Save Guide Dogs of Texas!



I never in my life have seen such poor leadership. I am shocked that anyone would ever allow Rader to do what he has done for the past 9months and still be employed. It kills me that it has come to this.

Jamie Massey (San Antonio , 2022-09-25)


I feel that the board and CEO do not have their employees best interest in mind. Their safety and well-being is not being protected in making them work in a unsafe and toxic work place.

John Massey (San Antonio, 2022-09-25)


I know what Guide Dogs of Texas was before these people took over. I served on the resource committee and I was also on the Board. These people need to be removed and held accountable!!

Karen wahrmund (New Braunfels, 2022-09-25)


Our family has volunteered for the Guide Dogs of Texas since their inception. The organization has been well run, responsible with donations and a place of kindness and care for clients, volunteers and staff. This is the first time in all these years that there has ever been difficulties such as what are happening under the current CEO. I pray that problems will be resolved in favor of the staff and volunteers who have been a part of Guide Dogs of Texas for many years and the organization will be able to continue their wonderful work far into the future.

Marguerite Czelusta (San Antonio , 2022-09-25)


I am very concerned for the viability of GDOT due to the inexcusable behavior of the CEO and his two supporters. The GDOT is an outstanding organization which provides blind clients a new life! Texas needs this organization and it is the only one of its kind in our great state!

Molly Burgess (Tyler, 2022-09-26)


I am a long time supporter of GDTX, as well as a former staffer. I have seen when staff, management, and board member do not pull together to facilitate the smooth operation of the organization, it can no longer function.

Larry Gelvin (San Antonio , 2022-09-26)


I’m backing this petition because I have seen the detrimental effects Rader has had on another service dog organization and hate to see it happening again.

Athena Hansen (Waterloo, 2022-09-26)


I very much respect the staff being harassed

Roberti very much respect the staff Wendler (Cathedral City, 2022-09-26)


As a spouse of a guide Dog handler, now on her third Guide from Guide Dogs of Texas, I support the mission of Guide Dogs of Texas and believe it needs needs to be steered by individuals who believe in the guiding principles of GDTX. Current leadership gives the appearance of doing what is self serving, instead of supporting the mission.

Gene Williams (Leon Valley, 2022-09-27)


I have seen an abrupt decline in GDTX since the new CEO came on board. GDTX is too important to me to allow this to continue.

Shawna Landy (San Antonio , 2022-09-27)


I am dismayed by the ineffective leadership of the current CEO and Board Chair. It saddens me to think that the future of this amazing organization is under threat because of their actions, or inactions.

Jennifer Masucci Sisson (San Antonio , 2022-09-27)


I have volunteered with Guide Dogs of Texas for many years and want a full transparent investigation into everything.

Stacy Seaborn (Schertz, 2022-09-27)


This is unacceptable and everything via the board should be transparent.

Jacqi Serie (Denton, 2022-09-28)


I, and several others were victims as part the org he was CEO of before Guide Dogs of Texas.

Cheryl Ingersoll (Cedar Falls, 2022-09-28)


Billy Rader left as CEO of Retrieving Freedom Inc. When he was not doing his job, and it came to the Board of similar violations. He damn near ruined RFI.

Cal Corson (Waverly, Iowa 50677, 2022-09-28)


As a former client of Guide Dogs of Texas, I care about the organization. I will remove Guide Dogs of Texas from my Amazon smile account if the CEO is not removed.

Jayson Bull (Princeton, 2022-09-28)


I’m signing because I strongly feel that the current President and CEO of Guide Dogs Billy Rader is unethical, that he has committed numerous illegal acts and is a bully. Additionally after numerous attempts by the Guide Dogs staff to bring this to the attention of the Board of Director’s they turned a blind eye.

Sarah Miller (San Antonio, 2022-09-28)


Extremely Disrespectful person

Caleb Feckers (New Hartford , 2022-09-29)


This person should not be able to lead any organization much less a non-profit

Brenda Nally (Universal City, 2022-09-29)


Prior to Mr. Rader, Sandy Merrill and her staff created an organization that was 100% mission-focused for Texans with vision loss as well as the phenomenal donors and volunteers who were confident that their investment in time and money were both appreciated and managed efficiently and effectively to provide guided sight to Texans.

Please provide this incredibly dedicated and talented staff with the support and environment needed to allow them to provide the “magic” of guided sight to Texans with vision loss.

Peggy Cervera (San Antonio, 2022-09-29)


Such services are becoming too political, with senior management not fully understanding the passion and commitment staff have in the execution of their roles.
The workplace, in ALL cases, should be 'safe' for everyone and free from bullying, harrassment, and fear.

