman (Takaka, 2022-05-13)


I hate the idea of this fence

Bruce C Collings (Golden Bay, Tasman, 2022-05-14)


Councils must be held accountable for their actions

Ryan Carr (auckland, 2022-05-14)


I do not support the fencing off of access ways to public spaces. Let's coexist peacefully with the penguins as has generally been happening already. I am dismayed at the process whereby materials for this proposal have already been procured prior to public consultation. Sloppy to say the least.

John Black (Takaka, 2022-05-15)


I signed the petition because
1 Just ban dogs from the breakwaters with a decently hefty fine for noncompliance
2 I don't want yet another thing to pay out ofvourcrates

Cheryl Rzoska (Golden Bay, 2022-05-15)


This is donated public land where many people take children fishing. Penguins and people have managed to interact just fine so far, why a fence now?

Julian Hall (Takaka, 2022-05-16)


I don’t agree with the fencing.

Kat War (Nelson, 2022-05-17)


I don’t see the need to fence off this area, the penguins haven’t needed it to survive there to date.

Cheryl Orange (Takaka, 2022-05-17)


It appears to me tdc is broke,this has somehow gone forwards and materials already ordered without a proper plan or budget etc, also its locking up public land, and what happens when tdc needs to raise the banks for sea level rise and or extend them for development? More transparency is required

Jonathan Tripp (Pohara , 2022-05-18)


As a child I woud go fishing an loved .
It is wrong to close a public play ground lock every one out of a place we have been enjoy for year

Josh Evitt (Takaka, 2022-05-25)


I like to fish with my kids here. This could be handled better with signs and fines (no dogs allowed!)

Laura Manson (Takaka, 2022-05-25)


I oppose fencing this area.

Judy Price (Tākaka, 2022-06-01)


This is a popular short scenic walk for visitors. I am not convinced that visitors walking the short track cause any harm to the much loved penguins.
I am also very tired of and frustrated by having public access to more and more public places banned, please don't make this another one.

Paul Troon (Motueka, 2022-08-14)

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