Improve road safety outside St Thomas's School



I have seen far too many near misses. We need to look after our tamariki.

Nicolette Rattenbury (Auckland, 2022-08-04)


This affects me, my children & our community

Angela Lieskounig (Auckland, 2022-08-04)


Children, including mine jabe had nesr missed and s child has been hit by a car. Huge congestion issues as well.

Emma O'Brien (Auckland , 2022-08-04)


To help the children from getting run over

Lynda Chilcott (Auckland , 2022-08-04)


My son went to St Thoma's and Selwyn and even he commented on traffic and how scary it was most mornings go to and from school.

Hayley Nicholas (Hastings , 2022-08-04)


Our children deserve better!

Emily Steel (Auckland, 2022-08-04)


I am signing because I am a teacher at St Thomas's School and the safety and welfare of the students are important to me. There are too many near-misses and someone is going to get seriously hurt.

Samantha Lynch (Auckland, 2022-08-05)


Safety improvements are necessary.

Suzanne Wyber (Auckland, 2022-08-05)


For safer roads for our children!

Heather Wait (Auckland , 2022-08-05)


Safety for kids

Esther Choi (Auckland, 2022-08-05)


I am a local resident near the school and the total disregard for any road rules is making a very dangerous situation for students leaving the school and trying to cross roads.

Andrew Pitcaithly (Auckland, 2022-08-05)


I am signing because I have three kids at St Thomas’s and the streets around the school are very busy.

Kim Chapman (Auckland, 2022-08-05)


I’m signing because I am worried about road safety around St Thomas’s school.

Suzanne Hay (Auckland, 2022-08-05)


My kids gotoSt. Thomas’s School an improvements regarding everyone’s safety are needed.

Viviane Maino (Auckland , 2022-08-05)


I see how busy and potentially unsafe this gets for our school kids.

ANNE Lindsay (Auckland , 2022-08-05)


Reducing carbon emissions and road safety around schools are connected issues. Parents need to feel confident in their children getting to school on foot /by bike/scooter safely

Sarah Giffney (Auckland, 2022-08-05)


the traffic is very congested both before and after school and is dangerous for our children

Kathryn Foster (Auckland, 2022-08-05)


I want safety improved around St Thomas school

Femke Vogelaar (Auckland, 2022-08-06)


The speed at which cars can travel on Allum St is an unacceptable risk on a street with both a school and a destination playground.

Danica Holgado (Auckland, 2022-08-07)


This is important

Sarah Woodfield (Auckland , 2022-08-07)


I care about the safety of the student and adult community of St Thomas’s school.

Karen Deynzer (Auckland , 2022-08-07)


I'm deeply concerned for the safety of our tamariki. In the last couple of years I have seen a few students been hit by cars and a number of near misses. Not only should U turns be illegal outside schools, there needs to be an opportunity (arrow) for right turning traffic from kohi Rd into John Rymer place. The patrol crossing also should be made a raised pedestrian (zebra) crossing.

Josie Tait (Auckland , 2022-08-07)


The road needs improvement. Slower speed signs, and speed bumps or something of that kind to make people mindful of the children.

Joshua Taylor (Auckland, 2022-08-07)


I'm signing because I advocate to investigate the roading improvements roading on Allum Street to better safeguard our students and wider community.

Noa Weingarten (Auckland , 2022-08-08)


It’s important our children are safe

Alaina Collins (Auckland, 2022-08-08)


My children go to the school and college down the road.
The drivers of cars and trucks on Kohimarama Rd have a total disregard for any road rules - why are trucks even allowed on Kohimarama Road?
I have informed drivers to slow down a number of times and today I saw a lady drive through a red light!
Whilst other schools have a 40 speed signage and raised crossing, there are no reduce speed signs, raised crossing or students crossing signage.
It is a very dangerous environment for the students heading into and leaving the school. How would you feel if it was your child who got injured or died due to a car driving over 40 in a school area.

Kav Morton (Auckland, 2022-08-09)


I am concerned about the safety of our students at St Thomas's School. The traffic is a nightmare.

Karen Brothers (Auckland, 2022-08-09)


The risk to our students during drop-off and pick-up has become more evident as less students walk to school.

Connie McAdam (Auckland, 2022-08-09)


The road is extremely busy and potentially dangerous for students/parents in the morning and afternoon school rush.

Lesa Somaratne (Auckland, 2022-08-10)


I live on Allum St and my kids go to St Thomas's and I see the traffic chaos around this school and feel that it is incredibly unsafe. I think speed bumps on Allum St would be great to slow down those drivers who speed along this area

Sarah Jackson (Kohimarama, 2022-08-11)


Safety in this community matters to me!

Jonathan Drucker (Kohimarama, 2022-08-12)


Signing because it’s a disgrace that St Thomas are having to do this in the first instance. AT pull your socks up.

Chris Ingram (Auckland , 2022-08-12)


I’m signing because my children attend this school and it can seem dangerous in the AM.

Dan Mcbeth (Auckland , 2022-08-19)


I want safer roads for our children around St Thomas’s School!

Mary Tyler (Auckland , 2022-08-19)


The exit to rear of shops onto Allum has low visibility and there are other areas which pose danger for students near vehicle entrances and exits to carpark

Jeannie Preddey (Auckland, 2022-08-19)


I’m signing because I have seen first hand the risks to children and whanau at St Thomas school. It prevents younger children having the benefit of freedom to use active modes to get to school as their safety is too much at risk

Rebecca Hollett (Auckland, 2022-08-19)


My kids are at St Thomas and I am very concerned about their safety on the roads around the school. Driver behaviour is terrible and I feel like unfortunately it’s only a matter of time before there is a serious incident around the school

Leigh Van den Hoofdakker (Auckland, 2022-08-19)


Both of my boys attend St Thomas primary school and they regularly walk from their mothers on St Heliers Bay rd. It I s a busy intersection and I believe can be quite dangerous

James Hawke (Te Atatu South , 2022-08-19)


I agree there needs to be significant improvement around the school area.

Rebecca Malkamäki (Auckland , 2022-08-19)


Given the young age of the school children, heavy congestion during school pickup and drop offs and the busy intersection with Kohi Road - this is a high risk area for serious danger to small children.

Annika Lim (Auckland, 2022-08-20)


Please improve road safety on Allum street for school traffic.

Colm Caffrey (Auckland, 2022-08-20)


I support this petition to keep our tamariki safe.

Vanitha S (Saint John, 2022-08-20)


I live locally and I concerned about the safety of the children who attend at Thomas school and the road users.

Shayna Burrett (Auckland , 2022-08-21)


It is unsafe for the kids , some of whom just cross the road then at 3pm seems be a backlog of people congregating at the traffic lights.

Liz Burrett (Auckland, 2022-08-21)


Allum St is dangerous during pick up and drop offs.

Zanna Gillespie (Auckland, 2022-08-21)


We need to do everything we can to keep these little ones safe.

Sandra McGowan (Auckland, 2022-08-21)


I am concerned with the increasing traffic in Allum Street and construction work at the new Ryman Healthcare building site that children at St Thomas School are at risk of a serious incident occurring.

Claire Reynolds (Auckland, 2022-08-22)

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