Paul Metcalf (Melbourne, 2022-09-29)


The actions of CEO Rader, board Chair Hathaway and Director Clapsaddle are a direct threat to the non-profit organization Guide Dogs of Texas and the organizations ability to fulfill its mission. These individuals are responsible for producing a toxic work environment that is in direct opposition to the mission of this non-profit organization. The function of Guide Dogs of Texas is critical so that blind Texans may continue to benefit from this important resource. For these reasons, these individuals need to be removed expeditiously to prevent further damage to Guide Dogs of Texas and the community of Texans that it serves.

Craig Sisson (San Antonio, 2022-09-29)


Toxic work environments and those who create and tolerate them must be stopped. Too many organizations are loosing fantastic people.
“All that’s needed for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing.”

Shirlee Crandall (Mico, 2022-09-29)


I consider this as an injustice!

Elia Rat (San Antonio , 2022-09-29)


I just simply will not tolerate these actions.

Keylan Murry (Norman, 2022-09-29)


I stand with the amazing staff of GDTX

Elaine Hartle (San Antonio, 2022-09-29)


This is just so sad! We have enjoyed our years of volunteering and I was hoping to continue and be more involved once I retire. The staff has been great and incredible for the community. I find this extremely disturbing and these individuals have no business running such a wonderful organization.

Dawn Mason (San Antonio , 2022-09-29)


Proper and public investigation of current issue has not been done yet. Care of dogs currently in training to be guide dogs has been put in limbo and current staff and volunteers are without needed resources (food, medical care, etc.)to care for them.

Miranda Key (San Antonio , 2022-09-30)


I am a very concerned client, since 2005.
I am also an extremely concerned board member who resigned on September 28, 2022

Lou Ann Williams (Leon Valley, TX, 2022-09-30)


I have supported GDTX for many years as they have faithfully served the visually impaired. Their new CEO has destroyed this pattern of success. Employees fear for their personal safety. The Board “investigations” are a sham and are designed to shield Gail Hathaway and JC Clapsaddle (board members) from liability. They have both been the subject of complaints, so to have them involved in this investigation is a conflict and a hoax.

They and the CEO must go. Yesterday I and another respected board member resigned.

These people are destroying GDTX and they must be stopped.

David Holmes (San antonio, 2022-09-30)


This is such an important community service and one person should not be permitted to destroy the efforts of this wonderful organization.

Cynthia Parsons (San Antonio, 2022-09-30)


I’m familiar with the case and it’s founded. They must go

Rachel Murphy (Washington , 2022-09-30)


I’m signing because the current leaders have created a hostile workplace. This organization provides vital service to the public and is at high risk of closing its doors if senior management is not fired.

Patricia Poole (San Antonio, 2022-09-30)


Texas Guide Dogs has always run as a well run organization providing guide dog services to countless individuals until this new CEO entered the picture.

Gloria Griggs (San Antonio, 2022-09-30)


I’m signing because I’m a guide dog handler and I support the staff, volunteers, puppy raisers, and handlers/owners of guide dogs from Guide Dogs Of Texas. We stand with you. ❤️🦮

Korrine Herlth (Higganum, 2022-10-01)


Everest is my favorite guide dog

Janice Cerny (Branson , 2022-10-01)


I have a friend that’s blind. Also want to help the blind out

Chelsea Richardson (Pipecreek , 2022-10-01)


This school has changed my life for the best! I have never had more independent than when I got Everest.

Kayla Reinagel (Helotes, 2022-10-01)


I’m sick of CEOs screwing the little guys

Shira Weinstein (Issaquah , 2022-10-01)


Service Dog and Guide Dog organizations/nonprofits should be to help the disabled. Being on a board doesn't give you the right to run the program into the ground, making everyone else suffer from your greed. Those employees, disabled clients, and even those dogs! Pick a different career path CEO (Corrupt Embezzling Offender) Rader!

Asia Duhamel (Fallbrook, 2022-10-01)


People of Texas need guide dogs and they need to be properly trained and cared for.

Tracy Walker (Winnipeg, 2022-10-01)



Tahmayne Frail (Sydney , 2022-10-01)


Blind people deserve to have their independence! And sexual harassment is wrong

Makayla Sallee (Carlisle, Kentucky , 2022-10-01)


I am also apart of the service dog community and I cannot believe this is happening. I am very empathetic to everyone with GDTX and hope this passes.

Makayla Norton (Germantown, 2022-10-01)


This is a great cause and sight digs mean a world of possibilities for the sightless

Deedie Phillips Alford (Baytown, 2022-10-01)


I'm signing because I know how much freedom and independence I have with a service animal and I want people to gain there independence with their guide dogs and that can not happen until these awful people are removed from the company.

Hailey Hartigan (Los Angeles , 2022-10-02)


Women should not be harassed and blind individuals deserve to be able to have independence.

Erin Shedd (Argyle, 2022-10-02)


My friends mom works there and she has done amazing work. This boss does not respect his workers and has been rude and disrespectful to come in and take over the way he has.

Anna O’Reilly (San Antonio, 2022-10-02)


I am appalled at the whistleblower harassment.
Shame on the perpetrators

Lisa Stamatis (Milton, 2022-10-03)


I had wonderful trainers at Guide Dogs and
my service dog Jack has been a great asset
in my everyday life

Vianca Caudill (canyon lake, 2022-10-04)


This group has provided my dear friend with special dog who has given her independence and joy.

Gay Dunn (Fulshear, 2022-10-04)


Guide dog foundations are supposed to be a safe place that give people their independence back. Not suck money from the disabled community.

Evie Darling (East Rutherford , 2022-10-04)


I’m signing because this new CEO as well as many board members need to be removed. The guide dogs of Texas is very very important to so many people and necessary for those with blindness who rely on these amazing animals for their everyday life. This man is destroying people lives (and the animals lives) by doing the illegal and immoral things he is doing. Remove him asap and he also needs to be held accountable for his atrocious behavior and actions!!

Lisa Wahrmund (San Marcos , 2022-10-04)


This was a great organization.

Cynthia Garcia (San Antonio, 2022-10-05)


Guide dogs should be trained by experienced trainers. Experienced trainers are the most important part of an organization that provides guide dogs. If dogs are taken away from experienced trainers, the people who need trained dogs will suffer.

Vanessa Eichler (San Antonio, 2022-10-05)


I’m visually impaired and want to help others and get this person fired

Hannah Reif (New York , 2022-10-05)


New management is a fraud, and whoever hired him should be removed for incompetence.

David Bradshaw (Lubbock , 2022-10-05)


Because of the poor management of the guide dogs of Texas.

Jim Walker (Benbrook , 2022-10-05)


I’m signing and stand with the staff because the board has not been transparent, not tried to communicate with the staff about their concerns, which are numerous and serious, and not dealt with a CEO who is not upholding the mission of guide dogs of Texas, and possibly worse.

Isaac Williams (Pearland, 2022-10-05)


Am a service dog user

Abigail Collins (Alvin, 2022-10-05)


Guide dogs are life saving

Elizabeth Webster (Paris texas, 2022-10-05)


It messed up

Ashley Roberts (Tulelake, 2022-10-05)


Je signe parce que je suis monitrice pour les chiens guides d’aveugles en France et cette pétition me touche. Une si belle association ne devrait pas être mêlé à tout ça, le plus important est l’éducation des chiens guides dans la bienveillance et le bien-être des personnes déficientes visuelle en demande d’un chien guide !!!

Marine Dupont (Marseille, 2022-10-05)


I stand by justice and truth.

Cynthia Rojas (El Paso, 2022-10-05)


I’m signing as a disabled individual who also benefits from the aid of an assistance dog. We face enough discrimination and it’s hard as is to get a program trained guide dog or assistance dog to give us our freedom. I want the staff who work so hard to train these liberating dogs to be treated fairly as well.

Kayla Running (Blaine, 2022-10-05)


I grew up in Texas. I couldn't imagine not having my service dog help me navigate my life.

Hunter Glass (Englewood , 2022-10-05)


Because they do so much to help everyone and make they happy take care of them 💕💕

Gwendolyn Rivero (Miami, 2022-10-05)


I would hate to see this 🏆 program destroyed

Ivah Betros (Lake Ariel, 2022-10-05)


I despise persons in authority harassing, intimidating or threatening staff, especially women, who work for them. Bullies should be confronted, exposed and prosecuted.

Joni Lambert (Carver, 2022-10-05)


I am signing because this group of exceptional people have been only a positive to my family since the first guide dog entered our family. Do not let this organization crumble. The people it helps is far more important than one person not doing the hard work in needed to keep a not for profit successful. CEO Rader maybe it's time to step aside and let someone who is capable of keeping this legacy going have the opportunity.

Heidi Hedgecoke (San Antonio, 2022-10-05)